4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 07

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Disclaimer: I am grateful for FeatherArmy who have helped make my story more readable. If there still are errors, then it’s my fault.

All characters in this story are of legal age.


During the next month Aidan made sure that his relationships with the four hot moms became solid. The four MILFs were all infatuated with the handsome young stud and they all guarded their secret from others. So Aidan met each of his four lovers during the next month, switching between them and making sure they didn’t know about each other. Often they would meet at his house for an hour or so of torrid loving and fucking as Aidan’s father were away traveling.

But whenever Aidan was over at one of his friends’ house, he noticed how his mature lover always checked out his body from a distance and was smiling at him. It was clear to him that they all were quite taken with him, so he started to seek them out in their home for a quick kiss and a little caress. When none of them objected to this, he knew he had completely seduced them.


After Amanda’s second time with Aidan, she had been seeking time alone with her son’s best friend. For far too many years, the petite hot blond mother had accepted her own sexual desires had to come second to her family obligations, so now she was determined to make up for lost time. She now had a spectacularly virile young lover who seemed to be the perfect match for her in bed, and neither she nor he showed any sign of getting bored of living out their lusts together.

It was like she had found Aidan to be a highly addictive drug. When he was over at her house, he would give her a knowing look and a smile, which instantly made her wet. So she looked for more times, more places, and more chances to have sex with her handsome lover.

They often would meet at Aidan’s house where he fucked Amanda in his bed. He also fucked her from behind, while he held her bent over and sprawled out on the kitchen counter. She relentlessly rode his cock on the couch in the living room. Their bodies grew increasingly attuned to each other, and it seemed to Amanda that their orgasms grew more intense as the days passed.

One night Amanda had sneaked over, with her family thinking she was to attend a meeting. As always, the petite married mother made sure she looked her best for her young lover. Standing 5’5” in her high-heels, Amanda made sure to dress revealingly, so she could flaunt her impressive figure of 36C-25-38. She was wearing a lavender dress and white heels, a new outfit that she had recently purchased but never worn before. The material was fitted snugly to her upper body and low cut which made her ample cleavage being on display. Beneath the thin material the outline of her bra which cupped and lifted her breasts was observable. Amanda knew she didn’t have the biggest breasts, but she dressed so her size C always appeared large against her slim frame. Her long honey blonde hair and blue eyes made her appearance perfect and when she stood before her young lover, she knew she had succeeded.

Aidan was smiling triumphantly as he moved to answer the door. He opened the door and took in the sight of Amanda. He pulled her in, closed the door and then engulfed her in his powerful arms. Aidan reached up with his right hand and gripped her chin. He turned her face to him and planted a kiss on her lips. Soon after their lips started to smack as their tongues wrestled, Amanda was feverishly rubbing her young lover’s hard shaft through his jeans. Aidan didn’t hesitate to reach both hands down and grip her ass, pulling her closer to him. She then wrapped her arms around his neck as they embraced in a long wet kiss. The made out for some time before they walked up to Aidan’s bedroom.

In Aidan’s bedroom Amanda got rid of her clothes in a flash and crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees. During the last couple of days she had become more adventurous, so she waggled her heart shaped ass at her young lover and enticed, “I want to do it doggy style.”

The sight brought Aidan’s cock to a full stand and he also shed his clothes. Arrogantly he crawled up on the bed and fingered the hot married woman’s pussy from behind. Braggingly he stated, “You’re so wet.”

“I’ve been dreaming about this all day,” Amanda moaned. “Please, baby. I need you so bad.”

“I like how wet you are for me. Feel how hard I am for you?” Aidan grinned as he pushed 2 fingers into her hot pussy and ground his hard cock between her athletic ass cheeks. “You like that don’t you, Mrs B.? Feeling your son’s friend’s hard cock rubbing on you, feeling my fingers deep inside your pussy.”

The words made Amanda feel so wicked and so aroused. She pushed her ass back against her young lover and his cock touched her pussy. He was so big.

“Oh, Aidan, please make love to me,” she groaned.

“I don’t think so, Amanda,” Aidan said authoritatively as he pulled his fingers out of her hot pussy, “I’m going to take you from behind like an animal in heat. There will be no lovemaking, this will be pure fucking. You’ve Kartal Escort made me so fucking hard for you.”

Amanda felt how Aidan pulled her up against him and slipped his long hard cock into her welcoming heat. She shrieked as she felt how his thickness was filling her.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you Amanda? Not to make love, but to fuck you real good. I know you are so hot for it – for my cock being buried deep in you, sliding in and out… faster and faster.” Aidan’s actions mimicked his words as he teased his blond petite lover.

Amanda felt how the arrogant stud was thrusting his thick dick in so deep that she felt it everywhere inside her. And at the same time he seemed everywhere all around her. He was holding her hands against the mattress, as he sucked and bit on the back side of her slender neck.

“Oh, God… Aidan, it feels so unbelievably gooooooooood,” the married mother purred. The naughtiness of it all excited her, her young lover’s dominance excited her, his long thick cock excited her, and together the slow, deepness of it all drove her crazy. She tried to increase the speed.

“What do you want, Mrs B.? Do you want your son’s friend to fuck you faster? You have to beg me for it.” Aidan growled as he held his cock deep inside her.

“Yes, Aidan… More… please.” Amanda moaned.

“You can do better than that, Mrs B.” Each time he called her “Mrs B.”, Aidan felt her pussy clench around him. He knew that reminding her of her married status excited her. “What do you want me to do, Mrs B.? What do you want your teen lover to do to you?”

“Fuck me Aidan. Please fuck me like a bitch in heat,” the mother of two screamed.

“Are you my bitch, Mrs B.?” Aidan asked as he reached under her chest and grabbed hold of her C-cup tits.

“Oh God… yes I’m your bitch… Aidaaaaaaaaaaaaan,” Amanda shrieked as she almost came off the bed.

“Tell me what you want, Mrs B.” Aidan commanded as he rolled her nipples between his fingers and ground his cock deep into her pussy.

“Fuck me hard, Aidan. Please give it to me fast and hard. Make me cum… yes, yes, yes… so goooooooooooooood,” Amanda was panting and gasping.

Aidan was almost over the edge. Pounding into his friend’s hot blond mother so hard from behind that his balls were slapping against her clit and taking her over the edge. “Take it all, Mrs B. Take it all and cum with me,” he roared.

“Yes Aidan, make me your bitch. So good, so fucking goooooooooooood,” Amanda screamed as she came in a huge climax as she felt her young lover spray her womanhood with his sperm. It felt as if her body was dissolved into atoms of lustfulness before it was reassembled again.

Aidan held Amanda until she recovered. “Feeling good?” he asked as he toyed with her nipples.

“Mmm,” Amanda purred. “You have no idea how much I needed that. You made me cum so hard.”

Aidan couldn’t resist asking, “Simon doesn’t make you cum like that?”

Amanda didn’t even blush at the mention of her husband. She had accepted the affair and she shook her gorgeous head. “Not even close.”

Aidan loved to make his married lovers compare him to their husband after he had fucked them, “What makes me a better lover?”

Uncomfortably Amanda shrugged. “He’s not by far as energetic, hard or big as you. You last longer and recover faster too.” She paused and looked in her teen lover’s eyes. “And I’m absolutely crazy for you. That makes it so much better.”

The couple kissed and petted for some time. Nothing frantic happened as they kissed and rubbed their bodies together.

As Amanda felt her young lover become hard again she pushed him onto his back and moved up so she was straddling Aidan. She took hold of his long hard shaft with her petite hands and moved it up and down her pussy lips, before she let her body move down taking him into her dripping wet vagina.

From below Aidan’s hands were free to roam over her full tits. He loved her pink nipples and began to caress them, as his blond lover slowly moved up and down his thick shaft. After a while he moved his hands to her thin waist and guided her into riding him with long strokes. Then he went back to feeling her up.

Amanda would raise up until he was barely inside her and then slam down again. She repeated this motion over and over again. Aidan held her swaying breasts in his hands as he sucked on her nipples. She moaned her approval as she enjoyed the young cock that was stuffing her. Amanda rode her young lover that way for a long time. She adjusted her speed to prevent herself from going off because she was enjoying this immensely. Eventually the urge did build in her and she said, “Give it to me Aidan, I’m so close…”

Aidan put his hands on her hips to help her speed up until she was fucking him like a jackhammer. Soon after Amanda was cumming again with a scream. Aidan rolled around, keeping his cock embedded in her tight pussy and continued to fuck his mature lover.

The couple were making fierce love in Aidan’s bed, when Tuzla Escort Aidan’s father Lewis West walked into his own home. He came home a day earlier than planned and hadn’t called and told Aidan. As he walked into the house heheard a noise coming from his son’s room. As he slowly went up the stairs to see what was happening, he stopped in the middle of the staircase and listened for a while. He grinned as he became aware of the fact that his son was nailing one of his girlfriends from school upstairs in his bedroom. Over the last couple of years Lewis had used his travels to have several affairs, but never told Aidan about it. But over the last year he had become aware of Aidan’s attractiveness to the girls from school. Proud of his son’s sexual capability, he smiled and stood still for a while.

Lewis was quite drunk as he had taken advantage of the free service on the plane, so he decided to take a quick sneak peak. He walked towards Aidan’s bedroom and looked in to find Aidan and Amanda naked and wildly fucking on the bed in the missionary position. But the light was off, and Aidan’s huge body concealed Amanda from his father’s eyes. Lewis could only see her slender legs around Aidan’s hips and some blond hair.

Amanda was in heaven. Aidan had made love to her for an hour, and she had already had several orgasms. Now he had fixed petite body in a powerful grip and was fucking his huge pole deep into her soaking wet pussy. She couldn’t move and was moaning as he made her feel a sexual bliss.

Lewis paused at the door and said, “Sorry to disturb you, Aidan, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m home.”

Amanda immediately recognized Lewis’ voice and was terrified. Now her secret would be revealed.

Aidan also recognized his father’s voice, but he also felt even more aroused. Here he was caught in the act of fucking the wife of his father’s friend. He quickly calculated the situation and thought his father couldn’t see Amanda under his body, so he pretended to be distracted by his father as he pressed Amanda’s face closely to his chest. Then he turned his head and looked at his father as he responded, “Oh shit, Dad! I’m so sorry, but we just really busy right now. Please close the door and I’ll join you later.”

“Sure. Take your time, “Lewis said as he grinned and blinked at Aidan, while trying to check out the hot body of his son’s girlfriend, but was disappointed that most of her body was blocked by Aidan. But he did think that she looked pretty damn sexy.

As soon as Amanda and Aidan heard the door close, Amanda let out a hiss and whispered, “Please let me go, Aidan. I have to get out of here.”

Aidan was really turned on by the almost exposure, so as he continued to move his hard cock slowly in and out of his married lover and said, “We can’t stop now. My father would expect me to give you a good time. Maybe he’s standing outside listening, so we’ll have to finish, what we started. So just relax and enjoy it, Baby.”

It was a great aphrodisiac to Aidan, that he was fucking his friend’s mother, while his father was in the house, so he continued to slowly thrust his cock deep into her.

Amanda didn’t know what to do. Sex with Aidan was incredible and even now, just feeling his huge, very hard shaft pulsing deep within her loins felt so good. But she was really disturbed by her near exposure. She knew it would be hell to her marriage if her affair with Aidan was revealed to her husband. But Aidan was amazing and she wished she could stay with him for hours. As she was thinking these thoughts, Aidan push hard against her cervix as he began to move inside her with long hard strokes.

Aidan loved to be on top of Amanda’s ravishing body. He positioned his elbows on the mattress, just to the sides of her magnificent breasts. He propped himself up and looked down at her gorgeous face and smiled.

“We have to convince my father that we are going at it hot and heavy,” Aidan said as he stared into her emotion-filled blue eyes.

“Are you serious? Aldan, we can’t do it with your father in the house. You’re so big, that I can’t stop cumming if you continued your assault on my body. Please stop for me…,” Amanda pleaded and placed both hands behind his head, pulling him in for a kiss.

“Baby, you got me so horny right now – seeing your perfect breasts and cute little body make me so hard. We can’t stop now.” As Aidan said this, he began moving his hips, thereby grinding his fully engorged and throbbing penis in Amanda’s exceptionally tight and moist pussy.

Amanda moaned, as her vagina was reawakening to the pleasures of her young lover’s continuing movement within her. She continued to whimper as Aidan started to grind his massive cock deep in her drenched love canal. As she looked up at him, she took in his beautifully shaped and defined torso. She loved how he almost knew her body better than herself. She moved her manicured hands to his perfect ass and pulled him into her body just a bit. But this slight motion caused his steel hard shaft to push against Anadolu Yakası Escort her cervix and she gasped with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

With each circular movement, Aidan’s shaft pressed hard against Amanda’s pubic bone, and the pleasure he was providing her with was incredible. His cock felt absolutely massive within her. And now that he was moving it around in her, it seemed to have swelled to an even greater size, and it was as hard as steel. She could feel yet another orgasm starting to build deep within her loins. She couldn’t believe that such a simple and slight movement such as what Aidan was doing at the moment could excite her this way, but he felt so good to her, and she loved looking at his beautiful body propped above her. So right now it didn’t matter at all, that his father was in the house. She just wanted to prolong this feeling.

Aidan loved how Amanda’s incredibly tight pussy was grasping his hard cock. And looking down on her beautiful face framed by her silky blond hair was such a turn on for him. He could see that she no longer cared about being discovered by his father. He took in the sight of the married wife’s full round tits with their excited nipples. They were just perfect he thought. He leaned in and first sucked and then nibbled each nipple and breast. Then, still on his elbows, he moved his lips to Amanda’s neck and gently kissed her there. Moving now to her beautiful lips, the two lovers locked their mouths in a passionate kiss. Amanda moved her hands up her teen lover’s muscular back to the back of his head, and pulled his head to her as they continued to kiss deeply.

Aidan now began sliding slowly out and then back into Amanda’s sopping wet pleasure hole. This caused her to experience wave after wave of physical pleasure. Amanda loved the feeling as her body shuddered and twitched as her lover started to fuck her. When he would withdraw his throbbing member, Amanda marvelled at how empty her pussy felt. And, as he re-entered her drenched vagina, she thrilled at the feeling of his thick mushroom head as she felt it re-stretch her, and she loved the feeling of his thick, pulsing shaft moving hard within her. With each successive thrust, Aidan picked up the pace as he fucked her.

Separating from their prolonged kiss, Aidan raised himself over the hot MILF, placing the palms of his hands on either side of her torso. Now Amanda explored Aidan’s ripped upper body with her hands as he began to piston in and out of her, frequently hitting her cervix with his cock. She loved watching his defined and hard torso; it enhanced the excitement that was coursing through her loins. The pleasure for Amanda was incredible as Aidan was now pumping in and out of her pussy with increased speed. Her body shook each time he plunged his hard shaft into her. And while she desperately tried to be silent, Amanda’s orgasm overwhelmed her completely as Aidan fucked her furiously. Her vagina was awash with her own love juices as she came once again with a scream.

Aidan watched the married beauty below him as the throes of her orgasm overtook her. Her eyes were closed tightly, and she was now yelling and gasping in pleasure as she placed her hands firmly on her his ass, trying to pull his massive pleasure shaft even more deeply into her. Truly, she seemed to have no control over her body whatever.

Aidan’s long hard pole was pummelling her, and the pleasure it was providing Amanda with was causing her body to shudder, writhe, and twitch uncontrollably. Aidan loved the tight feeling of her pussy. And he loved the fact that his best friend’s married mother was giving into his relentless fucking and not caring about be discovered. He felt his own climax beginning to build within him, and he knew that in only a moment he would once again be emptying his cum deep into Amanda’s womb.

Aidan was so turned on by watching Amanda’s beautiful petite body wracked in pleasure as a result of his efforts. Her wonderful breasts shook with each thrust of his. Her beautiful face was clearly showing how totally consumed her body was with the moment. Aidan felt his balls contract and his muscles stiffen even more as he reached one of the most satisfying climaxes of his life. He slammed his rock hard cock deep into his married beauty, causing her to yell in pain and pleasure. He held himself within her, his penis plugged into her cervix, emptying more of his sperm into her warm pleasure channel.

Simultaneous with his climax, Amanda felt yet another orgasm of her own wash over her. She was exhausted with the physical pleasure that she felt, and she realized that she had no control whatsoever of her body. Aidan’s fucking had provided Amanda with a level of sexual satisfaction that she had never before experienced. Looking up at her perfectly formed teen lover was such a turn on for her. Seeing his perfect body as it moved back and forth and fucked her sent a thrill through her.

As he collapsed onto her, Amanda wrapped her slender arms around his muscled torso, holding him tightly to her. She was totally fulfilled sexually. She knew at that moment that she would do whatever Aidan wanted her to do at any time. As her young lover lay panting atop of her, she kissed his face and neck repeatedly, loving the feeling of his still pulsing massive shaft that completely filled her drenched pussy.

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