A Bisexual Somali Prince

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Meet Rashid Ali, a young man living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Born in the City of Calgary, Alberta, to Somali Muslim immigrant parents, Rashid moved to Ottawa to study in the prestigious School of Journalism at Carleton University. Standing six feet two inches tall, broad-shouldered and handsome, Rashid is an excellent student in his program. His parents Yusuf and Nadia Ali couldn’t be prouder. They just wish their oldest son would come home to Calgary more often, but Rashid has apparently fallen in love with the City of Ottawa.

What Rashid’s parents don’t know is that he is living a double life, far from their sphere of influence. Dedicated student, community volunteer and devout Muslim by day but super freaky dude by night. Like many young Muslims from strict families, Rashid opted to study far from home so he could finally be free of his parents. His older sister Mariam did the same thing, choosing to study at Concordia University in Quebec, where she met her future husband Omar Abdullahi, a Yemeni doctoral student. Well, Rashid is a bit wilder, and what he’s up to would really shock his parents and friends, if they knew.

Rashid Ali has definitely been up to some illicit stuff, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Somali Muslim brother partakes from the love that dares not speak its name. Rashid is bisexual, and while he’s had sex with plenty of ladies in his twenty years, these days he’s exploring bahis firmaları his manly side, if you can catch this drift. Lots of bisexual men choose to focus on the fellas after a disastrous relationship with a once-promising lady. In bisexual communities, such ladies are known as the catalysts.

Rashid is tall, handsome and well-educated. What lady wouldn’t want a piece of him? The last lady he seriously dated, Mona Ismail, was a lovely Arab gal who couldn’t handle the pressures of an interracial relationship. You see, even in the racially diverse Islamic community of Ontario, Canada, there’s a lot of racism. Arabs are quite racist against Somalis and other Africans, and they hate seeing Arab women with men of African descent. Of course, those same Arab guys date and marry lots of black women. Yes, it is something of a double standard.

Rashid Ali and Mona Ismail dated for a year, before Mona’s Lebanese family gave her an ultimatum. Mona chose to dump Rashid rather than get thrown out of her family. After this massive romantic disappointment, who can blame Rashid for giving the ladies a break? Rashid tried his best to forget Mona Ismail, the tall, dark-haired and bronze-skinned Lebanese cutie with the big tits, wide hips, and big round ass. It wasn’t easy. Rashid cared deeply for Mona Ismail, but the spineless Lebanese chick would rather listen to her racist relatives than follow her heart. Rashid decided to move on, even kaçak iddaa though he missed Mona sorely.

One night, while working on a paper in the Carleton University library, Rashid met a tall, red-haired and green-eyed white dude named Dylan Stiles. Dylan was a newcomer from the town of Boston, Massachusetts. The handsome lad with the Boston accent moved to Ottawa because his father Liam Stiles got a job with the Avaya Corporation. Dylan was secretly bisexual, and had just broken up with his tall, big-booty Jamaican-Canadian girlfriend Stacey Oakes. Dylan and Stacey split because she caught him in bed with her cousin Mario. Well, Dylan and Rashid bonded, and took care of each other’s needs…in every way.

Dylan Stiles and Rashid Ali kept their relationship on the down low because neither of them were prepared to come out. Coming out of the closet isn’t an easy thing for bisexual males. Dylan’s Catholic father wouldn’t be thrilled to hear that his only son swings both ways. As for Rashid’s Muslim family, they’d probably kill him if they knew. In the eyes of the world, Dylan and Rashid are just good friends. A tall Somali dude and a white guy from Boston who hang out a lot, work out together and seem basically inseparable. Nothing to see here, folks.

Rashid Ali groaned softly as Dylan Stiles worked his long and thick white cock up his tight Somali butt. The burly Somali stud stroked his own dick furiously as Dylan kaçak bahis relentlessly fucked him up the ass. The two of them got busy in Rashid’s apartment in the east end of Ottawa. Dylan slammed his dick up Rashid’s ass, and the big Somali dude screamed as he got fucked. Dylan shoved his dick so far up Rashid’s ass, one couldn’t tell where Dylan ended and Rashid began. Hard and fast Dylan pumped his dick into Rashid’s ass, and continued fucking the hell out of the burly Somali stud until Rashid finally had enough.

Afterwards, Rashid and Dylan lay side by side, happy as can be. Rashid was fast becoming addicted to Dylan’s long and thick white cock, and didn’t apologize for it. Dylan was a power fucker all the way and he liked to drill his fucks, male and female, as hard as he could. The bisexual dude from Boston was seriously addicted to chocolate booty, and he didn’t care if the booty in question belonged to a hot-looking sister or a tall, manly brother. Dylan totally did not discriminate on the basis of race or gender. Few white males can say the same, and you know it. Mighty progressive of him, wouldn’t you say?

After this fun session, Dylan showered and then hugged Rashid, and then wished him goodnight. Dylan got in his car and began the long trek from the east end of Ottawa to the suburb of Kanata, far away, where he lived in a townhouse with his father Liam Stiles. Tonight’s roll in the hay with Rashid was a lot of fun. Dylan wished he and Rashid could be more open, but life had other plans for them. Sighing, Dylan decided to feel good about his situation and headed home. Life is what one makes of it, even in a boring spot like Ottawa.

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