A Fresh Start

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She walked into the hotel. Her long hair fell down her back in spirals that captivated each eye that moved past her. Confidently she strode into the bar and ordered tonic water. She crossed one leg over the other and surveyed the room, eyes searching for the blonde woman she was supposed to meet. Gently she pulled down the hem of her dress. Red on her wasn’t exactly a color made for blending in, but sometimes it was best to hide in plain sight.

The alarm on his watch went off and he breathed easy, pushing his glasses up his nose where they had slipped unchecked as he paced anxiously. He took another deep breath, attempting to lower his seemingly always-tense shoulders. It was difficult. The plan went perfectly. The aftermath had not. He’d known that the feds would trace the data dump to him — leaking the sources of dirty campaign money on a federal level would intense pressure on finding the culprit and he didn’t want anyone else to be blamed. However, the police got to his house before he had collected proof of his new identity. So now he was waiting for the best forger in the business to personally bring him a second new identity — a rush job that he paid an astonishing price for.

A blonde woman approached her at the bar. The blue fabric of her dress swayed, mirroring the flick of her hair over her shoulder. She settled herself in the high backed chair next to her, water filling her martini glass. Tonic water in hand, blending in among the beautifully dressed women and suited men crowding the hotel bar, having just left their Wall Street jobs, she asked the carefully remembered phrase, “Are you here for work or pleasure?”

“Both,” the blonde woman winked, and stood up, spilling the full martini glass all over her red dress. “Oh I am so sorry!” she exclaimed, “Let’s get you cleaned up,”

She stood and followed the swishing blue skirt towards the bathroom, her black heels clacking on the impossibly clean bar floor. At the last moment, the woman turned from the bathroom door and pushed open a door marked Employees Only. The blonde handed her a key card to room 1005 and then held the door open as she passed through it.

He looked up from the bed where he sat surrounded by crumpled sheets, wires and a fresh computer, the box discarded on the floor. He smiled automatically and then his expression changed to one of shock. He was not prepared for how beautiful she was — he hadn’t even been sure she would be a woman. Her hair coiled perfectly, framing her beautiful features; the cleavage of her red dress; the legs that went on for days. She closed the door behind her and he could see her ass that looked good enough to eat… Focus! He smiled. She smiled, energized by the electricity that had seemed to crackle between the two of them.

She closed the door behind her, breathing quickly, but not from the stairs. He was exactly as she had imagined him. His hair was crumpled from too many nights of racking his fingers through it as he worked long into the night. His rectangular glasses sat comfortably on his face, enduringly stereotypical. He was wearing a black T-shirt that gave just the slightest hint of the lean muscles that lay beneath. Looking at him had sent a spark through her body, she felt more alive than she had in years. She could feel that her thin lace panties had dampened slightly from the way he had looked at her.

He stood as she walked towards the bed, extending his hand towards her, “It is great to finally meet you. Thank you for coming, for everything you have done.”

As they shook hands, he looked up meeting her gray eyes for the first time. Sparks jumped between their fingers but she did not let go or drop his gaze. Her eyes penetrated him, he felt like she could see into his soul, and – liking what she saw – she smiled and dropped his hand, a second later than she should have.

Her fingertips still tingling she let her hand fall back to her side, her mind running through what she knew about him. He had been a low-level data analyst for one of those horrid foundations that laundered dirty money into campaigns, buying senators as it flowed. He had worked steadily, gathering proof, paper trails, connecting the strings from the seedy underworld to the highest offices of power. And earlier today he had published it all leaving the world was reeling. But for all his careful planning he had forgotten his new passport at home; ridiculous how that small detail was so endearing to her. She felt a little high from her proximity to him and the attraction she felt growing in the pit of her stomach. She took a deep breath, feeling her nipples harden against the fabric of her dress.

Wordlessly, she handed him a manila envelope. He opened it, pulling out a social security guard, Wisconsin driver’s license, U.S. Passport and a couple plane tickets that over the course of 24 hours would get him to Peru. He inspected each document slowly. Eventually eyes looking up with admiration, “These are perfect”

She laughed, “I know. That is why I am the best,”

He picked up another envelope beside the bed, “And that is why they cost so much,”

Teasingly, she took ataşehir escort the envelope, “That is why they are worth so much.” She opened the envelope and took out one of the six tightly bundled stacks of 100s and handed it to him. “A discount, let’s say I admire your work,”

He looked back at her a little bewildered, “What is this?” she asked, “Have you not watched the news yet? You’re the people’s hero,”

She crossed to the other side of the bed, setting her heels on the floor, the envelope of money on the bedside table and climbing on top of the crumpled sheets. She patted the bed next to her, come watch. Settling in she flicked on the television. They watched in silence for 20 minutes, images flickering across the screen. Across the country protests had broken out, demanding the resignation of nearly all the highest ranking Congress people and several governors. The President was scrambling, oscillating between defending members of his party and trying to distance himself as much as possible from them. She felt the energy crackling between them. He shifted, nervously, a smile slowly creeping across his face as he saw his careful months of planning finally coming together.

He broke the silence when a reporter referred to him as an analyst turned hacker, “I actually never hacked anything, I just used the system provided to me and…”

“Don’t be pedantic,” she scolded and then she kissed him quickly before she could think too much about it.

She pulled away abruptly, “Sorry, I realize I didn’t …”

He kissed her again, deeply this time. Her hands pressed against his chest, as though to push him away at a moment’s notice, but then her fingers curled into his t-shirt, pulling him closer to her. Responding to her encouragement he wrapped one hand around her waist and slid the other to the nape of her neck, twining his fingers through her hair. She slid her tongue between his lips and felt a spark of electricity pass between them. She pulled away again, breathing heavily. She stretched one leg over him and settled herself on top, her ample ass against where he was already hard.

He reached up, sliding a hand up her stomach, reaching for the breasts that swelled through and over the top of the red fabric of her dress. She pushed his arms back down, on the bed and held them gently in place with her knees. Slowly, she reached for the hem of her dress, already on the verge of sliding over her ass. Slowly she pulled the dress over her head; enjoying him squirm a little and feeling him harden with desire against her think lacy panties.

His eyes roved over her beautiful pale skin, taking in every detail. Her black lace bra and matching underwear contrasted perfectly. She caught his eye and he blushed slightly, as though caught with his hand in the cookie jar. She laughed, a beautiful tinkling sound that stirred something deep within him, something he had never quite felt before. A desire so pure it shocked him. She leaned down, suddenly serious, and slowly removed his wire frame glasses. She bit her lip in approval and he felt suddenly vulnerable, exposed beneath her gaze. It was thrilling. She set the glasses gently down on the table beside the bed and then leaned down and kissed him, deeply. He had never been kissed like this before. As his lips met hers he felt something deep inside him rear up to meet her. He had never felt desire like this before, never felt passion this acutely. It ran from the tops of his toes, through his legs, left his arms tingly and a fire in his belly.

She leaned her whole body against him, feeling her hard nipples press against the lace of her bra. She smiled against his lips, glad that she had worn a matching. She arched her back, releasing his arms which hesitantly and then with more confidence began to get to know her skin a little better, gently feeling the bones of her spine and squeezing the firm half-moons of her ass.

Her arms went to work tugging the soft cotton of his t-shirt over his head, their lips parting only for the moment to pull it off. Her fingers began exploring the unfamiliar terrain of his chest, fingers bumping down over every rib, tracing the lightly defined pectoral muscles and the surprisingly strong biceps and forearms. Her hands then began their unbearably slow journey down his torso towards the buckle of his pants, lips still pressed against his. Hungry. Near his bellybutton the thumb of her right hand hit scar tissue and she pulled away, surprised. Looking down she saw an appendicitis scar, healed but still red.

“When did that happen?” she asked.

He smiled, touched by the concern in her eyes. “Last year, they got it before it burst, nothing to worry about”

She slid further down, kissing her way down his thin but fit torso, playing special attention to the scar. She gently bit the thin, sensitive skin just below his bellybutton as she unbuckled his belt. Quickly she slid his jeans down off his hips, grabbing his cock while she moved back up to return to his lips. He was exactly proportionate to the rest of him. Thin but still meaty, long but not too long, hardening to her touch. His kadıköy escort breath came faster against her lips as she worked her hand up and down his shaft, slipping her hand into his boxers where her cool fingers quickly warmed. Her other hand pulled at his short straight hair gently, enjoying the smoothness, she likes a man who conditions. He arched his back slightly, hissing with delight at the pleasure coursing through him.

She moved back down him again, one hand working his boxers off and the other trailing after her, her fingers briefly wet within his mouth. In one smooth motion his pants and boxers were all the way off and onto the floor. She nudged his thighs apart and curled between them, grasping his dick in one hand and smiling up at him with a Cheshire cat smile.

“You don’t have to,” he gasped with desire.

“I want to.”

She licked the circumcised tip of his cock while he moaned. She enjoyed the bittersweet pre-cum that had leaked there. Her tongue worked slowly and then quicker on the tip. Feeling the split and then slowly working further and further down, making circle after circle. He shivered at her touch, goose bumps appearing and disappearing on his thinly muscled thighs that she lay between. Her feet swung in the air above her ass, delighted as she brought him pleasure. Her tongue worked its way along her the shaft. She traced over every inch of his cock. Her fingers alternately clutched his dick and scratched along his inner thighs, his chest, grabbing and then releasing a wrist.

When he was panting with desire, she slowly but firmly slid her lips around his cock, wet with her saliva. He was positively moaning now, tortured with the desire to feel his tip pressed against the back of her throat and enjoying every inch, every second of the pleasure pouring from her mouth into his body. At long last he felt the last centimeter of himself fit inside her. He was throbbing now, close to orgasm but not wanting to cum so soon and miss out on the new possibilities of pleasure he was experiencing with this woman. She slid him in and out of her mouth, slowly, as though they had all the time in the world. Beneath her wet, glistening lips her hand grasped him firmly, mirroring the building pulses that were radiating up from the base of his cock. She chanced a glance up and saw him looking down at her with a wide-eyed expression of pleasure so deep it seemed to shake him. She loved every instant of it, every moment of the power of pleasure that she had over him.

His breath quickened now and she knew he was close to the end. She moved faster, helping him build, not so fast that he would come immediately but not so slow that he would lose the pleasure that was building to dizzying heights within him. She loved the feeling of his hard cock, slick and wet from her mouth, loved the feeling of power she over him, choosing to give him pleasure.

He could not quite believe how good it felt. She was giving him more pleasure in these moments than he had experienced ever before. She seemed to know every thought he had, fulfilling every desire. He looked down, loving the redness of her lips, swelling slightly from the pressure. He would not be able to hold back much longer. His brown eyes locked in her grey ones, and he came, harder than he ever had before. Pleasure went through his body like a jolt of lightening. His back arched as he groaned and curled his toes. She licked up every drop. He relaxed onto the bed, every muscle in his body tired as though he had run miles, and simultaneously relieved, as though he had finally taken a weight off his chest that had been there for a very long time.

She wiped her mouth on the back of the hand and laughed gently to herself. It always came as a funny surprise, how the most intimidating of men could be reduced to speechless stillness by the power of her mouth. She curled up next to him, feline-like. Not close enough to touch but enjoying watching him lay there, eyes closed, taking it all in.

Eventually he caught his breath, seemed to remember where he was and sat up, blushing slightly as he grabbed his glasses and turned to look at her. She pushed herself up on one hand, knowing that the curve of her hip was practically irresistible.

“How was that?”

“It was,” he paused, searching for the right words, “I don’t even know how to describe it,” She laughed softly as he smiled. “It was like I had been carrying something for… years and I finally, I don’t know, laid it down.”

She smiled again, “I do what I can, just helping the cause,” He laughed at that.

Suddenly serious he extended hand towards her, stopping an inch or two before her meeting her skin. He made eye contact again, “May I?” She bit her swollen lip in a way that made his spent body suddenly grow hard again and she nodded. He gently placed his fingers on the deepest curve of her waist. Her skin was soft to the touch, creamy almost. He began to make figure eights, small at first and then getting longer and longer, reaching the tops of her underwear and the lacy band of her bra. She sucked the air in sharply between her teeth and held bostancı escort bayan it in, letting it go out of her mouth after a pause ripe with desire. Slowly, she reached a hand back and unhooked her bra from behind. Coyly she turned her head to the side. She reached an arm across her chest, sliding the thin strap off her shoulder. Keeping her elbows close and the cups in place, she slipped the other strap off.

To his own surprise he was hard again, the desire he felt for her was more intense than anything he had ever experienced. He wanted to be inside her with a deep ache but he wanted to move slowly, take in every inch of her body. She slid a hand down her neck pulling the cups off of her breasts. Her breasts bounced into view. They both looked down at then, taking in the curve and bounce of them, the nipples hard with desire. Their eyes met again. Tongue between her teeth she reached and grasped his hand in her own and cupped it firmly around her breast, and settled onto her back. He squeezed gently and then firmly watching her nipples redden between his fingers.

Their lips met again. She loved the way the pressure of his lips felt against the fleshiness of her own. He bit her lower lip and her back arched to bring her breasts to press against his chest. Her nipples softened as the heat of his body flowed into her and then hardened as he slid a hand down her back, pulling her closer and digging the fleshy pads of his thin strong fingers into her ass. She groaned against his lips, pressing her body against his, feeling the ache for him to fill her grow inside her. For once her mind was clear, there was just her body, separated from his by only a thin layer of black lace, and the desire that started somewhere in her toes and swept out of her mouth in a gasp of hunger.

She shifted, settling her body under him, lips still pressed against his, her hands pulling her underwear over her thighs and off, dangling briefly off the tip of her left toes before falling onto the bed. He settled in against her, one arm behind her back pulling her close, the other gently pinning her hands above her head. He pushed against her and she felt him hard against her thigh. She broke their kiss, leaning her head back in a gasp. He took this opportunity to suck on one nipple and then the other, enjoying the feeling of them in her mouth.

Their eyes met again. “I want you,” she said, “I want you now.” She reached down and grasped his hard cock, ready to slide it inside her.

“Wait,” He reached for his discarded pants, first finding his wallet and then the condom inside. He opened it quickly, sliding it over his dick with a practiced hand. He felt between her legs. She was wet to the touch; so wet it soaked her inner thighs. She reached for his cock again as he leaned back over her. Lips against hers, tongue slipping into her mouth and then out again.

She gently led his cock into her warm and wet pussy. She gasped as he filled her. He was just the right size, not too big that she struggled to take it but not so small that she felt half full. He settled his hips into hers, filling her with as much as he had. She opened her closed eyes and saw her looking into hers, an expression mixed with concern and a desire so deep she felt her heart skip a beat. She nodded. He slowly drew his hips away from hers so just the tip remained within her and then quickly plunged back within her again making her moan against him. She wrapped her arms around them, digging her nails into his thin but muscular back. He gasped in pain so sweet he almost came right then and there. He began to move faster within her, cock now wet with her desire. She unraveled one of her arms from his back and wrapped it around the back of his neck, fingers scraping into his hair before settling into a grip. They locked eyes again and he began to move even faster. Her arm trailed down. Enjoying the feeling of his ass flexing against her hand as he pushed into her.

She was panting now. She felt pressure building in her clit as his every thrust gently rubbed against it, building desire in a way that drove her crazy. She felt her toes begin to curl against the white sheets. She felt the orgasm that was coming in the pit of her stomach, warm and quivering. He thrust more firmly within her. She bent her knees back, allowing him to slip yet deeper inside her. She moaned, a primal sound that she hadn’t known she was quite capable of making. Pleasure radiated out of her every pour, skin alternately flushed from the heat they were creating and pale from blood drained to her clit.

They came together, a feat they had both thought to be a fiction. He felt his cum shoot hot as he came harder than he had only minutes before, groaning against her as he thrust again and again. She came dragging her nails off his skin and pressing her hands against the mattress. Her back arched as she pressed herself into the air and let her head fall back, toes curled as tight as they could go. Pleasure seemed to shoot out of her. She came again at his final thrust, and felt liquid spill out of her, wetting her thighs and the sheets beneath her. She fell back against the bed, panting hard, breath shaky with how hard she had cum. He collapsed onto her, still inside of her. Their chests rising and falling together too exhausted to move. Gently, gently he rolled off of her, she gasped as came out of her, coming again one last time.

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