A conversation with Dee Ch. 03

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Dee is hooked.

(After my first encounter with Dee, she had enjoyed the thrill of her first online orgasms, and had become something of an addict! I said I would tell my girlfriend all about her the following morning. So, the next afternoon, Tuesday, I e-mailed as promised.)

Hi Dee.

You asked me to tell you all about my coffee morning with Sue. Well, when I arrived at Sue’s, I noticed her perfume was stronger than usual. That usually means one thing. I hung my coat on the hall stand, hugged and gave her a kiss. “You smell delicious Sue. Does that mean …?”

She curled her lip in disappointment. “Afraid so. Started on Saturday.”

“That’s a shame, because I wanted to tell you about a new lady on the net.”

“Uh huh! Don’t tell me. She wanted sex with one of her children.”

“Not at all! With me!” Sue looked at me in surprise. “What?” I laughed. “Don’t worry darling. Just the usual sexy emails.”

“Tell me all about her.” We were standing in the kitchen preparing the coffee together.

“Nothing to tell,” I said. “Except she’s 48 and stands 5’6″. Brunette. Two children living away from home. No hubby. And has no lover. And a virgin lesbian!” I laughed.

“Oh, that’s alright then. Sorry Sarah. I’m just a bit jealous of your online lovers at times.”

“But only you can love me for real. Taste my private nectar and give me astonishing orgasms. And you like me to tell you about my online sexual activities.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” And Sue gave me a lingering tongue-in kiss. “Did you make love on line then?”

“Her first time. Shuddering orgasm. Dee said the second was the biggest she’d had in a long time!”

“Well, Sarah, you’re the expert! And you?” her fingers were unfastening my blouse, exposing my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra! My nipples were hard and throbbing.

“Two as well.” I laughed. She closed in on me and ran her hand up my thigh beneath the skirt.

“Are you still wet?” she croaked!

“As ever,” I whispered as her hand reached my gusset. The touch of her hand against my panties always sets me off. I groaned in her ear. She kissed my ears and cheeks. Then my neck. Sue was always able to get me going with so little effort. “Oh my God!” My thighs were parting, encouraging more attention between them.

After spending some minutes kissing and nibbling my breasts and nipples, Sue slid down to a crouch, lifted the hem of my skirt, and dropped it over her head. I could feel her warm breath against my skin. I heard her inhaling deeply, her nose rubbing the crotch of my panties. Her hands gripped them and drew them over my thighs, over my knees and ankles. I lifted one foot to disengage the garment. The familiar mouth latched on to my labia. One hand stroked my groin, the other gathered a smear of my copious juices from my vagina, then slid between my legs until the fingers reached the puckered entrance to my other secret place.

As her wet index finger probed inside me, her tongue penetrated my jewel. I love my bottom being penetrated, hard and deep, particularly as I near the orgasm. It adds another dimension to the delirium.

She has a long probing tongue, and can work wonders with my vaginal nerves with it. Her nose flicks over my clit, sending me into involuntary jerks and shudders. I moaned my pleasure. Her hand finished stroking my groin and I knew she was fingering her own clit. Her hot breath was brushing over my vulva. Her tongue driving me wild with need. I wanted to come, but knew Sue would take her time. She chewed my labia. Took the whole vulva in her mouth and ate it.

I was delirious with joy and full of love for this amazing lady. Sue was getting really wild with lust. I could feel her own body shaking. I grabbed my own breast, my own muscles were trembling. I could feel the tension growing in my groin, spasms jerking in my belly. The excitement grew. The sensation started in my toes – up my legs and thighs. With a loud cry, the orgasm hit me with agonising ecstasy, legs vibrating and jerking out of control. I was aware of Sue heaving and swaying between my legs as her own orgasm swept through her.

We both took some moments to calm down. Sue knelt up in front of me, smiling victoriously. “How was that darling?”

“Whoever taught you how to fuck another woman did a first rate job,” I gasped, panting.

“And after coffee, you shall another even bigger one. Trust me. And you can tell me more about Dee. All the details. I want to know all about the competition!”

We chatted about local things during coffee. Then she arranged me in the corner of the settee and made love to me for ages! I caressed her gorgeous breasts, sucking her nipples. We shared two more delightful orgasms together. Sue knows all my special trigger points. And I hers!

Love you . Tomorrow? Sarah xxxx

Me again Dee.

Sorry. bursa escort Expecting guests for lunch. Have you come down to earth yet? I’ve been walking around in a dream! Later. XXXXXXX

Wow Sarah

So you’re eating you guests for lunch … lucky you … and yes … still floating xxxx

Dee xxxx

Yes Dee.

The young lady guest tasted delicious – strawberries and cream. That was her pubic hair and juices!! Are you still in love? With me? I’ve wanted to kiss you and play with badly, darling, but …. ah well. Later perhaps.

Sarah XXX

(During a short IM exchange on Friday afternoon, Dee told me she was in the bath at the time, luxuriating in a pile of suds, and playing with herself. I told her that I would get in with her, stand over her, and pee on her breasts. There was a sudden silence, then Dee cut off and went off line. Oh dear. I’ve upset her, I thought.)

Hey Dee

I’m sorry to have been so rude. Do please forgive me – just got carried away by the thought of you lounging in the soap suds, wanting to join you. Kiss and make up??

Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(But several days passed without a word from Dee. Then a short email.)

Hello Sarah,

I was so excited, but your words suddenly froze me, I had to sign off I was so upset. I have signed on today to chat, though. I still want more of you. I have a meeting though in a few minutes.

Dee xx

(We had a brief IM light-hearted exchange about my morning with Sue, but Dee admitted to feeling a bit jealous. I promised to send her a passionate email to read in bed.)

Oh Dee,

Thank goodness – so so relieved – and I’m so very sorry I upset you in the bath – but so pleased you’re back. I thought maybe that I had come on a bit strong and embarrasses you. But so pleased you liked the pix. Here are two more for you to masturbate over!! I can imagine you lying in bed, fingering your delightful secret, thinking of my fingers being there rather than your own. Perhaps I can have a quick feel while you’re at work. Sneak my hand under your skirt, and gently rub the gusset of your panties – all warm and damp. Trailing my fingers over your thighs and feeling them tremble with desire. A gasp as my fingers slip inside the knickers and touch your clit. An involuntary jerk of the groin. Gosh, Dee, do you think you might have a quick cum for me?
Sarah xxxx Ps – I’m attaching a pdf for your next thrill.

Darling gorgeous Dee.

I’m in love with you. I’ve come to make love with you. We stand gazing at one another, bewildered by this new sensation shared.

You are in my arms. I look at your lovely face and into your pleading eyes. Slowly, our lips meet in a soft kiss, my hands delicately stroking the cheeks of your bottom. Our lips chew on each other. My tongue slips between your teeth, searching for your tongue. Tongue-tips touching and exploring taste and texture. After savouring your mouth, my lips move to your nose, ears and neck. Kissing. Kissing. Kissing. You are murmuring in my ear ‘I love you, Sarah. I want you. Take all of me. Do what you will. I am yours.’ Your skin smells lovely. Delicate. Your voice low and sexy.

My hands move to your blouse, slowing unfastening each button. As I continue to kiss your neck, I slip the blouse form your shoulders, kissing the skin there. Kissing. Kissing. Kissing. My hand reaches behind you to find the clasp of your bra. Released, I slip it off your shoulders. Your breasts are revealed. Beautiful. Fairly large. The dark crumpled nipples standing proud and stiff. As I latch my mouth onto the left one, you gasp with astonishment. A ripple goes through your body. I can feel it as I suckle the nipple, making it bigger. You are squirming and calling my name.

As I suck your breasts, my fingers unfasten the waist band of your skirt, pushing it over the hips. Your white panties covering the inner secret of your body. I press you onto the bed, and tug your skirt off. You are naked except for your panties. I stare in admiration of your body. My hands caress your belly. I gently open your legs, rubbing my cheek against the inside of your thigh. Warm and silky. I can detect the scent of your pussy. Delicious. Like herbs.
My nose runs against the fabric of the panties. Now damp. The scent is sweet. Mmmmm. It is yours. Your own special scent. Heady and sexy. You explode into an instantaneous orgasm. Your body jerks as the spasm hits you.

Now it’s time to explore your vulva. I am peeling the panties over your thighs and legs. That most wonderful sight. I gasp in wonder. Your vulva, with its covering of dark pubic hair. Mmm. Your vulva is beautiful. Adorable folds of crinkled flesh, festooned from the clitoral hood. The clitoris is jutting out, a shining pearl. Priceless.

By placing my thumbs on either side, I can separate bursa escort bayan the wrinkled, dark brown almost purple – labia, revealing that most secret, mysterious cluster of flesh framing the opening to your most precious possession. A superb vagina. It is aroused, pulsating and oozing with white nectar. Dee’s very personal juices. It is eager for attention. My face moves in. My tongue snakes out to scoop out those delicious juices. Mmm. Absolute heaven.

Your are moaning loudly now. Begging me to take you. Your thighs are trembling with desire. My long stiff tongue penetrates the waiting vagina, delicious, thumbs holding the lips wide apart. My mouth flattened against the vulva, pressing hard as my tongue fucks you deep and hard. Omg! Heavenly! Your whole body is shaking. I can feel the tension rising in your loins. Your bottom is arching away from the bed. Lifting. Wanting. Agony. You are crying loudly.
Whoosh – another orgasm shakes you to the very root. You are yelling out. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeess!!’ I am gob-smacked by your wild passion!

As you slowly relax again, I finger your pussy, studying its contours. Feeling the soft texture if the flesh. Gently fingering your vagina. Kissing lightly the clit and its hood. Are you ready to come again, I wonder? I shall try. I think a second orgasms will be even more wondrous to watch.

Are you going to kiss my pussy as well – make me come with you?


(Several days passed without any replies to my daily messages. I knew Dee was going away for a few days over the weekend, but it was now Thursday. Then, quite without warning …)

I’m on line now, 1:10 pm, but in Amsterdam airport, on my way home. I should be on line tomorrow too, looking forward to continuing my experiences
Dee xx

(I quickly messaged her.)

‘I’m here Dee. Wanting you. Gosh have I missed you! Are you there?’

‘Thanks Sarah. Yes I am. Waiting to be called to board.’

‘So think of me as you fly home. Think of my fingers exploring your pussy. While you’re flying over the channel I’ll be writing to you.’

‘I want to make love to you Sarah. I’ll be thinking of you.’

‘You shall Dee. You’re a very horny lady .’

‘I’m so horny for you. I want to hear you cum.’

‘Opening my legs wide. Omg Sarah. Go deeper.’

‘Such a wonderful sight, Dee. Mmm … kissing your pussy lips. Slipping my finger in your bum.’

‘Opening your pussy lips Sarah. My tongue traces around your bum hole.’

‘I’m dribbling over you. Coating your fingers with my juices. Feeling your juices. You taste lovely.’

‘Licking you. Naughty but I love it!’

‘It’s all for you Sarah darling.’

‘I know.’

‘Scoop it onto your fingers.’

‘Omg Sarah. I’m so wet. I had a little tremble.’

‘Change of panties? Gosh a little orgasm? Wonderful.’

‘Wish I could take them off but in slacks.’

‘Ahhh – lovers ruin.’

‘All for you. Yep. Want you darling.’

‘Thank you lover I’m so glad. You’ve made my day getting touch again. I thought I’d lost you for ever.’

‘Never going away.’

‘But the weekend gave me some space to put things into perspective!! Back down to earth – and Sue!!’

(There was a long silence which I assumed because they were boarding. I thought we’d lost the connection. Then Dee was back.)

‘Mmmm I’m often thinking of you and Sue.’

‘Like to join us?? Watching her finger fuck me.’

‘I wish. Would you like me too?.’

‘While I lick your pussy.’

‘Oh yes, kissing your nipples now.’

‘And we all explode together. Sue would probably squirt with excitement.’

‘Not on me!’

‘No darling – on me – but not a pee squirt. An ejaculation!!! Well – not like a cock – but a little burst of juices when she comes.’

‘Oh my … that I want to see.’

‘Mmmm. Female ejaculation is fairly uncommon I believe.’

‘Watching you two fuck will be such a turn on.’

‘You’d have a long continuous orgasm!! Heaving and bucking with delightful agony
filling my mouth with your cum. Your whole body fizzing.’

‘I know, it would be wonderful.’

‘I think you must feel horny all the time!!’

‘Only when I think of you Sarah.’

‘Mmmm that’s sweet!!! LOL. You might try running your hand under the air hostess’s skirt – feel is she’s wet and waiting.’

‘In my dreams. I will be wet and waiting. I am already, thinking of my tongue licking your clit. Are you wet?’

‘Always for you darling!! What would she think if she knew you wanted to feel her.’

‘I don’t know, but I’d love to fondle those gorgeous tits.’

‘Hers or mine – or both.’


‘Lol. When can I see your boobs? I’m dying to gaze at them..’

‘I’ll see. bursa sınırsız escort I want you.’

‘Hey – my watch says you are due to be flying out now!!’

‘I’m on plane already. Stewardess has wonderful tits. My imagination is working overtime.’

‘Aahhh! Are you allowed mobiles on board?’

‘No! I have to go now, sweet dreams, Omg her nipples would look great in my mouth. And she has long legs and superb thighs. Mmmmm. OMG if only!’

Darling Dee
Now you’ve settled down for the night, you may read my latest message whilst I take you in my arms and kiss your lips softly, chewing lightly. Whilst you were undressing you threw me your soiled panties, soaked in your juices from earlier. I press the gusset to my nose and take deep breaths, whilst kissing the stain. Delicious scent – so strong and herby. Like sage!

I am sitting naked on the bed waiting for you to join me, watching your beautiful lustful body emerge from the clothes. You unclasp your bra to show me the generous curves of your breasts, teasing me with them. The lovely large dark nipples. Then you come over to me, facing me so that I can take your nipples in my mouth and suckle them until they become rigid and swollen. As I make love to your breasts, my hands stroke your bottom. So smooth and pliant – my fingers pressing into the flesh, making you tremble and groan with desire. You take my head in your hands and press my face hard against your tits (there , I said it!), rolling them back and forth over my cheeks. “Oh my God! I want you Sarah” you murmur, eyes closed, running your hands down my back.

After a few minutes, you push me back onto the bed, legs hanging over the side, you thrust my hips wide, putting your head between them. I can feel your hot breath on my labia. You are panting already! Your tongue explores between them, then slips down to the sticky vagina, your nose rubbing my clit furiously. God! What a wonderful feeling, to have your face against my groin, my thighs gripping your head, pushing against you, wanting your whole being to crawl inside me. “I need you Dee,” I cry loudly, lurching against you. “Fuck me darling.”

Your stiff tongue darts in and out. I feel your other hand searching my bottom. After rubbing the rim for a few seconds, fingers penetrates the puckered opening. And … I’m cumming already. My bottom is beginning to heave. My belly’s lurching. As I jerk in an orgasmic delight, I grab you round the waist and hoist you onto the bed beside me. Throwing my waist over yours I massage my tits against yours, nipples rubbing nipples, while my hand cups your vulva. The wet and the heat are amazing! So much juice there. Still reeling with lust, I spin round, hoisting my open thighs over your face. Pushing my wet pussy over your mouth I drop my head between your thighs, taking in the most wonderful sight of your naked pussy, sloppy labia, swollen and dark coloured. The vagina is dilated, pulsating, wanting me, its juices oozing from the dark interior. So exciting. I blow gently on it. Making you shudder with bliss. I worship your vagina. I worship your pussy lips. Kissing and licking. You can’t prevent an orgasm boiling up deep inside your belly. Your muscles are twitching. Your breathing is rapid and heavy. I can feel it against my pussy. Your whole body is alive like a fluttering butterfly. You are groaning loudly. You’re crying out “YES YES YES YEEEEEESSSSS!”

Every nerve in your body is on fire with sexual arousal. It’s nearly there. Cumming cumming. YES! You are catapulted into a shattering orgasm, taking me with you. Your juices are pouring into my mouth. Delicious nectar. Tasting it hungrily. I want to eat all of you.

We slowly subside to get our breath back.

I finally find my voice. “Fucking superb darling Dee. Now for the second one. But first, I’m going to kiss you all over, starting with your eyelids and ending with your toes. It’ll take most of the night, and you’ll be exhausted by the numerous orgasms we’ll share together.”

And I crawl up beside you, taking your face in my hands, kissing your eyelids, one after the other, caressing your breasts and belly. Smelling your skin.

“Oh my God Sarah! Take me. Do whatever you want with me. I’m all yours forever and forever.”

“You are a very remarkable lady, Dee. So talented. Where did you learn to love like this. To fuck like this. To kiss like this. To orgasm like this?”

“Stop talking Sarah – and make beautiful love to me”.

(An email waiting for me the next morning.)


How can you make me cum so many times, so hard, so much, darling. You are the most amazing lover, you turn me on so much, I want all of your body, every inch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cum, and the night is young. I wish you were here now, naked in my bed, ready for a night of love making.

Dee xxx

Sweet Dee,

It gives me enormous pleasure to be of special service to you darling. So many delightful orgasms – I’d love to see your face screwed up in agony and bliss, fingers working hard between your legs. Or perhaps you have a private rabbit? Mmmmm. Sweet dreams. I’m so relieved and happy to have you back.

Love you xxxxx

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