A Book of Secrets Revealed

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“If we don’t like it, we can simply leave,” Bob said over his shoulder to his wife, “it’s totally up to you.”

‘It’ was a ‘meet and greet’ at a private club that was hard to get into. Their friends, the Stones, were members and had been after them to check out the club.

Oh yeah, Bob and his wife, Rae, knew it was a swinger’s club. They had known of the Stones’ lifestyle, knew they were swingers.

Thought about it. Talked about it. But, until tonight, at no point did it ever appear that it would happen, that they would attend a social function at a swinger’s club.

But, yet here they were.

“We’ve talked about it forever,” Rae opined, “so we check it out and if we don’t like it, we can always leave. Like you said, it’s not like we know any one there.”

Ironically, the people they did know, the Stones, had to cancel due to illness. So, they were going in-if they go that is-blind, so to speak.

“What if we like it, and stuff starts to move in ‘that’ direction?”

Bob turned after asking the question, looking into Rae’s eyes as if trying to divine her thoughts on the whole thing.

“What are you hoping will happen?, Rae asked, “Me and another guy? Other guys? Gals? You with other gals. Me with gals? Is that what you’re hoping?”

“Maybe some of it. Maybe most of it. Shit, I don’t know. I know I get turned on when we talk about it.”

“Yeah, me too,” Rae had to admit.

As if rehearsed-but it wasn’t-Rae dropped to her knees on the thick, plush carpet of their bedroom. Zipping down Bob’s pants, Rae hungrily dropped her mouth over Bob’s penis and quickly deep-throated him.

It was easy for her.

Bob wasn’t gigantic. A ‘satisfying’ six inches of moderate thickness. But, she wondered as she sucked her husband’s dick without having to really think about it, she wondered how big of a cock could she suck?

An old boyfriend, a before-Bob-boyfriend, was a bit larger than Bob but not a whole lot larger. Still, she wondered, how big of a cock could she really suck?

It was when Bob’s sperm shot into the back of her throat that she was brought back into the real world and not the world of her thoughts of sucking on big cocks while big cocks fucked her, of eating pussy while being fucked by several big-dicked any-bodies.

“I’m game, if you don’t freak out because it turns out that I like it,” Rae said as she gulped the last of his sperm from his spurting thrusts.

“I’m counting on it,” Bob replied in the voice of one who has been sated.

Me too, thought Rae, me too…

“Classy”, remarked Rae as she and Bob let their eyes wander while the bartender fixed their drinks, “and much bigger than I imagined,” sipping her newly-delivered Mojito afterwards.

“Large enough to get lost, that’s for sure,” Bob chimed in after taking a healthy pull at his scotch-rocks.

They had taken the first-timer’s tour which was held a half-hour before the start time of the event. Including themselves, there were three couples who were ‘newbies’ but, within the next hour or so, the party added about twenty-five or thirty more hedonists.

“You look great, by the way,” Bob remarked further as he looked at Rae appreciatively, “and judging by the glances from a few guys-and gals-I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

She had chosen a skirt that showed off her toned ass and favored her runner-legs. That and a blouse that allowed her ample cleavage to show while hugging her thirty-six Cs made for a nice-looking package indeed.

“Thanks sweetie,” Rae cooed, glad that he, and others, appreciated her ‘look’. Oh yeah, she noticed some of the guys eyeing her, not to mention a few women who threw questioning looks her way.

Oh yeah, she noticed, and she liked it.

“Mind if we join çiğli escort you?”

“Please do, we’d love the company,” Rae replied quickly as she turned towards the couple, who appeared younger than she and Bob by a few years, maybe six or so, Rae quickly surmised.

And both good-looking, Rae surmised further as they made chit-chat among themselves, the getting-to-know-you kind of chit-chat. The kind of chit-chat that you use to fill time before getting down to ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ might be.

She was Tia. He was Jim.

They were married ten years and swingers for the last three years. They were both thirty-two but looked five years younger. They knew the Stones, Rae and Bob’s neighbors, liked them both, fucked them both as it turned out.

“They were a fun time,” Tia said, “even got in a little girl-time with Marge as I remember that first time with them.”

“Really? Had no idea that Marge liked the ladies,” Rae remarked.

“Absolutely loves ’em, honey, absolutely loves eating pussy while the guys took turns with her,” Tia said further. Then, as if she had a sudden thought, leaned towards Rae, asking, “Girl-love not your thing?”

“Not since college,” Rae admitted, “my roomie had been trying to bed me since we first moved in together as freshmen…took her two years but she finally seduced me.”

“Liked it?”

“Yeah,” Rae said wistfully, “damn near made me stop thinking about dick,” chuckling afterwards at her words, “she was good, really, really good.”

Tia smiled and nodded knowingly towards Rae.

“Marge sorta’ liked the fact that Jim’s hung

too,” Tia added in an attempt to break the pregnant silence that hung over their table in that moment.

Jim blushed and smiled, a bit-embarrassed type of smile.

Rae’s radar kicked on.

Bob smiled when he felt Tia’s hand on his thigh.

“First times are awkward,” Tia remarked casually, smiling at Rae while her hand started sliding up and down Bob’s thigh, the movement hidden by the table cloth, “and I’m sorta’ straight forward, so here goes,” Tia said further, “would you like to go to one of the party rooms with us?

Rae and Bob stared at Tia.

Rae and Bob stared at each other.

Tia squeezed her hand around Bob’s growing hard-on. Jim took Rae’s hand and led it to his already hard-on, dropping her hand onto his thick, long dick. Almost reflexively when her hand felt his hardness…and thickness…Rae began caressing the hot-cock under Jim’s slacks.

“Sure,” said Rae and Bob at almost the same time…

“Follow me, sweetie,” Tia cooed as she took Rae’s hand in hers, giving it a soft caress at the same time.

Tia suggested to the guys that they should finish their drinks, take their time in order for Tia and Rae to get ‘better acquainted’. She told Jim to look for them in one of her two favorite rooms.

As Tia led Rae towards the rooms at the rear of the club, she leaned in towards Rae’s ear, saying, “This one room is my absolute favorite…large, wall-to-wall mattresses and plenty of room should others want to join us.”

“Oh, I thought…,” Rae stammered, “I thought it would just be the four of us,” her look to Tia being one of confusion.

“Oh, it will, honey, you can bet your ass on that,” Tia chuckled, “but, sometimes others wander in and out and some want to play, some want to watch…but, remember, you don’t have to do anything with anybody that you don’t want to.”

Near the end of the long hallway, Tia stopped and cheerfully announced that ‘her’ room was available, then stepping into the room with Rae in tow.

The lighting was soft and low, the ‘play area’, indeed, was large, thought Rae. She was about to turn to say something to Tia when she felt herself being çiğli escort bayan turned by Tia’s hand on her arm.

“Kiss me,” Tia breathed to Rae as her mouth opened in welcome.

As if she had done this every day with Tia, Rae opened her mouth so that she could slide her tongue into Tia’s mouth, allowing herself to be pulled tightly against Tia’s body, their breasts pressing and meshing against each other’s.

“Mmmm,” they cooed in unison as their kiss became more lustful, more wanton, more needful.

Tia’s hand was busily trying to undo Rae’s blouse as she traded tongue-thrusts with Rae. Rae kept her mouth pressed hard against Tia’s while her own hands unzipped her skirt, quickly trying to get her body out of it.

Her skirt now at her ankles, she busily began undoing Tia’s blouse and pants, both of the women taking time to lustfully fondle each other’s breasts and ass-cheeks as they disrobed and kissed each other heatedly.

“Since it’s been such a long time since you’ve been with a woman…” Tia started to say but was cut-off by Rae’s voice.

“Yes it has but there’s no way in hell that I’m not going down on you first, got it?”

Then, in one quick motion, Rae had Tia on her back and Rae on top, off to the side so she could fondle, kiss and suckle Tia to her heart’s delight.

And she did.

“Mmmmmm, love that, baby,” Tia cooed as Rae gnawed and bit on Tia’s thirty-four Bs, Rae’s tongue dancing around Tia’s large, erect nipples. While that was going on, Rae’s hand had been caressing, cupping, then, finally, fingering Tia’s bare-naked pussy.

“Your roomie taught you well,” Tia said between gasps of breath as her climax began to mount.

“And I’m a quick-learner when I like the subject,” Rae cooed just before biting Tia’s nipple hard while she furiously finger-fucked Tia’s sopping-wet love-hole.

And just when Tia was about to cum, Rae stopped and moved their bodies so that Tia’s head was on pillows, against the wall, and Rae was lying between Tia’s out-turned legs.

“When you cum, I want to taste it, feel it, smell it,” Rae said as she lowered her mouth to Tia’s very needful snatch.

To Rae’s credit, but to Tia’s embarrassment, it took Rae only five minutes to get Tia off, to give Tia what she said was, “the best fucking orgasm in the world.”

They laid together for a while, quietly, both hugging the other tightly, both plying the other with butterfly kisses and touches to the right body-parts.

“Ooooh yeah, that’s what I remember I liked so damn much about girl-love,” Rae finally said in a soft voice.

“What? The orgasms?” Tia queried.

“No. The wonderful taste and smell of pussy,” Rae chuckled, “really loved it when my roomie held my head between her legs as she instructed me.”

“Yeah, me too,” Tia added, “my first taste of pussy hooked me.”

“Who was she?” Rae asked

“My first?” Tia replied.


“My boyfriend’s mother,” Tia chuckled, “her husband and son, my boyfriend, went on a weekend hunt and she had me stay with her…we got drunk that first night and next thing I knew, we were naked in her bed and her mouth was doing delicious things to my snatch.”

They were silent.

Tia broke the silence by concluding her tale with the admission that after a hundred or so orgasms, “When she asked if I’d do it to her, I couldn’t get between her legs fast enough…speaking of which.”

And with that, Tia rolled Rae onto her back and began to slowly kiss and lick and bite her way to the promised land, between Rae’s spread-opened legs.

“Boy’s are here,” Rae said in a throaty voice, “Been watching a while.”

“I know. I saw ’em,” Tia said between bites of Rae’s nipples.

“You want to escort çiğli suck on Jim, don’t you?” Tia asked as she trailed her tongue down Rae’s quivering stomach, “Okay if your husband fucks me in the ass?”

“Sure, I guess, why?”

“Leave it to me, baby and prepare for the pussy eating of your life.”

“Bob?” Tia called out, “get behind me and fuck me in the ass while I eat out your wife…Jim? Let Rae suck on your dick for a while.”

And then, her head was between Rae’s legs in a heartbeat, her tongue lapping up Rae’s flowing juices and her hand guiding Bob’s dick to her puckered hole.

“I’ve never sucked a cock this big, you need to be patient, Jim,” Rae said softly as her hands started rubbing the long, thick cock of Jim.

Rae stared at the monstrous cock-head inches from her lips. Oh hell yeah she was going to go for it, and with that thought, she opened her mouth wide and began trailing her tongue up and down Jim’s massive cock.

All the while that was going on, Rae was also humping against Tia’s mouth as Bob furiously fucked Tia’s ass.

Oh yeah, a fuck-fest indeed.

After all had recovered from their nut-busting, they paired off with each other’s spouse and had a good old-fashioned fucking session.

Rae was to tell Bob later on that she managed to take Jim’s massive dick in her mouth and her pussy and she liked it!

Bob admitted that he knew that Tia liked him to fuck her ass because he was on the smaller size, dick-wise but her was okay with it.

He liked fucking Tia in the ass…

They, the four of them, were finally ‘fucked-out’ at around midnight and bade each other goodbye in the parking lot amid promises of calling to arrange a get-together.

“So, safe to say, you enjoyed it?” Bob asked as he drove them out of the parking lot.

“Yep, I’d say you’re right on the money with that assumption,” Rae replied as she lounged against the soft leather passenger seat.

“You had told me of your ‘brief fling’ with your roomie back in college but damn girl, you were a pussy-eating machine back there,” Bob chuckled, “not that that’s a bad thing, mind you,” laughing a bit again afterwards.

Earlier, they were joined by two other couples for a while, so there was plenty of sex being had. One of the couples was Afro-American which gave Rae a bucket-list first. She got to suck and fuck her first BBC, and she liked that too.

The BBC’s wife was also black but Rae had eaten black pussy before, a lot of black pussy. See, Rae’s roomie in college, the one that finally seduced her and got into her pants? That one? She was Afro-American so, yeah, Rae was no stranger to black pussy.

“Got a bit of a confession, sweetie,” Rae said in a serious tone of voice.

His smile fading a bit, he glanced at her while trying to keep his eyes on the road.


“I was so into eating pussy those two years that my roomie started bringing me to ‘lez’ parties off-campus. She made sure that I got my share of munching,” chuckled Rae, “So, yeah, I ate a lot of pussy back then.”

“Almost like she was pimping you out,” Bob opined.

“Yeah, I know…I didn’t care though, babe, I was all about this new-found love of girl-love…so, no, I didn’t care at all.”

“We gonna’ do this again? Bob casually asked.

“Pretty sure we will…but, I need to warn you,” Rae answered, “I’ll never cheat on you with another man…that’s not me, not who I am.”

“I know that,” Bob interrupted.

“But, if I have a chance for a little girl-play with or without you, I’ll probably take advantage of it,” Rae’s voice resolute and firm.

“Tell me about it afterwards?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Then, we’re all good.”

Later, she lay on her side of the bed, a wicked smile on her lips as she relived the events of a few hours ago, and she thought about she and Bob’s conversation in the car, driving home.

Yeah, I’ll tell him about my adventures in girly-land…yeah, probably, but maybe not all of them.

After all, girl’s entitled to a few secrets, right?…

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