4-4-5 Christmas at the Bar Ch. 02

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The first story arc of Derrick’s saga, “It was supposed to be about incest,” concludes with a big-ass random ball out in the middle of Laurel University’s Fitzhurst Football Stadium. No incest for poor Derrick, but hopefully his new buddy can fill in the gaps. Yes, this chapter continues with one more part after Derrick and Reoren take off in search of Riley and her buxom buddy. Please enjoy.


I got back to Bill’s pad; Bill was gone. I opened the suitcase to find the suit, took one look at it, zipped it back up, and took off.


Knock knock knock…

“Derrick? Derrick! I’m so glad to see you!” Salamandy was indeed a sight for sore eyes, and my penis, over-worked as it was in a day’s time, responded to her tight embrace when she pulled me into her house. “What’re you doing here?”

“Need to get dressed, thought I’d come get help from someone that knows about these sorts of things. What’re you doing here? I thought your dad booted your sweet ass out.”

She played it off and led me by the hand to the front stairs. “Nah, he just said I needed to work of some steam. Most everyone is gone, so he’s having me look after the little ones.”

“Is my lady home?”

“Nope. Come upstairs.”

She pulled me into a large room at the end of the upstairs hall. There was a single bed; but for the arrangements, it looked like two different fashion senses were going into the decorations. Over on the marbled oak vanity were two different jewelry boxes, each with a bust laced with an exquisite silver necklace, one with a name reading “Tiffany”, the other saying “Prudence”.

“Are we supposed to be in here?”

“My room got taken over and they’re gone, so they won’t mind.” I was suddenly reminded of the old Salamandy, who didn’t seem to think other people ever minded her. “Take your suit out.”

Time was a factor, so I obediently dumped the heavy case onto the bed and unzipped it. Sally began pulling shit out left and right; her eyes were lighting up like so many lights laced within and without that very house. “Danny’s work?”


“Who’re you taking?”

“Don’t know yet,” I teased. “That is, don’t know whom I’ll be leaving with.” She jabbed me in the gut. “You know that girl I lived with before you and I took off?”

“Oh yeah, her. Her?”


“Ouch? What ouch?” But she was too busy sorting out clothes. “Sally, what ouch?”

“Probably nothing, but it’s possible that she’s not going to be wearing one of Melody’s dresses.”


“This is a Danny-boy suit, the finest money can’t buy, and a purple one at that. No, not the color, the dress code. It takes a Melody dress to make a Danny suit shine, you know what I mean?”


“Too late anyway. Let’s get to work; get these clothes off.”

This was either turning into a very interesting week, or my life was making a change for the better to be hearing that phrase every day. I worked my upper parts off, but like Melody, Sally was going straight for the belt. With her expertise, my flaccid penis was once again free to breathe the free air.

“I’ve missed this,” she hummed, bending down to kiss it as soon as it came into the light. “I’ve missed you.” She kissed me on the lips, and I couldn’t help but kiss her back. “I can’t wait for the party. Unless… you and this girl, you’re getting serious? This dance is a pretty big deal.”

“No way would I forget about you, and I am coming to your party. It just may be that I bring a date for you to play with.”

Her look of nervous apprehension turned into a wicked grin, and we shared a full, deep kiss from there, letting our bodies sing together in pleasure. Suddenly it was just her and me again, lost out in the wilderness, two people alone in the world.

But getting back to business, she was very helpful in helping me get into the confusing piece of eveningwear. It was no simple three-piece suit, to be sure. Undershirts, underpants, socks with garters, tails on the coat, decorative studs in the buttonholes, and the bow tie was a nightmare that I’d’ve been absolutely sunk with had it not been for sweet Sally.

Throughout dressing me, she never let my cock get covered, pulling it straight through the fly in the silk boxer shorts, buttoning the trousers around it without zipping, and keeping the cummerbund out of the way. She kept rubbing up against me as well, constantly telling me how good I looked in the suit, better with every piece she fit on me. Last was the white gloves that matched the tie, and but for my cock sticking out, I was pretty spick’n’span.

She buttoned my coat closed, then ran her fingers down the frill of my white shirt and dipped them under my cummerbund to pull me close to her. We kissed yet again, pent-up from half an hour of flirting but not quite touching productively. Her fingers circled at last around my cock, and she sank to her knees to take me into her heavenly mouth.

Again, I wanted to speak up, say that I was saving buca escort myself, but she seemed to have the same thing in mind. “When I’m done with this dick,” she said, “you’ll be leaking so much precum through your pants, it’ll stain her dress so she can’t wear it anymore. You’ll make her pussy so wet, you’ll be smelling it on her garter well into the next year.”

What the hell is a garter on a woman, and what did Icare what it smelled like after the dance was over?

The shine in her dark hair caught the light from the lamp, making her dazzle as her head bobbed up and down on me. “I want you to grind this dick into her all through the dance, make her pussy scream for only you,” she demanded. “Then once you get her home, plow her hard all night long. Make her learn what this dick does to women. Matter of fact…”

She turned around and backed into me. With my hands automatically on her hips, I was boring into her skirt like practice for tonight. My eyes shut with the sensation, then I felt bare skin on my dick. Looking down, I saw her skirt had been pushed out of the way, and my cock was sliding through the crevice of her bare ass.

“Whoever this girl is, when you first drag her down by the hair to make her suck you off, she’ll know you always stink of woman, and by the time the night is through, you’ll be stinking of her. She’ll never come so hard in her life.”

She looked like she was thoroughly enjoying fantasizing about me with another woman, especially with it being her pussy that was soaking my cock. In fact, I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t getting all over my new pants.

She leaned up and rested her head on my shoulder with her back arched, making her ass press illegally hard against my dick. I could feel her heartbeat throbbing into my aching veins. “Have you fucked her yet?” she asked, almost pleading for an answer.

My hands slid up from her waist into her shirt to cup her delicious breasts that I’d been longing to hold for so long. “No,” I whispered gently into her ear, which I gave a few short licks with my watering tongue. “Tonight’ll be our first night. In fact, I’m not even sure if I’ll get lucky tonight.”

“You will,” she hissed back, grinding the entire length of my cock with long, delicious strokes. “If you follow my advice, her pussy will be aching for you like mine is.” She kissed me, or I kissed her; it’s hard to tell. We both went for each other so suddenly, her taking a deep dive on my cock, me pinching down harder than I knew she could stand on her nipples. “God, I can’t wait for my party,” she moaned. “I want you so bad, Derrick. Fuck her hard tonight, okay? For me?”

“I will,” I said somewhat more calmly than reason should have allowed.

“After that, don’t come until it’s my turn, okay? Wait until you sleep with me?”

“I was trying to do that for tonight, but see how well that turned out,” I chuckled, and she bit me on the lip.

“But you haven’t come,” she said, grinding dangerously high on my cock, threatening to impale herself on me, “not yet.”

Phew, she didn’t notice.

“But wait…” Oh shit. “Your cock smelled. You fucked someone today, didn’t you?”

“What’s it to you?” I challenged, lightly stroking her sides in a way I knew could make her come if I did it long enough. She shivered, but still she ground back on me.

“Who’d you fuck, Derrick? Did she soak your cock like I’m doing? Did she beg for it, or did you have to flirt with her until she couldn’t stand it anymore?”

“Melody,” I said in a soft voice.


“I came in her twice just this morning alone,” I insisted, still speaking softly, calmly.

“There’s just no way,” she claimed, but her eyes were forced shut in pleasure; I could tell she was getting the forbidden picture in her head. She honestly didn’t believe it was possible, but she wanted to believe.

“She dried me out so much, I thought there was no way I was gonna get it up for tonight, but seeing you…” I kissed the sheen of sweat on her neck as I talked her up, “I can’t remember ever being this turned on in my life. If I blow now, I think I’ll put a hole in the ceiling.”

“I don’t know if I can go without coming until the party,” she cried. “Even past tonight, as soon as you leave, as soon as I try to take a shower, the water alone’s gonna make me come. If you call me tonight after you put her to sleep, your voice will bring me off.” She was almost in tears, unable to take what both of us wanted, our flesh touching but not interlocking.

“Let me hold you over with something special then,” I offered.

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“Something Melody showed me.”

“You’re so full of shit.” But she let me turn her chin ever so gently just like I did with Melody, and I initiated the sweetest, most aching, heartfelt kiss I’d ever kissed in my life. Sally didn’t know what hit her; her body, so proactive, was suddenly melting in my arms, and I had to hold her up just so she didn’t fall into a puddle on escort buca the floor.

Her pussy still knew what to do, though now I swear I could taste each inch of it that creeped up the length of my cock, feel the lips parting around my shaft, coating me in their sweet cream. Felt it seeking out the head of my cock, tasting the drop of fluid it found there before rubbing its way back down, soaking my balls in her fragrance.

Her pussy rolled up again, leaving its sticky imprint behind, and it stayed when it reached my cockhead, searching for it. In a matter of seconds she got frustrated; she reached for it, pulled it towards herself just a micron, and her pussy claimed me. Slowly and deliberately she sucked my cock up inside of her, betraying the promise we had just made.

She kept kissing me like nothing was happening, as though it were someone else’s hips that were grinding against my fine suit, crushing my cock in its exquisite grip. In her mind, she was still teasing me. But when I pushed forward just the faintest push, she moaned deep from her throat, feeling my cock tease her cervix. It was like that for several delicious minutes, us still kissing with all our hearts, her pussy gently flexing around my pulsating cock, sharing our heartbeats.

“Tell me the truth,” she gasped quietly. “You weren’t really with Aunt Mellie, were you?”

“It was one of the scariest experiences of my life, but one of the best. Do you feel it?” I thrust into her gently, touching her tenderly.

“Mmm… I feel it…”

“She taught me that.”

She had heard enough; with a sigh to make you cry, she fell forward, catching herself on the edge of the bed and bracing herself. I took my queue in the next heartbeat, taking hold of her hips and pumping myself into her pussy with slow, delicious, unbelievable strokes. Each plunge into her quivering depths was a new miracle that I had to see to believe, and the sight of myself disappearing inside this girl I had come to adore so much was heart-wrenching.

But it was pulling out that we shared the full pleasures of sex, sending shocks of pleasure throughout our weakened systems. Each time I drew out, she let loose a soft moan of delight, and each thrust in, I crushed myself into her sweet ass.

I noticed her adorable little butthole, and suddenly I wanted to step this entire experience up a few notches, but even thinking about it made me lose control. If seeing my cock hiding itself in her pussy was something, what would it be like to sneak it up her backside? My knees shook, and my gentle thrusts got faster and faster as the vision stimulated my brain, and without warning, a monstrous climax was upon me, and there was nothing I could do about it.

“I love you, Mandy,” I whispered into her ear as I collapsed onto her, leaving us both beaten and exhausted on the bed.

“W-what?” I knew how important her name was to her, how only members of her family were allowed to address her so. My cock shuddered, and cum shot out into her, and before she could really think about what I said, her own orgasm betrayed her and made her shake every bit as badly as me.

We were both helplessly lying there, letting our bodies spasm out of control, my seed filling her while my hips involuntarily pushed in to accent my surprise climax. And then comes the fucking interruption.

“What’re you doing in my room. Who are you? Mandy? Get your boyfriend and get out of here!”

I’ll just skip forward, shall I?


Tiffany walking in on Sally and me making love wasn’t really the highlight of my afternoon. Odd, that. Had I not considered it to be making love, I’d’ve probably asked her to join in. Anyways, I’d finally done up my fly, grabbed my top hat (who the fuck wears top hats any more?), and disappeared out the door.

There was the most beautiful sweetheart carriage waiting, driven by none other than Melody, dressed in a tight-fitting blue dress. “Took you long enough,” she grinned. “Hop in.”

Hop in I did, and we chattered as the single large horse trotted us down any number of streets on our way to Reoren’s house. I know, normally these lovey-dovey stories start from the girl’s perspective with the guy just showing up at the door with his suit and his horse-drawn carriage and his…

“Holy shit; I didn’t get her any flowers,” I cursed, smacking myself in the face.

“Relax, would you? You’ll do just fine.” She reached behind her to pull out a small sprig of mistletoe.

“That is no flower,” I protested.

“Tuck it up behind her ear; she’ll love it.”

“How do you know?”

Like I was saying, the story’s supposed to start with the guy showing up at the girl’s house. But my story is no romance. Sure, I’d just had two very relaxing romps with two rather enjoyable women, but that’s about as tame as it possibly gets with me. You ought to know that by now. Anyways…

I was about to ask Melody how she knew where she was going, but like always, it took me buca escort bayan about one more second to remind myself that those clever little watches Garden people had had maps in them as well as directories.

Reo seemed to be expecting us. Indeed, the noise of us arriving precluded her to leap out of the house, shouting, “Hi, Miss Mellie! Hi, Derrick!” Damn. I had wanted to pinch some shock value into the carriage. Take her breath away when I led her outside with my hands over her eyes, you know?

But first, what a vision was before me. She did a small pirouette, flashing enticing white stockings through the high cut in her dress and revealing tiny heeled slippers. The entire get-up was lined in the usual poofy white fluff of Christmas, including, unfortunately, the bust of her dress, which encircled straplessly around her chest. Atop it all, she had long, white gloves to match mine and a fur stole with more poofy whiteness. Don’t get me wrong; I loved the thing, I just wish her chest didn’t have all that fluffy stuff on it. I wanted to see me some… not that she had any, but I like to look at a woman’s chest, you know?

We embraced for joy once I got out the carriage, but Melody let out a punctuated cough. Upon getting my attention, she shut her eyes and inclined her head, then looked pointedly at my date. Oh yeah. I backed up, took Reo’s hand, and bowed steeply, kissing her hand to go with it. She in turn curtsied most elegantly with her flowing dress pooling about her feet. I opened the back door to the carriage, but Melody coughed again.

“What now?” I asked in exasperation, making Reo giggle. “Oh, right, flower.” I then slid the sprig of mistletoe over Reo’s ear, and damn if the little sharp green leaves and red berries didn’t match perfectly. Did I forget to mention she had a Santa hat on? She had a Santa hat on. On with the show.

I helped her into the carriage (finally), and Melody drove us off the scenic way through the town. Let me tell you, loyal audience, it was getting dark just then, and the Christmas lights were just coming on all through the neighborhood. Melody had slipped a bottle of champagne in, so the three of us sipped away while we trounced through town in the most enchanting setting. Wowzers, and this coming from a rather skeptical guy.

We got to the stadium, which was on the west end of town, not very close at all to the university. People were arriving by the trainload, and in as fine attire as we two. We parted from Melody quite fondly, Reo saying to her, “Thanks for the dress.” Damn. Wait until Sally hears.

When we got inside, we were transported to a magical kingdom of enchantment. Live snowdeer (a new breed; don’t ask), ponies, and Huskys tramped freely through the natural playing grass, ready to chew up anything the guests were done snacking on (including the edible plates).

Huge pillars were set up to support great ropes of colorful, blinking Christmas lights, and they were mounted with four burning torches each, providing all the light and warmth for the entire event (except for the waiting area). Miles of tables filled with delicious delights, and waiters carrying trays of bubbling or frothing beverages and retrieve them again when they were empty. Women in beautiful gowns and men in dark suits and hats, green and red as far as the eye could see. My own lid was green, in case I left that part out, matching me up with Reo’s red.

Reo was as enchanted with the whole ordeal as I was, but as far as I was concerned, the whole thing paled in comparison to the stars in her eyes. And there were stars, too. Looking up, we could see the stars starting to peek out of their hidey-holes for the night. I heard back to a time where vehicle pollution got so bad, you couldn’t see stars anymore. Fuck that shit.

Being in a rather sappy mood, I was overwhelmed with the desire to give Reo such a kiss as I had given Melody and Sally, but she was first to act, citing, “Music! Let’s go!”

Deep into the fray, there was a group of musicians playing classical twists on Christmas songs. If I wasn’t mistaken, I recognized a few key people from the Garden that I had met earlier, including the two red-haired doctors, the wives that were headmistress and lawyer, and the boring psychiatrist.

Before I could even ask her to dance, some fresh fucker was already between us. “May I have this dance?” he asked quite abruptly. “That is, if your card is free…?”

He was looking to Reo’s right hand, and damn if I didn’t notice earlier that there was a little card dangling from it along with a small tube. Looked like a tube of lipstick. “Your name, sir?” she asked most politely, and rather than let him spin her around, she wrote his name down on the little card, then excused herself so she and I could have our go.

“Okay, what?” I asked, confused.

“It’s a dance card, silly,” she giggled. A guy wants to dance, I write his name down. Throughout the night, I go through the list.”

“And what do I do? Watch from the snack table?”

She giggled again and buried her face into my chest so that we could spin silently and enjoy the music. The song ended in good time, and the guy was quick to find her again to take her up on her offer. For myself, I went off to find an arm of my own to entertain.

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