A Fantasy Of Fulfillment…

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An unholy light casting itself freely about in a maniacal fashion illuminates an unknown world behind the enveloping, shadowy trees which surround me. A pale blue glow envelops the land, yet the ditch I reside in, moves into the distance as a shallow, receding, complete darkness. Walking along, many things, past memories haunt my mind, leaving trails of residue behind. These things do not disturb my repose, indeed my every thought is more harsh and impure then the last. Gratefully, each distinct imagined past and future vanishes when I catch sight of her solid mass in the mists ahead.

The curve of her hip strikes a drum in my chest when each stride reaches a pinnacle of sway. Boom! Boom! Slow, sultry, every movement betraying animalistic passion and hungry sexuality, her arm swings low and wide with each and every step. Like water flowing downhill, her hand bonds to her wrist and arm. Onward the fluid motion completely mesmerizes my mind, the bounce of her firm breasts, the gentle sway of her long, dark hair in the pale light. Her hand passes over her privates in a motion that is both beckoning and protective. She draws the air in as she walks, and pushes it aside with her powerful stride. It is not the walk of a kitten, a sheep, or a mouse. She has the gait of a tigeress, in her natural element, without fear.

A gust of breeze, most likely caused by her continuing forward motion brings her scent to me. A mix of citrus sweetness and spark combines with the smoky musk of fine incense. The carrier smell, however, is refreshing and cooling, her olfactory emissions are a waterfall of delight and invigoration to me. This causes an immediate flux and excitement of my energy, moving downward, chilling my heart with lust and filling my gut with oozing warmth.

As I indulge in her thick scent, letting it run awash over my senses, my vision blurs, and she steps into the light. No shadow crosses her face, a perfect oval of soft light siloetted against a dark background. Her chin serving as a inverse pinnacle, is a majestic, round point, providing a focus for her delicate features, casting a slight shadow over a powder textured neck . Full, moist, tantalizing lips, they part and beckon me with the promise of velvety emptiness. Her words form in my mind, “wait there, if you can”, words I cannot obey but for my most willful moments. She examines me, and licks saliva about her tender fleshy slugs ever so slightly, as if to anticipate her next meal. Her cheekbones are prominent, filling the perimeter of her face with a solid jaw line which only serves to accentuate her long, regal neck. This woman is a queen amongst royalty. As my gaze shifts upward, she begins to smile, a smile that draws me in and fills me with a feeling of kindred I haven’t known since before I was born. She knows how much I desire for her, she can read my very soul as if it were written on my face. Her smirk is all at once revealing, beckoning and mocking, sheer amusement on her part, over my fascination regarding her form. My attention is riveted towards her eyes, which have come close enough to be clear and discernable. These pools of liquid light shine forth marking the call of a bright spirit. Here, all her threatening demenor has fallen away, and I see her as a lover, giving, receptive, sensitive, creative and more then willing to go anywhere I want to go with her. Suddenly, as these orbs begin to reveal themselves as intricate gem-like stones within a pool of light, she gives a high, short, staccato laugh, like that of a fairy. Her eyes retreat into slits behind their lids, and I see a playful seductress, preparing to draw me into her game.

She draws a crimson scarf from around her shoulders, revealing the soft, bare flesh of her neck and shoulders beneath. Her breadth and span surprises me, as it is always quite alluring to see a woman with a V shaped torso and a remarkable ass. You can tell they are strong, of will and flesh. I utter a unconscious groan of wanton lust, far outside of any control of my immediate faculty. For I hear the fine cloth run across her skin, very much the same sound as skin does against skin, further amplifying my lust, as I am forced to imagine drawing my arms around her and enveloping her warmth with my own.

She turns, quickly, again with that fairy giggle and with a short bounce runs away.

For a moment I stand, still transfixed by the extraordinary moment which has just taken a small eternity of my time and completely transformed my thoughts into those of absolute possession, eternal union, and hot, sweaty release. She fades from the light into shadow, it takes me a moment still to consider what I am doing, and the potential consequences of inaction. As she nearly fades from view, my logical mind is subdued, the irrational chatter picks up, filling my head with fantasy about what I will do with this woman when I catch her. Thusly, I begin my pursuit.

Muddily, I splash my way along this ditch. High walls line each side with a dirty climb, not pendik escort an option for someone on the run. Eerie treetops poke their heads above, watching down on our moment of fleeting glory. How many similar incidents have these ancient guardians seen? She hears my steps, laughs loudly, a guffaw deep from within her bowels, and tosses her scarf to the wind. As if possessed by some devious spirit, it floats a path to my face, full of intoxicating odor. My lust is aroused to a peak, and a familiar warmth spreads itself across my heaving chest, for this girl can run fast. Blindly, I push myself to go faster, sheer carnal need begins to over take my senses.

She passes back into my sight as I slowly inch my way closer and closer with every extended stride I take. Her ass is large and powerful, like the rear of a horse, I am sure she would be a great ride. I can see each toned gluetal muscle tense up and release in an instant of time. The rhythm of her marching buttocks matches the frenzied beating of my heart. Gone is all grace and sway, sheer might and strength exerts itself before me in a very sensual manner that somehow defies my immediate understanding of sexual appeal. For some time, I keep my pace, appreciating her backside and broad, well muscled shoulders beneath her tight sweat pants and light colored tank top. I smell her sweat, further refined musk of that incense I crave the opportunity to burn. Her breath comes out in large swells, wet, warm and sticky. I see the mist begin to stream off her moistness. Her stride lengthens, but her gait slows. Each ball-shaped butt cheek still resumes a tantalizing bounce of tension and release. Reminding me, with each and every step, of my own incredible tension, and an impending release. My stamina is beginning to fade, I need to end this chase if I am to win the prize, slowly I creep up behind her, having kept a steady pace, my endurance can suffer this final sprint. As if she knew my plans, she begun to peel her wet shirt off her slick back, and turned to face me with an exhausted, but respecting face, that I could keep pace. She saw that I had gained ground recently, and again became the temptress, throwing her juicy garment at my face. In her rotation, I caught a glimpse of her succulent breast and large, conical nipple. The mammary itself was not large enough to droop, but was still more than a double handful and easily could serve up a mouthful. Overall, the perky titty caught the last bit of my uncaptured attention, and I felt an erection growing in my pants. It is impossible to run at full speed with a giant erection, threatening to tear itself off with every step, it was imperitave that i end this soon. Fortunatly, she gave me a tool to close the distance between us, the wet tshirt, combined with my own to make a snare.

I attempt twice to entangle her leg. Once it wraps loosely, but she breaks free, the other time, I miss entirely, as her thick, straining leg bounds off the muck. Changing tactics, I try for her arm, and succeed.

The lucky catch spins her around, involuntarily, our naked torsos came into contact. Electric fire erupts beneath my skin, and I feel her shudder as I wrap my arms around her waist. Our first impulse is to kiss, further adding fuel to our moment of bliss. Her soft, velvety lips embrace mine, first head on, then to the side. It was only then that objective time caught up with us inflicting the realization that our bodies maintain momentum when we collide at high speeds.

There is no chance to save us from our descent. With the combination of writhing sextasy, her off balance spin, and my insane lust for her, our destiny is to go prone. Again, a moment of slow motion reality catches us falling together. I remark at her smooth, white skin curving down her sides to hidden treasures beneath her pants. Her breasts are mountains looming over the barren, yet fertile, landscape of her stomach. Still, her ample hips possessed an admirable curve stretching her skin across a soft, taut belly. Into here is where the sands of time flow. She has no ribcage, only the smooth, perfect complexion and tone of a marble statue. In every sense, before we exchange a single word, this woman is my ideal. We descend down into the mud, a heap of lusty glory, a second in which all this pure white, cleanliness that I am becoming a part of is distorted and soiled in a torrent of hot blood and mud.

In a bodily heap of flesh, hair and tattered clothing, we become one with the muck. She divides the waters with her great ass. and tiny specks of water and dirt splatter our skin. The waters rebound, and cover each of us with a dark sheen, interrupted only briefly by the texture of clean skin peeking through. A look of delighted, dirty rapture spreads across her face, as she turns her chin upward to laugh heartily. THe pursuit has ended, now my prey makes herself vulnerable to me. I adjust my body weight to cover her midsection, with my knees tightly clenching the fleshy spots on her sides above her ample escort pendik hipbone. The fit of my thighs to this delightful crevice is a match made by divine providence. I curl towards her as she laughs, although she is in a helpless position, her cheer is one of reckless abandonment.

I move to kiss the ever-shifting location between her skull and neck. Every previous woman I’ve known falls out of my consciousness, I am doing nothing by the book, there are no plans, every move, every breath is at once automatic, and entirely enthralling, enveloping my senses to their limit and extremes. As at the same time, her touch sends shivers down my skin, a rising part of me notoriously feels her absence. It is as if a giant void presented itself before my penis and compels me to draw towards it with my whole being. I wish to envelop this woman and make her a part of me, just as she envelops me to become a part of her.

Her delighted giggle and smile informs me that I am a suitable suitor for her. She wraps her arms around my neck, and holds me down with surprising force. She brings my lips to hers in a single, delicate motion. I begin to feel her need for me, the unspoken longing communicated with her lips flexing outward ever still upon each and every kiss. I feel her impulsively begin to suck me into her mouth. She draws me in, biting down to provide a firmer hold, each gnawing kiss increasing in intensity and duration. Soon, I equalize her pressure, we lock together, as tight as two plumbers helpers which have found one another. As smoothly as two lubricated gears slipping one over the other. As naturally as electricity flows from positive to negative we become of one flesh. Soon, we shall become of one mind, and gradually of one will.

She moans, gently, with no urgency, but tremendous desire combined with infinite patience. I enjoy this play, and would like to continue, as she does not pressure me for my gift. I kneel down around her, and suckle gently on her tender tit. Her hands wrap around my head and caress it like a ripe, fragile fruit. Her hands run so delicately through my hair, enough to scratch my itch, but so light, I barely feel it. When her nipple grows erect, I bite, ever so gently, to match her pressure on my scalp. She responds in a magical, full-body gyration, and slowly, mindlessly, speaks her first word to me, ‘more’. I am here to obey your wish, goddess.

We roll in the mud, full of giddiness and earthly fulfillment, as happy and content as the two pink pigs we resemble. She ends up on top of me, her weight and strength becoming a sexy reality once again. She places her hands on my shoulders for support and bends to kiss me. It is a kiss of the ages, I completely fall into her, she completely falls into me. We, temporarily become of one tongue. Rhythmically, they drive eternally spiraling circles, each striving to gain ground into the unfamiliar territory of the other’s mouth. I feel her lick with tremendous lust and zeal, the space between my cheek and gums, an erogenous zone I was unfamiliar with until now.

After countless minutes, our lip lock is broken by neither, but both of us. That evil, seductress gaze crosses her eyes and a wet, dirty hand pushes my face to the side. She begins to nibble my earlobe. She catches it in her teeth and draws it into her mouth, exciting me further. Without my knowledge, my pelvic region begins to gyrate against hers, to which she responds gratefully, by increasing pressure on my earlobe. I cannot resist the temptation, and slip my hand down the back of her pants to feel her tight buttock.

The sensation of this mound of muscled flesh filling my fingertips is truly remarkable. As I draw my grip upward, I feel her body respond in kind. She is lost within the sensation and nearly tears my lobe off! Her hands caress my chest and she pushes herself up, away from me. She gazes down with gentle care, I feel she is genuinely concerned for my welfare, and would do anything to keep me safe under her wing. Her protective aura extends to the world beyond us, I know nothing will tear us apart now. We are the infinite, all encompassing and ever expansive. Our fingers intertwine, of the hand which is not down her pants, and she holds my hand over my head. So vulnerable, I recieve my reward with much delicious squirming. Her hand stretches my sinews, causing me to buck uncontrollably, much to her delight.

To calm me, she takes my other hand by the wrist and within the loose confines of her pants, moves my hand to her moist center. The shock of the heat nearly causes me to come my pants, as for that brief instant, my fingertips are the head of my penis. She moans loudly with satisfied pleasure at feeling my cold dry tips between her lips. I part her fine pubic hair with my thumb and forefinger to get at her soft wetness. Her cunt admits me along the ridge ever so slightly, I feel the flaps cover my fingers as I rub up and down in a slow motion.

She betrays no excitement with her body, but her voice pendik escort bayan sings the sweet song of growing passion to me. A wave ever growing, a plant rapidly blooming, feeding the hunger that is never full. The top joint of my forefinger is saturated with thick pussy juice, again her hand grabs my wrist and directs me where she wishes.

With a twist, she places all of my finger tips into her slit. I wiggle them ever so slightly, an undulating worm to drive her pleasure onward. She sits straight up, her weight on her knees, bouncing up and down with the movement of my fingers. She is a delicate glass ball I balance between my finger tips. Never wavering, never descending, never falling.

I feel her juice run between my fingers. I long to taste her nectar. Just as my dry knuckle is violated by a dribble of moisture outside her fountain of love, she lowers herself, ever so slowly. Her holy temple works onto my ring finger, and descends, ever so tightly. Inch by inch, the constricting walls admit more of my flesh. She begins to gyrate forward and backwards as well as up and down, working my digit to its limit. Soon, after no small amount of exercise and stretching, she admits my middle finger into her. I am only penetrating her about an inch, but such a delightful inch!

Her hair is flinging about her shoulders now, I can see she is eager to lower herself onto my hand. I slip my forefinger into the holy trinity of three, along side, in between my other two big fingers, and she senses this immediately. Her eyes widen, and a thin smile spreads across her face. Excruciatingly slowly, she lowers herself onto me. I begin to feel her inner walls on my finger tips and I move my hand with her.

My entire hand is coated with slick wetness now, she has taken me up to the knuckle. She screams at me with demonic force, but she is no where near her edge. Again, she bends over me, with my fingers still inside her, twisting my wrist. Her kiss is hungry, her eyes beg for sensation, her body hurts with pleasure. I want to take her, to penetrate her further, but her torture resulting from my control and denial of her pleasure is much more satisfying.

As she kisses me, she rocks her pelvis towards me, from beneath. My pinkie touches her sweet asshole which puckers briefly, instinctively. Coated with vaginal slime, and utterly out of my control, she puts my little finger in her butt and sits up.

Her mouth opens a narrow o as her back arches. At the same time she has lost all rationality, the beast has overtaken her as she grinds against my hand. Her eyes are wide and her gaze is that of someone lost to the ether of pleasure. Placing the slightest of pressures with my thumb on her clitoris I feel her shudder around my hand, as if some internal motor had just begun to vibrate. Slowly, she pulls herself off my hand, and stoops to kiss me on the lips. There is great hunger here now, her eyes shift to that female visage that men fear, a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

All calm demenor aside, she wrenches down my pants and moans with an approving vibrant tone as she descends to investigate my swelling cock. I hear her smell my scent, inhaling that aroma, as she positions herself over me. That delightful muddy ass with it’s glistening cunt only inches away from my face. I feel her kiss the delicate place underneath the head, on the shaft of my throbbing penis. She takes it in her mouth, swirling her hot tongue as if licking a lollypop, and leaves me springing back into the cold night air.

I place pressure on the side of her ass, I want to see her face and feel her breath. She acquiesces to my nonverbal request, and comes crawling up me to nestle herself beneath my chin briefly. Tenderly, she fiddles with my nipple and looks at my eyes. With complete surrender I acknowledge her care and longing for me and permit her to proceed as she deems fit.

She takes my cock in her hand while straddling my thighs and guides it towards her secret place. I feel her touch it to her hairy lips, each strand washing me with naughty, unprotected pleasure. Every swath through the pubic forest, she buries me a little deeper into her hot wetness. Eventually, she finds the place beneath her that every woman knows, her doorway into heaven. Savoring every second, she lowers herself onto of me. Her cunt is so tight, but moist, and slick. It’s as if the river of life itself has chosen to make love with me. My mind fills with bliss and pleasure as I enter this succulent flower. When our pubic bones collide, it jars me into reality, that I truly cannot fall into this hole forever.

Instead of slightly withdrawing and wildly thrusting with reckless abandon to reach orgasm, I want to remain here, this warm place makes me happy. This woman, who I know nothing about, pleases me in ways that words cannot describe. She seems happy to hold me inside of her, is not thrusting about with her own desire for release. We reach a place of zen, where everything, at last, is complete, and the ache of our disunion has finally ceased. The universe opens up every mystery to us, filling our minds with warmth, wisdom and peace. We no longer search, with this simple coitus, we are found.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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