A Death in the Family Ch. 01

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It was shortly after my father reached his forty-sixth birthday. He had been a hard-worker all his life. He had provided well for his family. We lived in a large home in a very good neighborhood. We lived in the richest county in the state and in the richest village in that county. He had spent little time at home. All of his time had been spent making money. He owned his own brokerage firm. I didn’t understand what he really did for a living. I was nineteen years old. I was the youngest in the family and as naive as a Catholic boy often is.

There was Dad, me, and my three sisters, along with Mom. I still lived at home with Mom and Dad, preparing to go to college in a year after spending time traveling in Europe. My sister, Frida, was a junior in college and twenty-one years old. She lived in a dorm at the college. Next was Geena, who was in her last year of college and twenty-two years old. She lived in an apartment. Last was Hanna, who had graduated and had been working in Dad’s firm for two years. She was twenty-four years old and lived at home with me, Mom and Dad.

I was Eric, Mom was Dana, and Dad was Charles.

It happened suddenly. Everything was fine, it seemed. I was not aware of any problems in the family, but I was young and wasn’t really tuned in to the family dynamics. I had my own life with its problems and worries. You remember what that was like for to still be fresh out of high school.

Then Dad had his heart attack, and within a few hours he was gone. Our family would never be the same again.

The funeral was three days later. We had a large family and they all came. It was held at a funeral home nearby and then the entire family returned to our large home to do as families always do after these events. We ate from the food provided by all the family members, so that Mom wouldn’t have to do anything. We visited with members and spouses and children that we hadn’t seen in years, in some cases. Finally, after several hours, almost everyone had cleaned up the food, cleaned the house, and left for their own homes.

I was left with my mother and my three sisters. We had a five bedroom house, so everyone at last went to their own rooms and peace descended upon the house. It was eerie to know Dad wasn’t there anymore. It was also strange how little I had seen my mother and sisters mourn. Personally, I had never been close to Dad.

My two sisters in college had taken off for a week from college. It was no problem. They both attended the same exclusive, private school, and my father had been a large contributor to the alumni fund. The college was a tradition in the family. Everyone in the family had attended this school, except, of course, me, and I was heading there next year.

About two in the morning my mom came into my room and awakened me.

“Eric, do you mind if I sleep with you tonight? I feel so strange. Is it okay, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sweetie?”

“Of course, Mom, please, do what you want. It’s alright, really.”

My mother was a beautiful woman of forty-five. She had kept her hair long, and wavy. It was brown and soft as silk. She was wearing a long nightgown, but it was almost translucent, and I could see what a nice figure she had. I had always thought she was lovely, and tonight she was extremely fine looking. Maybe sorrow brings out beauty I thought.

Mom crawled into my bed and cuddled up to me. I was on my back and I put my arm around her shoulder, and she put a hand on my bare chest. I slept in my boxer shorts only. After a few minutes I could feel Mom shaking and I felt tears wetting my chest and shoulder.

“Mom, it’s alright, it’s okay, don’t cry, please.”

“Oh, Eric, you just don’t understand. I know you’re young but you should really know the truth. I’m sorry to tell you things you may not want to hear, but you’re the man in the family now. You will have to grow up quickly.”

Then she told me the story of her and my father. It wasn’t pretty. When my parents had been attending college together they had met at a mixer. She was a junior and he was a senior. The mixer was alcohol free, but almost all the young men at the mixer had bottles in their jacket pockets and my father had made several drinks for himself and my mother. They both were slightly tipsy, but she was a little thing and the liquor really affected her. She lost all her inhibitions. She was still a virgin, but not for long.

They went out to his car and he fucked her in the back seat of his Mercedes. Then he got upset because her virgin blood had stained his carseat. Nine months later my sister Hanna was born. In his family one had to do the “right” thing. They were married. Dad graduated and Mom finished up the next year. Dad’s family set them up with a small home and a good job for Dad.

He fucked her only once a year. On his own birthday. It was his present to himself. The rest of the year he was using prostitutes. The only good thing he did was use a condom when screwing the


So, over the years, by chance, Mom became pregnant and had her four children. Finally, she had her tubes tied. She didn’t want anymore children. I had always wondered why our birthdays were within a few weeks of each other. Now I knew. I held her tight. And I felt my cock starting to grow. I had just learned to hate my father, and I was feeling strong feelings of love for my mother. I wanted her.

I didn’t have to do anything. I had been wondering what I needed to do to get my Mom to make love to me. It happened very suddenly. I felt her little hand on my boxers. Then she reached into the opening and fished out my hard cock. She started stroking it.

“Is this alright, Eric? I’ve never done güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri this before. All your father ever did was stick his cock into my pussy and fuck until he came. He never made love to me. Am I doing this right?”

God! Was she doing it right! “Mom, you’re a natural, I think. I want you so badly right now. Can I touch you too?”

“Oh, Eric. I want to be loved so much right now. I’ve waited so long to really be loved. Do anything you want, baby. It’s all new to me too.”

The first thing I did was have Mom take off the nightgown. Now I could see her beautiful body. She had small tits, but the nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers. They were so pretty. And her pussy was very brown, and curly. She had never shaved it. I don’t think she knew that she could. But I noticed something about her pussy. It was already very wet. I stripped off my boxers and grabbed her and put her down on the bed. I started kissing her like a lover, not a son. She kissed back.

My cock was so hard it was starting to ache. She grabbed it again and I started mauling her little titties and nipples, then I sucked on them. She started jacking me off. Then she did something she had maybe dreamed of, but had never done before. She leaned over and kissed my cock. Then she licked it. She shivered with lust. She put her whole mouth around my cock and started sucking hard. She sucked so hard I almost told her to stop, but fuck that. I wanted my Mom to give me my first blow job, and her first blow job.

I was young and this was all new to me, but I knew I loved it. However, I didn’t know how to hold it in yet. I started coming in a minute or two. I came so much it dribbled around her mouth. She tried so hard to eat it all. She had been holding herself in check for half of her life. Now she wanted to have it all. She licked and sucked all of my come, looked up into my eyes and grinned as I had never seen her do before. We both had found something magical.

My Mom had discovered what she had been missing for twenty years. She was not about to miss anything ever again, now that the bastard in her life was good and gone. She embraced me and begged me to make love to her again and again. I had lost my hard on. However, I started growing once more. I was young and horny. I was getting ready to do some more sex damage on Mom.

I reached over and started fingering her pussy. She started grinding against my fingers. And moaning with passion. She came quickly, once again, on my hand. I let her lick her own pussy juice and she loved it as she continued moaning. The I decided to do something I had heard the other guys talk about, and I had seen on the internet. I softly spread her legs and started kissing her pussy. I kissed and nibbled on her clit above her slit. I started licking her labia. They were wet from coming so much. I licked it off and sucked her güvenilir bahis şirketleri cunt.

I think my Mom came more that night than she had in her whole life.

After I had sucked all her pussy honey out, and watched as more kept dribbling out, I decided that she needed a loving cock rammed up her cunt. I had grown hard again with a nineteen year old’s resilience. I was as hard as a stone. Her legs were already spread apart for my feeding session. I just moved into position, spread her legs a little more, and began pushing my seven inches of hard dick into my Mom. She grinned again, then she grimaced the face of lust as I pushed in and began fucking my Mommy.

She had been fucked only about twenty or so times in her life. Her cunt was as tight as an eighteen year old. I could barely force my way in, but I fucking did! I rammed in and started thrusting in and out. I was like a fucking machine. This was my first fuck. I had already had my first blow job. This was the best night of my life. I was going to do the best fucking fuck of my life, and remember it forever. So I rammed harder and Mom started screaming with pleasure and lust.

This time I had plenty of time before I came. I was building up a great come in my balls for my Mom. She kept coming so it was juicy and warm, and it wanted more and more cock in it. I was more than willing to make love to my Mom all night if she wanted me. I kept fucking in and out, in and out, in and out.

After thirty minutes, she started saying, “Eric, please come in me, I can’t take anymore, please come, baby, please.”

So I started shooting as much come as I could up her pussy. More and more shot into her cunt. Finally I had no more to give and quickly pulled out. My god! She squirted all her juices and my come back out onto my belly. It was so fucking hot! I had never heard of that before. It was fucking great. I collapsed on top of my Mom and we spread all our come all over our bodies as we embraced in love and lust.

We were so tired that we fell asleep almost immediately. We slept with our arms around each other. All sticky from come and happy as hell.

I awoke about five in the morning. Something wet and soft was wrapped around my soft dick. I glanced down and saw that Mom was enjoying her newfound sexual freedom by making love to her son’s cock. She was enjoying rolling my soft cock around in her mouth, tasting all of the come from last night, both hers and mine. But, of course, I couldn’t stay soft forever. I started growing, and instead of just licking it she started sucking it and running her tongue up and down my shaft. Then she sucked in both of my balls and ran her tongue over them.

I grabbed her pretty brown hair and began fucking her face. I had dreamed of doing this to some girl. But this was my Mom! I loved it. I fucked her mouth and she rammed almost her whole hand into her cunt. She started fucking her pussy with her hand as I fucked her face. I could tell when she began coming because she almost bit my cock as she moaned. That made me start coming too. She sucked it all down, licked her hand clean, and grinned her new grin at me. Death had brought new life to my family!

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