A Business Trip Becomes a Boon

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Kamal is an engineer who works for a consulting firm in India. He travels to other places whenever its warranted and each trip lasts for one or two months. He usually travels with one or more other people. Once he had to travel to a small town in Norway as part of some project assignment. Unfortunately, this time, he is the only one traveling. Kamal was supposed to stay there for 2months to complete the project. Business trips are good if there are some other people with you. One could travel around places. But its quiet boring if you are the only one there and nothing to do at the hotel. It is the case for Kamal this time.

Luckily, the hotel Kamal was staying had a library card with which he can rent movie cassettes/dvd’s from a neighboring video rental store. Kamal used to rent some regular movies and some pornographic movies regularly. Since he used to go there every other day at the same time, Susan used to be the checkout clerk at the video library. One day, Kamal was checking out some pornographic video and asked Susan:

Kamal: “Is this video English or Swedish.”

Susan: “Does it matter?”

Kamal: “I should be able to understand what they are talking.”

Susan: “Isn’t it enough if you understand what they do.”

Kamal: “Sort of yes. But I prefer to understand the words too.”

Susan: “Don’t you have anything else to do than watching these videos.”

Kamal: “Excuse me.”

Susan: “You heard right.”

Kamal: “I am on a business trip here and don’t know anyone out here. So, these movies are the only things to pass the time.

Susan: I really pity your situation. If you would like to go out for a drink and a disco, I am planning to go to the club next to the hotel you are staying. You can join me if you want.”

Kamal: “Are you going with someone else. “”

Susan: “I used to go with my boyfriend every Friday to this club. I recently broke up with him and I will be alone today unless you want to accompany me.”

Kamal: “I would love to be with a beautiful woman like you. But I should warn you that i am not a good dancer.”

Susan: “You will learn it soon. Wait for 15 minutes. I will close down the store and be with you.”

Kamal and Susan went to the disco and Kamal found it to be pretty noisy and very dim in light. Anyway, dim light is good if you are not a good dancer, Kamal thought to himself. Susan insisted that she would decide the drinks and ordered tequila for both of them. Kamal never had a tequila before and it was kicking in soon.

Susan dragged Kamal to the dance floor and Kamal was pretty much being dancing without much thought. Susan is driving the dance most of the time. Susan would dance for a song, go for a tequila during the next song and then go over for the dance during next song.

During the dance, Kamal had pretty much touched every part of Susan’s body. Kamal was getting pretty excited with all this. They are already feeling pretty dizzy and the next one was a slow dance. During the slow dance, Susan held Kamal closer and Kamal took the opportunity to kiss her. Susan didn’t resist and they were kissing along during the whole song. Kamal slid his hands under her shirt to feel her body around the waist. It was so warm. Kamal moved his hands around and held her by placing his hands on her back to hold her weight. Kamal thought It was really marvelous to feel her body.

After the slow dance, they decided to leave. They came out and saw the time. Susan said she missed the last train to go home and had to sleep in the store.

Kamal: “You can stay with me in the tire escort hotel if you want.”

Susan: “Are you trying to reach under my pants and fuck me.”

Kamal: “I don’t have such intention. I never slept with anyone before and don’t want to do anything to you which you don’t like”

Susan: “Hmmm! You have a virgin cock in your pants. Should i trust you.”

Kamal: “Its up to you.”

Susan: “OK. I can trust you. Lets go to your room then.”

They went to the hotel room and Kamal went to the bathroom to change his clothes. When Kamal came back, Kamal saw the most beautiful sight of his life. Susan has stripped her clothes and wearing just a white bra a thong like panty. Kamal felt like just fucking her right there.

Kamal: “How could i sleep when you are so beautiful and sleeping in the same room.”

Susan: “Who says you need to sleep. Get here and make me feel good. If I feel good enough, your virgin cock is going to get the feast of its life today.”

Listening that, Kamal went near her and started mouth kissing. Kamal held her head with his two hands and started playing with her hair. It felt so good that Kamal was in his seventh heaven. Susan reciprocated back by holding his head and kissing hard. Kamal moved his hands little lower and started massaging her shoulders, cheeks and her back. Kamal moved the bra straps down and started moving his hands over her shoulder massaging them.

Soon, Kamal reached to her bra straps and started unbuttoning them. He removed one and struggling to unhook the other bra hook. Susan broke the kiss.

Susan: “It seems you need some practice unhooking the bra hooks.”

Saying that, she removed the hook and threw the bra off her body. There lies her beautiful breasts to be sucked. Her breasts are round with a peanut sized nipples. Kamal stared right into her eyes and started moving his hands over Susan’s breasts. They are so soft and smooth. Kamal massaged for a while and started squeezing them. Susan pulled Kamal closer and started kissing again. Kamal was fondling with her breasts and massaging at the same time, while she is exploring his mouth with her tongue. Soon, she broke the kiss and moved his head down.

Susan: “Make me special. Kiss me and lick at all the places you like.”

Kamal started moving his head all over her chest and started nuzzling like a dog. While nuzzling he kissed every other second. All this time, Susan moving Kamal’s head to wherever she wants Kamal to kiss and fondle her. Kamal’s mouth reached to her left breast and started sucking it.

Susan: “Suck it harder!”

Kamal started sucking harder and squeezing the other breast with his other hand. Susan switched Kamal from one mouth to other as if she is directing the whole show. Susan started moaning.

Susan: “Yes Baby! Suck it harder. The other one too. Hmmm. It feels so good. You are learning great.”

Kamal sucked her breasts for some time and started moving his hands down and slid his hand inside her panty. It felt different to fondle through some bushy area. Kamal started kissing down her breasts and then exploring her curves. Susan chucked and said:

Susan: “You never saw a real pussy right. “

Kamal nodded in agreement.

Susan: “Let me show you a real pussy and you show me what you have learnt by watching those dirty movies. “

Kamal thought he would get to fuck her today.

Susan moved his head down and asked Kamal to remove her panties. Kamal did and started looking at her pubic area. Its not clean shaved. But well trimmed. escort tire Susan asked Kamal to strip his clothes and follow her to the bed.

Kamal was getting ready to fuck her pussy and she stopped and said.

Susan: “Show me how much you love my legs and pussy.”

Kamal got down and started kissing her pubic area and then followed down to feel her legs. Susan has great slender, silky soft legs. They are shaved and smooth like cotton. Kamal muzzled all over her legs, licked, bit slightly sometimes. Susan dragged his head up and took his head closer to her pussy.

Susan: “See closely the real pussy. Now make sure you treat my pussy well. Kiss the way I kissed you.”

Kamal explored her pussy and moved his lips over it. He gave a deep kiss and started licking. Susan seems to be enjoying a lot.

Susan: “Kiss it right there. Yes… Yes… Aaah oooh. Harder baby. Deep tongue there, yeeesssss, lick it harder…. circle it with your tongue.”

Kamal was getting more and more aroused by her words and started biting and licking her cunt alternatively. Susan was moaning harder and harder. Kamal could see some strange liquid coming out of her pussy

Susan: “Yes baby.. Yessss Yesss. I am coming. “

Susan was moaning and pulling his head closer and closer. Susan started engulfing his body with her legs and gave a long moan and dug his face into her pussy. Susan was silent for a few seconds and said.

Susan: “You were great Kamal. Come on and get your prize. Come and fuck my pussy.”

Kamal got on top of her and tried to insert his dick. Susan took his dick and inserted in. Voooowww. It felt so good. Kamal was in the greatest heights of his happiness. Kamal slid his cock and started moving. Kamal moved slowly and then started moving little faster.

Susan: “Fuck me baby. Fuck me harder. Harder… harder…. harder….. oooooohhhhhh…. aaaahhhhhhh… yes……. fill me with your dick…… ride me… plough me harder………”

With her words, Kamal started fucking harder and harder and harder. In a few minutes, Kamal told I am coming.

Susan: “Not so soon. Make it slow and hold it longer.”

Kamal slowed a bit, fucked for little more time and he finally pulled his dick and splashed his load of sperm on her. It was all over her belly and chest. Susan wiped it with the sheets. Susan seemed to be very happy with the licking of the cunt rather than the fucking.

They both laid together in the bed and talked about each others lives. Kamal put a movie and watched together. After 30 minutes or so, Susan started playing with Kamal’s dick, Susan played with it teasing the tip and circling her fingers under the balls and around the dick. In a few minutes, his cock was half hard again.

Susan: “Come on baby. Give me another licking.”

Kamal went straight under the sheets and started licking her cunt. Susan is watching the TV, but still moving Kamal’s head to wherever she wants to be pleasured. This time, Kamal didn’t needed any directions on what to do. He licked, bit and kissed just by the way Susan was moving his head and pressing it closer to her pussy.

After playing with her pussy for around 20 minutes, she pulled Kamal and said

Susan: “Now its the time to pleasure my pussy with your dick. “

Susan looked at Kamal’s dick, leaned over and started sucking it. It felt so good that Kamal felt she should never stop doing it. His dick become stronger again. Once its strong, Susan laid back and directed Kamal to come on top of her. Susan took his cock in her hands tire escort bayan and put it right in her pussy.

Kamal started fucking her harder and harder. This time, he felt like its more pleasurable than before. Susan started moaning again. Susan dragged his head closer and started kissing. Susan kissed for a few minutes and started moaning again.

Susan: “Fuck me baby. Fuck me harder. Harder… harder…. harder….. oooooohhhhhh…. aaaahhhhhhh… yes……. fill me with your dick…… ride me… plough me harder………”

Sometimes Susan was babbling something in Swedish which he didn’t’ understand. Anyway It didn’t matter as long as they are both having the pleasure. It reminded her words – “Isn’t it enough if you understand what they do”.

This time its been taking forever to release. After a few minutes of fucking, Susan stopped Kamal and asked Kamal to fuck her from behind. Susan knelt on the bed in a doggy style with her hands and knees on the bed and her ass facing the ceiling. Kamal struggled little bit as her ass was little high due to her long legs. He lowered her ass and inserted his cock in. It slided easily. He held her ass with his hands and started moving. Vooww. He felt – “This is so great to fuck a hot chick and hold her ass and her body swinging to my movements”. Susan started screaming louder and the bed started making sounds.

Susan: “Fuckkk me harder….. Show me more…. Is it all you got… Get all your strength and shove it through your dick. I can feel your cock only till my stomach. Fuck me harder and make me feel your dick in my throat.”

All those words from Susan mouth is making Kamal more and more aroused and he started fucking her as if there is no end to it. He has been fucking harder and harder. He thought that the movement of the bed would wake up everybody in the hotel.

Kamal was moving faster and faster until he was little tired. When he get tired, he moved slowly and increase his pace when Susan yells to move faster. Soon, Kamal started getting to a point that he would soon ejaculate soon.

Kamal: “I may come now.”

Susan: “stop it and pull your dick out.”

Kamal was disappointed to hear that

Susan: “Lay on your back and i want to ride you now.”

Kamal quickly obliged and laid on the bed on his back. Susan got on top of Kamal and glided her pussy on his cock. Susan slowly started moving up and down. Kamal felt so good to have his cock been ridden by a blonde lady. He could see her face, her emotions, the swinging breasts and the ecstatic moments. Susan was really good in her movements to hold of his ejaculating for as long as possible. Susan would slow down whenever Kamal show signs of getting closer to ejaculating and move faster when he am not. At last after some time of Susan’s riding, Kamal ejaculated. Kamal pulled Susan closer and held her tight. He spilled his load of cum in her pussy. They laid there motionless for a few minutes. Susan got up a little and started kissing.

Susan: “You were so good. Too good for a starter. I am proud to be the first pussy for your virgin cock.”

Kamal: “This is the best day of my life and I would never forget this day. “

Susan got up and laid next to Kamal. They cuddled together and talked for a few minutes. They never knew when they got fast asleep. By next morning, they were naked, cuddled in bed together. Kamal got up early and brought breakfast to her. They had their breakfast in bed and started the day. It was Saturday and they don’t have to go out. The whole weekend, spent their day in the bed except to grab some food.

Kamal thought this trip is going to be the boring trip of his life. Fortunately, it ended up to be the best business trip of his life.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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