A Great Study Break

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The fourth floor of the library has an alcove with a couch and a coffee table in it overlooking the North End of campus. No one is ever up there, which is why I was up there. I was studying Chemistry, stressed out of my mind and sexually frustrated. I wasn’t sexually frustrated by the Chemistry I was studying (that would be really fucking weird), I was sexually frustrated by chemistry I had with David.

David is a friend of mine, a really attractive friend. He was that friend that you want to fuck the brains out of, but he’s also that friend that you never want to lose because he’s super sweet. So I hadn’t come on to him, because I didn’t think he’d be receptive and because I just don’t know how to seduce people and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship with my failed seduction. That’s not to say we didn’t flirt, we flirted all the time. That’s what was making me sexually frustrated, this attractive bearded man flirting with me and a lack of anyone doing sexual things with me. It’s more complicated than that, but you get my drift. This was a situation.

Another situation was my chemistry grade, which wasn’t failing but also wasn’t up to my standards of personal excellence, and that’s why I was sitting in the 4th floor of the library at 1am on a Friday night. I hadn’t heard any movement from the rest of the library in hours when I heard someone coming up the stairs. I assumed it was just some üsküdar escort intense grad student getting a book from the stacks, but I heard the person approach my alcove and looked over the back of the couch. It was David, I smiled at him.

He looked surprised. “You like this study spot too?” He whispered. “Guess I’ll have to find someplace new.”

“I do, but I can share!” I badly whispered and pulled my legs towards me on the couch. He smiled broadly at me, showing a dimple on the right side of his mouth that I wanted to run my lips across. He sat down and pulled out a notebook, then he pulled my legs onto his lap.

“There, now it’s like I’m not even taking up space.” he said. My body tingled at the contact established between his lap and my feet.

“You’re so sweet.” I sighed lightly, my sex deprived brain wanted to curl up on his lap.

“Not as sweet as you.” he said. I flopped back against the arm of the couch, unable to contain my feels. He continued, “You look tense,” he paused briefly, his eyes roved over my body, “do you want a massage? I give really good massages.” I groaned, wondering if my hormones could handle him touching my body.

“Yeah, that would be lovely.” I answered. He pushed my feet off his lap and turned sideways on the couch. I was pulled until my back was against his knees. He placed a leg on either tuzla escort side of me and began rubbing my shoulders. Shivers wracked my body and I moaned lightly.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I thought you looked tense.” David continued rubbing lower down my back. It felt so good. When he began rubbing back up I used my feet to push against the far end of the couch, levering me back against him. He leaned backwards against the arm of the couch, effectively pushing his groin against my butt, and continued the massage. I felt his hardness growing against me and wiggled against it, the sexual frustration getting the better of me. It was his turn to groan. He stopped rubbing and I thought ‘Oh fuck, I just ruined it.’ and then he leaned his forehead against my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I just have to…” he murmured before lightly kissing my neck. I turned my head to face him and pressed a tiny kiss to the side of his mouth. He was on me in a second. His lips running all over mine, his hands intertwined with mine over my head, his hard length pressing against my inner thigh. I moaned into his mouth.

He pulled back to ask, “Is this alright? I just, you’re so beautiful.” He leaned down again, running his lips along my collarbone. My sex starved brain was barely functioning but I knew he wouldn’t go any farther if I didn’t enthusiastically pendik escort consent, he was so fucking hot.

My hands went to his pants, unbuttoning them as I practically yelled (by library standards) “Please, I want you inside me! I need to feel you! Please!” His mouth latched onto my neck, surely leaving a hickey, marking me with his passion. I had his pants pushed down and his cock sprung free. I tilted my head to look around where David was attached to the upper slopes of my breasts and down at his hard throbbing cock. I grasped it’s smooth iron length, sliding his precum down his shafting, getting it ready to enter me. I was so focused on touching him that I barely noticed him lifting my skirt up and sliding my panties down my legs until I felt his fingers enter my hot wetness. They curled inside me, bringing me startlingly close to orgasm.

I pulled him lightly by his manhood until he got my drift and withdrew his fingers from inside me. I could barely handle it as he slid inside me. I was decadently full. He thrusted twice before I orgasmed, spasming around him. He paused, perhaps trying not to ejaculate prematurely. When my first orgasm began to fade he began moving again. He thrusted long throw strokes, quickly getting me closer to my 2nd orgasm. We kissed, our tongues thrusted like our nether regions. He reached a hand down and rubbed it lightly against my clit. That instantly set me off and muffled my moan against his lips as I orgasmed again. He was thrusting more sporadically, I could feel him growing inside me and then suddenly he pulled his lips from mine and bit my shoulder as he exploded inside me. We had just reached a whole new level in our friendship and it felt damn good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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