A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 55

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Literotica.com issued a challenge to its volunteer writer’s to create stories for as many categories as possible. The following chapter is part of a novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a number of people. For your entertainment, and mine, I’ll be submitting chapters into at least 17 different story categories. I don’t believe anything like this has been tried here before.

New chapter(s) will be submitted almost daily. By clicking on a blue Wm_Sexspear, you’ll be taken to my Profile; at the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of all the currently available chapters. THIS SHOULD MAKE IT EASY TO READ THEM ALL, IN SEQUENCE, WHICH IS HEARTILY SUGGESTED so the reader can follow the story line, character development, and catch the inside jokes.

I can promise those readers who are familiar with my work that you’ll find a ton of very erotic reading that will appeal a wide variety of tastes, even though I intentionally attempted to have at least one turn on for anyone visiting Literotica. This saga features mostly caring, even romantic sex, but it’ll occasionally flirt mildly with a “fetish” so a given chapter will genuinely qualify for that category. Many of these chapters could go into many different categories.

For example, in Chapter 1 there’s a small amount of male-male sex because a number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1’s purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I’d expect a totally hetero reader to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

Chapters 2~4 features voyeurism by 2 inexperienced young males and exhibitionism by a female, but also includes experimental lesbianism between sister’s. So, don’t judge my book by its multitude of covers. If you enjoy sex, there should be something [actually a lot of somethings] in it for everyone. LOL

Final example, Chapter 50 will be under Mind Control. Unlike many entries in this category, it fits in there because circumstances allow a female to have her every sexual whim acted out by 4 other people.

Fan mail, well-intentioned questions, and constructive criticism are welcome; I do my best to respond when an e-mail address is supplied. Hate mail is now instantly deleted without being read, so why waste your time and mine – life is too short.

Thank you. W_S

This story is protected by (c) copyright and may not be duplicated, reprinted, copied or placed on any Internet Website without permission of the author. All rights reserved.

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Chapter 55: Who Watches the Watcher? Wayne Is Caught With His Pants Down

Beth had given this moment considerable thought. From her hiding place, she’d watched this scene repeat itself enough nights that she now had a good idea where her Father was in his routine. He’d sneak out of the house, peek through the rear guesthouse window, get very aroused, then masturbate frantically while watching Larry and Lynn make love.

After removing her top, her jeans, then her underwear, Beth slipped her shoes back on in case the grass was wet. The naked teen closely viewed Wayne stroking his shaft while she played with her pussy so she’d stay wet and aroused.

Judging by his speed, her Father was very excited by now, but he’d still be a couple minutes from ejaculating. The time was right. The antique outhouse was in a clear area under 20′ away from the long-neglected, horny farmer. Quietly opening the door, Beth stepped out, closing it behind her.

“Daddy.” Beth spoke softly. Hearing a most unexpected voice in the night, Wayne spun toward it instinctively. He froze! His tingling erection was pointed straight at his youngest daughter. His mind felt as paralyzed as his body. Speechless, Wayne stared at Beth; she was naked, and unspeakably beautiful. All he could do was stand there, mute, holding his throbbing penis in her direction while his mind reeled.

The total confusion her Father must be feeling, Beth could only imagine. Yes, she’d ‘caught him’ but the excited man was confronted, not with an angry accuser, but rather an enchantress; a moonlit, naked, svelte young woman.

Beth only gave him 2 seconds to absorb the sight of her bare swaying breasts and shaved pussy. Not saying a word, she smiled at him, then turned around. Leaning forward, Beth placed both palms against the small structure, presenting her naked backside for his viewing pleasure. Solidly making the point, hitting him squarely in his instincts, Beth moved her feet farther apart, issuing an unmistakable universal invitation.

The moonlit body before Wayne was the answer to many prayers. A million thoughts tried to force themselves into his overwhelmed brain, but his long neglected body conspired with his primal brain centers to crowd every one of them out.

Lovely, beautiful, sexy Beth was naked, bent over, legs spread, inviting him to mount her like a mare. The long ignored canlı bahis stallion pulled his pants up far enough to quickly walk the short distance required to reach the desirable woman he knew he was about to penetrate.

Wayne had mentally undressed both his daughters many times over the years. The longer his needs had been ignored by his wife, the more he hadn’t been able to resist thinking about what it might be like to take either of his wonderful girls to bed. Not at all an evil man, Marge, Beth, and Lynn were the only women he ever saw 98% of the time. If sex with your own wife seems a near impossibility, what man’s fantasies wouldn’t at least ponder the nubile teens so close at hand.

Wayne grabbed his shaft; he ran the swollen glans from the top of her butt down through her wet slit then up again. Worming his tip back into her slit so he could rub it all around that slick, humid area, they both groaned aloud as their reproductive organs became acquainted.

Just when Wayne couldn’t wait a second longer, Beth’s hand reached between her legs. Warm, delicate fingers wrapped around him, immediately guiding his glans into her eager vagina. Beth pushed back slightly causing him to sink an inch into her body. Grabbing her hips, Wayne pushed steadily ahead until his balls slapped ahead against Beth’s clit.

“Oh God, little girl. You feel better than anything I’ve ever felt my whole life. Lord, it’s been sooo long.” he said, his voice and body both shuddering.

Beth couldn’t wait either. Raising, then lowering her hips, she rotated them. Beth pushed, pulled…anything to keep the penis she’d dreamed of so many times, moving within her.

Wayne soon overcame the blissful shock of penetrating his daughter’s tight, warm pussy. His hips began to move; soon he was pumping her for all he was worth. By that point he was far too surprised and excited to think much about anything except how incredible screwing Beth felt. Knowing he was going to come inside her this night, nothing less than a bullet in the brain could stop him now, he was far too excited.

Beth felt the embedded penis swelling within her, moment by moment it seemed longer, thicker, hotter. Clamping her vaginal muscles as tightly possible, she kept trying to feel his shape. Her body was keyed into her many fantasies about this long anticipated moment. She wanted to come, but her mind was focused on feeling the same hot sperm that created her flood into her depths. Her climax was primed, much like a rodeo bull in a chute, eager to burst forth when the gate was finally opened.

Wayne was more than ready. It was only the shock of being so unexpectedly inside Beth that had kept him from releasing already. As the reality of what he was doing, and whom he was doing it with hit him, he remembered how badly he’d always wanted to fondle Beth’s breasts. Leaning forward, he cupped a teat from underneath in each hand. The moment he felt her nipples pushing into his palms, he began to ejaculate. Far exceeding his wildest fantasy, her breasts were just too wonderful; feeling her teats triggered his climax. He held onto each teat like a handle as his hips drove hard and fast into her soft, pliant buns.

Slap, slap, slap, slap…spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt… Her mind had played this scene so many times; Beth came as soon as the first gush warmed her insides. Her powerful climax was a practiced response to feeling a lover’s ejaculate flood into her womb, and flood her as Wayne did.

The sex-starved man’s body knew its penis was inside a real live dream girl, not his hand. His testicles were smart enough to know not to waste this opportunity. Every drop of sperm available was secreted into the highly desirable female his penis had managed to enter.

Euphoria flooded the mature male and youthful female as their long hidden dreams came true. Wayne slowed, but just couldn’t stop pushing his tingling penis into Beth’s gripping sheath. Heaven couldn’t feel any better than her body did. To Beth, the thick male organ that continued to vibrate her sensitive clitoris was a gift from on high. Every time she felt the thick knob widen her passage, as it pushed in or pulled out, it made her feel as if she was born for this moment, that somehow life had just achieved perfection. The warm glow where her father’s sperm coated her inner walls seemed to radiate outward until her entire body felt warm and alive.

Wayne hadn’t been laid in a long, long time. His penis softened, but never went flaccid. He was still erect, fairly firm, and able to continue a steady stroking in and out of the beautiful body that had offered itself for their mutual pleasure. Wayne continued to slide in and out of Beth even as he spoke with her.

“My God Beth, I’ve thought about how lovely you’ve become. Now that I can see and touch you…you’re as beautiful as a young woman could possibly be. Why did you do this? I’d never have asked you for sex!”

“That’s what I figured, that’s why I offered myself when I knew you couldn’t say no. I didn’t want you to bahis siteleri say no. I’ve been watching carefully, tell me if I’m wrong, but you and Mom never have sex any more. Am I right?”

“Dear God, baby. You’re so damned right. The last time was way back on my birthday, and it was like she was doing me a big fat favor. Even then, Marge just lays there, no feeling, no passion. Fer God’s sake, I feel guilty when I try to make love to her. Not that I’m not feeling pretty guilty right about now.”

“Oh no, please don’t feel bad about anything. I’ve wanted to feel you inside me since I was thirteen. I’ve dreamed about this happening for years. I’ve been watching you watching Lynn since the first time. I’ve masturbated and come every time you did. I seduced you tonight. I knew you needed a woman. I simply made sure that I was the woman who got you! I adore you Daddy, and now I’m going to do something else I’ve dreamed about for a very long time.”

Standing straight, Beth allowed the penis inside her to finally fall out. Turning around, she placed one of her father’s hands on each breast, then leaned in to give Wayne the best French kiss he’s ever had. Beth knew her kisses were working their magic, because his penis throbbed against her where it had been trapped between their bodies. The kiss didn’t end for several minutes. When it did, she raised his pants enough for him to take the couple steps necessary to follow her into the long disused outhouse.

Once inside, she let his pants fall. A wide plank covered the old toilet holes to keep them clean in case they were ever needed in a pinch. Directing his bare butt to sit on the plank, Beth knelt on the raised wooden floor so she could remove his boots and pants.

“Close your eyes Daddy. Lean back. I’m going to play with you the way I’ve wanted to for so long now.” Before she’d even finished speaking, Beth had wrapped her fingers around his shaft and was pumping him skillfully.

Willingly, Wayne did as his was told. Groaning, his eyes rolled back, then closed. Wayne was overcome by the excitement he felt. The sensations caused by the two soft hands exploring his genitals, excited and pleased him to a degree he hadn’t felt since his teens. Slowly, but steadily, Beth pumped him. One hand or the other was consistently exploring his balls, shaft, or his drooling tip. At the present rate he’d soon be able to again embed his penis inside Beth’s amazingly soft young pussy.

Bending closer to her prize, Beth made a big pucker, the way a kid does to kiss a relative, but her kiss was directed at the red crown atop the erection she was fondling. Pointing the slick, coated glans into the tiny oval her lips made, Beth slowly pushed her tightly pursed lips down onto the steely penis, keeping her lips tight as possible so her new lover would feel the kind of warmth and tightness a virgin’s vagina might provide. As Wayne’s lungs inhaled deeply, she heard air hissing from the inrush. A protracted, deep groan filled the tiny room with the sounds of a man experiencing the finest of moments life has to offer.
As it pushed between her lips, Beth’s tongue bathed each bit of soft skin. Yet as much as she wanted to feel this penis slide into her throat, she was not in a good position to attempt it. Instead she set her tongue to work on the blood-engorged glans. Her fluids were there in small amounts, but mostly she tasted a new male essence. Some sperm was present, but now a flood of fresh, clear, seminal fluid poured from the excited male organ. As she sucked on her dream penis, Beth grew aware that all three males she’d now blown each tasted a bit different. Similar, yet different; but all of them were certainly welcome in her mouth!

Sliding two fingers into her pussy, Beth used them like a small phallus. Eager to be filled again with the magnificent penis in her hands and mouth, her vagina was avidly readying itself for another penetration. Having already decided what was going to happen next, Beth swooned as she contemplated how it would feel to mount her dream cock then ride it to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Fondling her father’s scrotum, Beth reminded herself that the sperm still in his balls would be coating her cervix before much longer. Feeling her Daddy’s sperm leaking out of her and coating her two fingers, Beth stuck those fingers into her mouth along side the penis that had provided it so she could suck them both clean.

Wayne’s hips were steadily humping into her mouth. He was ready. She was more than ready to feel his overheated cock sinking into her again.

Carefully Beth stood while keeping the wet erection in her grip; she stepped ahead until she straddled Wayne’s legs.

Grabbing his daughter’s taut buns, Wayne steadied her, sensing she was about to lower herself onto his pulsing shaft. He looked up. She looked down. Their lips met, their tongues intertwined, Beth sank towards her father’s lap.

The glans was aimed perfectly at the entrance to the teenager’s vagina; it penetrated her, then continued ever deeper bahis şirketleri into the excited female receptacle until her pushing and his pushing could advance their coupling no further.

Beth ground her vulva around the base of his pushing penis; both lovers sighing their relief at being fully joined. Putting her arms around his strong shoulders, Beth wrapped her legs around his waist. She felt light-headed; this position allowed his penis to graze her cervix. Wayne was a smidgen longer than either of her teenaged lovers. Beth trembled from desire and arousal.

Her tongue attacked, Beth drove it into her father’s mouth. Wayne was furiously kneading Beth bottom with his left hand. Now that she had her arms around him, his right hand sought her left breast. Everything about the pliant mound of flesh in his hand excited him beyond reason. How many times had he seen her soft, female flesh move beneath her clothing and wished he could respond to the primal desire to caress her feminine lures? If he’d known just how wondrous her baby-soft flesh would feel, how sexy her long nipples had become, would he have left her alone?

Panting, between kisses, Wayne managed to say “Sweetheart, take the rest of my cloths off, I need to feel your naked body pressed against mine. God forgive me, but you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever felt.”

Working together like a practiced team, soon Beth had mashed her soft teats into her partner’s hard muscled chest. Again, they both signed. The warm skin-to-skin contact heightened their lust, their hands and tongues became ever more active as the flames within burned hotter.

Wayne was going out of his mind. What he was doing was supposed to be so wrong, but everything felt so good. His glans had flared to it’s fullest. The always-sensitive flange had become extra-sensitive. He’d never understood how the blind could read the tiny, patterned holes in a Braille document, yet his glans could suddenly feel every little ripple, bump, and ridge within his young lover.

Beth was being excited not only by the fantastic sex she was experiencing with her first ‘older man’, but also by the way she was effecting him. The genuine passion she’d aroused, the power in the body that was joined to hers, all excited her tremendously. Instead of being filled by a horny teen boy, she was impaled on a raging bull. The embedded penis filled her so nicely, but it also loved her body; it joined her, became a part of her, it sought ways to please her, fulfill her desires.

Sweet tension had been building gently for minutes now. Without ever giving it a thought, Beth knew she was going to have the most powerful orgasm of her life with this man. Instinctively she knew from the feel of his swollen penis, the way he labored to breathe, from the strength of his thrusting hips, the desire in his kisses, that her father was destined for a powerful, spine-melting climax as well.

Beth dug her fingers into her father’s solid pectoral muscles. Wayne lifted her left nipple; he bent, sucking as much of Beth’s teat into his mouth as he was able. Using plenty of tongue to tease the entire areola, his lips carefully sucked intensely on the nipple, causing it to reach its maximum length. Sexual excitement again ping-ponged between male and female.

Feeling a final swelling of the penis probing her depths, the lovers looked into each other’s eyes. Chins drooped, eyes glazed, their short choppy breaths all served as signals to their partner that they were ready to come.

Like a tiny bomb going off, Beth felt an explosion of warmth deep in her belly. Streams of sperm erupting from her father’s penis caused a biological circuit in Beth to close. Beth came, came like she’d never come before. Her vagina contracted violently, it tightened like a vice, clamping as if her body was determined that neither the penis nor it’s contribution of semen would ever be allowed to leave her.

Continuing to ride the spewing shaft buried in her belly, Beth’s sheath was now so tight she felt a suction pulling at her innards on every upstroke and pressure build on every downstroke. The trapped semen felt so very warm. The nipples that’d been dragging across her father’s chest felt fiery hot as well. The cool night air heightened every flesh-to-flesh contact. The lovers felt utter bliss as their joining reached its biological conclusion. Sperm passed from male into female, ecstasy flowed through both bodies to reward them for their union. Life was good.

They held each other long after their hips were still. Beth pressed her hips tightly against her father’s groin to keep his cock inside her. Many more kisses were exchanged, as were many touches, hugs, and caresses. Finally, Wayne whispered, “We’ve got to talk sweetheart.”

“I know, and we will, but tomorrow. We need to go in before we’re missed. What did you tell Mom tonight?” Beth grinned knowingly.

“Sick calf.” replied Wayne.

“OK, I went for a walk, saw the light, and hung out with you. The calf is looking much better. If somehow she went looking for us, we went for a walk to talk about my going to college someday. And before I forget…God you were wonderful.” That comment earned Beth a few more minutes of hugs, cuddles, and kisses.

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