A Desperate Mom Takes Charge Ch. 05

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the sixth of the ten interviews I have worked on over the last three years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

This is the fifth chapter involving Mark and his mother Sandy. Events rock Mark’s world and he is left to pick up the pieces. His sister Kristen’s future lies in the balance.


Friday I took Matt and Steve and we went deep sea fishing in the morning, we didn’t catch anything worth keeping but we had a great time. The three of us bonded but more than that Matt and I got to spend some quality time just being brothers.

“She loves you, you know?” Matt said when we were alone.

“Who loves me?” I asked kidding around.

“Kristen.” He said soberly. “She thinks I don’t know, but I do.”

“Maybe but…” I patted him on the back. “…but you are the one she is bonded to. She loves you!”

“You know about us don’t you?” Matt asked sheepishly.

“It’s all good buddy.” I reassured him.

“Mom and Heather too?” He looked up.

“Yeah I’m afraid so.” I grinned. “Just keep it behind closed doors and you’ll be ok.” I said. “Preferably not glass doors either!” I teased him a bit.

Matt looked up a bit confused, obviously he still didn’t know about the other night. He smiled at me nervously. Then he did something that took me back. Matt hugged me.

“Thank you Mark.” Matt whispered. “You’re the best friend I have.”

I was truly affected by what he said. I felt closer to them both than I ever had before.

After lunch we joined up with the girls and went parasailing. Now one thing about me is I don’t do planes. Hanging from a kite in the air behind a boat just wasn’t going to happen. I was in charge of the video camera as they each took turns going up. Matt and Steve were skeptical at first, but Kit and Dawn talked them into it.

Here we are three macho men and we were all afraid to fly! After the initial hesitation, I think Matt had the most fun of all. For Sandy, Heather and Kit this was just a preview for tomorrow. They were going skydiving.

Dawn and Kit had been tanning earlier, and both looked a bit pink by the time we got back to the condo. By dinner my suspicions confirmed they were both sun burned. Dawn fared little better than Kit who was just plain red. Steve and Dawn were leaving tomorrow Matt and Kit on Sunday.

Sandy was staying with Heather and me for another week. I took everyone out for dinner that night at the local seafood dive joint. Steve and Dawn thanked us for having them along. I think they even knew their presence was no longer needed. Kit took my words to heart. Matt and she were clearly together but didn’t show it publicly.

Sandy came to bed after checking up on Kit, she was hurting pretty bad but seemed ok otherwise. Heather invited Sandy to our bed that night, it was one of those rare times the three of us made love together.

When I woke around two Sandy and Heather were entwined in each other’s arms sleeping. I went to the bathroom and then headed to the living room and stood looking at the ocean. I walked out on the patio the cool breeze washed over me, it was so peaceful here. If I ever had money I could get use to this.

“You look happy!” Kit whispered from her side of the wall.

“I guess you could say I am.” I winked.

“Are they?” She teased. I looked back in the direction of the bedroom.

“They were when I left them.” I was bragging a bit, but she asked. “And Matt?”

“Sleeping like a baby!” She winked. “Normally I wouldn’t complain but it took him long enough to get there! I guess it’s my fault for getting sun burned. “

“You ok?” I asked truly concerned. “That and everything else?”

“I am fine just really tender, fortunately for Matt not in the important areas!” Kit teased. She was still pushing my buttons. “After you left, Mom and Heather talked to me. Thank you Mark. Mom was glad you and I talked.”

“Kit, you know, you and me. I can’t ever…” I tried to explain. “…Matt is in love with you.”

“I know. After today…” She just looked at the water.

“I could never do that to Matt. Not even once. Are we clear?” I refused to let it hang open like this. I knew I was being presumptuous but things had gone pretty far today, on and off the beach.

“I know. I couldn’t do that to Heather and mom. I guess I have been a bit over the top lately.” Kit looked up at me not at all sorry however.

“If you ever need me I will be there.” I replied.

“I know, thank you Mark, I love you!” She whispered

“Same for me. We better go, canlı bahis tomorrow is a busy day.” I said turning to the living room. “Good night Kit.”

“Well I better go let him have round three or he won’t let me sleep in!” She winked at me. I didn’t know if she was serious or jerking my chain. “Good night Mark!”

Breakfast was late, Steve and Dawn were packed ready to go. They were going to return the van and fly out. Matt and I were going to take the girls and video tape them skydiving just after noon. On the ride over setting in the center of the back seat, it was clear that Kit was in pain anytime mom or Heather even brushed up against her.

“Kit I don’t think you should go honey.” Mom looked at Heather concerned. “Baby you will be in a harness and covered head to foot. There is no way you will enjoy this!”

I could see Heather agreed.

“But you paid for it already! I’ll be ok!” Kit put up a brave face.

“If you say so dear but you can hardly be in the sun and you are in pain. We’ll be in an open field taking lessons for an hour!” Mom replied. “And you will be strapped to another person don’t forget!”

“Maybe Matt would like to go?” I blurted out. I looked over at Matt, he looked surprised but excited. “Just a thought.”

“Matt, would you like to go honey?” Kit asked. It was the first time she had called him that around us.

“Not if you want Kit, this is your adventure.” He replied. I wasn’t sure if he was hoping to go or needed her to make up his mind.

“Well since I messed up maybe it would be better if you went today?” Kit smiled back at him.

“Are you sure Kit? I will go but only if you don’t.” Matt replied. I was proud of him, he always put her first, I knew why she loved him so much.

“Then it’s settled. As long as we don’t lose the money you should go.” Kit announced. She wasn’t happy but I knew her mind was made up. Matt was going.

They spent half the time in a class room the other on the field practicing the landing. Three instructors would be strapped to Matt, Heather and Sandy. Another couple are jumping solo for the first time. I adjusted the camera and prepared for the take off.

Kit was inside the air conditioned terminal watching from there. The twin engine prop plane started loading, everyone waved as they boarded. The plane taxied to the end and started to motor down the runway. I steadied the camera as the plane picked up speed and lumbered by me.

Through the viewer I watched expecting it to lift off any second, I seemed forever before the wheels left the tarmac. I watched as it looked like it wouldn’t clear the trees. My heart pounded and then at the last minute I saw daylight between the plane and the trees. God that looked close in the viewer. Looking up I saw the plane continue to climb as it headed away.

I turned and started walking back to the terminal. I was going to set up in the shade for their descent. They told us the plane would be flying out several miles based on the wind speed and height. Then they would be heading back our way in about ten or fifteen minutes. The landing area was so big I knew a close up wasn’t possible.

I had gotten great shots so far, I gave Kit the thumbs up as she looked at me. I was about half way back to the terminal. Suddenly Kit looked beyond me, she and others ran from the building heading my direction.

“MATT!” She screamed.

I turned and looked for the plane. I searched the sky and then to my horror there was a large black cloud rising up from the horizon.

“MOM!” She screamed.

“Mark do something!” She yelled. It was all I could to hold her. “Please Mark do something!”

I was numb. I knew then there were no survivors. I held Kit as she pounded my chest. She pulled on me to take her to the car. I knew it was no use. I could feel it. She broke free and started to run down the airstrip I followed knowing she wouldn’t get far. She fell to her knees sobbing as she finally realized there was little chance they survived.

I bent down and just held her. Time stopped for those few precious moments. Even though I knew she was in physical pain as I held Kit she refused to let me go. Time started again.

Sirens wailed in the distance. I picked Kit up and carried her back to the terminal. By the time we made it back to the police, a fire truck and an ambulance were already on site. I could see from the faces of the skydiving company that my fears were true.

I approached the officer explaining who I was and how I was related to the passengers. The paramedics were tending to Kit’s skinned knees when I returned. I will never forget the look she gave me knowing Matt, Sandy and Heather were not coming back.

The doctor prescribed some sleeping pills before the trip home. The funerals finishing hours ago. I shook the last hand as friends and loved ones left the funeral home. Every box of tissues was empty. I gave the last sleeping pill to Kit when we arrived back at my house. I tucked her in bed and stayed stroking her hair bahis siteleri as she refused to let go and drift asleep.

It was a valiant fight but the drug was too powerful and finally her eyelids drifted close. I stayed as long as I could then closed the door making sure it was open a few inches. Getting her to sleep was challenging enough not being here when she woke was worse.

Hank offered to have Kit stay with him but she wouldn’t hear of it. We had not been apart for more than a few hours since the accident. Kit wouldn’t let me out of her sight and she knew I wouldn’t be welcome there.

Hank responded better than I expected under the circumstances. Losing Matt hurt deeply, much more than Sandy, deep down I knew he blamed me for it. He never came out and said it but I could tell by the way he looked at me, and, by what he didn’t say.

I unloaded the last of the flowers and changed my clothes. Picking up the house I started a load of dishes. I knew she would be hungry so I started dinner. There was a stack of mail filled with sympathy cards. I set them out so Kit could see them. There was a card addressed to Kit from the college. I took a shower and started the laundry looking in on Kit each time I passed the door.

“MARK!” I heard her scream from down the hall. I rushed to the room and found her covered in sweat. “I killed him!” Kit screamed.

“NO baby, it was an accident!” I pulled her tight one more time. She was so wet her perspiration dampened my fresh clothes. “This isn’t your fault!”

We had been through this over and over, some say its survivor’s guilt but this was much worse. Kit was to have been on that plane. I was the one that suggested Matt take her place not Kit. If anyone was to blame it should be me. Still she had this nightmare almost daily.

“I loved him Mark!” She wept in my chest.

“I know you did baby, he knows you did!” I tried to console her.

“You don’t understand…” Kit sobbed. “…he wanted to make love that morning but I was in so much pain. I told him no! I had never done that before, I loved when he fucked me. Why Mark? Why did I tell him no? All he wanted to do was share his love, he was like that…I loved him!”

“SSSHHHhh. No more of that.” I pressed her face to my chest. “He loved you Kit, you know he did, we both know he did. ”

I held her until she settled down. I could feel the tension drain from her body. When the time felt right I stood up.

“Take your shower and I will have dinner ready for us.” I kissed the top of her head.

After dinner I cleaned up, Kit did her laundry and read some cards. I stayed with her again that night until she closed her eyes. Making my way to my room I got ready for bed making sure to leave the door ajar. I woke with Kit pressed against me. Each night I would put her to bed in the spare room and every morning she would be in bed with me.

I decided to add that to the lists of things we needed to talk about. For now I decided the time wasn’t right. I’m not sure if it would ever come, if not I would need to just do it and hope for the best. The end of the month was coming up, I would use that as a deadline.

I actually had to work for a living, Monday I would start back. I couldn’t leave Kit alone and Hank wasn’t an option. We had friends but this would be too much to ask. Besides she still clung to me like a leach and leaving her would just make things worse.

I decided she could go with me. I worked alone outside the office, Kit could help with paperwork when I was there. We actually worked well together although she found real estate boring. Through it all I actually closed some deals.

The next two weeks were trying at first but we slogged through. The weekend was coming and with it the month’s end. I had been dropping hints that we needed to talk. Friday night we ordered in pizza. It was a favorite of Kit’s and Matt. She ordered it just like they always did along with a salad.

Kit showered and dressed for bed. Gone were the sexy clothes she wore for Matt, instead it was just old sweats. She came and got me, like always I sat with her until she was sleeping.

Kissing her hair I went to take my shower . Slipping on my boxers I went to the living room to look over some listings. I had just sat down after getting a beer when I heard her call out. Jumping up from the chair I rushed to her room she wasn’t there. Her sweats were on the floor, I panicked. I ran to the bathroom, it was empty. I heard her call out again. It sounded like it was from my room.

“I’m on my way Kit!” I called out as I darted down the hall. Kit was naked in the center of my bed. She had one hand gripping her tit the other working between her legs. I could hear the sloshing in her pussy as she writhed on the bed moaning.

“Kit!” I shouted kneeling on the bed to lean over her. Her eyes were closed she was breathing hard.

“Matt baby I’m here!” Kit grabbed me firmly and pulled me down for a kiss. “Kiss me Matt!” She demanded.

“Kit I am not…” Her strength bahis şirketleri was super human as she pulled me down and locked onto my lips. I struggled briefly but didn’t want to hurt her.

“Fuck me baby! I need you Matt!” She was dragging my shorts off and still trying to kiss me. I tried to see if she knew it was me but her eyes were still closed. With my shorts to my knees she grabbed my cock and stroked it.

“Kit! It’s me Mark!” I tried to impress on her.

“Hurry baby it will be morning soon!” Kit tried to kiss me her hand still stroking my cock. I was hard now, the circumstances working against me. “Please Matt fuck me. ”

Kit wiggled around until I was kneeling between her legs. She was like a serpent dodging my every attempt to block her.

“No Kit! We can’t do this!” I yelled firmly. “I am not Matt!” I shook her loose and pinned her to the bed.

Kit finally opened her eyes and gazed at me.

“Why Matt? What did I do? I won’t hurt you again, I promise!” The look she gave me broke my heart. “Please Matt, this one last time? Please baby?”

“Kit I can’t I don’t want to hurt you.” I explained softly. The meaning was twofold, physically and emotionally.

“Don’t worry Matt it’s only a sunburn, I’ll be fine you’ll see.” Her eyes begged me to give in. “I need this Matt, please baby? I will never turn you down again.”

I knew her sunburn had healed weeks ago. Was she faking or did she really think I was Matt. She firmly pulled me in for a kiss a slow, wet, sensual kiss. Just like the ones I am sure she gave Matt. My defenses down my cock swelled in her hand, she guided me to her pussy. There was just no way I could stop now.

“Gentle baby, just like the first time.” Kit looked up at me her eyes begging me to continue. My cock grazed her pussy lips. Kit sucked in air and held it as they parted. “Yes Matt, I want this we both want this.”

Maybe she did, but I did not. Not now and definitely not this way. Don’t get me wrong Kit is smoking hot, smart, and personable. Any other person on any other day I wouldn’t give it a second thought. But she wasn’t any other person, she was my half-sister. That and Kit thinks she is going to fuck her dead brother. This is wrong in so many ways.

As the warmth of her pussy spread over the tip of my cock all thoughts of what and why dissolved, I was committed now. I bore down slightly Kit shifted to accept my cock.

“Yes Matt! Show me how much you love me!” Kit whispered. She was looking at my cock spreading her pussy. “I love you baby I really do!”

“I love you Kit.” I whispered back. Her head snapped up and she found my eyes. “I do Kit, I do love you!”

“I know Matt, I have always known!” She gazed in my eyes, I wonder who she really saw?

One minute I am feeling guilty the next I am confessing my love. Kit closed her eyes her hips rolled up I hear her gasp as my cock sunk deeper. She pulled me down and kissed my chest. I don’t know where that came from but it felt divine. Something about this night was just not right. Kit’s fingers dug in my back she urged me on.

‘Fuck me.”

It took several minutes to work my cock more than half way in. Kit moaned but continued to urge me on. Finally we started a slow and rhythmic pace. She wasn’t giving up, Kit continued to force me deeper. I could feel the discomfort I was causing her.

Kit had grown into a fine young woman, tall for a girl, maybe five ten give or take, and slender. She has small b cup tits, puffy nipples adorned the peaks, Kit’s hips were all but nonexistent.

She has a cute face with a button nose, long flowing hair and an infectious smile. All that and one trait she shares with our mother an enlarged clit. The one concern I could see is she has a small vaginal opening. Unlike mom she didn’t have large pussy lips that parted and spread open. Kits were smooth and tight her mound hidden between her legs.

“I’m hurting you!” I protested.

“It’s only a sunburn! Fuck me Matt! I need to feel you cum!” Kit replied firmly.

Suddenly it was like she willed her pussy open and my cock forced it’s way to new depths. It felt like the first time I fucked Sandy’s ass. I was getting that familiar feeling.

“Faster Matt!” Kit was whimpering now, her wetness and the new found depths started to affect us both. “I want it all Matt!”

“No baby, please, I don’t want to hurt you!” I was almost begging her now.

“I need you to hurt me like I hurt you! Please Matt all of it! Please Matt I beg of you, I need this.” Kit gouged my back and pressed up with her pussy.

I slammed down hard pinning her ass to the bed. Kit grimaced as my cock found her limit. I wasn’t close to being in all the way. I caught a break as Kit seemed ready to cum herself.

“YES! Now cum!” Kit demanded.

She grabbed my hips and urged me to pick up the pace. We were fucking now, my balls were boiling her breath was shallow, I groaned, she whimpered again. I could feel her stomach tighten.

“Hurry Matt I can’t wait much longer.” She hissed.

“Come for me Kit!” I whispered.

“You first Matt! I need to feel you cum in me, I will be right behind you!” She promised. Kit gripped my back digging her nails in deeper. “Please cum!”

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