A Day to Remember

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Alexis Ren

It was mid summer I had been working in my garden all morning. I was wet with sweat from the heat and hard work. I had removed my shirt thinking it would give me some relief from the elements. I worked so hard all morning I last track of the time. I was late for a lunch date with and old friend. I was in a very big hurry to get done; that I didn’t notice mother watching me through the window.

Mother and I lived together because of financial reason. She had been living alone since father died. She didn’t make enough money to live on her own. After we had a long talk about it I decided to move in with her to help. Mother and I were best friends and we spent a lot of time together; so her watching me work in the garden didn’t seem strange. As I entered the house I didn’t notice right away how red and wet mother looked. I didn’t know it at the moment but she had been masturbating while watching me. She had gotten herself all worked up watching me work with my shirt off. Not knowing the situation I paused for a moment to see if she was OK. She just smiled in a mother’s understanding way and said she was fine.

I told her I was going to take a shower and meet a friend for lunch. I went into my bed room and removed my dirty clothes. I was standing there naked at the foot of my bed; when all of a sudden my bedroom door opened. Mother walk in an ask me if I needed anything. As she stood there looking canlı bahis at my naked body; I felt myself getting very aroused. My Dick became very hard at the thought of my mother seeing me naked. She smiles at the site of my throbbing Dick and tells me it looks as if I had a problem. She began to remove her dress letting it fall to the floor. She was naked standing in front of me asking if there was anything she could do.

My only thoughts at that moment were how beautiful mother was for a woman of 40. She had perfect breasts with the tightest ass of any woman I had ever seen. All I wanted at that moment was to fuck her like I had never fucked before. I took her by the hand and laid her across my bed. I pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and kneeled down between her legs. Pushing her legs apart I began to lick her pussy. Running my tongue over her clit time after time. I could feel her body arch from the pleasure of her son eating her pussy. I began to stroke my Dick feeling my own pleasure of making love to my mother. The more I licked the more she moaned. I licked her pussy until her first orgasm and her cum was running down my chin. I know it had been awhile for her, because she hadn’t been with anybody since the death of my father.

At that moment I stood up and positioned my body between her legs. I slowly inserted the head of my 9 inch long 2 inch round Dick in the opening of her tight juicy pussy. bahis siteleri Plunging it in as deep as she could take it. All I could hear were the moans and screams she let out: as if I were ripping her apart. She took her fingers and began to rub her clit while I fucked her. She began screaming please don’t stop, fuck me harder, fuck me harder. I’m fucking her so hard I could hear the suction of her pussy around my Dick. I could feel myself getting ready to cum. The first shot I shot deep into her pussy. The rest I shot all over her face and body. I stood there masturbating watch while I watched her lick the cum from the head of my Dick She sat up and took my Dick into her mouth to suck the rest out of me. She took in the entire 9 inches deep into her mouth. Taking it down her throat as if it belonged there.

After sucking my Dick dry she told me to lay across the foot of the bed. She took two leather straps and tied my wrists to the head of the bed. With my feet still on the floor she took two more straps and tied my legs to the foot of the bed as far apart as she could get them. She told me I was a bad boy for fucking her and I would have to be punished. She left me for a few minutes: when she returned she had strapped on a 10 inch dildo. She took some Vaseline to lubricate it for easy incursion. She put the head of the dildo to the opening of my ass, and slowly pushed her body against mine. As she penetrated bahis şirketleri my ass deeper and deeper I began to scream. I was screaming Mommy it hurts, it hurts real bad. She begins plunging it in and out with great speed. I had never felt so much pain in my life. The more she fucked me the faster she went. I began to enjoy being fucked in my ass. I told her not to stop even though I had tears in my eyes. I told her I loved being fucked by her. She began to slap my ass to make me tighten my ass for better results.

After untying me she told me to fuck her in the ass. She said she had never been fuck in the ass before and she wanted to know what it felt like. She took hold of my Dick to lubricate it with Vaseline. I told her to get on her hands and knees. I climbed between her legs and inserted my Dick into her ass. I felt her body get tight all over. She reached back and grabbed my legs to pull my body into her. She really liked having my Dick in her ass. She began yelling to fuck her hard and don’t stop until I shot my load. I shot my cum in her ass several times before pulling my Dick from her.

After it was all over we laid naked on the bed wrapped up in each others arms. The day had passed by but mother and I where not the same people that we were when the day started. I had gotten so lost in making love to my mother; that I had forgot about the lunch date with my old friend. What had happened between mother and I that day meant more to me then the lunch date, because of the closeness we had from that moment on. We went on to make love many more time after that day, and that pleased me greatly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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