A Doctor’s Exam Gets Wild

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This is a fantasy of mine. Yes, I know it may seem strange to some people, but for those who are into such things I hope it’ll be a turn-on. It involves male-on-male, group sex, and forced sex. If you’re not a fan of those things, please don’t continue reading this story. It’s not meant to be a great work of prose, just a fantasy.

As a young, always horny, male I’ve been interested in anal sex for literally as long as I can remember. Even as a young boy I was always interested in asses, male or female, big or little, flat or round. It didn’t matter, if it was an ass I wanted to kiss it and lick it and play with it, and eventually, fuck it. The thought of my cock squeezing in-between two butt cheeks and gliding into that tiny, puckered little hole was too much! I even started exploring my own little puckered love hole and started to have others explore it as I got into my late-teens. If I couldn’t fuck into an asshole I wanted someone to fuck into my asshole. I’ve had a variety of ass-fuck partners over the years; from small, fat cocks that really stretched me out to super long, even freakishly-long cocks that have snaked so far up into me that I was sure they’d do some damage as they pounded and pounded into me and “hit bottom” over and over again. I’ve been gang-raped quite a few times; sometimes I even start things going by teasing drunken guys at a party and by not wearing underwear. And once, I wore panties and made sure I bent over enough times that they showed under my loose gym shorts. Those guys didn’t even pull my shorts off; they just pulled them to one side and took turns fucking and cumming into my abused asshole. I loved it!

I have no idea how this fetish started. I wasn’t abused or molested as a child. We had a great family life and I had regular friends and did well in school. I haven’t got a clue why I turned into such an assman but it has served me well over the years.

I’ve been fucked so much, so hard, and so deep and been stretched out by so many huge, fat, long cocks, and even two cocks at once fucking into my hole. And, because I’ve had so much cum and piss shot into my ass and had so many enemas, either by myself or forced enemas in a shower room full of horny guys, I wanted to see if there was any damage in there so I scheduled a colonoscopy. Since I’m not even 30 yet, let alone 50, my insurance wouldn’t cover it so I had to pay for it myself; but I wanted to make sure things were still fine in my tight little love hole. Well, it turned out that not only are my ass and colon both in perfect shape, but the doctor and his assistant both raped my asshole after the exam!

As I lay half-groggy on my left side on that exam table after having that hose thing snaked way up inside my colon, I heard the door to the exam room güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri being locked and I felt my robe opening up all the way so I was totally naked from behind. The next thing I knew, I felt a cock sliding in and out of my tight little asshole! My hole was already lubricated from the procedure so the doctor’s cock slipped right up my clean little hole. I knew the doctor had something planned for me up by the way he talked to me before the exam. I remember his shaved head and goatee and the way he asked me questions. Some of them seemed to be pretty personal, like if I’ve ever had anal sex or ever had anything inserted in my anus, or ever had an enema. The twinkle in his eye was enough to make me wonder what he had in mind, especially when my answers were all, “yes”. I was to put a loose robe on with the back exposed and another robe on the front to cover up my exposed back, and to keep my shoes and socks on, just until I got to the exam room when the outer robe came off and I got on the table and laid on my left side and the drug started making me drowsy almost immediately. I would have rather been fully aware of the gang rape that I was the subject of because I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more. But, I’m guessing it was more exciting for the doctor and his assistant to have me fading in and out as they used me as their sex toy.

As he fucked into my ass, the doctor’s hands were running all over my naked back, hips, and butt cheeks. I could feel my right butt cheek being pulled far apart, almost like he was trying to really spread them as far apart as he could and really trying to get his cock as far up my hole as he could. His finger was poking into my asshole next to his pumping cock and it was circling my puckered hole as he fucked into me with all his might. He was tightly holding onto me as he stood on the floor with my ass hanging off the edge of the exam table at the perfect height for his cock to do its own personal examination of my colon! His dick slid in and out of my freshly-cleaned and examined little poop hole for a few minutes before he finally unloaded his fresh, hot, doctor cum up inside of it, messing up my formerly-whistle-clean colon!

Just as the dirty doctor plopped his softening cock out of my asshole, causing some of his cum to leak out of my freshly-fucked hole, the young assistant changed places with him. He looked like he was barely 18 years old but he was much faster, harder, and rougher than the doctor was and it seemed like he was surprised that they were doing such a thing to a patient. His cock was much longer than the doctor’s cock was, and even though I was groggy from the drugs I could feel every inch of that thing as it snaked its way up my rectum. He fucked into my ass much harder than the doctor güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri did as he stood there pumping with my ass hanging over the edge of the exam table. His balls were slapping against my bottom, left, cheek as he slam-fucked into my poor little hole like he really meant to punish me and I deserved to be fucked hard! Then, after a few minutes of hammering into me he put one knee up on the exam table and rolled me over so I was on my stomach. My robe was totally open in the back and I was totally naked and half asleep and couldn’t do anything but lay there and be used and abused by these two dirty guys.

He then he got up there on the exam table with me and laid on my naked back, straddling my ass cheeks. He grabbed onto my naked hips and he started hammering in and out of my poor little poop hole, almost like he was punishing me for something. His long cock was slithering way up my colon almost like the scope they just took out of it! He was really slamming into me hard, maybe because of the excitement of it or the fact that he had just seen that my young ass was healthy and clean and could take it. He was really getting a kick out of raping my asshole, putting his fingers in at the same time, really stretching me out. My poor little poop hole probably wasn’t as tight as it was five minutes ago before the doctor just stretched it out and it surely wasn’t as tight as it was when I walked in there that morning after those two had their way with me on that exam table.

The assistant kept hammering against my butt cheeks until he rammed his cock as hard and as far as he could up my ass and shot a huge load of hot sperm up there, mixing it with the dirty doctor’s sperm. The whole time the assistant was fucking my ass, the doctor was waving his cock over my lips and pushing it into my mouth. I was half-asleep so I couldn’t really do much but just lie there. He shot his cum in my mouth after fucking my mouth and throat and his hot cum was dripping from my lips. They both fucked me at least two or three times in that dark exam room and the assistant even pissed in my ass, too! He got up there after the doctor had cummed in me again and just put his cock head in my ass and I was expecting him to start ramming it in as hard and far as he could, but then he just started shooting his hot piss up my ass! It was streaming in like hot jets, shooting into my colon like a pressure washer. He sure was a dirty, nasty one; just how I like them!

Then, after pissing in my ass he put his cock in my mouth to clean it off and he got another hard on and ended up shooing another load of cum down my throat after fucking my mouth at the same time that the doctor was cumming up my ass again, straddling my ass up on the exam table. After he spanked me and güvenilir bahis şirketleri fingered my slippery, juicy, cum and piss-filled asshole, the assistant got under me on the table and put his cock up my now-dirty, leaking ass with me lying on his stomach face up. The doctor then held my legs up in the air and slid his cock in my asshole at the same time. They both fucked me hard and they each shot another load of hot cum in my colon at the same time! They had called a janitor in to clean things up a bit and he was obviously in on things because he was soon pissing into my asshole! He didn’t even fuck me yet, he just pulled me over to the side of the exam table and put his fat cock head up my ass and started filling me with his hot piss! It wouldn’t be long before he was fucking me and adding his cum to the dirty mess in my colon. He was the roughest one of the three, really pounding my asshole and slapping my butt cheeks and shoving his fingers in my ass as his cock and the other cocks were fucking into it. He’d pull his fat cock out so my asshole was gaping and then when it started to wink closed he’d RAM his fat cock back in there, laughing and saying how much he wanted to have me like that forever as his personal dirty sex slave. He talked about tying me up and taking me to his apartment to be fucked and pissed in by him and his friends. Maybe even drugged and put in an alley for homeless guys to use and fuck and to use me as their urinal.

When they had enough of abusing my tender little puckered hole they bent me in half and carried me over and put me ass-down in the big sink. I was still groggy and couldn’t really move but I was aware of what was happening. I felt them put the hose nozzle in my ass and turn it on and really gave me a nice, warm enema to wash out all of their cum and piss. It was such a turn on to totally be under their control and to be powerless to do anything and to have to take whatever they wanted to do to me. I was their dirty sex slave and was totally under their control. Their hands were rubbing all over me, their fingers were poking into my ass and mouth, their dirty cocks were spurting so much cum and piss in me that I had to have another sink enema.

The doctor contacted me a couple of weeks after my “exam” for a follow-up visit and I’ve had several “rectal exams” by those two dirty doctors and the nasty janitor over the last few years. Each time it’s the same, they tie me up and gag me and just keep spanking me and fucking and pissing in my ass over and over again. I’ve even had more official rectal exams in their office with others joining in on the gang rape, sometimes even women join in and fuck me with dildos and rub their tits in my face as I’m lying there groggy. They’ve been to my house several times as well and they really get wild there, even stopping on the way to pick up hitchhikers to join in on the “exam”. Sometimes they “examine” me outside in the garage or the yard with the lawn service guys joining in on examining the inner workings of my now-famous asshole. I’m looking forward to their next house call.

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