A Couple Accepts a Gift

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Jack and Rose Warner have been married for 3 years and had recently moved to a new city for Jack’s job. They had bought a nice house in the country which was in an isolated location. There were no neighbors. Jack worked long hours while Rose set up the house. Rose was not working at the moment but that was not a problem because Jack’s position provided great pay and benefits. Rose could afford to take her time and find a good job somewhere.

They had a good sex life; they normally had sex 3 or 4 times a week but had not had sex since 2 weeks before the move. Everyday Jack was very tired when he got home from the office. But they did talk each night at dinner and cuddled on the couch. They were much in love.

In the 2nd week, on Tuesday, Jack brought up a strange subject after dinner. His boss, Jerry Worthington, made him an offer. Jack said, “Mr. Worthington made me an offer today.”

Rose responded, “Oh? What offer?”

Jack laughed and said, “He wants to give us a slave girl.”

Rose gasped and said, “What? You’re kidding.”

“That’s what I thought at first. But he is serious.”

“A slave?”

“We talked about it. It is a real thing. His wife’s family has had slaves for a long time. He and his wife own several now. It is not well known. He offered a young female to us.”

“How young?”

“She is 20 years old. Jerry said it is a sad story. Clarissa, the slave, is an orphan. She was an only child and when her parents died in an auto accident, she had to drop out of college. She went to a Slave Grading and sold herself as a slave. Jerry wife, Nancy, has gotten close and thinks she should be with a young couple. She is trained as a domestic servant and sex slave, for men and women.”

“Wait. She sold herself? And what is a Slave Grading?”

“Yes she did. The Worthington’s bought her. A Slave Grading is what the process of grading slaves is called.”

Rose made a face, “No kidding.”

Jack laughed, “Ok, Ok.” He continued, “Jerry explained it. A Complete record is made of the slave. Photos from all angles including close-ups are taken. Every part of the body is measured. A examine is done, blood drawn. When a slave is sold, they must be SDT free and no pregnant, unless the conditions are made known. All data is put into a Data Base. All slaves are recorded as well as their owners.”

“Oh my god.”

“There are male and female slaves. It is very wide spread in wealthy households. Nancy’s family has had slaves for a long time. The Worthington’s themselves have many slaves. Most are not used for sex. They are maids, gardeners, maintenance, etc. And yes, some are used for sex.”

“For sex. Wow.”

“Yes, Jerry says that sex with a slave is not considered cheating.”

Rose laughed, “Oh really.” She then looked serious, “So, this slave that he wants to give us. Do you want to have sex with her? Do you want to fuck her Jack?”

“No, No. She will be our domestic servant. That is all.”

“I don’t know. Seems pretty strange. Why don’t they just free her?”

“Apparently, by law an owner can only free one slave a year. And jerry has freed a long time family slave recently.”

“I see. Let me think about it.”


“What? Did you already say we would take her?”

“Well, yes. He is my boss. I don’t want to make him mad. I’m sorry. Let us try her out. Okay?”


“Thank you sweetheart. Nancy is bringing her here tomorrow at 10am.”

“What? Oh my god.”

“Oh, and be careful with Nancy. Jerry says she can be rather bossy.”

“Great. Thank you dear. I’m going to bed now.”

The next morning, after Jack left for work Rose took extra time to get herself ready. She wanted to impress both Nancy Worthington and her new slave, Clarissa. She put on a nice blouse and a skirt with thigh highs, and heels. Promptly at 10am the door bell rang. Rose, a little nervous, opened the door and standing before her was a nice looking older woman and a stunning young woman. Rose just stood and stared at young slave. Finally, Nancy said, “May we come in Dear?”

“Of yes. Sorry.”

Rose led them to the living room where they sat down. Rose asked, “Can I get you some coffee?”

Nancy replied, “No thank you.” She went on, “Let us get to it. This is Clarissa. She is 20 years old, she is very bright and a hard worker. She has been my slave for 8 months. I have been very satisfied with her but I feel she should be with a young couple.”

Rose, “Ok”

“After we have signed the transfer from, she will be your slave. Until then she is mine.” She then said, “Clarissa, strip. Let your new owner see you.”

Clarissa responded, “Yes Mistress.” And she stood up and removed her clothing.

Rose was speechless and stared at you perfect young body. Clarissa turned and posed for her new owner. She was in a mental fog.

After several minutes, Nancy said, “Clarissa takes Rose’s clothes off and makes her cum.”

“Yes Mistress.”

To Rose, Nancy canlı bahis said, “Let her make love to you. Experience her.”

Rose came out of her fog and said, “No thank you, I am fine.”

“Nonsense Rose, let her do it. I ordered it.”

Clarissa walked up to Rose. She sat next to her and took her in her arms. She kissed her hard and fondled the 28 year old body. At first Rose resisted but Clarissa kept it up and soon Rose was naked and Clarissa was eating her pussy. Soon Rose came and then had another orgasm. Nancy watched it all. In fact she recorded the whole thing on her phone.

As Rose recovered, Nancy said, “Oh, I think you two are going to get along fine. Now, let’s sign the paperwork.”

Nancy brought out the papers and explained them to Rose. Each signed. And with that, Clarissa was now the property of Rose Warner. Then Nancy brought out another form and said, “Clarissa is your slave Rose. I took the liberty of preparing a transfer form for you and Jack to sign. This will give Jack Clarissa. It would be a wonderful gift for you to give your husband.” Rose nodded, signed and laid back and cuddled with Clarissa. Nancy said, “I will send these to the proper people. I will let myself out. Goodbye.”

When they were alone, Clarissa softly caressed Rose. Clarissa asked Rose, “Mistress, will you eat my pussy please?”

Rose looked at the young slave and nodded. Rose got to the floor and ate Clarissa’s pussy and brought her to an orgasm. Clarissa said, “Oh thank you Mistress. Will you do that to me every morning?”

Rose, still in shock, said, “Yes, I will Clarissa.”

“Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise.”

Clarissa leaned down and kissed Rose and said, “Thank you Mistress.”

Clarissa then got up and pulled Rose to her feet. She slowly moved Rose around the room and looked at her new Mistress. Rose let Clarissa lead her around the room because she was still in awe of this gorgeous young woman. After a few minutes, Clarissa said, “You are so beautiful Mistress and your body is so perfect.”

Rose blushed and said, “Thank you Clarissa.”

“Mistress, will you stay naked when we are alone together. I will love it if you do.”

“What? Oh, I don’t…”

“Please Mistress, stay naked for me. Please.”

A still confused Rose said, “Okay Clarissa, I will stay naked.”

“Oh, thank you Mistress. Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise.”

Clarissa pulled Rose to her and kissed her hard. Then she said, “I love you Rose. If you continue to behave, we will have a great time together.”

Rose responded, “Thank you Mistress.” Then corrected herself, “I mean, thank you Slave.”

Clarissa laughed and said, “Don’t worry Rose. We both know who is in charge, don’t we?”

Rose looked at Clarissa and thought to herself, “Yes we do. You are.” But she said, “Excuse me.”

And she left the room and into the kitchen.

Clarissa followed and said, “I will clean now Mistress. Is that ok?”

Rose just nodded.

While Clarissa cleaned the house, Rose followed her and watched her young slave. Whenever she was close to Rose, Clarissa would caress her body or kiss her and would say, “I love you.”

When she had finished cleaning, Clarissa took Rose by the hand and led her to the Master Bedroom and the two women made love. As they lay on the bed after the love making, Clarissa looked into Rose’s eyes and said, “Now Rose, you are mine.”

And Rose looking back into Clarissa’s eyes, and said, “Yes, I am yours.”

At that moment, Clarissa became the Mistress.

Clarissa smiled, got up and led Rose to the bathroom where the two young women took a shower together and got ready for Jack to come home.

When Jack got home, he was surprised on how well the two women got along. But he was very tired so didn’t dwell on it. Over dinner, Rose told him about her day but did not tell him about the love making. She felt guilty about it but was also very excited. Rose got the transfer form out and had Jack sign it and she said, “Now Clarissa is your slave dear.” The three watched a little TV and then Jack said, “Well, I’m going to bed.”

Rose got up too and said to Clarissa, “Goodnight Clarissa, we will see you in the morning. You did a great job today.” And blew her a kiss.

Clarissa walked over to Rose, hugged her and said, “Thank you Mistress.” And then in a soft voice said, “Do not have sex with Jack. In an hour get up and I will change places with you.”

Rose was startled, “What?”

“You heard me Rose. Do it.”

“Okay, I will.”

And the Rose followed Jack to their bedroom while Clarissa went to hers. An hour later, Rose got up and stepped outside into the hall. Clarissa was waiting and said, “Go to my room and go to bed. I am sleeping with your husband.”

Rose looked at Clarissa for a moment, and then said, “Yes Clarissa.” And turned and walked into Clarissa’s room. Clarissa watched Rose and when the door to her bedroom closed, she smiled and thought, “So bahis siteleri easy.”

Clarissa opened the Master Bedroom door and slowly walked to the bed. She could see Jack, her Master, sleeping. As she got into bed, Jack mumbled, “Hey baby.”

Clarissa when to Jack and laid next to him and caressed his body. She kissed him and worked her way down his body. Jack, awake now, said, “Hey sweet. What’s this?”

Clarissa did not speak but took his now hard dick into her mouth. Jack, “Oh baby. It’s been a long time.”

Clarissa then kissed him hard and then eased herself onto his cock. She was on top and rode him hard. Soon, he came inside her. Clarissa hadn’t cum but that was ok. She still had Rose to finish her off. She then lay down next to Jack and said, “Thank you Master. You were great.”

Jack, hearing her voice, was shocked. He thought he had just fucked Rose. He said, “Clarissa. What the hell. Why are you here?”

“Mistress ordered me to service you Master. She said that I was to fuck you from now on.”

“Oh, she did? Fine.” Jack was mad now. Thinking this was the truth. And went on, “I thought something was going on. Ok, if that is what she wants. You are now to sleep with me from now on. Understand Slave.”

Clarissa smiled in the dark and said, “Yes Master.”

And caressed her Master until he fell asleep. The next morning, Jack woke up alone. But he remembered and was still upset. As he was leaving for work, Jack said to Rose, “Ok Rose. From now on, Clarissa will sleep with me. You will now sleep in her room.”

Rose was astounded, “Why Jack? What the hell.”

“You sent Clarissa to our bed to fuck me. Fine, she will take care of my needs now.”

“But Jack, I di…”

“I don’t want to hear it. You will obey be. I am the Master of this house.”

And he opened the door and stormed out.

Rose stood there for a moment and was about to speak when Clarissa said, “Master enjoyed me last night. I think this is best.”

Rose looked at Clarissa and was about to speak again when Clarissa once again spoke first, “Rose, why are you still dressed? We are alone now. You promised to be naked when we are alone.”

Rose just looked at Clarissa who stared right back. It was a contest of wills. A contest that Rose lost. She soon said, “Yes Clarissa.”

And took off her clothes.

Clarissa then sat down and said, “You also promised to eat my pussy every morning. Get to it. Now.”

Resigned to obeying, Rose walked over, got on her knees before Clarissa and was about to begin when Clarissa said, “Beg. Beg to eat my pussy.”

So Rose said, “Please Clarissa, let me eat your pussy. Let me make you cum.”

Clarissa said, “Tell me, who am I little one?”

“You are my Mistress.”

“And who are you little one?

“I am your slave.”

“Yes you are.” And then said, “Very good. Now get to it. Eat my pussy.”

Unknown to Rose, Clarissa had recorded everything.

Later, it was Rose who did the cleaning and straitening. And later, in the Master Bedroom, Clarissa fucked Rose with a strap-on after having her suck on the dildo. And again, Clarissa recorded everything. When Jack came home, he saw how the women were acting. He guessed what was happening and said, “I stand by what I said this morning. Come with me Clarissa. Rose, go to the spare room.”

That night after they had had sex, with the lights on, Clarissa showed Jack the videos she had of Rose. Rose begging to eat Clarissa’s pussy. Rose calling Clarissa her Mistress and calling herself a slave. Of Clarissa fucking Rose with a strap-on. Of Rose being naked all day. Jack went to sleep thinking what to do.

So, a pattern set in. Every night, Clarissa slept with Jack while Rose slept alone in the spare room. Rose was naked all day while Clarissa stayed fully clothed. Rose kept Clarissa satisfied. Clarissa fucked Rose with a strap-on. Every day was the same. Jack, at Clarissa suggestion, had cameras placed all through the house. The cameras captured all including sound. And Jack watched every night and often checked the feed from work.

After one week, Jack ordered Rose and Clarissa to switch rooms completely. Move in all of your things to the spare bedroom he told Rose. Clarissa will move her things into the Master Bedroom. In a very short time, Clarissa had replaced Rose in Jack’s life.

After 3 weeks, on a Friday, Jack came home and after dinner made an aountment, “I have been talking with Jerry about the situation here at home. Rose, tomorrow you will agree to become my slave. We will take you to a Slave Grading. Since you what to be a slave, you will become one. Understand?”

“But Jack, how can you do that?”

“Oh stop it. This is what you want. Of course, slaves cannot be married. So once you become a legal slave, we will no longer be marriage.”

“Jack, I don’t understand.”

“I have seen the videos. I have seen and heard you too. Clarissa is the Mistress, you are the slave. Now sign this form bahis şirketleri that Jerry prepared for me. You will be a legal slave.”

“But, I…”

“Enough, go to your room.”

Rose stared back at Jack and fought back tears. After several minutes, Clarissa came to Rose, pulled her to her feet and said, “It is best Rose. Don’t fight it. Come, I will take you to your room.”

Rose allowed herself to be led to her room and she lay down. When Clarissa left the room, Rose heard a lock engaged. She got up and tried the door. It was locked!

“Oh my god! They’ve locked me in.” She thought to herself.

She pounded on the door. Finally, Clarissa opened the door and she was mad. “What Rose?”

“Why am I locked inside?”

“Why? So you don’t try to leave. Now, keep quite. You are disturbing the Master. Don’t make me restrain you to the bed.”

With that threat, Rose was quite the rest of the night. The next morning, Clarissa let Rose out and led her to the guest bathroom. Jack did not appear until it was time to leave. When he saw Rose, he walked to her, took her in his arms and said, “This is for the best Rose. Let us go.”

Rose did not speak, she was beaten. She, Jack and Clarissa drove to the Slave Grading. Once there, Jack took Rose to the counter, handed the slave form to the clerk and said, “This is Rose, my wife. She wants to become my legal slave.”

The clerk took the form, looked at each ID and began the process. Soon, two attendances came and led Rose away. Rose was now Slave Graded. She was examined by a Doctor, blood was drawn. Photos from every angle were taken, including close-ups. Every part of her body was measured, recorded and photographed. A small Slave mark was branded on her left buttocks and her Slave Number was tattooed to her scalp, just above the hair line. When the process was completed, Rose was now a Registered and Certified Slave, who belonged to her former husband, Jack.

When Rose was led out, she saw the Worthington’s were standing with Jack and Clarissa. Nancy said to her, “Well Rose. That did not take long for you to realize your true self. Congratulations.”

Rose just stood there and did not speak. Jack said, “Speak slave. Thank Nancy for her kind words.”

“Thank you Nancy”

Mrs. Worthington turned to Jack and said, “I am giving a party this afternoon. An all female party. May I borrow Rose?”

“For what purpose?”

“Oh, she will be the entertainment. It is a sex party; she will service all the women.”

Jack smiled and said, “Yes, you can borrow her. Would you like Clarissa also?”

“Not as a slave. I would like her to attend the party as my guest. They can ride with us. We will bring them to you later today. Ok?”

“Ok. Have fun.” He turned to Jerry and said, “What do you want to do for the afternoon?”

Jerry smile and said, “I know want we can do. Come with me, you drive.”

Through all Rose did not say a word. She was led to Nancy’s car and they drove to the Worthington’s home. About two hours later, 4 women arrived. Rose greeted each at the door nude. For the next 4 hours, Rose was used by all six women. She was made to eat all their pussies, she was spanked, and her ass was used. It went on and on.

After the four women left, Rose was so tired and couldn’t move. Nancy and Clarissa talked for a while. After a time, Clarissa said, “Well Rose, time to go. Come with us. You can stay naked on our trip home.”

Nancy laughed and said, “Oh you are bad.”

When they got to the Warner’s home, Jack and Jerry were waiting for them. After all were seated in the living room, Jack stood and said, “Rose, my ex wife is now my slave.” He held up a form and said, “And with this form I free Clarissa.” And he signed the form.

Clarissa smiled, ran to Jack, hugged him and said, “Oh, thank you Master. I mean Jack.”

“You are welcome. Will you marry me?”

When Rose heard that, she stood up, took a step and then fainted. When she awoke, she was in her room. Clarissa was there who said, “There, there Rose. I know this has been a shock. I don’t think this is going to work out. You still living here I mean. I have convinced Jack to sell you to Nancy. You are going back with them.”

Rose didn’t think she heard her right, “What?”

“He has signed you over all ready. Now get up.”

Nancy appeared at the door and said, “Clarissa, please send over her things when you have a chance.” And to Rose she said smiling, “Come Rose, you are mine now.”

Rose got up, looked at Clarissa and said, “You have won. I didn’t have a chance did it?”

“No you didn’t.” She continued, “Now keep Nancy happy or she will sell you to someone else.”

Rose got up and was led to the front door, no one said anything. Rose left with Nancy and Jerry, as their slave. Jack and Clarissa were married 3 weeks later. At her new home, Rose was Nancy’s personal body slave. Rose was used for sex always, which was her duty. She used for sex by Nancy, Jerry, their friends. This was her life now. Over time, Rose would think back to how her life had changed in a few short weeks. She had been a happily married woman and in just a few short weeks she became a slave. You just never know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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