A Class Act

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Inspired by jaf

There she was, sitting at the bar just like she promised. I couldn¡¦t believe it. The lady in the black cocktail dress was as hot in the flesh as she was in the few pictures that induced me to meet a total stranger in a hotel bar. Granted, it was a nice hotel… and some of those pictures had stimulated some mind-blowing orgasms. Albeit, self-induced. But what red-blooded man wouldn¡¦t wank himself senseless over pictures of a classy, naked slut?

But tonight was going to put an end to those solitary handjobs. Tonight I was going to deposit stringy globs of white spunk somewhere else besides my stomach and my fist. Like maybe all over that perfectly made-up face, or between those perfectly painted lips. A shiver shot up my spine at the mere thought¡K

I¡¦d been chatting this babe up for months… getting into her head via our computers. We¡¦d gone from the usual chat room bullshit, to email and then phone calls. I never realized what a good time I could have on the phone. I had good reason to think she felt the same way, judging from the sticky wet sounds I¡¦d heard the one time I¡¦d convinced her to place the telephone receiver against her pussy while she frigged herself. Moans, you can fake¡K sloppy pussy is a sound unto itself.

By now I had a pretty good idea what sort of nasty things went on in that beautiful head. The kinds of things that made me plan this first evening with her very carefully. She might not know it, but tonight I ensured we would enjoy one of her darkest fantasies… one she¡¦d probably forgotten she¡¦d shared with me. Things upstairs were all set up. Lights, camera and all the action she¡¦d be able to handle.

And didn¡¦t she look fine, even better than the pictures I¡¦d managed to beg and cajole out of her. Fit. Long legs crossed at the ankles, those silk stocking-clad feet hooked over a rail at the base of her barstool. A pair of sling-back high heels rested on the floor beneath her. I followed the curve of those incredible legs up her thighs past curvaceous hips, past a tiny waist revealed by the form-fitting dress, up to the narrow elbows resting on the bar top. In one hand she negligently balanced a highball glass by its icy rim with her fingertips. Her nails were perfectly manicured, the fingers themselves dainty and white. She was perusing a newspaper and hadn¡¦t noticed me yet. I was content just to stand there for a few minutes and watch her. I wasn¡¦t the only one… I saw my buddy Mark at the other end of the room. He caught my eye, smiled hugely, nodded and left. The plan was set in motion. No going back. I approached her from behind.

“Ellie?” I breathed so close to her ear that she had to feel the heat of my breath. She seemed to go still, then a slight shudder rippled through her body. But when she turned on her stool to face me, the sight of her lovely face stole the breath from my lungs.

She was gorgeous. Wide, dark eyes rimmed with amazingly long lashes. Her hair was twisted away from her face and piled artfully atop her head, framing oval features and high cheekbones. Her lips were an enticing pout of rose-tinted gloss. I could just feel my cock sliding between them. And then she smiled.

“John,” she said simply, turning my name into the sexiest sound I¡¦d ever heard. Her voice was smooth and low, even sexier in person than it was on the phone. Inside my pants a suitable reaction was taking place. It took me a moment to realize she¡¦d extended her hand.

It was the hand she¡¦d held the drink with. Her fingers were cold and damp, a stark contrast to the dry heat of her palm. I could feel the firm pressure of her icy fingertips press into the back of my hand as her warm palm flattened against my own. A smile curved my mouth, it was a real effort not to yank her off that stool and haul her off to the nearest elevator. But I was patient. Instead, I asked if she cared to move to a table, and gave the bartender our drink order when she nodded yes. She was drinking a vodka tonic, so I ordered the same thing for myself, minus the tonic.

Watching her gather her things was a study in the sublimity of grace. As she leaned down to retrieve her shoes, I caught a glimpse of her cleavage, until now hidden by the clever lines of her bodice. Her breasts were deep and full, not too large, but not too small either. If she was wearing a bra, I couldn¡¦t detect it, but her breasts sat high and firm for a woman the age she claimed to be. Her skin was white and smooth, almost translucent. She was absolutely luscious.

And here I¡¦d thought forty-five was over the hill. She was just about the most perfect creature I¡¦d ever laid eyes on. Elegant, classy, delectable in a way that transcends youth. The kind of woman I¡¦d always wanted to peel the layers from, to see what sort of wanton lay beneath the lady-like exterior. Old enough to have learned her way around a bedroom, but still beautiful enough to keep me up all night. Literally.

I guided her to a secluded table near the back of the bar, where illegal bahis it was quiet and dark. A buxom young waitress scurried over with our drinks, giving me that prick tease smile only a real ball breaker gives a man. As the girl lit the candle on the table, I shooed her away with a fiver. The stupid flake looked incredulous, at me and then toward Ellie, who ignored her completely. In a huff, the waitress flounced off, obviously not often out done by more experienced competition. In this case, there was no contest….

After that, Ellie and I made small talk, got to know one another a little, but mainly I was lost in the bottomless dark pools of her eyes. She was all heat, smiling slowly, her laugh a low husky sound that made my blood simmer¡K and every so often she would lean forward to make a point and touch my arm or my leg. I liked how she was so free with her touches, so open. Nice. Honest.

I asked all the typical things, how was the plane trip, what were her plans… she was going to be very busy. From what I could gather, tonight was the only one we could share. As the level of our drinks slid lower, I asked if she¡¦d like to go into dinner, although what I was hungering for wasn¡¦t on any menu.

Ellie must have felt the same. Her head went down, her lashes lifted, and she said, “No.”

My heart began to pound as I felt that dainty hand slide up my thigh.

“No,” she repeated, coming to her feet and offering her hand to me.

It was the only invitation I required. “I have a room upstairs… let¡¦s go there,” I said.

Quaffing down the rest of my vodka in a single gulp, I rose and joined her, guiding her out the door and to the elevator. When the doors slid closed, I stood behind her, reaching over her shoulder to press the button to my floor. Then I finally allowed my hand to do what it had been wanting to do all night¡K which was pull her against me. Her buttocks molded perfectly against my groin¡K and she did nothing to stop my hand as it moved upward to cup her breast. All it took was her deep sigh to settle those soft curves into the palm of my hand.

I couldn¡¦t tell what she had on under the dress, but it was thin and felt like lace. I could feel the fat peak of her nipple straining against my fingers. Oh man, she was all swollen and tender. Her head dropped back to my shoulder as my other arm came around her waist to lock her against me. I tasted her neck, the exotic, light perfume she wore teasing my senses almost unbearably. She gave a sharp cry when I nipped the soft skin, but she made no effort to pull away. But then I knew already she liked it a little on the rough side.

When the doors slid open, a very surprised-looking gentleman stood on the other side. How must we appear, with me behind her, rolling that plump little nipple between my fingers? But Ellie didn¡¦t jerk away, she waited until I moved back and allowed me to nudge her from the elevator. She edged past the man with a polite, “Excuse me,” and continued down the hall. The man gave me a wry smile, as if to say, “You lucky shit.” I grinned back with a wink and followed Ellie.

I found the key tucked behind the lump in my pants and opened the door. Once it closed behind us I turned her to face me, taking her face between my hands to kiss the lips that had tantalized me for the last hour. With a moan, her mouth opened under the assault. She held nothing back, but twined her tongue with mine the instant I nudged it past her lips.

Holy Christ, but this woman knew how to kiss! She tasted like vodka and something sweeter, that woman-taste which drove me over the edge. My hands moved down the front of her body, going straight for the goods, firmly cupping her mound through the dress. Soft, plump, and so hot. Her steamy heat flowed into mine, and I used my other hand to grip her buttocks, forcing her harder onto my questing fingers. She groaned and dropped her own hands to my crotch, cupping me between her palms. Just over her shoulder I noticed a faint movement through the louvers of the closet door. Good. We were ready then.

And I was eager to begin. Almost frantically, my fumbling fingers found the zipper to her dress. She pushed me back, and I started to follow her movement, objecting to the loss of contact. But then something made me stop.

Ellie smiled knowingly, and stepped backward, deeper into the room. Dropping her eyes she shrugged out of the dress. It puddled on the floor at her feet.

My eyes almost popped out of my head.

“Goddamn,” I sighed, massaging; my crotch while my eyes drank her in.

She might as well have been naked. The tiny black bra and panties were transparent. Her straining, darkened nipples were clearly visible through the lace and I watched her breath come heavy and fast, her chest rising and falling, beckoning. My eyes caught on the neat black triangle between her squirming legs. All that ivory skin, soft like velvet, firm and well cared for¡K. Her black stockings were the sort that stay up by themselves, the broad band of elastic lace at illegal bahis siteleri the top a perfect frame for the vision just above. A delicate gold chain around her narrow waist was the only jewelry she wore.

As I watched, she undid the clasp at the front of her bra, allowing her generous breasts to fall free. She groaned when the cooler air brushed across them, bringing those turgid little nubbins to my attention. She had fantastic tits¡K they sat high and firm, the nipples kind of tilted up, begging to be nibbled on. I would have paid good money for a chance to manhandle those prick stiffeners, and here I had a chance to get at them for free¡K.

“Touch them.” I urged my voice a rasp I barely recognized as my own. “Squeeze the nipples… Hard. Tug on them. Tease me.”

At my command her hands moved over her own skin, the fingers digging into the tender flesh. Her nipples peeked through the spaces between her fingers as she caressed herself. She smiled and walked backward toward the bed, plucking her nipples between her fingers.

“See anything you like?” she teased.

“Oh, yeah,” I grinned. “Keep going¡K turn around. Take off the panties. Do it slow.”

She turned her back to me and bent over, teasing the tiny thong over the smoothest, creamiest ass I¡¦ve ever been lucky enough to get my hands on. A slight flash of glistening pink showed through as she maneuvered those high heels out of the thong. Then she straightened, flicking the wisp of lace off somewhere to her left. Now she only wore the stockings and her shoes. As she started to remove them, I stopped her.

“No. Don¡¦t touch the shoes,” I said, rubbing myself through my slacks. “Lay back on the bed.”

She complied, and I approached the edge of the mattress, gripping one of her knees and moving it aside so I could see her better. Man! She was something! The neat patch of pubic hair parted to reveal the pinkest, slickest pussy I¡¦ve ever seen. Her fat little clit strained eagerly from between plump lips, glistening in the low light. As aroused as I¡¦ve ever seen a woman get¡K that pussy was dripping slut cream. The heady scent of sex rose in an intoxicating wave. I drew one finger down the moist divide as she plucked her nipples. That little bit of play left her gasping from the sensations coursing through her. Obviously, she liked showing it off. So I peeled those fine pussy lips open and took a good, long look. She was kind of squirming on the bed, anxious and ready to play. Her body made nice juice, really wet and slippery in a way that invited a man to ravage and plunder all night long. And I was just getting warmed up.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she whispered, her eyes falling closed as I slid my middle finger deep.

“Oh, baby,” I whispered in awe, “I am going to fuck you nine ways from sundown. I¡¦m going to split you in two….”

“Do it,” she urged.

“Make yourself cum first¡K like you¡¦ve been doing for the last five months¡K. Only this time I get to watch.”

Her eyes flew open in shock, but I took her hand and placed it on her hot, sweet cunt, showing her the circular motion I wanted. Gradually, she took over the rhythm, as her surprise turned into sheer lust. I managed to slip another finger inside her tight heat as her own moved faster across her sopping pussy. Soft, wet sounds echoed off the walls of the hotel room. Just when she began to moan in earnest, her eyes falling closed and her hips bucking into my hand and her own, I pulled her fingers away, spread her legs wider, holding her labia open with two fingers as I watched that stiff clit throb with impending orgasm. Unable to stop myself, I put my mouth there, tugged her spasming bud between my lips, teasing it with my tongue as she cried out and came violently, her fingernails digging into my forearms as she used them for leverage. Man, she tasted good¡K kind of tart and slightly salty, the flesh beneath sweet and smooth, alive. The delicious scent of her had my prick as hard as a sledgehammer.

“Ahhh¡K unghhh¡K oh fuck! Lick it! Suck! Don¡¦t stop¡K ahhhhh¡K”

This was too easy. I grinned as she finished. “You taste like fresh cut grass,” I said, laving my tongue over her cunt one last time. So sweet¡K

“Gee,” she panted, slowly gaining control over her breathing, “thanks… I think.” She managed to pull away and bring her knees together. “Now, it¡¦s my turn¡K” she said slyly. My cock just about tore through my zipper as she licked her delectable, pink-stained lips.

She rose to her knees on the bed, sliding herself up my body. She kissed me open-mouthed, using her tongue to flick over my lips and catch the remnants of her own juices. I felt the hard points of her nipples dig into my chest through my shirt. My hands reached down to cup her ass and grind her mound against my almost painful erection.

“So that¡¦s what grass tastes like,” she smiled against my lips.

“Yeah,” I groaned slowly as her hands found my zipper and slipped inside. Her fingers weren¡¦t cool anymore; they were canlı bahis siteleri hot and still slick with her juices. She rubbed her thumb over the head of my cock and down the ridge, spreading viscous precum all over the top, almost bringing me to my knees. My slacks hit the floor and I kicked out of them, along with my shoes.

I pushed on her shoulders, shoving her head lower. “Suck on it, baby… but don¡¦t let me cum yet.”

“Don¡¦t worry, hon¡K I¡¦ll make sure you like this¡K”

She took her sweet time, opening the buttons of my shirt as her head traveled down my body, kissing every inch of flesh she exposed. Her tongue found the flat coins of my nipples, teased them with feathery licks and tiny sucks that pulled my entire nipple into her mouth, tugging on it hard and then she¡¦d suddenly let it pop out. Holy shit¡K! I thought, imagining how those same oral caresses would feel against the purple head of my rock hard dick. Suddenly, I wanted to see myself cum in her mouth, see the salty jets pump through those rose-tinted lips as she licked and sucked. I was almost sorry I¡¦d told her not to let me cum, but I also wondered if she could stop me. With a grin, I decided it didn¡¦t matter. We had all night.

I took her face between my hands and shoved my rod between her lips, eventually locking my fingers in her hair to hold myself in place. Her hands massaged my balls and sneaked into the crack of my ass, rimming my asshole. I began to fuck her face, at first slow and gentle, then harder, taking longer strokes. She tickled my shaft with her tongue, dipping inside the tiny hole at the top, teasing her way down the veined ridge of my shaft, sucking both of my testicles into her hot mouth and then engulfing my entire cock down her throat until I felt it cut off her air. The world began to spin deliciously, as if I¡¦d had too much to drink in the bar. Cum started to coalesce, pressurizing my balls with delicious anticipation, but the instant I expected to lose my load in her mouth, she managed to pull back, causing me to slide out from between her lips with an audible pop.

I was ready. In fact I¡¦d already started to leak cum. With a growl I tried to push myself back in, but she evaded me easily, I kept ineffectively jabbing my dick at her face. Just the sight of my purple meat rubbing across her cheek was almost enough to send me over the edge. She smiled up like a sly fox and darted her tongue out to catch a white string of fluid that dribbled down the head of my cock, but before I could take advantage of her open mouth, she dodged me again.

“Bitch!” I whispered hoarsely, gripping her hair harder. “I promise I¡¦ll make you pay for that¡K”

She had the nerve to laugh. I took the opportunity to stick my cock back in her open mouth. It didn¡¦t take long for her to find that perfect rhythm again, moving her lips over my shaft like a practiced whore. Her lipstick was smeared over my balls, a little of it getting on her cheek, giving her a smutty appearance as she batted those beautiful eyes up at me. Saliva dripped off her chin and down her hand, which was pumping my tool like a piston, at least the part that wasn¡¦t in her hot slippery mouth. The cunt wanted me to cum….

I saw the closet door ease open, and my buddy Mark stepped out, moving quietly. He was stroking his cock, which stuck out through the open zipper of his jeans, and he¡¦d already managed to shuck his shirt off without making a sound. He had the digital camera going; he¡¦d probably taken fifty pictures by now. While I watched he dropped his jeans and stepped out of them, totally focused on the view through the camera lens.

This was perfect… on her knees, her mouth stuffed with a hard, pumping dick; bending over she must have made a pretty picture from the rear. Come to think of it, she could make my dick hard no matter what position she chose.

Mark came forward as I bent to take Ellie by her upper arms. No telling how she was going to react when she realized I wasn¡¦t the only guy in the room. Mark put the camera down¡K and silently dropped to his knees just behind her. Just to be on the safe side, I negotiated my tingling meat out of her juicy mouth.

She was just about to say something when she sensed Mark¡¦s staring presence.

Before she could twist around, I pulled her up by her arms, and Mark pressed hard in behind her. He clamped one hand over her mouth before she could scream, and I gotta tell you, feeling those luscious titties wiggling across my chest just about made me cream on her stomach.

“Easy babe,” Mark whispered. “We aren¡¦t going to hurt you.” Æ’n “Yeah,” I echoed. “This is just one of your fantasies come to hot, hard life. Remember? The rape fantasy? Two men?”

Her eyes went wide, and she was trying to shake her head no, but we were way past the word no. Before she could even start to argue, Mark began to convince her otherwise.

“Don¡¦t fight it, sweet thing,” Mark urged, jamming his fingers into her pussy hard enough to lift her off the carpet. “This is going to happen. We got half a dozen witnesses downstairs who watched you practically climb onto John¡¦s lap in the bar.” He tweaked her clit a little, making her cry out, but I don¡¦t think he was hurting her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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