A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

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My husband has a very high sex drive, much higher than mine, and I sometimes feel I’m not keeping up my end of the relationship when I tell him I’m too tired for sex. He seems to understand, but I know he get disappointed, and wants the intimacy that having sex provides. It’s not that I don’t enjoy sex, or that he is a bad lover, quite the opposite, he is great, but I seem to remain satisfied after sex for longer than he does.

Recently, I got a call from my good friend, Carla, whom I went to school with, we talk about everything. We hadn’t seen each other for a while, as she moved away from town a few years ago, but we still talked on the phone and via text weekly. Carla was in tears, her husband had left her, and moved in with another woman. She was devastated, and wanted to come and see me. I explained what had happened to my husband and he was supportive, saying he’d make himself scarce so I could talk without him there, and maybe that’d make Carla more comfortable.

Carla came around, and we talked for hours. She was upset still, but seemed to be coping. I told her she was welcome any time, and we started to catch up regularly over the coming months. She slowly worked her way through what had happened, and was on an even keel again. My husband kept a respectful distance, and always gave us time together to chat. Listening to Carla made me realise I was lucky to have someone like my husband, but it didn’t change things physically for me. I know it frustrated my husband, but I simply couldn’t keep up with him, and chatting to Carla gave me a great excuse to pretend what had happened to her affected me. My husband was always understanding, and didn’t pressure me, but gave me hugs, and reassured me he’d love me forever.

One weekend, Carla came around unannounced, and my husband was home. He welcomed her, and chatted with her quite happily before excusing himself, and going out to the shed so we could talk. I could tell Carla was concerned she’d pushed him out of the house and into the shed, but I reassured her it wasn’t a problem, as we were leading separate lives now anyway, I didn’t really go into details as I didn’t want to admit the innermost details of our relationship, just that we weren’t really that active sexually anymore. Carla understood where I was coming from, but cautioned me my husband may go looking for satisfaction somewhere else, something I assured her would never happen, as he was too loyal, and it wasn’t in him.

I offered to make a coffee, and Carla offered to take one out to my husband in the shed. She duly returned a few minutes later, and told me I am a very lucky woman, as my husband had barely noticed she’d come into the shed. I should add here that I am five foot nine, slender with 14DD breasts, brown hair and grey eyes. Carla is five foot five, blonde with blue eyes, a stunning size 12 figure and FF breasts, which she jokes makes her look like tits on a stick!! She really does turn heads, but never really flaunts it. Usually wearing big baggy t shirts and jeans, or baggy long sleeve shirts and jeans, she is really conscious of the size of her big breasts, and tries to hide them. We chatted some more, and Carla left. She visited a few more times over the coming weeks, and my husband always excused himself by either going for a ride on his bike or retreating to the shed. I asked him one day if he was attracted to Carla, to which he replied he just felt uncomfortable after what had happened between her and her husband, and didn’t want to get caught up in it.

My husband had a weekend away planned with his buddies, a motorcycle trip, and I was looking forward to the peace and quiet. I told Carla he was going away for the weekend, and she suggested we have one of our famous pizza and Tequila weekends, and I decided it would be a great idea. Two girls drinking and eating pizza, what wasn’t to look forward to!!

The weekend arrived, my husband kissed me good bye, told me to enjoy my weekend with Carla, and set off with his mates. I knew they’d drink a few beers, tell some stories and that’d be about it, not really much different to what Carla and I had planned really. She arrived in her signature jeans and baggy t shirt, carrying Tequila and Margarita mix, this was going to be a great weekend, I just knew it. We chatted about all sorts of things, girls we went to school with, teachers we liked and hated, people we worked with, songs we liked, clothes we liked and hated, fashion, all sorts as girls do!!

As you can imagine, after most other subjects were expended, the conversation turned to sex, previous lovers, potential lovers, men we’d wished we’d been with, things we enjoyed and, the lack of lately. I really must have had quite a few Tequilas, because I confessed I couldn’t keep up with my husband, and that he was the best lover I’d had, and that was the problem, he satisfied me so well, I didn’t need sex often. Carla simply looked down, dismayed, and said she’d never had anyone like that, and hadn’t had sex for months. I jokingly said I should lend her my husband, that’d take the pressure off me, and solve her drought!! Her head lifted, and she looked at me before dropping her head, and in a quiet voice replied she’d enjoy that, but knew it’d never happen, as he was my husband, and I’d never share him, just like he’d never sleep with someone else.

We changed subject, and chatted about places we’d want to visit, but things were a little different now, a little awkward, and, what had been said couldn’t be unsaid. bursa escort bayan Before long, we were back on sharing my husband, and I confessed if I was to share him, there would have to be ground rules, things like only when I knew about it and was around, no one else was to know or be involved and, most importantly, Carla wasn’t to lure him away from me, he is still my husband. I also told her I wasn’t sure he’d go for it, and we’d have to work out a way to discuss it with him. We decided the best way was to just be blunt, and sit him down with the both of us.

Carla left Sunday morning, before my husband arrived home, and I was still hung over when he turned up, which led to him teasing me a little, and a perfect excuse for me to decline his vague and half-hearted attempt to lure me to bed. He had really given up in a lot of ways, and was really only going through the motions on the off chance that maybe something may happen and that I’d be agreeable to his advances. A guy can be hopeful, right? Later that night, during a lull in the tv and conversation I couldn’t contain myself, I had to know, so I blurted out that Carla was interested in sleeping with him, and that I was ok with that happening, with certain conditions. He was stunned, and got quite upset with me, telling me I was the only woman he wanted, and that he couldn’t believe I wanted to pimp him out. He got off the couch, and left the room. I was a bit taken aback, I thought since we weren’t intimate as often as he wanted, he’d be open to the idea.

I left things for a few days, and didn’t mention it. He seemed to calm down, but never spoke of it. I talked to Carla, and she seemed upset, almost as if she had pinned her hopes on it happening. I could hear the disappointment in her voice, and her resignation to a longer sexless dry spell. I reassured her she could get a man if she wanted, but she told me she didn’t want to go through the dating hassle, she’d tried it, but there were wasn’t a lot of genuine guys out there. She made a last-minute plea, what if she came around and tried talking to my husband? I told her I’d think about it, and get back to her.

It took me a few days; did I really want my husband sleeping with another woman? Could I trust Carla not to pursue him, or that he might prefer her? Could I trust that it’d be nothing more than sex, that they wouldn’t develop feelings for each other? I decided I’d ask her to come around Saturday night, we’d have a few drinks, a BBQ, relax and see what happened. I arranged everything for the BBQ, and gave Carla a time. I didn’t tell my husband what was going to happen, or that Carla was coming over.

My husband got the BBQ lit, and had a couple of beers, it was a warm day, so he had on only a pair of shorts, no shirt, and as it was the weekend, he was commando under his shorts. I decided to wear a sundress, as it was cooler, and I was actually feeling like I could be open to sex that evening after all, maybe Carla coming over to attempt to seduce my husband was having an effect. Part of me also wanted to upstage Carla, her baggy t shirt and jeans would be no match for my sexy low-cut sundress!!

When Carla arrived, I was stunned, she had on a very tight skimpy black dress that clung to her very tight body and barely contained her huge tits, adding to this high heel strappy sandals that made her legs look even better and made her dress threaten to creep up and reveal her tight bum. It was obvious that there was nothing under that dress, and she really did look great. I was speechless, she really was a knock out, and if I tried to look better than her, I had failed, and if I got changed into something else, my change of wardrobe would be too blatant. I knew there was no way my husband couldn’t notice her, even I was checking her out!!

We entered the back yard, and my husband physically stopped at the sight of Carla, and I could see he was drinking her in, but trying not to. He was trying hard to be loyal to me, and not check out my friend, but he was failing, especially when she sat opposite him in his direct line of sight and started to chat to him, there was no way he couldn’t help but look at her. I could tell she was having an effect, as the bulge in the front of his shorts was growing.

I fixed a couple of Tequilas and got my husband another beer. He seemed to have relaxed around Carla, and she was definitely making sure he couldn’t take his eyes off her, leaning forward so he could see her tits and ensuring her legs were on full display in a revealing way. We drank a couple of Tequilas in quick succession, and they seemed to have a positive effect on Carla, as she started to spread her thighs a little so my husband got a good look at what was on offer, and by now he had a fully erect cock. My plan was working, but could I go through with sharing my husband?

Before long the BBQ was ready, and my husband told us to bring our plates over to choose what we wanted. I made my selection, and Carla lingered a bit, her dress had ridden quite high, and you could see the bottom of her bum. She placed her hand on my husband’s stiff cock, and asked sweetly if that was on offer…..I waited to see what his reaction would be. He looked at me, I nodded slightly, so he smiled and slid her dress up to her hips and caressed her pussy, stating it was if what he was caressing was on offer!! She smiled, put her plate down and removed her dress totally, telling him all of her was on offer!! I nearly choked on my gorukle escort BBQ!! Carla was now naked, offering herself to him on a platter, and he definitely wasn’t objecting.

He quickly removed everything from the BBQ, always the practical man, before looking in my direction for permission to carry on with Carla, a bit hard to deny since she was stroking his very stiff cock, and looking expectantly at me. As soon as I nodded my agreement, she had his shorts down around his ankles and was on her knees with his cock in her mouth before I knew what was happening, and by the look on his face she was really good at giving head too. She was taking him so deeply she was alternately gagging and making deep moaning noises. She really did enjoy what she was doing. I suggested perhaps we move inside, where it would be a bit more comfortable for them, and, to my surprise, I wanted to watch!!

Carla got off her knees, satisfied that she’d gotten things started, and that her sexual dry spell was going to come to an end. She led him inside holding his cock to guide him where she wanted him, taking him to the couch pushing him down so she could continue to suck his cock, she really wanted to continue to give him pleasure, to make sure this was memorable for him. He got her to straddle his face, and positioned her so he could lick her pussy, something that she seemed a little surprised about, but I knew from experience she was in for a great time, he was really good with his tongue. Carla soon found out he enjoyed oral sex, and knew exactly what a woman enjoyed. Her sighs and moans were getting loader, and soon she had to abandon sucking his cock, as her pleasure was drawing her closer to an orgasm, her body started to quiver, and her breathing weas getting rapid. My husband knew she was close, and gave her the what she wanted, and she exploded, showering his face with her silky pussy juices, something I knew he liked, and that he would enjoy licking from her pussy. I was surprised I was getting turned on, and my nipples were getting hard. It was very erotic, and unexpected too. My husband repositioned Carla, sitting her on the edge of the couch and spreading her legs so he could kneel in front of her and slide his still erect cock into her, I could see the lust in his eyes, and she was going to get a great fucking!! He slid into her, and I could see by the look on her face it’s exactly what she wanted, he also got one of her nipples in his mouth, and I knew how great it felt to be fucked and have my nipples sucked, so when I saw the look of total bliss on Carla’s face, I knew she was going to enjoy what he’d do with her.

He settled into a good strong rhythm, and sucked one nipple, then the other, alternating between them and kissing her passionately on the mouth, the look of satisfaction and pure animal desire was undeniable, and I could see they were both really enjoying fucking each other. I found myself slipping a finger into my pussy, and starting to play with myself, I hadn’t felt like this for a long time. My husband was starting to moan, I knew he’d cum soon, and I could see the effect it was having on Carla, her body was responding, and she was getting closer to an orgasm, my husband gave a big deep thrust, and pumped his cum deep into Carla, and she responded with a loud moan as she had another orgasm, shuddering and quivering as my husband gave a last couple of thrusts. I could see on her face she had really enjoyed what had just happened. She looked over at me as my husband drew out of her and saw I was fingering my pussy, she approached me, and slipped down between my thighs and started to lick me, I was too stunned to stop her, I had never been pleasured by another woman, and I was taken by surprise that Carla would do that.

She really knew what she was doing too, and the feeling of her soft hair between my fingers and the way she gently teased my pussy in a different way to my husband soon bought me to orgasm, something that Carla was determined to bring me to. My husband was hard again, at the sight of Carla pleasuring his wife, and he got on his knees and slid into her doggy style. This took her by surprise, as she momentarily faltered licking me, before getting into a rhythm with my husband, and all three of us were soon moaning and sighing in the throes of ecstasy. I was the first, the sheer sensation of Carla’s tongue and the surprise of enjoying a woman eating my pussy bought me to orgasm sooner than normal, and I orgasmed on her tongue, much to her delight. Both my husband and Carla orgasmed quickly after me, seeing me orgasm seemed to have an effect on them.

We separated, and sat on the couch, a bit of an awkward silence descended before Carla was the first to speak, telling me she had always wanted to have sex with me, ever since we were at school. She’d hidden her bisexual side from me, but figured that with my permission to sleep with my husband, and seeing me touch myself was just too good of an opportunity for her to make a fantasy of hers come true. I was totally taken aback, I had never had any feelings towards women sexually, it had never entered my thoughts, yet I had enjoyed being pleasured by her, and I was actually wanting more. Then she said she’d really enjoyed fucking my husband, and hoped it wasn’t a one-off time. By the look on my husband’s face, I could tell he wanted more of Carla too.

My husband went to get another round of drinks, and Carla asked me if everything was ok, or if I’d bursa merkez escort bayan prefer, she’d go. I was a little surprised by this, I asked her if she was ok, and was she wanting to leave? The look on her face answered me long before her reply, she wanted more, and she hoped we’d be up for a good few more times that night too, not just my husband, but me too as she wanted to fulfil her desires, and ours as well. I stammered a little, and said I wasn’t sure that I was really wanting any more. Carla placed her hand on my thigh and my body responded with a little tremor and my nipples stiffened, to which Carla smirked, chuckled called me a liar and started to suck my nipples, oh my god, I loved it, and wanted more. Just then my husband entered the room to see his wife in the throes of being pleasured by her friend, this had the effect you’d imagine, and his cock started to rise to the occasion. I felt like I wanted more too, and Carla seemed to pick up on this, sliding her fingers into me, to be greeted with a satisfying moan. Before I knew it, she was passionately kissing me, and I her, she worked my tits and pussy perfectly, and gave me another orgasm, my creamy juices covering her fingers which she licked clean with great pleasure. I haven’t had two orgasms for quite a while, and I still felt like I’d go for more. Carla kissed me and moved over to my husband, straddling his erect cock and slowly lowering herself onto him, giving me a great view of her tight bum and pussy as she rode him, and she really rode him well, her hips bucking and gyrating. They were really going at it as if it was the first fuck they’d had for months, or the last they thought they’d ever get. Carla orgasmed first, her silky creamy juices flooding out of her, pouring over my husband’s balls and thighs. He surprised me by moving Carla off him, and coming over to me, he knelt before me and slid his big cock into me as he kissed me. I loved being fucked on the edge of the couch, and he whispered in my ear he’d saved the best for last, thrusting powerfully into me. It felt great, and another orgasm loomed, I’d never felt one like this, maybe having Carla around had had an effect, I don’t know, but I had the biggest most powerful shuddering climax I’d ever had, and squirted all over my husband, he duly exploded deep inside me, pumping a load of hot sticky cum deep into my pussy, I loved it, and I could see Carla watching us with a look of pure carnal desire all over her face.

We all needed a rest, so my husband got the hot tub ready and called us out to sit in it and soak. Carla sat on one side of my husband, and I was on the other. We were silent for a while, enjoying the warmth of the water. Carla was the first to speak, a bit hesitant, but thanking us for the fun she’d enjoyed, and hoping it wasn’t a one off. My husband looked at me, and admitted he was surprised by it all, and didn’t quite know what to make of it, but he’d really enjoyed it, and looked deep into my eyes and said he’d really enjoyed finally being able to enjoy me again, and then telling Carla he’d quite happily have her around anytime, as long as I consented. How could I not? She had just reinvigorated my sex life, given me orgasms and shown me that I still wanted and enjoyed sex!

The conversation carried on a little, and drifted onto other subjects, before my husband announced he was tired, and needed his rest. He stood up to reveal a massive erection, and going by the sly look on Carla’s face, I knew she had been giving him a hand job. He headed off to our room, and I told Carla she’d better follow, or miss out, something she needed no second invitation to do. My husband got in his side of the bed, Carla slid in next to him, and I followed on my side. Carla started to stroke my husband’s cock again, and slid her fingers into me and had the biggest smirk ever, before declaring she had it all in the palm of her hands!! My husband decided it was time to step it up and positioned Carla above his cock and she duly slid down on him, with that now familiar look of satisfaction, he then got me to straddle his face, something I knew I’d enjoy, that meant I was confronted with Carla’s lustful face, and wandering hands that went straight to my tits, and she then started to kiss me. My husband was thrusting up into Carla for all he was worth, licking and sucking my pussy while Carla and I fondled each other’s tits and kissed deeply, then, to my surprise Carla started to play with my clit, it was too much and I came to a shuddering climax, showering my juices all over my husband’s face, and to Carla’s delight. She giggled as I got of my husband, totally spent, and enjoyed watching Carla fucking him, when a plan came to me, if it was good enough for her to touch me then…my fingertips found her clit, and started to tease and tickle her, the result was instant, creamy juices started to seep from her pussy and she was moaning deeply, clamping my hand to her clit, I decided to double down and reached for her tits and started to play with one nipple while sucking the other, the combination of caressing her clit, sucking one nipple while flicking and tweaking the other while my husband ponded into her pussy from below undid Carla, and she erupted in a screaming orgasm, squirting juices all over my husband, and it just kept coming! My husband shot a load of cum into her, and this triggered another squirting session form Carla, she was really enjoying the sensations but was totally and utterly exhausted, gently pushing me away and collapsing on top of my husband, his now limp cock slowly sliding out of Carla, followed by a mixture of their juices mingled together. She snuggled up to him, half draped over him, and I intertwined myself with Carla in a tangle of arms and legs, we all fell into a deep slumber, fully satiated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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