A Coed’s Sapphic Lusts

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Megan was about to begin her Freshman year at a State University in the Upper Midwest. She chose this campus for a lot of reasons. It was located on a big, beautiful lake. Megan loved to canoe and here she could canoe every afternoon, if she wished. The psychology department was said to be outstanding and Megan intended to be a psych major. For as long as she could remember, that was always one thing she liked to do, to try to figure out human behavior, all the things that made people tick. So she figured she’d turn this inclination of hers first into a major, then maybe into a profession.

And last but not least, this school was said to be lots and lots of fun. It was big and diverse and easy-going, liberal and open-minded. And the students here were reputed to know how to enjoy themselves, something Megan herself was devoted to doing. For a Megan always regarded herself as a sensualist, a hedonist, and somewhat of a party girl!

Every new Freshman, Megan learned from her orientation packet, would be assigned either a Junior or a Senior as a mentor. That mentor would help orient the new student to campus life, and be available for the duration of the first year of college to advise and give support to the Freshman when needed.

Megan just met Valerie that morning. Valerie was a Junior and was to be Megan’s mentor. The moment they laid eyes on each other, they breathed a sigh of relief. Megan had already spoken to a couple of new students like herself and learned they were none too happy with the mentors assigned them. And Valerie dreaded mentoring some dull, bland, unpleasant first year student. But right away these two young women, one twenty, the other about to turn twenty-two, could see they would get along very nicely. Maybe it was the way they dressed, sort of casually hip and stylish. Lots of students here were very straight, very square. But Megan and Valerie could see right away they were of a mind. These two were hip babes and they knew it too.

They said hello to each other and then Valerie suggested taking Megan out for a late morning breakfast at a joint she liked a lot. Megan liked it too and the food, she saw right away, was great. That was a good start. Her mentor could have taken her to some plastic fast food joint, which Megan hated.

They talked. Valerie filled Megan in on where she was from, what college life had been like for her these last two years. Valerie already knew a bit about Megan from the material she got from the admissions office. She was aware Megan had taken a year off to work as a model in New York before enrolling for her Freshman year. That of course made Valerie curious. This was unusual route, spending a glamorous year as a young fashion model in Manhattan, then deciding to begin her Freshman year at a large Midwestern university. Valerie wanted to hear what it was like for Megan, taking a year off after high school to do something like that.

And Megan of course had loads of questions for Valerie which Valerie was more than happy to answer. Almost immediately these two began to feel as though they’d known each other a long, long time, rather than just having met.

“You got a regular boyfriend?” Valerie asked Megan.

“I did,” Megan said. “A guy in New York, this photographer. But I busted up with him before coming here. I didn’t want to drag a long distance relationship with me to campus, you know what I mean? Hey, I’m starting school now, a whole new scene. So I want to meet new people, go out with new guys, have myself some new lovers when I’m ready.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Valerie said. “So many students, they bring their relationships with them to college, with all those pressures and stuff. It rarely seems to work. All the phone calls and letters, the arguments, the heartaches, the split-ups. Who needs all that shit, right? Plus, someone as cute as you are is going to have no trouble attracting suitors.”

“Why thank you. You’re pretty cute yourself, Valerie,” Megan said. And she meant it. Valerie was tall and slender, an auburn haired beauty with a picture perfect face and a sleek, graceful body. “In fact, you could be a model yourself if you wanted to.”

“You really think so?” Valerie asked, loving to hear this from this young woman who actually had herself recently been working as a professional model.

“Absolutely,” Megan said.

They sipped their coffee.

“How about you? You got a boyfriend?” Megan asked Valerie.

Valerie shifted in her chair a little and coughed.

“I’m sort of seeing someone now, actually living with them,” Valerie said.

“Oh? That’s nice, maybe I’ll meet him someday,” Megan said, as Valerie looked down and took another sip of her coffee.


“As for me,” Megan continued. “For a while I’m just going to stay away from guys. I don’t plan to date for a while. In New York, I was going out every night and stuff. But here I’m just going to mellow out.”

Megan took a bite of her Danish.

“And when I get horny, I always have these,” Megan said, waving her canlı bahis şirketleri fingers. Valerie perked up, a little amazed that this Freshman was being so frank with her new mentor. Then she smiled.

“Yes, fingers can be a girl’s best friends,” Valerie said.

“Ain’t that the truth!”

“Do you masturbate a lot?” Valerie asked now that Megan had broached this subject, wanting to know a bit more about the intimate life of this Freshman she’d be advising.

“Yeah, when I’m not with anyone, just about every night,” she said. “And often in the morning, when I wake up.”

Valerie smiled to herself. She expected to know a few things about Megan after this breakfast of theirs, though she didn’t think she’d so quickly be privy to knowledge of Megan’s masturbatory habits!

“How about you, if you don’t mind my asking?” Megan asked her mentor. Maybe if she were just an ordinary eighteen year old Freshman she wouldn’t be as brazen as this. But after working as a model in Manhattan for a year, having lived with three other models there, Megan was somewhat precocious for her age, and for her status as a new college Freshman. Plus, with her insatiable curiosity about human behavior, it was no surprise that she was asking probing questions about the sexual behavior of her mentor.

“Oh, I beat off all the time too,” Valerie confessed, surprised at how easy it was to ‘fess up like this to a younger woman she hardly even knew. “I love getting off like that. You know yourself down there better than anyone. My orgasms that way, they’re the strongest.”

“Mine too,” Megan said. “Anything special about how, when, where you like to beat off? I’m kind of curious. I hope you don’t mind. I’m going to be a psych major and I guess I’m just fascinated by all aspects of human behavior”

“Oh, I don’t mind at all. That’s what a mentor is supposed to be for, right? To answer questions, all sorts of questions. So to answer your question, lately I’ve been doing it a lot when I take a shower. Or when I’m out somewhere and I start to feel horny? I go take a leak and then, before I pull up my panties, I get myself off.”

They looked at each other and then started laughing.

“Listen to us, the way we’re talking!” Valerie said, rather amazed at their openness, their frankness about these intimate matters.

“Let’s keep talking, then,” Megan urged. “Tell me more. Give me the low down on how you masturbate. Got any special tricks, techniques?”

There she was again, Megan always being curious about the behavior of others.

“Naturally I use my fingers, and I got a vibrator I sometimes like to use. How about you?”

“Same thing. Mainly my fingers, but like you, I got a vibrator.”

They described their vibrators to each other, and talked a little about how they liked to use them. Valerie’s was one of those massage-type units you press against your pussy, against your clit. But Megan’s was the type that’s shaped like a cock which you can stick inside yourself if you want.

“Do you like to do anything special when you beat off?” Megan asked Valerie.

“Once in a while I look at dirty videos, but mainly I just fantasize. How about you?”

“Oh I fantasize a lot, too,” Megan told her. “And sometimes I like to look at myself in the mirror when I do it. And play with my nipples. I guess I must be a narcissist or something. That’s what being a model must’ve done to me.”

“I know what you mean about looking at yourself. I like to beat off in my bathroom, because there’s a mirror on the bathroom door, opposite the toilet, and I can sit there and look at myself while I strum my clit.”

“Oh yeah,” Megan said. “Me and my clit are best friends.”

“That’s the way I feel about my clit!” Valerie said, chuckling.

“Did you ever get caught doing that? Beating off?” Megan asked her.

“Oh yeah, once my older brother walked in on me doing it. I was so into it, so close, that I didn’t even hear him come to the door. He just stood there and watched me get myself off. Only afterwards did I look up and see him standing there.”

“That must’ve been wild.”

“I mean I was so embarrassed at first,” Valerie continued “But then, looking down at his jeans, I could see he had himself a hardon. So I made Richard jerk himself off in front of me while I beat off a second time in front of him, this time knowing he was watching.”

“That’s pretty freaky.”

Valerie took another sip of coffee.

“You know, I don’t share such intimacies with just any old Freshman.”

“I should hope not,” Megan said as they both laughed.

“How about you? Were you ever caught?” Valerie asked.

“Nothing like what happened to you, with your brother. Just my mom walked in on me once. I was real embarrassed too. But my mom was so cool about it, saying she used to masturbate all the time when she was younger. And still did. Especially since she wasn’t getting it enough from my dad. I was shocked, my mom admitting that to me.”

“I have a confession to make,” Valerie canlı kaçak iddaa said. “I masturbated just before I came to meet you this morning.”

“No shit! I meant to, but I was running late,” Megan said. “And now all this talk, it’s making me hot. It’s making me feel like beating off right now.”

“Well, there’s the Ladies Room,” Valerie said, pointing to it.

“I think I’ll wait until I’m back in my dorm.”

The waitress brought the bill and Valerie paid. Then she suggested they walk around the campus and Valerie would point out different spots to Megan.

“And this is Greek Row,” Valerie said when they got to a street lined with old elm trees and big mansions which were now fraternity and sorority houses. Greek letter flags were blowing in the wind.

“Greek Row, huh?” Megan said. “Do they call it that because this is where you come to get fucked up the ass? Where co-eds come to get cornholed?”

Valerie laughed.

“I should’ve figured you’d know that meaning of ‘Greek’,” she said. “And it’s funny you should mention that because I have a little story to tell you, Megan.”

They walked a hundred feet and Valerie pointed out a sorority house to Megan, a big, old Victorian building.

“I heard from someone that they do a really kinky initiation over there for the new pledges,” Valerie said, piquing Megan’s interest.

“Oh yeah? Tell me about it.”

“Well it seems they bring the new pledges into this room and make them take off all their clothes,” Valerie said, lowering her voice even though there was no need to that here on the street. “Then the members of the sorority march in, all naked. And each one has a dildo strapped to herself. They line up all the pledges, making them get down on the floor on elbows and knees. Then each of the sorority sisters makes her way down the line of pledges and fucks every one of them first in the cunt, and then right up the ass, too. That’s when they tell them they’re now officially ‘Greek,’ when they have the first of those dildos buried up their butts, when those pledges get cornholed. And most of those pledges have never even been fucked in the ass until then. Some have never been fucked at all, they’re still virgins!”

Megan’s head began to spin as she heard this outrageous piece of campus gossip. Valerie was amazed at herself, amazed that she’d be sharing this with a Freshman, one she hardly even knew. But there was something about Megan that made her want to open up.

“Wow!” Megan said. “That’s really something. I’d never join a sorority, that just ain’t my thing. But this initiation sure sounds pretty wild. Almost makes you want to pledge.”

Valerie looked at Megan with intrigued eyes.

“It’d almost want to make you pledge, huh?” Valerie said, probing.

“Yeah, sure seems like it could be fun,” Megan said.

“Are you bisexual by any chance?” Valerie thought she’d ask, figuring Megan sure didn’t seem like she’d want to keep any secrets.

“As a matter of fact I am,” Megan said, looking Valerie straight in the eye, a frank and meaningful look. “How about you?”

“Yep, I am too,” Valerie said.

“Then that’s another thing we have in common,” Megan said with a sassy smile. “We both masturbate all the time, and we’re bisexual.”

“Hmmmmh,” Valerie purred. “Very interesting.”

They walked a little longer, then Valerie turned to Megan.

“I told you I don’t live in the dorms,” she said. “Me and my roommate got us an apartment at the end of last semester. It’s just about a block from here, from where we are. Feel like going over there and seeing it?”

“Sure,” Megan said, looking straight into Valerie’s eyes. “Maybe I can even excuse myself and use your bathroom. And finally beat off like I’ve been wanting to all morning.”

Valerie laughed, loving Megan’s uninhibited frankness.

“Hey, you don’t have to lock yourself in the bathroom if you want to beat off,” she joked, taking hold of Megan’s elbow. “In fact, you don’t have to beat off at all. I can think of better ways for you to get off, if that’s what you feel like doing.”

“Really?” Megan smiled, knowing exactly what Valerie was hinting at. “That sounds very interesting indeed.”

A few minutes later they were inside Valerie’s apartment. The moment the door was closed Valerie turned to Megan and the two of them wrapped their arms around each other, pressing their bodies close, looking into each others’ burning eyes as Valerie brought her lips to Megan’s. The two, Megan, the new student and Valerie, her mentor, kissed now with an instant, scorching passion, lips opening, hot breath fusing, tongues entwining.

There was a couch next to where they stood, and they fell back on it, their lips never parting, hands now drifting all over each others’ bodies, exploring.

Finally they pulled their lips back to catch their breath.

“I guess all that talk about masturbating and stuff had an effect, huh?” Valerie panted.

“And telling me about that initiation,” Megan said, sliding her hand under Valerie’s canlı kaçak bahis skirt, up her thigh, to feel that the crotch of her panties was thoroughly soaked!

“How about we undress?” Valerie whispered breathlessly.

“Let’s,” Megan said, sliding her fingers under the elastic of Valerie’s drenched panty crotch, feeling her pussy. Valerie closed her eyes and sighed deeply when she felt Megan’s fingers dig into her private parts.

Staring at each other, they quickly took off their clothes, keenly eyeing the exposed bodies. Megan had the figure of a model, slender and tall with subtle curves and ver modest, though exceptionally well-formed breasts. Valerie was built not so differently from Megan, though her hips were rounder, her breasts fuller. Both had stunning bodies, and they knew it too, happy to expose themselves to one another like this.

Then they fell back of the couch, naked now, the smooth, warm skin of one pressing against the smooth, warm skin of the other. Fingers drifted between legs, grazed over stiffened nipples as they resumed their passionate kiss.

“Never thought this would be part of being a mentor,” Valerie said, pulling back, smiling at Megan.

“And I never expected to be mentored in quite this way,” she said as she slid a finger up into Valerie’s moist, creamy vagina. Just then she felt one of Valerie’s fingers probing her down there, inside her body. Inside her young, aroused not yet quite twenty year old body! She’d been feeling turned on since she woke up. As she had told Valerie, she wanted get herself off before meeting her but saw she was running late. Then the talk with Valerie drifted to the topic if sex. That only heightened her arousal. And when they confessed to each other that they were bi, and Valerie suggested Megan come up and see her place, Megan knew it would lead to something like this, to something like the two of them tearing off their clothes and anxiously digging their fingers up each others’ pussies as they kissed breathlessly.

Suddenly Valerie pulled her lips from Megan’s and dropped her face to Megan’s breasts. Megan may have had very modest breasts, but each was topped by a big, stiff nipple. Valerie wanted a taste of those nipples now, sensually licking and sucking them in turn as Megan played with Valerie’s tits with one hand while never letting up on the probing of her cunt with the other.

“What’s your favorite number?” Valerie asked suddenly, with a sexy, knowing smile.

“My favorite number is definitely sixty-nine,” Megan said, an excited smile lighting up her own face.

“Here, you stretch out on your back,” Valerie told Megan, getting up off the couch and tossing aside the big cushions so Megan would have more room.

Then Valerie got on top of Megan, Megan spreading her legs wide as Valerie dropped her face between them. And looking up, Megan gazed at a lovely panorama, Valerie’s pussy inches above her face.

“Dig in and enjoy!” Valerie said, looking back one more time at Megan.

And that’s just what Valerie and Megan now did. They both dug in and enjoyed. Megan ran her tongue all over Valerie’s pretty, damp vulva, then slid that tongue inside, where she had just been probing with her fingers. Down below, Valerie was doing the same to Megan in this perfect act of reciprocity. Megan didn’t really like doing sixty-nine with guys that much. The groove was different, a pussy responded differently than a cock. But she loved performing the act with other babes. And Valerie here sure knew what she was doing.

As she licked Valerie’s pussy, Megan couldn’t help staring at what was so vividly exposed right above that pussy, Valerie’s pretty little anus. With all that earlier talk about ‘Greek,’ the exposed wrinkled jewel was now deeply alluring to her. And so she moved her tongue away form Valerie’s vulva and brought it an inch higher, licking her asshole now, wondering what Valerie would think of that intimate caress.

“Yes!” Valerie hissed, obviously enjoying the sensation of Megan’s tongue pressing against her sphincter.

It was a little more difficult for Valerie, with Megan being below her, but she, too, managed to wedge her face between Megan’s buttocks so she could have a taste of the Freshman’s anal morsel.

For the next minute they licked each other’s asses as they fingered one another’s cunts.

“Mmmmmmh, I love Greek food,” Valerie said, finally pulling away and bringing her lips back to Megan’s pussy.

“Me too,” Megan said. “And now I know they happen to serve real tasty Greek food at Chez Valerie.”

The cunt lapping resumed in earnest now until Megan began to feel Valerie’s thighs quiver against her cheeks, could hear a deep, muffled moaning begin to rise from her chest. This told Megan that Valerie was close. And she too felt she was close, very close.

With a sixth sense for this sort of thing even though they had never made love before, until this morning been strangers, they now licked each other’s clits in precisely the right way, with just the right amount of pressure, the right tempo. That’s one reason both of them had become bi. Not because they had this deep yearning for women as opposed to men, but for the smooth intimacy and pleasure one woman could so easily feel at the hands — and lips — of another.

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