4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 10

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Female Ejaculation

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age. I’m most grateful for FeatherArmy’s editing. Surely it’s not an easy task to clean up my mistakes 😉 hetup


One Sunday afternoon Aidan was over at the Miller home watching football with Daniel Miller, Coby, Jay and Justin. The air inside the house was relatively cool due to the air condition and they were all gathered around the huge TV-screen in the lounge.

Vanessa came home after being together with her friends, gossiping about their shared young stud and his effort to impregnate them. Vanessa had her long black hair held up and back in a high ponytail and was wearing a pink halter-neck summer dress: a dress that complimented her caramel skin perfectly. The thin material strained tightly around her large, round breasts and clung softly to her flat stomach and slim waist, draping deliciously over her tight ass as the stunning mother of two teenagers walked into the house. The dress left her slender shoulders and back bare, and it was obvious the impressive MILF had chosen not to wear the bra that matched her pink lace thongs.

Aidan sat with a smug grin on his face as he rolled a bottle of Coke between his palms, satisfied with how his life had turned out since he had got all four married women to agree to his plan. He loved being with his friends, dropping small innuendos about his affairs with their mothers, while they kept on being unaware of the situation. He liked his friends, but he had also decided that their friendships was a childhood thing and would not stand the test of time. So, for now, he loved fooling around with their mothers right under their noses. Aidan shifted slightly as his cock began to harden as he thought of the situation. He had just caught on to what Jay, Kevin and Coby were talking about, something about replacing the offensive coordinator on their favourite team, when the door to the hall behind them opened – and in walked Vanessa.

Careless the other boys nodded with a welcoming smile as the knockout married mother of two walked into the lounge, while Aidan had to try hard to keep his eyes from widening at the impressive sight. Vanessa looked sizzling as the soft dress outlined her stunning body perfectly. Even though it was not exactly tight, the inch or two of impressive cleavage instantly drew Aidan’s eye. He smiled as he took in the gentle bounce of her soft, heavy breasts as she slowly made her way from the doorway into the lounge.

Vanessa took in the group in front of her. She had noticed how her young lover’s eyes almost had caressed her body and she felt a little excited. Her throat felt dry as she realized her husband also was around. She folded her slim arms beneath her large breasts as she turned to look at Daniel.

“Hey darling,” Daniel greeted his wife in a friendly tone but only spared her a glance before he turned his attention back to the game on the screen. “Did you have a good time with the girls?”

Vanessa looked at him for a moment, her hands unconsciously moving to gently straighten the dress over her slender hips before she answered. She was annoy, that her husband once more was engrossed in the game and didn’t give her more attention, so as she once more folded her arms beneath her fantastic breasts, she just said, “Yeah, it was great.”

Aidan followed the interaction between husband and wife and he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but somehow he knew that Daniel, without noticing it, just had done something to irritate his wife of twenty years.

“That’s great,” Daniel said with his sole attention on the screen.

Aidan decided to take a chance and as he rested one arm on the back of the couch behind Vanessa’s son Coby, he looked at his mature lover with a grin of open appreciation.

“Looking good, Mrs M!” he said into the opening, his tone confident and appreciative. His eyes looked her up and down before he added, “Very good.”

Vanessa frowned at his words and his expression. She didn’t know what to do. Though her young lover hadn’t openly said or insinuated anything the rest of the group could call him out for, she was surprised by his blunt coming on to her. She just murmured her thanks before she glanced back at the others and noticed their attention was towards the screen.

Aidan couldn’t believe what was transpiring in front of him. Here was Vanessa, looking absolutely ravishing in her fitted pink summer dress that hung on her shapely body, emphasizing yet hiding every curve of her exceptional body, and yet the others had taken as much notice of what she looked like as they had of him when he arrived. Aidan liked the others but he couldn’t grasp how they could be so blind and stupid. It became apparent for Aidan that Daniel in particular took his smoking-hot wife for granted.

Well, Aidan wasn’t going to complain. He pondered how best to take advantage of the present situation as the others made some joke of a play on the screen.

Vanessa couldn’t believe that Daniel hadn’t noticed how she looked. It became clearer to her by the day that he took her for granted. Fatih escort He had basically just said ‘hello’ before turning back to the screen. This had Vanessa in a quiet and dangerous mood as she stood silently, arms folded beneath her breasts. She took in her long-time husband and was not impressed. While she had kept fit he had put on quite a few pounds, mostly in the middle. He was no longer in good shape and seemed more interested in work and sports on the screen than in their relationship. She knew he loved her, but he had stopped making any effort towards their relationship. She thought he was a good man and a great provider, but he was not an exciting man. Vanessa’s thoughts were interrupted, as Aidan spoke.

“Hey, Mrs M… You look a little tense,” Aidan said with a smile on his face, as he looked at his mature conquest.

Startled Vanessa turned her head and looked at her young lover.

“You should release some of that tension; it’s bad for you if it builds up too much.” The dark-haired jock said. “If you want some help massaging that tension out of your shoulders, I can help.”

Aidan was known for his massages, but it was seldom he did it to his friend’s mothers. All of his friends had seen him do it from time to time, so it was not an out-of-character thing for him to do.

While Vanessa usually would have instantly declined, because she knew it would be risky having her young lover’s hands on her in the company of her husband and son, she remained silent a moment – half-glancing back to Daniel who just smiled at her as if he wasn’t concerned that a friend of their son offered to give his wife a massage. That did stir the ire within Vanessa which became full blown, as her husband said.

“I bet she could use that; she’s been tense all week,” Daniel said to Aidan before looking up to her with a warm, loving smile.

The words and expression stoked the resentment Vanessa was feeling towards her husband. Now he was not only condoning, but egging her young lover on to give his wife of twenty years a massage. She looked blankly at him and was filled with spite. So Daniel didn’t care if a young teenager gave his wife a massage. Well, that was just hunky-dory. It suited her just fine.

With a glance back at her husband, Vanessa shrugged and turned to look at Aidan before she walked over to him. She turned her back towards him and tucked her dress beneath her as she sat between his legs on the floor, looking over at her husband. Perhaps he might wake up and realize he was letting a young stud massage his wife’s naked shoulders like only he should.

Vanessa felt her young lover gently pull her hair away from her shoulders, letting the long black locks fall down her bare, slender back. Of course, Daniel just smiled lovingly at her before he went back to the screen. Vanessa could have growled. It seemed as if he had invited her infidelity into their house and just didn’t give a damn. Who in their right mind would let their son’s best friend massage their wife, and right in front of him. Vanessa’s passionate eyes remained on her husband’s face as he watched the game, occasionally glancing to her with a loving smile.

The moment Aidan’s hands touched her bare shoulders, the once faithful wife felt a tingle run through her soft, caramel coloured skin and down her spine. She closed her eyes as Aidan momentarily brushed his strong fingers against her delicate neck before resting them firmly yet gently on her shoulders, squeezing softly before tenderly rubbing back and forth. Vanessa allowed herself to emit a low moan, as she felt Aidan’s hands gently massage her bare shoulders.

“Hmm, you’re really tense.” Aidan remarked softly as the others had become absorbed in a discussion about a ruling on the field.

Frowning at her engrossed husband, Vanessa closed her eyes as Aidan expertly kneaded a tight knot from her shoulders.

“Well, it’s been a long day,” she replied a little peckish.

Aidan was stirred up. He loved that he had gotten his hands on his mature lover in close proximity of his friends and her husband. She, however, wasn’t quite comfortable yet.

“You should really relax more,” he said jokingly, as his fingers worked its magic.

Vanessa thought, he was surprisingly good at this. She was somewhat dazed as her young lover’s fingers moved on her warm, bare flesh.

“Your wife is really tensed up, Mr M,” Aidan suddenly said to Daniel. Vanessa gasped at his boldness and half turned her head to look at her husband.

Daniel didn’t realize he was wearing the horns of a cuckold as he simply grinned amused before he replied, “I’m not surprised, she always does too much.”

It seemed as if the guileless husband didn’t have a clue to what was transpiring in front of him. He was obtuse to the situation as he let a young jock massaging his wife. It was as if he couldn’t imagine that a young stud would take advantages of the situation.

Aidan was getting hard as he noticed Daniel trusted him. It was arousing to have Vanessa sit in front of him in a form-fitting Fındıkzade escort bayan thin summer dress, his hands massaging her bare shoulders while he looked down the top of her dress at her large bra-less 34E tits. Not that he could see much more than some very impressive cleavage, but still, any normal husband would have put a stop to that, but not Daniel. He just encouraged his son’s friend to carry on. Aidan realized that he had as much pleasure from cuckolding Daniel as he got from caressing Vanessa.

“Well, I’ll make sure I work out all this tension Mrs M,” Aidan said to the top of her head and continued with an innuendo, “I’ll get ‘deep’ in and ‘work’ it all out until you’re totally relaxed.”

The implication behind his words was apparently lost on her husband and the boys, but not on Vanessa. She decided against replying and just felt how her young lover’s strong fingers worked all of the knots loose in her shoulders.

“Fuck, you smell good.” Aidan suddenly whispered near her ear, his face close to her pulled back hair. As his fingers squeezed a little harder into her skin, rubbing back and forth and round and round slowly, he continued in a low voice, “I like this. A lot…”

Vanessa felt herself melting from his touch, and his words and breath on her neck sent a warm shiver through her skin.

“You’re so sexy and gorgeous, Mrs M. I love your flawless skin,” Aidan whispered as his fingers began squeezing harder. Daniel still seemed oblivious to Aidan’s actions. Aiden took advantage of this as his hands started to rub further down Vanessa’s exposed back, running up and a little further down her uncovered chest, stopping an inch above where the steady slopes of her luscious tits began.

His touch seemed warm and to knead out every drop of tension in Vanessa’s body as he gently squeezed her muscles, so much so that she didn’t notice the slow but steady progress his fingers made towards her bulging cleavage until the very tips of his fingers lightly brushed against the top of the soft but firm slopes sending a sudden electricity through her body and jolting her from her feeling of relaxation.

“Aidan…” Vanessa began to say as she moved so she was sitting more upright, however her young lover cut her off.

“Relax, Vanessa. The others are engrossed in the game. I’ll be careful,” He promised, raising his fingers to her slender shoulders.

Vanessa glanced over at her husband, but it didn’t appear as if he had noticed what had just happened.

Aidan continued to gently but firmly work Vanessa’s shoulder muscles, his fingers pressing and moving slowly further down once again over time and all the while Daniel continued to talk to the boys about the game. Vanessa felt how her lover continued to move his fingers closer to her cleavage. She was completely aware of the fact that Aidan was getting off by caressing her in front of her husband and his friends. However, she remained still, keeping her eyes half on the television in front of her and half on the others to see if they would notice how Aidan’s fingers ever-so-slowly worked their way closer to the dip in the neck of her thin dress.

Aidan’s fingers continued to slowly descend, rubbing exaggeratedly down her back, up to her slender shoulders before sliding further forward, his thumb never leaving the back of her shoulders as his fingertips brushed the gently-bulging slope of the exposed tops of her swelling breasts. A shudder of arousal ran through her the first moment she felt his fingers make contact with the top of her exposed breasts. However, she kept herself still and quiet, her eyes remaining on Daniel to see if he would say anything. However, he wasn’t even paying attention as her young lover slowly grew bolder as she still didn’t resist or say anything to stop him.

The next time his fingertips slid down onto the soft but firm slopes of her impressive breasts, Vanessa’s eyes met Daniel’s as he looked towards her with a warm, loving smile. Even as Aidan’s fingers were obviously heading down the top of her dress, Daniel seemed unconsciously about the whole situation. It seemed to Vanessa that her husband just couldn’t imagine that she could attract the attention of a young jock. She felt a ball of anger and irritation growing in the pit of her stomach as she gave a very obviously frozen smile in return as Aidan’s fingers once more moved back to her shoulders.

Somewhat later Vanessa felt how those fingers once more moved down towards her heavy rack, however this time Aidan’s fingers didn’t seem to want to slow down and be satisfied with just barely touching the tops of her tits, and instead began to descend with apparently every intention of carrying on until he completely cupped her large breasts.

Aidan was worked up by the situation and took a great risk, when he noticed all of his friends and Daniel’s attention were on a crucial play. With a rapid move he filled his hands with Vanessa’s full breasts, gave her hardening nipples a twist and then moved his hands back up to her shoulders without being Escort Gaziosmanpaşa noticed by the other men in the room.

The moment Aidan’s hands cupped her breasts Vanessa knew, she was in great troubles. Her body responded to her lover’s manipulations and she felt how her vagina was getting wet. She realized, she couldn’t hold back much longer, so she had to get out of the room.

“Aidan…” She said warningly as she shrugged her shoulders and half-turned to glare warning up at her lover.

Aidan just grinned back at her and his hands continued squeezing her shoulders gently and softly pulling her back to lean against the couch, which she did without any resistance right then. Aidan was really aroused and thought of a way to get Vanessa out of the room so he could give it to her real good. He saw an opportunity, when the crucial play was over and the cheerleaders danced on the screen. Aidan knew Vanessa was against objectifying women, so he said out loud, “Wow, boys, look at those legs. That’s what women are supposed to look like. They are yummy!”

His friends laughed, because they also knew Vanessa’s feeling about this.

It took a little while before Vanessa realized Aidan had given her a way out. Shrugging his hands from her shoulders, the gorgeous mother stood up and frowned at her young lover.

“You know it’s not a proper way to talk about women in this house, Aidan. I don’t want to hear sexist comments like this.” Vanessa said sounding real angry before she stalked towards the hall door and slammed it violently behind her, stomping up the stairs to her and Daniel’s bedroom.

Coby laughed and said, “Oh you blew it Aidan. Now you’re in my mother’s doghouse. How could you be so foolish?”

The others laughed and Aidan said, “I don’t know, but I’ll have to go and beg for forgiveness.”

“If I know my wife correctly, then you’re in for a lengthy scolding. I bet the game will be over before the tongue-lashing from Vanessa is,” Daniel grinned at Aidan. Little did the loving husband know that he just had provided Aidan with a perfect excuse.

Aidan stood up looking a little shameful and turned and walked towards the door.

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!” Coby shouted at his back and they all laughed.

Aidan closed the door to the lounge and quickly headed up the steep stairs seeking out his married lover. When he found her in her and Daniel’s bedroom, he walked in and closed the bedroom door.

Vanessa had her back to Aidan, so when she heard the door close, she turned around to face him. She gasped as she saw her young lover in her bedroom.

“I’m here for my scolding, Vanessa” Aidan grinned and took in Vanessa’s curvaceous body enhanced by the gently draped material of the low-cut pink halter-summer dress.

“We can’t, Aidan. Not here in my bedroom with others in the house,” Vanessa sounded nervous as she knew her young lover’s intentions.

Aidan just stood, letting his eyes run up and down her body with complete approval before he moved within arm’s reach of her.

“Yes, we can,” he said and moved his hands to her slender arms.

A shiver ran through Vanessa’s body as Aidan’s fingers lightly ran up her arms as he stared into her eyes waiting for her response.

“We have been so careful up till now, why risk it!?” She whispered, the reality of the situation settling in on her.

Her young lover’s characteristic smile spread his confident features as he lightly began rubbing her arms as he moved closer, their bodies less than a foot apart.

“I want you so much,” he said as his fingers moved up her bare arms.

“I want you too, but…” Vanessa whispered as she felt Aidan’s left hand moving up to her bare shoulder, up her slender neck to cup one side of her amazingly beautiful face. Her breathing deepen as Aidan moved a little closer to her, her large dress-covered breasts barely brushing his chest. His free hand ran down to rest on her slim waist, and time seemed to stop.

“My decision,” Aidan arrogantly stated before suddenly his lips pressed firmly against hers.

Instantly Vanessa gave in, pressing her own soft, luscious lips back against Aidan’s. Her mouth followed his as Aidan parted his lips and without thought their tongues entwined as Vanessa raised her arms to drape over his shoulders, holding them loosely around his neck while his left hand joined his right in holding her slim waist and pulled her firmly against his solid body, pressing her large, soft but firm breasts against his hard chiselled chest as their lips smacked and tongues danced in a hot, passionate kiss.

If someone had told Vanessa a year ago, that she would betray her marriage wows in her own bedroom with her husband in the house, she would have ridiculed them. But she was infatuated with the arrogant jock and for her; she was way past the point of no return. So Vanessa Miller stood in the middle of her and her husband’s bedroom in the powerful arms of her son’s best friend, passionately lip locked with him. Her tongue was dancing tantalizingly with his, while her husband sat downstairs completely ignorant of what transpired in his own bedroom. Daniel was completely unaware that his sexy wife had her body pressed firmly against her young lover, pressing her glorious breasts hard against his chest as their tongues was swirling and dancing in each other’s mouths.

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