A Lesbian Summer Camp Pt. 01

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Lesbian Summer: A Summer Camp of Seduction — PART ONE


Ellie Wylde

Jess saw the signpost that read ‘Mountain View Camping Lodge’ and made the turn. The midday summer sun cast its light over the vast forest that covered the mountain picking up every shade of green making the entire valley come alive. She opened the window even wider to take in the fresh air and let the warm rush of wind flow through her wavy chestnut hair. The air revitalized her and she could feel the breeze catching her long flowing floral dress, finding its way under the thin fabric and refreshing her body. It may not have been white sands, surf and palm trees but to her this was paradise.

The road narrowed as it entered the treeline and the world took on a magical tone of half lights and bright sunbeams that penetrated the leafy canopy. She slowed to take in the surrounding nature and allowed the rich scents of the forest to waft into the car, pine and wildflower blossom now infused the vehicle and she breathed deeply. ‘This was going to be a fantastic summer,’ she thought. Ahead she saw a stone bridge, as she crossed she stopped and looked over the side. The bridge traversed a deep ravine lined with rocks, slick with damp moss. Far below the river flowed, cutting its way down the mountain and into the valley below. It was the image normally only captured in artwork but for her, this was going to be her home for the next few weeks.

The track continued for another twenty minutes, occasionally the trees would thin out enough for her to see out and into the world she had left behind. Endless green fields punctuated by occasional copses and wooded hills. She thought she could make out the last town she had driven through several miles away, although town may have been an exaggeration. She was truly out in the middle of nowhere. This was the perfect place for a summer retreat for girls in need of a break; away from the internet, Facebook, Twitter even television, just each other to entertain themselves. The road then went up one last incline before flattening out onto a plateau halfway up the mountain. A selection of rustic wooden cabins were dotted around, almost randomly, adding to the feeling of freedom and away from the sterile straight lines of modern civilization.

While the sun did beat down, there was a cooling edge to the breeze this high up and she was grateful for it. She walked across the concourse towards the Reception Cabin and noticed three men sitting on the steps of a smaller cabin drinking coffee and taking the last chance to relax before the teenagers arrived – the calm before the storm. She felt their eyes on her, she was used to it. She knew she looked good in this dress, tight enough to show off her hourglass figure, but loose enough to still give some mystery as to what lay beneath. One of the men raised his mug in greeting and grinned, the sun caught his golden wedding ring as he did. Jess smiled back politely, ‘Men are always the same,’ she thought ‘always wanting more, and in this case wanting something he can’t have.’

Jess stepped into the Reception Cabin, a beautiful high wooden counter lined the back wall behind which was an attractive woman, early thirties dressed in a khaki outdoor shirt. Her blonde hair was crudely tied back with as many strands of hair having escaped, and now dancing around her pretty face, as there were tied back. The woman was frantically trying to organize a pile of folders and simultaneously type on a computer. She looked up startled as Jess walked in.

“Oh, er… hi… You must be Jessica, please be Jessica!”

“Well Jess is fine, but yeah, that’s me,” Jess answered with a smile.

“Oh thank God, thank God!” replied the woman and hurried around the front of the counter, knocking several pieces of paper onto the floor in her rush, “Thank you so much for coming at such short notice, you are a complete lifesaver! I’m Rachel, we spoke on the phone.”

Jess knelt and collected the scattered documents and handed them to Rachel, “Am happy to help, you do seem to have your hands full.”

“Oh if I hand ten hands my hands would still be full! But I only have two, especially as my husband is well… doing something somewhere… but certainly not here helping me which is where he should be.”

Jess cut her off before Rachel imploded, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Do you have a time machine to allow me to go back in time three months and then convince my past self that buying a Summer Camp is a totally crazy, ridiculous, naive thing to do?”

“Er… I can make a mean cup of tea if that helps?” Jess replied with a warm smile.

“Well, that is certainly a key skillset! Hmm… I did request your job reference but it doesn’t appear to have arrived yet,” Rachel sighed as she searched through a pile of papers on her desk, then with a deep breath steadied herself, “But unless you are a serial killer I need you! Actually, right now it wouldn’t matter if you are a serial killer, I would still hire you! We have just one day before the hordes from hell are scheduled to arrive. Ok, quick intro — this summer camp is for young kaçak iddaa adults, so eighteen and nineteen years olds, who often have had issues at home. It’s our job to not only destress them, but also help provide emotional support. Which is where you come in!”

“Sounds like a challenge, but a fun challenge.”

“I hope you think that in a couple of week’s time! Right, let me show you around. This is the reception, as you probably noticed…”

Jess took a moment to look around, the walls were smooth polished planks each showing off its grain creating that back-to-nature vibe. Several photos of past years were hanging in rows across one side of the room. Jess stepped forward and examined one.

“Is that you?”

Rachel followed her gaze, “Yep, that’s me, like a thousand years ago, I used to come here as a kid. Actually, that is where I met my husband, at one of the dances with the boy’s camp. Young love, I guess. And here we are fifteen years on and I have gone mad and bought the place! Look at me with those cute little bangs,” she added with a laugh, “Oh to be young, sexy and free again.”

“What do you mean ‘again’? You are still a sexy young thing who is now a powerful businesswoman,” said Jess, making sure to catch the woman’s eye.

“I know you are just saying that, but thank you, thank you, thank you!” Rachel laughed, “That is genuinely the nicest thing anyone has said to me in years, and it comes from someone who literally met me two minutes ago and must think I’m crazy!”

“We don’t use the term crazy, in therapy,” said Rachel putting on a serious tone.

“Oh, I didn’t mean…” blurted out Rachel.

“The technical term we use is fruit-loop,” added Jess with a mischievous grin.

Rachel laughed with relief, “You know, I’m glad that the last therapist dropped out at the last moment. I have a good feeling about you. Come on, I’ll give you the grand tour.”


The camp was made up of half a dozen dorms for the girls that took up to eight in each. ‘Eight hormonal teenage girls locked up together, that was certainly one of the circles of hell,’ thought Jess.

“This is the canteen cabin,” said Rachel pointing towards a larger stone structure, “There are a few catering staff there, they have their own residential cabin at the back. They kinda just keep themselves to themselves. Oh, and over here is the shower block.”

Inside, against one wall were dark wooden partitions about shoulder height for a little privacy for showering, while on the other side were some toilet stalls as well as washbasins.

“Sure it is a little basic, but this is all about stripping away all materialism and technology and teaching these girls life is about people,” said Rachel.

“And I do love that sentiment, but please tell me that we don’t have to use those showers!”

“Oh fuck no!” laughed Rachel, “We all have our own cabins with en-suites.”

“Thank God!”

“Let me show you yours.”

Rachel led Jess across the concourse to a row of small log cabins that backed onto the slope that led further up the mountain and into the dense forest. Each cabin was elevated on stilts with a few wooden steps leading up to a small sheltered veranda and the front door.

“Wow, they are adorable!” gasped Jess.

“Cute, right?” beamed Rachel proudly, “come on.”

Rachel went up the steps in front of Jess, who couldn’t help but check out the ass that rose up in front of her. Small and shapely despite the baggy cargo pants. ‘I hope her husband knows how lucky he is to have an ass like that to go to bed to each night,’ thought Jess.

Rachel opened the door, “Ta-dah!” she said and gestured inside. A double bed dominated the small room. It was far too big for the small cabin but made the place look so cozy. Thick woven wall hangings depicting animals and nature scenes covered each wall, adding to the warmth of the tiny bedroom.

“See, there is a little en-suite just through that door, may not be much but at least you will have some privacy. And believe me, after ten hours being surrounded by eighteen and nineteen year olds you are going to want some ‘me’ time.”

“I bet! It is wonderful!”



“Am so glad you like it.”

“Oh, believe me, so far I have liked everything I have seen,” said Jess, just holding Rachel’s gaze a moment longer than was comfortable, making the other woman look away.

“Well, that’s great,” replied Rachel, just a little quieter than before as she sub-consciously brushed away one of her many unruly strands of hair that had blown across her face. “Well let’s head back to the Main Cabin and you can meet the rest of the team,” she said and headed back towards the reception.

Jess sighed, ‘Come on Jess,’ she thought to herself, ‘You have been here five minutes and you are already flirting with the boss, keep it together.’


“This is Clare,” said Rachel as they stepped into the sickbay, “She is our nurse.”

A redhead looked up from her computer, she was young, maybe just twenty-three or twenty-four. Apart from hazel-green eyes, the first thing that grabbed Jess’s attention was kaçak bahis Clare’s smile; broad and friendly. Jess had seen many such smiles before, the smile of an insecure person doing her best to be extra friendly to make sure everyone liked her.

“Hi,” said Clare leaping to her feet and thrusting out a hand, “So good to meet you. Wow, what a dress, you look amazing in it!”

Jess took an extra moment to check out the young nurse. She was petite, her legs were slim, a delicate waist led up to narrow shoulders upon which her dark auburn-red hair gently flowed. Her tight t-shirt showed the small contours of her tiny breasts.

“Thanks, so kind of you to say. I’m Jess.”

“I’m Clare! Oh, Rachel already said that didn’t she, oops.”

“Clare is working on her nurse’s training course and she is here to gain some extra credit,” said Rachel.

“Yes, looking forward to it. This is going to be so much fun don’t you think? So you are the therapist? My parents sometimes joke that I should see a therapist!” she laughed nervously, “No! I don’t mean I have psychological issues! I am not dangerous or anything!.. Just sometimes people say that…I am a bit… all over the place… I should stop talking now…” she finished, blushed and looked at the floor.

Jess glanced at Rachel who shrugged tried to conceal a laugh.

“Well, you are welcome to come and talk to me anytime,” said Jess warmly, “But let’s do it with a glass of wine rather than as a therapy session.”

“Yes, we must, that would be super! So good to meet you!” beamed Clare, “looking forward to it!”

“It was good to meet you too, catch you later,” Jess smiled back as they left.

“You will need a glass of wine if you spend too much time with her,” teased Rachel, “A large one!”

“She is adorable! Like a puppy. She’s Just keen to make friends and… lacking social calibration,” said Jess, carefully picking her words.

“Lacking social calibration,” repeated Rachel, “I must remember that one,” she laughed. “You are right, she is really lovely, just a little younger than I had hoped. She will be closer to the girls’ ages than ours.”

“Speak for yourself, I am still twenty-three… at heart!” Jess replied.

“I wish I could say I felt the same. I just mean I worry some of the girls might eat her breakfast.”

‘She was pretty damn cute,’ thought Jess, ‘I wouldn’t mind eating for any meal. Jeez, Jess, I know you haven’t got laid in six months but you need to get yourself under control!’

“You ok?” Asked Rachel.

“Yeah, fine…”

“Just looked like you vanished into your own little world or a moment there.”

“Hmm… just thinking…”

“Thinking that you’ve made some terrible mistake coming here and you want to dive back in your car and flee for your life? Well too late, I had your car’s sparkplugs removed the moment you arrived and you can’t have them back until the end of the season!”

Jess laughed, “I can imagine worse places to be stranded.”

“Say that in a couple of days.”


Rachel showed Jess the rest of the Main Cabin, a spacious room that would serve as her office and ounselling room. A break-room furnished with sofas, tables and board games for entertainment in the evening. Just as she finished up the tour three men walked in.

“There you are!” gasped Rachel, “Have you fixed the lights in the dorm three yet?”

“I will, tomorrow, we have plenty of time,” replied the man.

Jess recognized him as the guy on the steps that greeted her earlier.

“They arrive tomorrow!”

“Rachel, just relax, everything will get done,” the man turned to Jess and held out his hand, “Hi, I’m Reese, I’m the manager.”

“Co-manager,” corrected Rachel instantly, “And it would be nice if you actually did some managing.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jess replied and shook Reese’s hand, she noticed he held on for longer than appropriate. A trick she recognized and pulled away.

“Oh, this is Ben and Jonny,” said Reese “We’re pretty much the only men for fifty miles,” he added with a wink.

“If you can call yourself men,” came a powerful female voice.

The entire room turned to see a tall, athletic woman stride in. Her dark blonde hair was tied back tightly and hung down in a short pony-tail. She didn’t have any makeup and in truth didn’t need any. She was naturally very handsome, full lips, strong eyebrows and dark blue eyes that sparkled with confidence. Jess couldn’t help but smile at this woman’s cutting remark and took a moment to take in the new woman’s figure. Her sports vest hugged her ample bosom and hinted at a washboard midriff. She wore tight army-green combat pants that gripped her muscular thighs. ‘I bet those legs could crush a watermelon,’ thought Jess feeling her slight flush at the thought of being that watermelon.

“Have you met our resident drill sergeant, Ashley?” Reese asked Jess.

“Er… no, Hi, I’m Jess.”

Ashley looked Jess up and down as if inspecting an army cadet on parade and just nodded. Jess liked those eyes on her and found herself pushing her chest out just a little which got an approving smile. ‘There is no way in hell that Ashley doesn’t illegal bahis like some lady love on occasions,’ thought Jess. She had learned not to jump to conclusions but the way she had just been eye-fucked was a pretty good sign.

“That light in dorm three still needs fixing,” said Ashley flatly.

“Alright, alright I will fix that damn fucking light!” snapped Reese, “Come on guys, let’s leave these girls to talk about shoes and shopping.”

Jonny and Ben nodded and scurried after Reese.

“Well that’s my husband, as I said, I married young,” said Rachel embarrassed and a little upset.

Jess wanted to put her arms around her, and had Ashley not been there she probably would have done.

“So you are the shrink?” Asked Ashley.

“That’s me,” Jess replied.

“Good to have another girl on the team, and not another weaselly man, no offense Rachel.”

“Really, none taken,” said Rachel with a pained laugh.


That evening they all gathered in the breakroom after dinner. Rachel collapsed onto a sofa, completely exhausted while Reece made a point to wrap his arms around her. She neither welcomed the embrace nor shook it off, she just accepted it.

“Can you believe it,” started Clare, twizzling her red hair around a finger absent-mindedly, “This time tomorrow the place is going to be teeming with teenagers! Imagine the mischief they will be getting up to. Telling each other ghost stories, playing with each other’s hair, singing into hairbrushes.”

“You didn’t have many friends when you were young did you?” said Ashley shaking her head.

“What? What do you mean?” responded Clare a bit confused.

“She means that they are going to be eighteen and nineteen, not twelve,” said Rachel.


“So they will be up to a whole different kind of mischief,” laughed Jess.

“Like what?” asked Clare, her innocent eyes looking at the group confused, “I was still doing those kinds of things when I was that age.”

“To be fair, when I first saw you I thought you were one of the teenagers,” said Ashley.

“Doesn’t matter if it is boys or girls, when they are that age they just want to shag anything that moves,” said Reese with a shrug.

“Reese!” snapped Rachel, “Don’t be so vulgar.”

“That’s what we were like that when we first met here,” Reese replied with a dirty chuckle.

“Well since there only girls here they won’t be able to do any… you know…” said Clare.

Jess had to press her lips together to stifle her laugh.

“You are absolutely right, Clare. We should have bought them some barbie dolls to play with,” said Ashley.

“No need to be facetious,” mumbled Clare.

“Clare, can I ask you something?” asked Jess, Clare just nodded. “Did you have quite a sheltered upbringing, maybe religious?”

“Yeah, I guess kinda. Not like crazy religious but, with good proper Christian values.”

“No sex before marriage?” Asked Reese.

“I know some people find that old-fashioned but I think some traditional beliefs are important.”

“Never mind eh, Ben,” smirked Reese.

“I think that is super sweet,” smiled Jess, “Good for you!”

“But, maybe this next week or two is going to be very eye-opening for you,” said Rachel, “A lot of the teenagers coming here will be from… difficult, sometimes even troubled backgrounds and have had quite a broad range of experiences,” said Rachel.

“Ok… well… I am sure they will all be good girls,” said Clare with a positive nod.

“I’m going to sleep with a gun under my pillow,” replied Ashley dryly.

The whole group laughed, except Clare, who just looked confused.

“We will just have to keep a close eye on them at the dance,” said Rachel.

“Dance?” Asked Jess.

“It’s a tradition here. Every year there is a dance held here and we invite the boys from Waterfall Heights Camp. Music, dancing, a chance for them all to blow off some steam.”

“That’s not the only thing that gets blown,” laughed Reese dirtily and elbowing Rachel.

“Seriously, Reese? How many beers have you had? Remember these girls are in our care. We can’t have them all sneaking off into the forest and getting pregnant!”

“What?” Gasped Clare.

“I will explain about birds and bees later,” Ashley whispered loudly to Clare.

“Well call me a party pooper, but I’m going to bed, I’m shattered,” yawned Rachel and heaved herself off the sofa, “See you all bright and early tomorrow morning.”

“Wait up,” said Reese, “Maybe we can re-enact what happened at the camp dance when we first met?”

“Reese!” sighed Rachel, too tired to be angry.

Reese left, but not before giving his buddies a wink.


Jess finished unpacking her stuff and wondered where to put her ‘special’ toilet bag. She guessed there was no cleaning staff prying into her belongings so just shoved it in under her bed so it was close to hand if the need arose. She changed into her pajamas and sat on the bed. She felt restless even after the long day. She glanced around the room hoping beyond hope that television had suddenly appeared. She then checked her phone, there was no signal at all. She had seen a phone in the reception, that must be their one and only line of communication to the outside world. She decided to go outside, hopefully, a little walk would make her sleepy.

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