A Learning Experience

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Bikini Babes

Chapter 1

I was feeling pretty relaxed as I wondered along the school corridor, my ‘A’ levels were over, the last exam had been the day before and now the long summer before starting University stretched before me. This was my last day of school, a time to clearout my locker, hand in my textbooks and say goodbye.

I headed down the fourth floor corridor to classroom D2 and stood outside waiting for the bell to go that would call forth the chattering horde of third years that at that moment sat listening to Miss Robinson as she tried to teach them the inerrancies of the French language.

Miss Robinson, slim, petite with long dark brown hair captured at the back in a clip, deep green eyes, pert breasts that pushed forth her blouse and slim legs and firm bottom. I new every mannerism that she had, I had listened enraptured to her voice and she’d taught me French over the last three years. It was in hope of her teaching me that I had decided to do ‘A’ level French, and her teaching that had seen me through.

As you can probably gather I was in love with her, head over heels and had been since the first moment I had seen her. I new there was no chance of anything happening, after all I was eighteen and she was in her mid twenties and my teacher or should I say ex-teacher. Her face and body had filled my dreams for the past three years, many were the nights I had masturbated myself to sleep with images of her.

The ringing of the bell brought me back to my senses and I stood aside as the hordes broke free, poring from the classrooms around me to fill the corridor. As the crowds diminished I stepped forward, I stood looking at Miss Robinson for a moment drinking in the sight of her beauty, she was leaning forward over her desk, her blouse hung loose and through the opening I caught a glimpse of tanned flesh. A strand of hair had escaped its confines and lay across her cheek, I longed to reach out and brush it away.

Taking at deep breath I knocked on the classroom door and stepped in.

“Hi Miss Robinson”

“Hello John, how are you?”

“I’m fine thanks, I’ve brought my textbook back”

“O thanks, is it your last day? Clearing out your junk and getting rid of your books”

“Um yes”

“OK I’ll just tick your name, yours is the last,” she said as she placed it on a large pile of identical books, “any plans for your summer?”

“Not at the moment, I should probably try and get a summer job, earn some money for uni”

“It’s certainly useful, are you in a hurry?”

“Not really, I’ve finished”

“Could you give me a hand to carry these books to the storeroom?”


With that we each lifted a pile of books and I followed her out of the classroom.

The storeroom was on the second floor and as I followed her I tried not to stare at her legs and firm arse as she climbed the stairs, but the sight was just too available and by the time we reached the storeroom I had an erection, I just hoped it wasn’t too noticeable.

“They need to go on the top shelf, if I climb up will you pass them to me?”


I gazed in longing at her legs as she climbed the steps.

“John, Jooohhhhnnn, Earth to John”

“What o god I’m sorry I guess I was day dreaming”

“Hmm, could you pass me the books?”

Blushing I quickly passed her the books, embarrassed at being caught staring at her. Putting the last of the books on the shelf she stepped down, as she moved the steps seamed to rock and suddenly she started to fall. Without thinking I reached out to catch her and suddenly she was in my arms.

It wasn’t until that moment that I realised how small she was, she’d always seemed tall to me, I guess it was because she could rule a class so easily.

As I held her our eyes locked, her face was flushed; I noticed the moist glistening of her very kissable lips. I became acutely aware of my erection pressing against her and then that my left hand was resting on her arse and that I could feel flesh. Without thinking I moved my head forward and brushed her lips with mine.

‘O shit what am I doing’ I thought ‘she’s gonna scream blue murder in a minute’

Quickly I released her and tried to step back, not easy as her arms were still around me.

“I’m I’m sorry Miss Robinson, are you OK?”


Rather than stepping away from me stepped closer, her arms slipped around my head, pulling it down, and her lips sort mine. I stood still in shock and surprise as she kissed me, as her tongue brushed over my lips I parted them and felt it slip into my mouth. My arms encircled her body as she pressed against me; our tongues battled together as our hands moved over each other’s bodies.

Pulling apart I watched mesmerised as she walked over to the storeroom door, removing the key she closed and locked it from the inside. As she walked back to me I watched mesmerised, as her blouse seemed to fall open of its own accord revealing her bra enclosed breasts to my hungry eyes. As our bodies once more met in a passionate embrace I felt her hand slip between our bodies and brush my trouser enclosed erection. bahis firmaları We stepped slowly back until we came to an old table that was partly filled with books.

Lifting her onto it I felt her hands pulling at my shirt, standing I quickly pulled it off. I eased her blouse from her shoulders and kissed her face and neck, before moving lower to her breasts. As I licked and kissed the swelling of her breasts my hands fumbled at her bra.

“Let me”

I looked in awe as she slipped her bra from her body and dropped it to the floor.

“I I’ve never done this before?”

She smiled at my confession.

“That’s OK I’ve never seduced a student, or should I say ex-student before and I think Kelly would be better than Miss Robinson, don’t you?”

“Kelly, it does sound better”

Her hands unfastened my belt.

“Good, now let’s get rid of these shall we”

As she watched I stripped my clothes off until I stood naked before her. Standing before me she stepped from her skirt, her panties and stockings following it to the floor. We stood still gazing in wonder and lust at each other’s naked bodies, her hands reached to caress my erection.

“It’s beautiful,” she said

“You are,” I replied

I stepped willingly into her arms and felt her naked body press against mine for the first time. I had dreamed of this moment and now suddenly my dreams were coming true. We kissed deeply, a kiss filled with passion and desire as our bodies pressed together. Gently I lifted her onto the table and as she sat before me I slowly kissed my way down her neck to her waiting breasts.

She moaned in pleasure as my lips caressed her breasts, seeking out the hard flesh of her nipples. With her words of encouragement filling my head I paid homage with lips, tongue and hands to her breasts. The room filled with the sent of her arousal, I breathed deeply and slipped lower down her body. Her stomach contracted as I kissed and licked my way down, stopping to caress her navel. Her hands guided my head until I knelt on the floor before her gazing at the open petals of her womanhood.

The lips were swollen and moist from her arousal, her clitoris pocking forth from its fleshy sheath. Tentatively I licked at the moisture that coated her pussy lips, she tasted clean and fresh. I reached up to part her pussy lips and gazed in wonder at her womanhood, the flesh moist and pink. Leaning forward I drank from her, tasting her and finding pleasure in the pleasure I was giving to her.

“O John O yes that’s it suck me, o god yes yes”

Her hands moved my mouth to her engorged clit; I bathed it with my tongue, causing her body to shake in pleasure. Suddenly her hands were pulling me up, as I stood she reached for me, guiding me to her opening.

“Fuck me John, make love to me”

My moans of pleasure joined with hers as my cock pushed slowly into the hot embrace of her cunt. Her legs wrapped around me as she drew me deeply into her body, for the first time in my life my cock was buried in a woman’s body, I couldn’t believe how it felt and had to fight the urge to release my cum.

“O god Miss, I mean Kelly that feels so good”

As we kissed I stood and lifted Kelly from the table, turning round I sat on the edge. Her pussy moved slowly on my cock the muscles contracting around it as she welcomed me deep into her.

Unfortunately the sensations were too much for my virgin body and I cried out in both embarrassment and pleasure as my cock jerked and fired my sperm deep into her body.

“O fuck O god I’m sorry Kelly, I didn’t……”

“Shh it’s OK John, it wasn’t your fault, it happens especially when it’s your first time”

As she spoke she held me close and kissed my anguished face, slowly her kiss became more passionate as she realised my cock was still hard as it nestled buried in her womb.

“I guess you we can go again,” she said with a smile of pleasure.

Her legs locked around my back and her arms round my neck as we kissed deeply our tongues duelling from mouth to mouth. Slowly she started to move her pussy upon my deeply buried cock, her need and desire quickly building again. I lowered my hands to her hips as I kissed her face and neck, her breasts and nipples rubbed against my chest.

Her movements became more frenzied as her passion built, as she lifted and sank on my buried cock she twisted her hips, increasing both our pleasure. Unwrapping her legs she pushed me flat onto the table, she now sat astride my hips, her breasts bouncing with her movements. Reaching up I held them in my hands, pulling and massaging her engorged nipples. She moaned in pleasure and then she pushed one of my hands down over her stomach to the junction of our joined bodies. My fingers found her engorged clit, hard and erect pocking from its sheath. I rubbed it gently between my fingers, coating it in our combined juices that coated our groins.

“O god yes John that’s it I’m cuming baby o god yes I’m cuming, fill me with your sperm O god yes yes yeeeesssssssssssssssss”

Kelly orgasmed, her body shaking in the pleasure of her orgasm, she screamed kaçak iddaa allowed as she came. Her juices bathed my buried cock, while her cunt muscles spasmed around it seeming to draw me deeper into her convulsing body. My mind and body were in overload at the new sensations that battered it and gasped and groaned as my balls tightened and my cock started to jerk. My hot sperm fired forth in a torrent to bathe her inner depths in my cum and my orgasm fired through me.

I don’t now if I blacked out in sensory overload or what happened, but I slowly became aware of Kelly cradling my head in her arms as she kissed my face. Cool air caressed my well used cock as it lay soft and juice coated on my thigh.

“That was amazing,” I said with a contented smile as I gazed at Kelly.

She kissed me and smiled, “I agree”

I don’t now how long we lay together naked in each other’s arms, slowly we became aware of the hard table underneath us, and the rather dangerous situation we were in, should we be caught. Standing we kissed once more before quickly pulling our clothes back on. Once dressed Kelly opened the storeroom door and peered out.

“All clear”

Quickly we both slipped from the storeroom and down the corridor. I wasn’t sure what to say, but I new I didn’t want this to be a simple one off. Taking a deep breath I glanced at Kelly.



I didn’t now how to say what I wanted without seeming like, what I didn’t want to be, and that was a kid. I stopped walking, Kelly took a couple of more steps before she realised I wasn’t beside her, she then stopped and looked at me. What helped me was seeing the same look of worry and doubt in her eyes that filled my body.

“I don’t want that to be it,” I said “You mean more to me than anyone ever has before, I don’t want to walk out of here today and never see you again”

Her face filled with a look of relief and tenderness.

“I don’t now if what we’ve just done is wrong John, but I want to see you again as well. Today’s Thursday if you think you can get away, come and stay with me for the weekend if you come and wait outside the school tomorrow at about four o’clock”

I quickly glanced up and down the corridor to make sure we were alone; I kissed her a kiss filled with longing and love.

“Until tomorrow”

Turning I rushed from the school my mind in turmoil filled with wonder at the way my life had changed.

Chapter 2

The night and following day seemed to drag by as I waited for the time to meet Kelly. I’d told my parent’s that I would was going away for the weekend with some friends. The only thing they told me was not to drink too much and to be careful. After lunch I had a shave before taking a long soak in the bath, as I lay in the hot water I allowed my mind to play though the events of the previous day. I played with my hard cock, fighting the urge to make myself cum; I wanted to save myself for Kelly. Still horny and aroused I climbed from the bath and pulled on clean clothes.

Finally the time came to set off, I grabbed my bag walked to the school, I stood at the bottom gate to wait. I had been there about five minutes, five minutes that had seemed like five hours to my excited hormone filled body, when a car pulled out of the school and stopped near to me. Throwing my bag onto the backseat, I climbed in and found myself gazing upon the beautiful face of Kelly. No sooner was I sat down than she accelerated away.

“Hi,” I said with a smile.

She didn’t answer but continued to concentrate on her driving, suddenly she pulled up to the curb of a quiet road. In seconds her seatbelt was off and she was pressed against me as she gave me a kiss filled with welcome and desire.

“God I thought today would never end,” she said as she broke our embrace, “Can you drive?”


“Good, then scoot over here and drive”

With that she climbed from the car, we met in front of it as we swapped places. Standing there on the quiet suburban street we kissed and held each other tightly. My hands moved freely over her body, from her neck to her firm arse. I couldn’t resist lifting it to caress her buttocks, imaging my surprise when I found she was naked underneath it. I caressed her before sliding a hand between her parted thighs to stroke her already moist pussy lips. She groaned in pleasure, a hand running between our bodies to brush against my hard cock. Reluctantly we parted and climbed back in the car, as I pulled away from the curb I glanced across at Kelly.

She was sitting sideways on in the seat, her blouse was open, her breasts visible through the opening. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist, her pussy moist and aroused in full view.

“Better watch the road,” she said with a laugh of pleasure.

I quickly turned back to the road trying to concentrate on my driving as I felt her hand unfasten my jeans. Within seconds cool air brushed over my hard hot cock as she eased it from its constraints.

“Where am I going?” I asked

“O turn right here then head across the river”

I followed her directions, finding it difficult kaçak bahis to concentrate as her hand caressed my erection. Easing the car into fifth gear I slid my hand across and into her lap, she parted her thighs and I pushed a finger into hot wet cuntal opening and at the same time I brushed my thumb over her clitoris. Her body jerked as though subject to an electric shock and she moaned in pleasure. I was finding it difficult to concentrate on my driving as we teased each other closer and closer to orgasm.


I almost jerked the wheel as I hit the brakes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked glancing in the rear view mirror to make sure the road was clear.

“Nothing pull in here”

I drove into a small, secluded lay by that was screened from the road by trees and bushes. No sooner had I switched off the engine than she was pulling me from the car. Her clothes were in disarray as she lent over the bonnet.

“Fuck me John, Fuck me now, ram your beautiful cock in my hot pussy”

I didn’t need asking again, I slipped my trousers down where the pooled at my ankles. I pushed her forward so she lay bent over the car, grasping my cock I slid the swollen head over her dripping pussy lips, coating it in her juices until it glistened. As my cock brushed over her swollen labia she pushed back towards me trying to force it into her waiting pussy.

Bending my knees slightly I moved my cock head to the entrance of her cunt and started to slowly ease into her. She had other ideas though and pushed back against me so that my cock sank quickly and deeply into her. I pulled her straight and kissed and nibbled her neck, at the same time I slid a hand over her naked breasts pulling and massaging her hard nipples. My other hand I slipped lower to the joining of our two bodies. My fingers were quickly coated in her juices, I lifted them to rub them over her breasts before licking them clean, savouring her female essence. Once more my hand dipped down, this time in search of her pleasure bud.

“O god John that’s it O baby yes, now fuck me, fuck me hard”

I moved my hands to grasp her hips as she lent once more across the car. Holding her tightly I started to fuck my cock deep and hard into her hot waiting pussy. Our groans and cries of pleasure increased as I drove my cock into her womb, faster and faster we moved together. Our senses filled with each other and our shared pleasure.

“O baby, that feels so good, O yeah you’re so tight and hot, fuck yes”

“That’s it harder, faster John O yes o yes”

Our words of pleasure turned to grunts and groans as we reached for our release. With a cry I pushed deep into her womb as my cock swelled and sperm fired forth in seeming torrents to flood into her. Within moments Kelly had joined my in an orgasm, her cuntal muscles milking my gushing cock drawing my cum deep into her.

I stood on shaking legs as my cock slipped from her pussy, releasing a flow of our mixed juices that ran down Kelly’s thighs. I gazed at her beautiful pussy; the lips were swollen and red, coated in our juices, her inner folds visible to my eyes. I couldn’t resist kneeling and planting a kiss on her tunnel of pleasure. It was the first time I had tasted sperm, it didn’t seem too bad, especially mixed with pussy juices. I licked her thighs clean before returning to her cuntal opening. I lapped at the juices that ran freely from her, before sucking at her pussy.

My actions quickly pushed Kelly towards a second orgasm as I tongued her pussy and rubbed her clit. Her hips jerked as she pushed against my probing tongue and fingers, until with a low moan I felt her body stiffen and suddenly my mouth was flooded with her cum. I lapped and sucked her pussy until I finely felt her hands pushing me away.

As I stood up my face was coated in our juices, girl cum dripped from my chin onto my shirt. Kelly turned and kissed me, seeming to enjoy the taste of her pussy on my tongue. Breaking the kiss she licked the juices from my face before she knelt down to lick the drying cum from my cock. At the touch of her tongue and lips I was instantly hard, I moaned in pleasure as she slid my cock into her mouth. Her hands fondled and caressed my balls and shaft as she licked and sucked the swollen head. Her head bobbed back and forth upon my cock as she pressed the blood-engorged head against the roof of her mouth.

Reaching down I ran my fingers through her hair, pulling the clasps free so that waves of brown hair framed her passion filled face. I was moaning in pleasure my hips jerking forward, working my cock in and out of her fist and mouth.

“O Kelly that feels so good, I’m gonna cum baby I’m cuming”

Rather than releasing my hard cock, Kelly seemed to attack it with renewed vigour, pumping her hand and mouth upon it as she gently squeezed my balls. It was too much and I cried out in pleasure as cum shot up my shaft to flood Kelly’s mouth with jism. At first she started to gag, but somehow she managed to swallow every drop of my sperm. She sucked and licked me clean before standing up; a line of sperm had run down her chin to drip onto her breasts. Reaching up I rubbed it into her smooth skin feeling her body respond to my touch. Her hands slipped around my neck and she pulled my mouth to hers, she shared the taste of my cum with me as we kissed and fondled each other.

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