A Lesbian Preference

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I wake my hair is a mess and the sheets are twisted and knotted…I make to sit up and think better of it. My head hurts and gradually and slowly I remember why.

It was supposed to be an innocent night of pizza with the girls in town until…he walked passed the restaurant window!

I was checking my new trendy hairstyle in the darkened window when the familiar figure walked past…the bastard was with her his hand on her skinny arse. He’s thinking. I’m gods gift everyone’s look at me attitude.

I turn away and sip on my drink heat burning both my eyes and face with embarrassment. She leans into him and I hate her even more. The shadow moves on and I can see my bright tear filled eyes again. I shrug off the feeling like someone has walked over my grave but I can’t ignore the chill that has stirred my nipples to hardness. Self consciously I cross my naked arms over my breasts and welcome the arousing state; it entices me into a daydream.

I cross and uncross my legs feeling my trimmed pubes whisper across my soft skin, it’s a little sharp and I feel them poke through my trousers bahis firmaları as I’m wearing no nix. I feel myself sink lower in my seat chaffing my hood covered clit on the seam. I feel my love juices bubbling between my swollen lips and it blows an overwhelming bubble of desire in my gusset.

It overspills and leaks a dribble of female juices down my inner thigh in a thick creamy trickle of desire not instantly removable with the bare hand.

Now hours later I feel the quilt at my feet and think…why not?

I drag the obtruding bedding between my legs and ride the cotton material over my hood pulling it back and exposing my clit to the cool air. My nipples instantly harden and my skin breaks out in goose bumps. I take hold of the quilt in two hands top and bottom and slide it over myself in an orgasmic rhythm.

I feel my juices absorbing into the fabric as I pull it tighter over my clit rubbing it hard; it reminds me of last night. The surprise when Liz came out of the bathroom in my dressing gown, the way she parted my legs and gently pulled my thong to one side then breathing kaçak iddaa in my smell before poking a delicate tongue towards my lips.

Her hands shook on my legs as she poised above my clit. I gently encouraged her head down with gentle push. She welcomes the consent and sucks and laps at me hungrily. I encourage her to turn her body so we could stimulate one another simultaneously. She gladly climbed aboard my face rubbing her tiny clit on my chin as I wet her with my tongue.

I hold her young tender arse in both hands as I circle her body over my tongue keeping it stiff and wet for her with my saliva…she is swollen and ready to explode…I lick her outside teasing her more, pinching her clit hard making her gasp I suck her whole fleshing folds into my mouth and swallow and swallow until she gets the message I want her to relax and cum…She reciprocates sucking my lips up inside her mouth nibbling me behind closed lips. I purr with delight…oh my god she is going to make me flood. I lift and tense and suck and gasp I cant hold off much longer. I wipe her juices over her lips and arse smearing kaçak bahis her cheeks in silvery transparent cum before eating her till she drowns me and I in her.

Her hips freeze directly above my head; she drags her wet cunt over my face from chin to forehead. In between I stab at her hole eagerly but miss and I decide to control her so I can make her cum. I slip a hand under her arse and slick her own juices onto my little finger. I rim her secret place and ease it in a little. Oh she is tight and her pussy spasms and she rides on my finger coming hard on me coating me in a feminine creamy sweet juices and I wriggle my finger in her arse as I lick her clean. She sighs and moans into my pussy as she licks my bud repeatedly making my body tingle all over I buck under her face as I build to an uncontrollable orgasm squirting up into her mouth like a water fountain, she drinks my juices some dripping off her pretty chin.

No resistance last night was there Liz? Hungry for me, even though last night she was with him that was until she saw me sat in the window, after that she told him she had a headache and was going home…my mobile vibrates on my bedside table. It’s her she wants seconds. I smile to myself and invite her over even though she only left an hour ago!

What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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