A Hot Summer’s Night

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Author’s Notes:

First, this is an incest story between a brother and sister, if that offends you, I understand, please stop reading.

Second, this is technically a cheating story, as both siblings are married. I know this offends some folks, so if that is you, I suggest you stop reading.

Third, this is a fantasy story, I realize all the different inter-relational issues, different moral compass questions, etc. So, I hope you just enjoy it for what it is, a fantasy story.

If you are still reading, enjoy.


Summer has finally arrived down here on the Jersey Shore. And before you start thinking about some MTV show, much like the Jersey Devil, I have never seen those people down here, but I guess they exist. While I live on the coast, I don’t live on the beach, having a house on the water by the bay. I love the water but hate fucking sand, so my wife and I bought this house and added a boat that we use when the weather tells us its ok. Once summer finally comes around the rest of the family starts to come out of the woodwork to find some time to spend down here with us. That was the point, after all, once we decided to buy the place. Being in our early forties and having the kids out at college or out in life, we wanted a place where people would come down for a visit and then leave.

This weekend my sister was coming down for a visit. Her husband was off on some travel event as part of their business, so she would be flying solo with us. This was fine with me, as when they are both down, I end up being the fourth wheel in their conversations, not being the overly social type. I have a good time, but when the topics turn to Broadway, or God help us, Karaoke, I tend to fade to the back.

I was quite excited for her visit this time, however, based upon a conversation my wife and I had a few weeks ago. You see, my sister’s husband is thirteen or fourteen years older her, and she, being in her late 30’s, the age difference is starting to show. Now, in my mind, being in your 50s does not mean your dead, but from what my wife tells me, they have sex two or three times a year. Holy shit, three times in a year! My wife and I go three times in a week, fuck. Some rather naughty thoughts about helping my sister through these difficult times started to formulate in my mind and at least this weekend would give me an opportunity to fuel that fantasy. Of course, these thoughts will likely remain right where they are, in my head, but a man can fantasize can’t he? Even if it is about his own sister.

To give you some context, my sister is an attractive woman. She stays in decent shape by running and has an amazing pair of breasts. I dare say she made me the breast man I am today by growing up together. Admittedly, we may have played a little ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ when we were teenagers. Even back when she was developing she had nice, firm, round breasts with these fantastic large nipples. When she let me touch them, they were so soft and smooth, I guess you could say it left an impression. She gave me a hand job in return because she didn’t know what it meant when a guy came. I showed her.

Nothing happened after that one time, but I never really lost the appreciation for her, and any naughty thoughts remained buried. She can be very sexy, but ever since her marriage she has dressed super conservative. I am pretty sure her breasts are fuller now than they were then, however. Like I said, I am a breast man, I notice these things.

Back to this fine July day, my sister Valerie showed up early on Saturday morning. After seven straight weekends of rain, having a little sun was a welcome change to the dreary weekends leading up to this one. I happened to notice her pull into the driveway, so I went out to meet her at the car.

“Hey Val,” I said to her as she got out of the car. She was dressed in flip-flops, nice summer shorts and a baggy polo shirt.

I reached over to grab her small bag and she gave me one of those European kisses on the cheek that isn’t a kiss.

“You look good,” I said. Which brought a cute little grin from her.

“You’ve never told me that before,” she offered as we turned back toward the house.

“I haven’t?” I replied with honesty. I guess we don’t share those kinds of pleasantries. “Well, you do look good in any case.” I stood by my statement.

She waked in front of me back to the door and I snuck a glance at her ass. Like I said, she doesn’t really go in for clothes that show anything, so now that she was dressed less so, I couldn’t help myself. I am a juvenile, I admit it. When I looked back up I realized she was looking back at me. Caught. I just offered a sheepish smile and opened the door for her.

“Babe, Val’s here,” I shouted to my wife who was somewhere in the house.

“Coming,” came a distant voice from upstairs.

“Hey Val,” my wife offered as she bounded down the stairs. “You picked a great weekend to come down. I am sorry, Gary couldn’t make it, but I hope it’s fun anyway.”

My wife gave my sister a hug, noting my bland expression at sarıyer escort the mention of Gary. “What, are you disappointed there won’t be any karaoke this time?” My wife chided me.

“Yes, you got me, that’s totally it,” I offered in mock sincerity. I walked to the guest room that is on the first floor where my sister will be staying to drop her bag.

“You want a drink?” I heard my wife ask my sister. I turned and raised an eyebrow at that, as it was only a little after 11am. My wife is not a big drinker, my sister on the other hand. Still, it’s a bit early to hit the sauce.

“Sure,” my sister replied, and she and my wife headed upstairs to attend to the refreshments. To each their own I suppose.

After dropping the bag in her room and met them upstairs, where they had prepared a couple of mimosas for the early occasion. The turned in unison at my arrival with a bit of a conspiratorial look and giggled. Not quite getting the joke I asked, “What? Something on my face?”

“Not yet,” my wife offered in a bit of an unusual forwardness with mixed company.

“OK, what exactly is in those drinks?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

“Don’t you worry babe. Is the boat ready, we want to go out?” My wife quickly changed the subject.

“No, I need to take the cover off and check a few things. I will go out and take care of it now if you guys are ready,” I dutifully responded and turned to go do just that. Another giggle greeted me as I walked down the stairs. What WAS in those drinks?

After about 20 minutes I had finished up getting the cover off the boat, checking the lines, battery and getting everything ready. The girls came out of the house together, and I just about fell out of the boat.

They were each wearing practically matching bikinis that left little to the imagination. You must understand, I hadn’t seen my sister with this little clothing in over 20 years. My wife was stunning, but I couldn’t help but notice my sister. Her breasts were rounder and fuller than that memory remembered. I don’t know if I mentioned that my wife has amazing breasts that I am absolutely in love with and a curvy hourglass shape that fits them perfectly. But my sister’s breasts were slightly larger, if I can be honest, and wow, she looked great. I know, I know, typical guy, but what can I say, I love breasts. I had to turn away, but I am not sure if I did it fast enough as the giggles once again greeted me. What a weird, yet intriguing, start to the day.

The girls each had a towel and my wife was carrying a little cooler with them down to the pier. As they reached the boat I grabbed the things they were carrying and then helped them aboard. I tried hard, REALLY HARD, not to check out my sister as I helped her in to the boat. I am not sure I accomplished that task, but I gave it a serious try. I was wearing a bathing suit, and if you are a guy you know, there is nothing there that can hide a hard on, and I was already starting to work on one. Being with two gorgeous women and one very active, and naughty, imagination, my body simply took over.

I tried to take my attention away from the ladies and went about getting ready to set off. I untied the bow line and asked my wife to throw off the stern line and give us a push off. Setting about guiding the boat out into the lagoon, and eventually the bay, took my mind away from the scene in front of me, but once we were in the lane heading out at slower speed, things got worse, in a good way.

We have a bowrider boat, which means there are seats in front of the main console. The girls felt this was a perfect spot to perch themselves for the slow trip out. Once we got out there, they may get a bit wet, but until we did so they felt it was a good time to relax and put on their sunscreen. Right the fuck in front of me. It wasn’t some cliché porn scene where they each put on the other’s sunscreen, but it might as well have been. The squirted and spread the sunscreen over their shoulders and arms, down their legs making sure to get every bit of exposed skin as they ran there hands up their inner thighs.

Fuck, I wasn’t watching where I was going and almost hit someone else’s pier. I quickly changed direction to get back on course when they decided to make sure the exposed parts of their breasts were properly protected. They did so by squirting it on their breasts and then spread it about their silky-smooth skin. Making sure to not get any burns by missing a spot, their hands roamed under their bikini tops, and over their ample mounds. I was trying so hard to catch a glimpse of a nipple as they did this, but it was still enough of a scene to get me rock hard. I am not exactly sure how the fates decided on turn of events today, but I wasn’t going to complain.

We were headed out to a sandbar, and the bay was busy, so the next 15 minutes or so I really had to pay attention to what I was doing. From my driver’s seat, all I could basically see when I looked down at them was breasts and legs. The bay was up a little, so it was a little esenyurt escort bumpy and I am sure you can imagine what the effect had on their respective breasts. Not a bad position to be in, but it certainly filled me with some very conflicted thoughts.

I love my wife to death, and we’ve had some very interesting sexual adventures of late, but I couldn’t help but have some very inappropriate thoughts about my sister. Unfortunately, my wife is not at all in to women, so I drew the mental line there. Given my sister’s complete lack of a sex life, it seemed like an absolute crime from where I was sitting.

Arriving at the sandbar, we dropped anchor in about three feet of water, and what I needed at that point was to cool off, both literally and figuratively. I dropped the ladder and proceeded to dive into the somewhat cool water and swim a bit away from the boat. I was eventually standing in four feet when I turned to watch the girls go in a step at a time, screeching at the ‘cold’ water like most people always seem to do. Jumping in is always best.

What their slow and steady method did afford me was the opportunity to observe their very hard nipples. Apparently, the bikinis they were wearing didn’t have any of the ‘protective’ padding that hides such things and both my wife and my sister had some very erect nipples.

I love my wife’s breasts, so I was used to seeing such things, but my sister, if you recall, has large nipples and she had two large nubs prominently on display under her suit that left little to the imagination. Fuck, I was instantly hard again and had to turn away, my conscience getting the better of me at that moment.

I heard the splashes, screams and sloshing as they finally got in the water. With my back turned I didn’t see my wife swim up, but I felt her climb on my back and reach around me, like a piggy-back. Her right hand went right to my cock, as if she could read my mind, and grasping it hard breathed, “What have we here?” I felt a little like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, and didn’t know exactly how to respond, so I tried “What? You are hot babe! I can’t help it.”

She gave it a few light tugs under the water and replied, unconvinced, “Uh-huh, I am sure that’s it.”

I spun around quickly, and now she had her legs wrapped around me, my hardness pressing in to her pussy. “What? Can’t a husband enjoy the look and feel of his wife?”

Wrapping her legs around and locking her ankles, pressing me closer she countered, “I am sure that is the only thing going on in that mind of yours,” and she kissed me deeply on the lips.

“Hey, get a room!” My sister shouted from nearby.

My wife pushed away from me and dove under the water, leaving me standing there with my thoughts. I really didn’t know what to make of this situation, but I suppose I should just go with it. I tend to over-think things and this is one situation that I could definitely over think. Just as that thought that, my sister did that “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, dip your head under the water and come up and let it pour all over your head and breasts thing. Fuck me.

At this point I was feeling very conflicted. I was tearing myself up about every naughty thoughts I was thinking about my sister, whose very same thoughts meant I was cheating on my wife in my mind. Although its not like I was going to leave my wife for my sister, so it’s kind of safe. Fuck, stop justifying. I needed to somehow get through this day in one piece, and still married.

Thankfully, the rest of the time was spent swimming was less provocative, mostly laying out on the boat. Of course, I got an eye full, but at least I didn’t have any other extraneous activity or comments to drive it over the edge. I am not a total Neanderthal, but I certainly do appreciate the feminine form, even my sisters. When everyone got a little too hot, we packed it up, pulled up the anchor and headed back.

On the return trip, the ladies were sitting behind me and each time I looked back, they seemed deep in conversation. I don’t know what the were talking about, but they really seemed to be focused on it, as I didn’t hear any giggling or other side comments the whole trip back. When we finally got back to our pier behind the house, docked up and tied off, they both gave me a strange, assessing look.

I didn’t know what to make of it, but I asked, “Did you have fun?”

“Definitely,” my sister replied for them both. “Thanks for taking us. I hope it was worth the trip for you.”

“Spending the day with two beautiful ladies is hardly an effort,” I replied, and I realized what I had said too late. One of those ladies was my fucking sister, you idiot.

They picked up what was left of what they brought with them, and I had about fifteen minutes of rinsing the boat to do, so they took their leave and headed inside, but not before checking out both of their asses. I am such a pig, I laughed internally. I rechecked the lines, secured the engine and finished what I had to do and headed inside.

As I got inside, I caught my wife already avrupa yakası escort dressed with the car keys in here hand. “Where are you going?” I asked a bit confused.

“I need to go pick up some more to drink and a couple of things to eat, I forgot to shop earlier. I shouldn’t be more than an hour or so. Do you want anything?” She asked, picking up her purse.

“Nope,” I responded.

“Oh, Valerie is taking a shower in our bathroom as I haven’t finished cleaning the guest bathroom yet,” she added kissing me on the cheek and heading out the door. She was leaving me alone. With my sister. In the Shower.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. This was the true devil on one shoulder, angel on the other moment. You see, we had just redone our bathroom. Beautiful glass stand-up shower, new tub, large mirror, the works. There are two entrances to the bathroom, one from the hall for any guests, and one from our master bedroom. I happen to know that if you crack the door on the master bedroom entrance, that you can get a perfect reflection of the glass shower in the large vanity mirror. I admit, I watched my wife showering a couple of times before, without her knowing.

Now, my wife has left the house and my sister was up in the shower. Fuck.

I would love to tell you that my internal conflict went on for hours and that the better part of me won. But, that is not the case. Maybe I thought about it for 5 seconds before I started to walk quietly upstairs, passed the hall entrance to the bathroom, into the master bedroom and to the bathroom entrance. Fuck.

My pulse was going a mile a minute, and one last desperate plea from the from the angel was doused by the devil, and I tested the door. Unlocked. The last hope for preserving my self-respect was gone. I slowly, quietly turned the door knob and cracked the door.

I think my heart about stopped when I opened the door. There was my sister, fully naked reflected in the vanity mirror, soaping up her hair with both hands. Her breasts hung heavy on her chest, a bit larger than I remembered, but oh my God, they were as magnificent as I remember. Her large nipples were erect with the effect of the soap and water. I might as well have opened the door to a porn studio, as that was the effect on me and what I was seeing. I subconsciously reached down and rubbed my fully hard cock as she continued to soap her hair, the water running down her chest and legs.

She had to turn and bend over to grab the sponge and I caught a beautiful view of her pussy. Pouring some soap into the sponge Val began soaping her beautiful breasts. She ran the sponge, and her hands, over her large, soft mounds, spending more time on her nipples then seemed absolutely necessary. She pinched and played with them for a moment, and I could see the look of pleasure on her face as she did so. I did feel momentarily guilty for spying on this personal moment, but that didn’t move me away.

One of her hands ran down her body to her trimmed, but full bush that I could make out through the soapy water. Her right hand was working her hard nipple, while her left started to furiously rub her clit. Jesus Fucking Christ, this couldn’t be happening. I was spying on my sister, playing with herself in my shower, what the fuck. I just wanted to start whacking off, but I couldn’t risk getting caught like that, and I couldn’t look away either. I could now hear her pleasurable moans over the din of the shower, which only made the scene hotter.

She pulled her hand back from her clit and now with both hands, she pinched hard on each of her large nipples, pulling them away from her like she was trying to pull them off. This must have had the intended effect on her, as I heard a louder gasp of pleasure as she twisted and pinched her nipples as she shuddered. Did she just cum by pinching her nipples? I shouldn’t be watching this, I should be watching this. Fuck.

I slowly pulled the door closed and had to compose myself. I tucked my cock away, sadly, and not a moment too soon. As I adjusted myself and headed back down the hallway, I heard the shower turn off and the glass door open. The show was over, and she might have seen me if I stayed any longer. The erotic sight still playing very fresh in my mind, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and walked out on to our balcony that overlooked the water and tried to cool myself down.

The air and breeze felt great for the few minutes I was alone. My sister joined me a moment later, hair still wet and up in a towel, tee shirt on, no bra, and shorts. Her breasts were moving freely quite obviously, under the shirt. I swear to God, I don’t know what the fuck was going on today. I went from not really thinking about my sister in that way, to getting full-court pressed with the idea and everything that was happening was working against any resistance.

Thankfully, she brought me out of my reverie and asked, “You got one of those for me?”

“Yep,” I responded, thankful to have something else to think about other than my sister. I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. On the return trip I caught sight of my sister, leaning over the balcony a bit, the apple of her ass hanging under the cut of her shorts. Deep down I wanted something to stop me from my current train of thought, but the fates seem to have decided that is not to be. Fuck, she looked good. But, I’m happily married AND that’s my sister, pull yourself together, you shit.

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