A Bachelor and a Spinster

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I wrote this fictional story as a ‘stand alone’ episode although it is an extension of a previous series ‘Discovered Passion’. Barbara the ‘spinster’ character in both stories is based on a woman that I knew many years ago. The setting is real as well as some of the other characters.

I was a newly and happily married guy at the time but admit to erotic thoughts about Barbara, as did many of the young single guys with whom I worked. Each one of us probably believed that we knew how to bring her contentment. So it was not much of a leap to pose that one of those young horny chaps might have made the grade with her, as did one in my first story.

Her lover in this episode was real however. I am much more certain that he was successful in bedding the sweet Barbara. I can recall the hungry looks they exchanged in the office and at parties. Barbara’s dance card pretty well only had one listed after Chuck’s arrival and the relationship blossomed.

Chuck peered out of the side window as the bush plane banked sharply to line up with the long narrow lake for a landing. The surrounding country was hilly and covered by a heavy spruce forest. Occasional outcrops of bare rock and deciduous trees appeared along the shore of the lake as the pilot set the pontoons gently on the smooth surface.

The hot humid plane cabin was crowded with five passengers and Chuck could sense the relief in a few of the more anxious ones. The pilot shut the engine down and allowed the plane to bounce gently in against the dock. A couple of young men on the dock squared the plane up and tied it down.

Chuck was a contractor who had formed a small company and sought work with mining companies engaged in high-speed underground development projects. He had formed a co-operative of experienced miners who would contract out as a group for high wages and a share of the profits. Chuck was President, Chief Executive Officer, VP Operations, Foreman, Clerk and spare miner for his group.

A mining company starting up a mine in a remote location had awarded him this contract. There was road access to the outside world but it was almost a thousand mile drive from Chuck’s jump off point so he had opted to fly in by floatplane.

He walked up the inclined gangway to the deck of a little shack that served as a Departure and Arrivals lounge for the bush airline. He expected to be met by a person from the mining company and noticed a skinny guy chatting with the pilot and surmised it was his contact. The skinny guy turned as the pilot pointed over at Chuck. It was no guy but a smiling woman who walked quickly towards him with hand outstretched.

“Hi Chuck is it? I’m Barbara, welcome to Fort James. Bill asked me to meet you and get you lined up with a vehicle and a place to bunk.” When one looked at this lady face on there was no doubt of her sex, despite the rough jeans, checked shirt and big boots she was an engaging looking woman with a wide smile and bright eyes.

Chuck almost apologized for his previous assessment of her sex but smiled and said, “Nice to meet you Barbara, I haven’t seen Bill for a number of years, so I do appreciate him having me greeted by someone so pleasant.” They shook hands briefly, both surprised by the excitement brought about by the touch.

Barbara was pushing fifty and enjoyed the life of working in new and remote locations. The arrangements were for short terms of one or two years and she was always one of the first employees hired by her long time friend Bill, the Manager of this new mine. She served as his Executive Secretary with extended responsibilities due to her experience in new locations. She had never married; the right man had just never showed up although she had always believed that she was open for a permanent relationship. She had enjoyed several erotic entanglements over the years, but that had been all that they were, just short-term affairs. This fellow Chuck made her heart quicken at first glance.

Chuck threw his packsack into the back of the pickup and climbed into the passenger seat. Barbara spoke up as they got underway, “You have a choice of where to bunk. Bill has a new house in town were some of the single senior staff prefer to live. It has very nice bedrooms and a fully serviced kitchen and rec room. You can have your meals at the mine cafeteria. Or you can have a single room in the bunkhouse out at the mine. Your choice.”

Chuck replied, “The house sounds great but I will be on call or on duty pretty much 24 hours, so will have to settle for the bunkhouse so as to be close to the mine. Would need a phone in the room however.”

Barbara started off down the road, “We can arrange that. No pavement up here yet, you’ll have to get used to our gravel roads and washboard.”

This woman, a combination of “Tom Boy” and femininity, fascinated Chuck. He was normally cautious in his first meetings with women but he did hope to learn more about this one.

They chatted easily during the half hour drive, comparing notes on places they had illegal bahis worked and people they had known. They shared a lot of common ground in outlook and experiences and were very comfortable with each other.

He dropped his packsack off in his new room and unpacked a few items from his shaving kit. Barbara stood in the doorway watching him. He had a typical miner’s body, almost square, thick through the shoulders chest waist and hips right down to his ankles. She imagined him struggling to fit into the single bed in this room and smiled inwardly at the thought of him on top of her with little room to manoeuvre.

He straightened and turned catching her unaware with visions of the bed scene still churning through her mind. His smile made her feel guilty as if he had discerned her thoughts.

She said, “We’ll walk over to the office to set you up with a desk and then Bill wants to see you as soon as you are settled.”

“Where do you bunk Barbara?” he asked, “I suppose in town, not many gals would accept bunkhouse accommodation.”

She replied, “Oh I am spoiled. The mine provides me a nice little log cabin on the shore of a lake about two miles from here. I quite love it, gives me a place to be alone and relax after busy days at work.”

Chuck said, “Sounds great, fishing any good?”

Barbara said, “Apparently yes but I don’t fish much. I do have a canoe for the summer months. I cross country ski and skidoo in the winter. The cabin is quite warm, I have a fireplace, a nice shower and pretty well everything that I need.” And a dam big double bed she smirked inwardly.

“Wow,” said Chuck, “sounds like dreamland, and much better than a bunkhouse room with 50 other guys sharing showers and toilets!”

Chuck was very busy for the next few weeks. His crew arrived and became acquainted with the mine and working area. Once actual mining started the experienced crew looked after themselves for the most part and Chuck was free to maintain supplies, do the clerical work, worry about safety and the myriad of details involved in the breaking of rock. As the organizational demands of his work diminished he and Barbara met in the coffee room daily and the friendship warmed.

Barbara’s closest friend was Donna the wife of the Mine Manager. They had known each other for many years and were able to discuss each other’s intimate thoughts. It was only natural that Barbara would discuss the arrival of this new man to the mine and to her heart. They talked on the telephone on a regular basis.

Donna said, “Okay, give me all the details. You know, his age, his looks, his build, and why is he a bachelor? Does he look at you like he wants into your panties? I love this because I can tell that you are excited.”

Barbara said, “He’s about my age, he’s a little under six feet, probably 190 pounds or so, real solid build, slate blue eyes, has all his teeth and does look at me with desire when we meet although he has been too busy to take advantage of me, damn it. He is calm and polite and very easy to be around. He claims to have never been married and has not mentioned a close relationship of any sort. He moves around a lot but maintains an apartment in the city.”

“Now you’re talking,” Donna replied, “and so how do you plan to get alone with him to do the dirty thing?”

Barbara said seriously, “I have the feeling that there is more for me than just sex with this guy. I’m going to play it carefully because he does seem cautious about making a move and I want him to believe that I am looking for more than a roll in the hay. Although I would like a roll in the hay.”

“Oh baby,” Donna said, “that serious is it? Good for you, I hope it all works out. So this is a bigger deal than the sex orgy you had with that young engineer a few months back?”

“Don’t be a bitch Donna,” Barbara declared, “you were not exactly innocent in that regard. Seems to me that I recall you taking a ride on him as well!”

Barbara had engaged in a six month long entanglement with an engineer about 25 years younger than she. At one point she had cut back on their meetings because she knew that it had to end at some point and she worried about the impact it would have on her when it did end. Donna had encouraged her to continue with the sex and to take advantage of the pleasure available. Those discussions about sex had seduced the two ladies into arranging a threesome with the young stud.

Donna said, “I plead guilty baby, that was the best sex that I have ever enjoyed and it came at just the right time for me with Bill totally engrossed in his damn mine. But I only want what is best for you Barb, and I’ll do all I can to help.”

“I know you will Donna, but I’m not sure how to get him alone. I could invite him out to the cabin to fish I guess. For discussion purposes only!”

“Yeah right,” Donna giggled, “talk only. I have the feeling that if he makes a move of any sort you will forget about a long-term commitment and spread your legs. But maybe I can help you illegal bahis siteleri out.”

A few weeks later Chuck dropped into Barbara’s office at the mine and shut the door. She looked up with an enquiring look on her face.

Chuck was obviously a little embarrassed about the subject of his visit and fumbled around a bit before saying, “Hi Barb, this is a little awkward but Bill has invited me to dinner this weekend at his house in town and suggested that I ask you to come along as my date. I gather there will be several couples and it would balance things out if you were to join me.”

Barbara managed to keep her voice under control with her response of “Yes of course, would love to.”

He said, “Great, I will pick you up at your cabin if that’s alright. Maybe we could have a drink at the bar downtown before dinner at Bills. I will probably need something to help me relax, I am not big on social gatherings.”

Barbara called Donna that night and said, “You are a genius. This is perfect. How did you manage to come up with a dinner party?”

Donna replied, “Well, it was not so brilliant on my part, there is a group coming up from head office on a corporate visit and bringing their wives. Bill wants me to organize a dinner for the VIP’s along with a few of the senior staff. Bill knows how close we are and also likes Chuck very much and it was he that suggested you as a date. I of course concurred. I love it, I’ve been wondering how I was going to get to inspect your new man.”

Barbara laughed, “Well my dear all you can have is a look. But thank you and Bill, I really like this guy but it’s been difficult finding a way to show it. He is very controlled and doesn’t divulge much except I know he is warming up to me. I can barely keep my hands to myself when we are close.”

Barbara was on Chuck’s mind as the demands of his job lessened. He had been mining for almost thirty years, had lived the life of a nomad but had purchased an apartment in the city as a home base. He had never really found the time to establish a firm relationship with a woman. Very few could accept his long absences but he enjoyed his work and lifestyle and did not plan changing it. He was open to something more permanent but so far his sex life had been dominated by one-night stands with women who sought no more than he.

His one ongoing affair had been with the widow of a close friend and associate. He had assisted her following her husband’s death, helped get her kids through school and made sure that she was never short of funds. She had subsequently started meeting him for sex on his returns from afar. There was affection between them and the sex was intense but remained just that. She had recently told him that she would be pulling back from their sexual encounters as she had started dating a man who tended to stay put.

Chuck found himself thinking about Barbara as something more than a few nights of pleasant sex, and was anxious to test his deeper feelings towards her while suspecting that he could already be spending some nights in her bed if he had made a move.

She was waiting for him in her doorway as he parked his pickup. It was the first time that he had seen her in a dress, although she had dropped the jeans and western shirts since his arrival for more feminine slacks and sweaters.

She greeted him at the doorway with a handshake and kiss to his cheek. “Thanks for this,” she smiled, “I hate attending social functions alone, and particularly with the head office group. They are nice to me but always wonder what my shtick is alone and without a man.”

He responded, “It is all my pleasure, you look lovely. I’m afraid that I don’t have a suit, either here or back in my apartment. Will these people be formal tonight?”

“Oh no,” she replied, “they like to pretend that they are real people when they show up in the ‘boonies’ once a year and aside from the President who sleeps in his suits, they will mostly be informally dressed. You are perfect and no need to worry. Would you prefer to have a drink here or go to the bar in town?”

This caught him by surprise, he was not sure that he could keep from making a pass at her if they started out alone here, in fact he was aching to make one right then.

She sensed his uncertainty as Chuck said, “Maybe we should go to the bar much as I would prefer a drink here.”

She took him off the hook with a smile and, “Whatever you want.” She suspected what his reasons were and simply touched his arm and said, “Before we leave come and look at my little bit of heaven.”

There was not much to explore, it was pretty much a main room with a bedroom and bathroom off to one side, a kitchenette area with a view out over the lake and a stone fireplace currently filled with glowing embers. They walked out onto a small deck with a better view of the lake. For those who loved natural settings, it was indeed a little bit of heaven. They stood silently enjoying the view and then as if by magic leaned towards each canlı bahis siteleri other for a soft kiss.

They embraced and kissed more passionately.

Barbara whispered in his ear, “You like me and I like you.”

He pulled back a little and looked into her eyes and said, “Like you? I could eat you.”

Barbara let out a little moan and kissed him again, their tongues engaging for the first time. “Do you want to skip dinner?” she choked out overcome with emotion.

Chuck smiled, “Oh damn, would love to, but while you might get away with it, me cancelling an invitation from my client is a definite ‘no no’.”

She pulled back to straighten her clothes and said, “You’re right of course, and we do have to go.” But she was a very happy lady.

He opened the truck door for her and helped her in. She turned halfway towards and leaned back for another kiss. “Can’t get enough of you.”

Chuck walked to the other side of the pickup, surreptitiously straightening his shorts over a throbbing erection. He took a deep breath and climbed in behind the wheel. Barbara slipped right over on the seat until the gearshift was the only item between them. She was on fire, this had gone further more quickly than she could have imagined and her long-term plans were pushed to one side. Her nipples were hard and her groin was melting deliciously. She knew that she had to cool it as he seemed very determined to get to the party on time, but she was enjoying every minute of making him squirm.

He warned her with a grin, “Keep those hands to yourself, it’s tough enough staying on these rough roads. We will have time to discover each other later on hopefully.”

“Okay boss,” Barbara said, “I’m okay now that I know you not only like me, but want to eat me.” They laughed but the mental vision of that comment flashed through both of their minds.

They parked along the street beside the Manager’s big house. Chuck said, “Let me settle a bit first, I can’t walk in all hunched over. You stay over there.” They held hands.

He finally got out and opened her door and helped her out. She loved it, seldom having been attended to in such a gracious manner. She could get used to this.

Donna and Bill met them at the door. “Glad you could come,” said Bill, “two of my favourite people.” He kissed Barb on the cheek and shook hands with Chuck. Donna held onto Chuck’s hand a little longer than Barbara thought necessary, but did not attempt a kiss.

Donna said, “Come with me Barb, I have some words and you can straighten a bit.” She quickly indicated that Barb’s lipstick was a little smudgy. “The rest are down in the rec room. Chuck, Bill will take you down to introduce you. Barb knows all of them.”

Donna pulled Barbara into a bedroom and whispered, “That damn Stan is here! We didn’t know he was coming; he’s such a damn weasel. He asked about you and I told him that you had a date and to leave you alone.”

Barbara’s shock was obvious, she could only groan, “Not tonight of all nights! I’m sure that I will just faint when we meet.”

Stan was a head office leech, smooth and oily and despite not being very high in the organization often managed to join the corporate trips. He was a bit of a Don Juan around women and had screwed both of these ladies in weaker moments, Barbara on a chair in her office one late night and Donna at a convention.

“Be brave baby,” Donna said, “I’ve warned him and hopefully he will behave.”

Barbara visibly pulled herself together and said, “Not much choice is there. This to shall pass.”

There were eight couples chatting in the rec room as they entered, plus one single being the aforementioned Stan. Chuck was chatting with the President of the Company, a big heavy florid faced man and the only one in a suit. It was a typical cocktail gathering, some were easy and comfortable and others not so easy with the format. Barbara could be included in the latter group. She and Donna made the rounds and pointedly avoided Stan. This was probably an error because after a few minutes Stan made a beeline for Barbara.

He smiled, “Hi Barb, you look great, so nice to see you again. I met your boyfriend, seems like a nice guy. How long have you been seeing him?”

Barbara was about to reply when she felt a hand circle her waist. It was Chuck who had read the tension in her body as Stan had approached.

Chuck answered for her, “Not long enough but I hope there is more to come.” He was smiling at Stan but his eyes were hard and steely and warning him to back off.

And Stan did just that saying, “That’s great I wish you both well.” He backed away several steps before turning to smile at someone else as he moved off.

Chuck said to Barbara, “I’m sorry, I did not want to sound so possessive but you are mine tonight aren’t you?” He pulled her closer and pressed his massive chest tight to her breast.

Barbara kissed his cheek and murmured, “For tonight and however long you choose. Thank you for that, I’ll explain.”

“No you won’t,” said Chuck, “let’s stick to you and I.”

The rest of the evening and dinner moved along quite nicely fuelled by cocktails and wine. Stan focused on some other guy’s wife and did not even offer a goodbye as the party broke up.

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