A Fun Day

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You are wearing a short sundress. You wore the dress knowing that as soon as I saw you in it I would only want to see you out it. As we sit in the car I notice that your dress keeps riding up your smooth thighs. You slowly part your thighs and run your fingers along your inner thighs.

We talk about all the things that we’ve missed about each other the kisses, the talks and then lying in the bed together after making love and just cuddling. As we continue talking I ask you if you’d like to park somewhere and walk around or maybe get a bite to eat. You opt for the park and suggest we get something there. We drive over to the coast and go to the boardwalk. As I open the door for you and you step out I notice that you are wearing some skimpy underwear. I ask you to take them off for me so that I can touch your bare ass whenever I want to.

As we walk around on the boardwalk we walk into a few shops and in one shop you decided to tease me by stretching for the top shelf and pretending to be reaching for something. As you reach up the dress hikes up over your ass. You look back at me with this funny little grin as if to say you can look but can’t touch. I walk up to you from behind and tell you that I want to fuck you right here and now. You tell me that I’ll just have to wait.

We continue walking around and we finally decide that it’s time to get a bite to eat. We decide to eat at a little place that is on the beach and that has a back deck. The hostess sits us outside and as we wait for the waiter you I tell you that I want you to give the waiter a little show. I want you flash him some pussy by dropping something on the ground and asking him to pick it up for you then spread your thighs so that mobil porno he can get a good look at that pretty pussy of yours. When the waiter came you did as I had asked you. He bends over and you open your thighs and he gets a full view. As he stands up you tell him thank you and give him a wink. As he walks away I tell you that I want you to do it again but this time I want you to spread your thighs further apart and put a foot on either side of the chair so that he get a really good look at your pussy. The waiter seems to be especially attentive to our table, and it even seems that he told the entire wait staff because we have more than enough water and rolls on our table. We finish eating our lunch and as we leave you the waiter tells me that I am one lucky guy and hopes that we come back soon.

As we leave the restaurant I notice a little a spot on the pier that is a little private. We walk over to the spot and you half jokingly said that this is a good spot to get naughty. I ask you to elaborate as I get behind you and run my hands over your ass. You push back and tell me this naughty……..you then reach behind you and grab my cock and begin to rub it through my slacks. I tell you that either you stop or I will have no choice but to pull my cock out and put it inside of you.

You then let out a low moan and tell me that you are horny and want me to fuck you from behind. I slowly run my fingers over your ass. Your thighs slowly part for me and you slightly raise your ass for me so that I can work my fingers in and out of your pussy. My fingers easily slide deep into your pussy…..you are so wet…..your juices are slowly running down your thighs. I then bring my fingers to my mouth so that alman porno I can get a taste of that sweet nectar from you pussy.

You then turned around facing me your back against the railing. Grabbing me around the neck you pull me toward you and give me a very passionate kiss. You tell me that you can taste your juices on my lips and tell me that you are ready for me to fuck you.

I immediately drop to me knees as you pull your dress up to expose your sweet pussy. You raise a leg to and I open your pussy to expose your clit. I take your clit into my mouth and begin to nibble and suck on it until I can feel your body begin to tens as the first orgasm hits your body. I continue lapping at your pussy and going deeper inside of you. I continue to tongue fuck you as you grab the back of my head and push my face and tongue deeper into you. You begin to rock your hips back and forth over my face and you tell me that you are cumming and tell me that you want me fuck you. As I feel your body begin to tense you tell me to put a finger in your ass…….as I push my finger into your ass I feel your thighs begin to quiver and you let out a low moan as you cumm for me.

After you catch your breath you reach down and pull my face to yours and give me a very passionate kiss. You tell me that you want my cock inside of you. You turn around so that your back is to me; you slightly bend at the waist. As you raise your dress for me I grab your ass and spread your cheeks and I run my tongue up and down your slit from behind.

I have you raise a leg for me to give me better access to your pussy. You then reach behind you and rub my cock through my slacks and tell me to take it out alexis texas porno and rub it on your ass then to put in your wet pussy. As I pull my cock out you grab it and rub it on your ass then you rub it on your pussy and tell me to fuck you. I slowly push my cock inside of you and your knees go weak as I begin to pump my cock in and out of you. You reach between your thighs and begin to rub your clit with one hand as the other reaches behind you and spread your ass. I grab your waist for support as I begin to pound on you. My balls are slapping against the hand that is rubbing your clit and I can feel your finger tips brush against them as I slam into you.

As I begin to feel the cumm build up in my balls I realize that you have moved your hand from your clit and began to finger fuck your ass. The sight of this is enough to put me over the edge. No longer being able to hold back I tell you that I am going to comm.……you can feel my body tense and you feel my cock swelling inside of you……then with out warning you push me back and drop to your knees and take me into your mouth. You suck my cock into your mouth and you work your mouth on my cock as if it were your pussy….you let low moans out and they vibrate through out my cock to my balls

I grab the back of your head and push my cock further into your mouth I can no longer hold back….I cumm in your mouth and you swallow all that I have to offer. I can only let a grunt escape from my lungs as I explode into your mouth. You swallow all of my cumm except for a little drop that you let drip onto your cleavage. You then trace your fingers over your cleavage and bring that finger to your mouth and suck it dry as you give me one of those…….’ Tastes sooooo good’ looks.

You stand up look me straight in the eyes and kiss me….I can taste my cumm on your lips……WOW…. We then try our best to straighten ourselves out……as we walk back to the car……I tell you “thank you for being my fantasy, thank you for being my lady.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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