A collection of gay rape stories

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Ava Addams

“no, no, please no!” he cried as the giant cock plunged into his virgin guts for the first time. He let out a piercing scream that made the larger man chuckle.

“take it, you bitch.” he groaned as he thrust, “take it.”

“Please…” the small blonde whined, “it’s hurts, please stop.”

“no, you’re going to take it and like it, you stupid whore”

The man’s cock was easily ten inches long and it plundered the poor young man bent over the park bench. Every jerk of the hips sent his flaccid cock bumping against the rough wood of the bench, and then back into his captor’s waiting groin. The huge man raped the skater boy’s tight ass with vigor and purpose.

“Oh, you’re a good bitch.” he groaned and his thrusts became more erratic, “that’s it whore, give it up. Take it. Take it!”

Suddenly he pulled out. He grabbed the boy by the hair and drug him around to the front of the bench where he sat down and laid the boy across his lap. He began to spank him. He spanked him hard, not caring if a stray blow accidentally hit the boy’s balls, which peaked through from between his legs. The boy cried hard, begging for him to stop.

“I’m not stopping until I come, and I’m sick of standing.” the man growled, then with a chuckle “but if you want it done with sooner, you could always ride me.”

The cute blonde teen let out a sob then straddled the older man, who quickly positioned himself at the already ruined entrance.

“Rape yourself on my dick, boy.” the man panted, “rape yourself. It’s how I like it.”

The boy let his weight plunge him onto the impossibly wide length and cried out in agony, even as his dick became semi-erect. He bounced up and down, torn between keeping his muscles slack to save himself the pain, and gripping them tight to get the man off sooner. The indecision created fantastic variation that the rapist savored.

He began to thrust up into the boy’s ass, clutching at his hips, fucking him. Tears ran down the boy’s face as he raped himself, just as the man told him to.


The prince plunged his cock up the slave boys ass unceremoniously. Ignoring the screams, he fucked him, pleasantly moaning and adjusting his angle to get just the right feel.

There really was nothing like a virgin.

Soon came the part the prince like best, when the begs and declarations of pain became only sound. One sound, forced out of the boy with every thrust. The faster he fucked, the quicker the pace of the slave boy’s one “ah” sound. If he slowed down, the “ah” became drawn out and became a kind of moan.

When the boy stopped making any noise, and just took it, that’s when the prince became really ruthless. He grabbed the boy’s hips and fucked him as hard as he could, shoving in as deep as he was. He didn’t come inside him, though. Instead, he spread the boy’s ass cheeks and came onto his hole, then rubbed it in with his dick.

“dirty, dirty whore.” he said, for good measure.


In a dark alley, somewhere downtown, a business man was grabbed from behind and he dropped his briefcase in surprise. The man covered his mouth and whispered in his ear “take it, and I’ll let you live,” but he never saw a gun or a knife. All he knew was that he was not within screaming distance of anyone and the other man could definitely take him in a fight.

He stood, gaziantep escort with his hands pressed against the brick of the empty building where he worked in daylight, shaking with fright as the man undid his belt and let his pants drop. The dark blue briefs he was wearing were peeled down to his ankles, exposing his bright, white backside to the alley, the world, and his soon to be rapist.

“hehe” the man chuckled “if you come, I’ll use that as lube, otherwise…”

His cheeks were spread and he whimpered, terrified and not at all aroused. He knew that it was going to be ten times worse without lube, but he couldn’t find it within himself to get hard. The man stuck a finger up his anus and mumbled something like “I knew it”, but what he could possibly know, the fragile business man couldn’t figure out. Unless it was that he had never had a cock in him before.

He heard the sound of a zipper and felt the tip of a wide (Too wide! Too wide!) head of a dick press against his hole. The “mugger” pressed forward and through the first ring of muscle, and it was official, the poor virgin salary man was being raped. That was the last time the man went slow, as he suddenly thrust forward, burying himself entirely, and then extracting himself just as quickly. He rammed into the smaller man, fucking him mercilessly and ruining his virgin ass.

“Take it. Take it. Take it, bitch.” the rapist grunted, plowing into the business man as he cried silently. The pain was unbearable, and he was being violated in the worst way. The man reached around and fondled his flaccid cock roughly.

“Your cunt’s all soft, bitch.” the man barked out a laugh as he continued to fuck him, “don’t you want the hurt to stop? Come on, get hard for me, you fucking whore! Aren’t you? Aren’t you? Yeah…my little whore…you love it…come on…”

He remembered suddenly that he should be trying to come. The pain would be less if only he could come. Then the man would use the spunk as lube and it wouldn’t hurt quite as bad. But there was no pleasure in this, how could he possibly? This was all his fault for liking it when his girlfriend spanked him. He was a glutton for pain, and now the universe was giving him as much pain as it could.

“Fine, stay soft. I love using your hole. Just for me.” he groaned and his big cock lingered a little inside before pulling out and thrusting hard and fast again.

The business man felt his dick begin to swell. Just a little, it was still rather small and limp. He bit his lip and tried to block the raping out of his mind. He tried to think of breast and his cock inside his girlfriend, but it only brought to mind the dick inside him.

“Say it.” the man suddenly demanded, “say you’re my bitch.”

“oh..” the salary man whimpered, “please no…”


the huge cock thrust and a hand slapped his ass hard and the man in the use-to-be-crisp suit screamed:


He sobbed miserably.

“…I’m your bitch…I’m your bitch…I’m your bitch…” he chanted with ever thrust the big man gave.

“Oh, that’s too bad.” the man almost sounded really mournful, “I was hoping you wouldn’t say it, cause I was going to make you take my fist.”


So like I said, these aren’t complete stories, they’re just some things I wrote to get me off sometimes. Hope you enjoyed.

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