A 21 Gun Salute Ch. 2

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OH MY GOD!! 10 o’clock in the morning and I’ve had more sex than any one man could possibly handle.

How wrong that thought turned out to be. We weren’t even one-third of the way toward our goal.

What a mixed bag of emotions. I was physically spent and energized at the same time. Spent from the incredible session I’d just had, yet energized with the fantasy typed thoughts of what was ahead for the rest of the day.

Back into the van, we pulled out of the shopping center and headed north on 159. I assumed we would get back onto the interstate and head toward the city. However, we stayed on 159 and headed north toward Collinsville. It had been a few years since I had been on this old highway, so the sights weren’t familiar to me. We had gone perhaps 6 or 7 miles when we turned off into a small strip center. The van stopped in front of an exotic piercing studio.

“Time for your next gift. This is from all of us, ” announced Nate.

The five of us filed into the small and surprisingly clean establishment. We were greeted by a beautiful, but some what hard-edged woman who appeared to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s. “Hello, boys. I’ve been expecting you. Is this the birthday boy?” she asked pointing to me.

“Yes, ma’am,” Damon answered. “We’re here for what we discussed.”

“Then follow me.”

She led us into a room just behind the tastefully decorated waiting area. I had always enjoyed piercings on male lovers. I had even talked about getting some body parts of my own pierced, but always chickened out. This was exciting and scary at the same time.

“So, we do the nipples, right?” she asked.

The reply was unanimously affirmative from my friends. I was asked to remove my shirt and to set back in the chair over against the wall. As preparations were made, releases signed, and the process was made ready, I began to grow nervous.

“Don’t be nervous,” said the lovely proprietor. “I’ve got ways to help you relax.” With that, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a pair of incredible braless tits. “These clothes are unsanitary,” she announced. “And we must have sanitary conditions!” She removed her short skirt. She had her back to me as she removed her thong panties. She turned to face me and revealed a fully erect 6 inch dick.

“A tranny!” I cried out. “Oh my god!” She, or he, stepped forward and offered her, I mean, his cock to me. This was the most incredible fantasy I had ever had. I had always wanted to make it with a transsexual. Again, I opened my mouth and took her, I mean his, dick into my throat. Though this cock was totally masculine, this creature was feminine in every other way. Soft skin, perfumed and powdered. She was ravishing. Yet, she was still part man as she thrusted her cock in and out. The scene was so hot for both of us that her orgasm was quick in coming. Imagine taking a scorching load of jism from such a beautiful woman. My ultimate fantasy.

After quickly cleaning up, and feeling much more relaxed, I hardly felt the intense, but brief, pain from the piercing tool. Both nipples were pierced and fitted with small bars. “After you wear these for a few weeks, you can move into larger appliances. I’ll be happy to keep you fitted with whatever you need. And one more thing. That’s EIGHT,” the beautiful dicked chick announced as we prepared to leave.

This was a most bizarre and sexually charged half hour that any man could ever experience.

The guys paid for the piercing services. We piled back into the van and headed south, back down 159.

We came to the interstate and turned westward, heading toward St. Louis.

“Lunchtime!” announced Damon as we motored across the Poplar Street Bridge and caught Westbound Interstate 70. Twenty minutes or so later we exited the highway and into an older section of the burbs that I had never before visited. We pulled into a non-descript white clapboard building with a half-dozen cars parked in front. Scott led our party in to the establishment.

Much to my surprise we had walked into a gay bar / café. As my eyes adjusted to the low light, I noticed several couples, both male and female engaging in conversation or eating lunch. Looking toward the rear of the building I noticed a female couple in a red vinyl seated booth. A red-haired girl in her early twenties knelt in front of the booth, her head buried between the legs of her companion. Sitting in the booth, with her long tanned legs spread widely apart and sticking into the café’s walkway, was an equally beautifully brunette. She was definitely enjoying getting her pussy eaten by the gorgeous red head. The five of us stood mesmerized taking in the site of these two beautiful women engaged in their openly public exhibition of lesbian sex. The two lady lovers were completely unaware of the fact that they were being watched by so many. I doubt that even if they had become aware of an audience that they would have changed anything.

We found a table very close to the female exhibitionists. I was fixated on the show before us. Soon the çankaya escort girls changed positions. The redhead took a seat and her dark haired lover pulled up the redhead’s skirt to reveal a pantyless shaven cunt, glistening in its moistened excitement. The redhead looked at our table, winked, smiled, and then lost herself in her personal pleasure as her raven haired girlfriend feasted on her gaping pussy.

Moments later my focus on these two ravishing beauties was broken by the sound of male pleasure coming from our left. We all looked over to see two men, obviously professional, who had met up for a luncheon date. Both men had on dress shirts and ties, but had stripped of their shoes, socks, and trousers. A large built man with salt and pepper hair in his mid-40’s was fucking his lunch date right in the middle of the floor. Another incredible site was taking place before us. As each minute passed and the noon hour approached, the place continued to fill. Singles would come in and meet a friend/lover. Couples would come in and cozy up in one of the several semi-private booths that made up the perimeter of the entire building. Even a few single men and women would come in and sit alone, just to watch the noon time entertainment. One man, in a brown uniform of a UPS delivery man sat alone at a table and jerked himself off while watching two other beautiful lesbians locked in a hot 69. The atmosphere in this place was pure eye candy. Sex was going on in every corner of this establishment. After several minutes of enjoying the various performances being staged all around us, we were interrupted by a blonde Adonis who introduced himself as our waiter. He wore skin tight, faded jeans, with rips and tears is just the right places. The various holes sending the message that there was nothing under those jeans except a cock that needed to be sucked.

I couldn’t even remember his name. He went around the table and took our drink orders. After ordering a bourbon on the rocks, he asked if I was the birthday boy. Upon learning that I was, he stated that all my drinks and lunch were on the house. “We also have another special for our birthday boy patrons!”

I could only imagine by this time!

Our drinks were delivered without delay. A second round of drinks quickly followed. At the delivery of the third round, our waiter came to take our food order. We all had decided on one of the several sandwiches from their menu. But, the shocker was that when he came to take the food order, our waiter had stripped down to nothing but a jockstrap. He was a beautiful man in every sense of the word. And if that jockstrap wasn’t stuffed with a pair of socks, this man was incredibly hung.

After turning in our food order, our lovely waiter returned. “Now for the first part of your birthday special!” He stepped to the side of our booth and emerged with a folding chair. “Sit here, Mr. Birthday Boy!” he instructed. I did as I was ordered. The chair was placed about five feet out, facing our eight person corner booth. The house music stopped and immediately a hot, grinding dance tune came over the stereo system. Our handsome waiter proceeded to give me a lap dance like no other. Bumping, grinding, blowing into my ear, rubbing himself up and down my body. He used his nose to nuzzle my crotch. I felt that nose through my leather pants. Shots of pleasure coursed through my veins. Suddenly as the song came to an end, our bawdy waiter dropped his jock to reveal a massive hard-on. Nine inches or more of pure white meat. Within seconds, I had the head of that giant piece of meat in my mouth as I strained to take more and more of him. I’d never had a cock of such stature, but I was determined to have all of it or choke trying.

Little by little I relaxed my throat and took more of him. After just a few minutes, my nose was being tickled by his curly pubic hair, signifying that I had accomplished the task of taking nine inches of man meat. The lust and animal passion that I had experienced a couple of times already today returned. At that moment, nothing was more vital than having that cock exactly where it was, and tasting his forthcoming shower of cum.

I had to work hard to accommodate that massive slab of meat. But, my efforts paid off. Shortly, I was treated to still another eruption of hot cum.

All this cum in just a half day. How could I even be hungry right now?

My beautiful waiter pulled his still semi-hard tool from my mouth. He leaned over, gave me a sweet kiss and thanked me for the excellent blowjob. “Oh, by the way, sir, that’s NINE!”

“And now,” our waiter announced, “allow us to return the favor! Many happy returns, kind sir!”

With that, four nude, hunky men filed out from the kitchen. One more gorgeous than the next. All were similar in height, weight, and body shape, and each sported a very nice erection. “This, sir is our appetizer tray. Please select the one you find most appealing.”

I looked each one of them over as they stood before keçiören escort our table. During my examination, two nude women wheeled out a bed from the same back room. They stopped behind the line of four hunks, and prepared the bed for use. As I continued to survey the buffet of cock before my eyes, the two lovely lasses engaged one another in an awesome kiss. Each reached down and began to finger the other’s pussy. The site was totally unbelievable. This couldn’t really be happening.

Among the four young studs, I selected an incredibly handsome Asian fellow. A clean shaven man of about 6 feet, 160 pounds. Not a single blemish could be seen on his smooth, yellow skin. His pubic patch had been trimmed into a small black triangle just above his dick. His erection translated into seven inches of a very thin, and so inviting, manhood.

The other three men wished me a happy birthday and filed out of the dining room and back into the kitchen area. My pick then stepped forward, took me by the hand and led me toward the bed. We stood in front of the bed, and just before our appreciative audience of Nate, Mike, Scott, and Damon. In a single move, the nameless Asian removed my new shirt. He tossed it aside to another waiter who folded it nicely and placed it on a nearby table. My latest partner then removed my shoes and expertly dropped and removed my leather pants. My cock sprung to attention. The gorgeous Asian man then sat on the side of the bed and pulled me closer to him. He took my cock into his mouth. For several minutes he gave me unforgettable oral pleasure. He then extracted my dick from his mouth and turned me around. He then began to snake his tongue toward my ass. Unable to reach the target with me standing, he moved me to the bed and asked me to get on my hands and knees. Immediately, I felt his hands spread the cheeks of my ass followed by the moistness of his tongue probing my anus. “Relax, darling,” he commanded. I did, and soon felt his tongue probing as deep as it possibly could. His right hand also leaned forward and started to slowly stroke my hard piston. Momentarily, I felt a finger beginning to inch its way into my puckering asshole. I love to be fucked, and his finger brought forth that wonderful sensation as he slowly massaged my prostate. Soon, as second finger entered me, followed by a third. Suddenly he removed all three fingers and quickly replaced them with his condom covered cock. The fucking was incredible and continued for several minutes. Then, that familiar stirring in my scrotum told me that I was going to cum very soon.

As my orgasm approached, the sweet Asian pulled out of me and turned me over. We migrated into a 69 and orally pleasured one another. The drinks, the visual setting, the sweet tasting cock in my mouth and the expert attention of this fine Oriental man soon brought me to my second mind-shattering orgasm of the day. Just as I erupted into his talented mouth, he moaned, said something that was inaudible, and gave me a load of his sweet and salty cum. ‘Totally amazing’ were the only words that came to me. And the only words that came from my sex partner was “That’s TEN!”

We cleaned one another off and our food was delivered immediately. As we sat to enjoy our lunch, we were treated to another incredible show. The two lovely women who had brought the bed out earlier returned to the dining area, sat down side by side on that same bed’s edge, and began to engage in a session of lesbian love just for our viewing pleasure. What a way to enjoy an excellent lunch.

As we finished our glorious lunch, the sexually stimulating atmosphere had finally taken its effect on my three gay friends. Mike and Scott started by kissing one another. Their kissing quickly moved into some very heavy petting and feeling up of one another. Soon, each of them had their cocks out of their pants. Though we sat in a booth big enough for eight people, there just wasn’t room enough for three guys to sit while two other guys had hot sex. While our straight friend Damon sat and watched the site going on before him, Nate and I slid out of our seats, which opened the way for Mike and Scott to get out of the booth and go find a place to have sex. They disappeared.

Suddenly, Nate turned to me and asked me about how I was enjoying my birthday so far. “I love you, Bri,” was all he said. He reached out and cradled my head in his hands, and leaned forward and gave me a tender and loving kiss. God, I love this man. He is all I want in this life. He broke our intimate kiss and kneeled down before me to give me a blowjob. It was just past noon and I had already had two mind-blowing orgasms. I didn’t know if I could have another so soon. Nate sat on the floor before me as I sat at the edge of the corner booth. As Nate continued his loving expert service, a stranger stepped forward. Without a word, the man walked up, stood with a leg on either side of Nate, and displayed his erect cock just inches from me. “I couldn’t help but enjoy the show that has etimesgut escort been going on over here by your table. I am so turned on. Would you like to suck my cock?”

My answer to him was non-verbal in nature. I leaned forward and took his 6 inch, uncircumcised cock into my mouth. It had a sensual smell of musk, which is a total turn-on to me. I felt Nate’s mouth around my dick, and my own lips around this stranger’s dick. Again, the heat of the moment created an animal like starvation in my soul. I had to have his pretty cock, and I had to have his load as my creamy dessert.

All too soon my needs were satisfied. Almost by surprise, I felt my own orgasm come on quickly and without warning. It’s okay, Nate loves to swallow my loads, just as I do his. And nearly simultaneously, this stranger poured his ejaculate into my hungry mouth. It was an unbelievable way to top off a most excellent lunch experience.

The stranger offered his thanks and walked away. I looked down at my lover and we stared lovingly into each other’s eyes. We were not only great sex partners, we truly loved one another with all our hearts. I never felt closer to the man I loved than at this very moment. He was part of the most incredible fantasy I had ever experienced. “I love you, Nate,” I said as I pulled him up into an intimate kiss. I tasted my own semen still on his lips and breath.

I looked over at Damon. He seemed very content and simply smiled back at me. I did notice earlier that Damon was especially interested when the two lovely lesbians performed for us. That indeed turned him on. I couldn’t believe how well Damon was taking this day-long queer orgy. “Hey, Bri,” Damon called out. “I think that was ELEVEN.” He just smiled.

Nate was my lover for life, but Damon was undoubtedly my oldest and best friend. Nate is incredible.

Lunch ended with our departure from this unbelievable club. We motored eastward on Interstate 70 back towards the downtown area. We continued down the riverfront area passing the Dome, the Old Cathedral, the site of Busch Stadium, and the mighty Arch. We drove back onto the Poplar Street Bridge and was headed back to Illinois.

Moments into East St. Louis, we took an exit and found ourselves heading north toward Brooklyn. Now Brooklyn is the home to sex clubs, arcades, and porno shops. For someone who loves cock as much as I do, this place is a fantasy land.

I was quickly whisked out of the van and nearly carried into one of the arcades by my four hosts. Inside the building I was promptly escorted to one of the large booths to the left of the front door. Damon stood before the screen and immediately put $30 or $40 worth of dollar bills into the machine. That would be good for quite a long time. He selected a sexy gay porno, smiled to me and stepped out of the booth.

Not much over a minute passed before my door opened. In the doorway stood a handsome fellow who appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties, about my age or a bit younger. I looked at him and nodded, which was his cue that he was welcome. He remained standing and promptly unzipped his pants and offered his semi-hard dick to me. It was an average cock, not too big and not too small. It had a pleasant smell of baby powder or some kind of fresh scented talc.

The culture of this facility didn’t call for any foreplay or even conversation. Every man in the place was there for the explicit purpose to be on the giving or receiving end of a blowjob. Because of the mood of this place, and the visual stimulation of the hardcore gay porno playing in my booth, it didn’t take long for the nameless owner of this fresh scented cock to cum. His load was not large, indicating that this wasn’t his first orgasm of the day. But his load was tasty. Like fine wines from various vintners, each load of semen that I had enjoyed so far on this glorious day was unique and a vintage all its own. The stranger muttered a simple, ‘thanks’ and disappeared.

I continued to sit and leaned back against the wall to relax for a few moments. The porno continued and quite naturally, my hand navigated itself toward my leather encased dick. I was having the time of my life. Just then, there was a slight knock on the door to my booth, and a quiet voice, “That’s an even DOZEN!”

I smiled. Here I was on this early March afternoon, sitting in a booth in a porno arcade with a belly full of twelve loads of male cum. My smile grew bigger.

My thoughts were interrupted by a slight knock on the door. It opened slightly and I saw a gentleman, perhaps in his late 40’s or early 50’s. He was thin, had on very nice clothes, shoes and a fine watch. He was obviously a business man of some sort out of the office for the afternoon. His reason for being here didn’t matter to me. What did matter was that he was clean, clean-cut, obviously well to do, and extremely handsome. “Your friend outside told me to tell you to take your clothes off so you don’t ruin them.”

I quickly undressed and handed my clothes out the door to Damon. I hadn’t seen Nate, Mike or Scott since we had arrived at the arcade. My only assumption was that they were in another part of the building either sucking some cock or getting their own dicks sucked. I, however, was on a private adventure of my own. Now I sat in this booth without a stitch of clothing, and this handsome older guy standing before me.

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