A Little Help From a Friend Ch. 02

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A couple of days later, that Saturday, I was in the kitchen and heard a car pull up in the driveway. I looked out to see Kelly’s van outside. By this time I was getting anxious about how Walter had reacted to Kelly becoming a shared wife, even though it was at his suggestion. As she came up, I could see my glass baking pan in her hand. I opened the door for her. Without a word, she took my face in her hands and greeted me with a long, deep kiss.

“I guess you liked the brownies,” I said when we pulled away from each other.

Kelly set the baking dish on the counter and smiled up at me. “They were pretty good. I still have three or four left.”

“If that’s the thanks I get, I’ll make you some every day!! By the way, I have your pan, too.”

“Thanks,” said Kelly. “And thanks for giving me back my sex life.” She kissed me again. “Hey, can I use your bathroom real quick??”

“Sure,” I said. “You know where it is. I’ll get your pan ready while you’re in there.” Kelly headed for the bathroom, and I put the two remaining enchiladas in another container, taking a few minutes to wash and dry the pan. Several minutes had passed, so I looked in to see if she had come out of the bathroom. Indeed she had. When I looked in, she was on the sofa, wearing nothing but a smile, having stripped out of her jeans and loose top. She leaned back, her right leg hanging off the edge, her left up against the back of the sofa. Kelly’s bush was parted where her pussy was spread open, her pubes looking wet and matted. It was as if she had been working it so she would be ready for me as soon as she got to my house.

Kelly held out her arms to beckon me. “Come. Let me show you how much better things are now.” I walked over to Kelly, now seeing that her pussy looked quite slick. She pulled me to her, undoing my shorts and letting them drop to the floor. I stepped out of them, then sat between her legs. She lifted her right leg, teasing my growing erection with the calf. It felt good, and I was at full mast almost immediately. She returned her foot to the floor, and I had full access to her glistening labia. She took my hand, positioning me so I was over her. I took the hint, and lowered my very stiff cock to her spread paradise, first poking her clit, which made her jump and smile, then slowly entering her very wet pussy. I could swear someone had come inside her very recently.

“How does it feel,” she asked, smiling up at me.

“Like someone has already had a busy morning,” I said. “New boyfriend?? Am I being replaced??”

Kelly laughed. “I could never replace you. We’ve known each other much too long for that, and I really do love you. What’s more, I know you love me, too.” She leaned up to kiss me.

“So who was the lucky guy??” I asked.

“Walter,” said Kelly.

“Really??” I said, somewhat surprised. “What inspired him??”

“When I told him I had some errands to run this morning, the first thing he asked me was if I was coming over here. I said yes, and next thing I know, he’s all over me. He was really hard, and I couldn’t turn him down, of course. So there you are. He was really turned on the other day when I got home, too.”

“How’d that go?? I wondered what kind of reception you got when you got home.” I settled into Kelly’s pussy, feeling the smooth, wet silkiness of her filled twat, pumping slowly as she told me her story.

“Well, I’ll tell ya, I wasn’t ready for what I got. When I came in, Walter was there in the living room watching TV. He asked me if I had been here, and I told him yes-as if the brownies weren’t a give away. He got up and kissed me, then asked if you and I had done what he and I had talked about. I said we had. He kissed me again. ‘Really?? You really did it??’ he asked. I could see there was a different look on him. He seemed really excited about the idea. ‘Show me’ he said. I undid my shorts and pulled them down. He immediately reached into my panties, which were soaked even though we had a shower, thank you very much…”

“Sorry,” I said in a mocking tone.

“No you’re not!!” said Kelly, laughing. She continued, “He went straight for my pussy, rubbing up and down the slit, then realized the wetness he felt was not so much mine, though I was getting there, but your come still inside me. He put my hand on his cock. I was amazed at his reaction.”

“Was he excited??” I asked.

“Hard as a steel rod. I don’t think he’s been that hard in ten years. Two minutes later, we were screwing on the couch. He didn’t last five minutes. You had left me so wet and slippery he just couldn’t hold off. When he came, I came too, as hard as I did with you. I didn’t mind him being so fast, though. It was good to do it again, though it felt strange to have two guys come inside me in less than an hour.”

“Did that turn you on??”

Kelly blushed, then smiled. “Yeah, it did. Walter screwing me with your come inside me was a real turn on.”

“I guess the idea of his wife being plowed by another Casibom guy really appealed to Walter after all. Some guys have a fantasy about sharing their wives. Most wives don’t want any part of it.”

“He had said at various times over the years, usually kidding, that he was going to rent me out for extra cash. I always just laughed it off. I had no idea he was this serious.”

“Now you know, don’t you!!?” I said, laughing. “I hope you’re not going to charge me now.”

“Yeah, I am. Leave the $20 on the kitchen counter with the baking pan.”

“Geez, Kelly, you’re worth at least $22.50!!” I said, leaning forward to kiss her. I started driving my cock into her as we kissed, enjoying the feel of her slick insides. It didn’t take long for me, now that the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak, and within five minutes, I knew it would not be long before I was adding my load to Walter’s. I slowed my pace, dragging my cock over Kelly’s clit, pulling out enough to tease it with my swelling head, then going back into her til I felt it hit bottom inside her. Kelly, already primed from sex with her husband, and now with her best guy friend, was responding to my attention. She started to whimper as I pushed deep, holding my cock inside her.

“Ready, baby?? I’m going to fill you, just like your husband did an hour ago.” I felt Kelly’s pussy get really wet as I said it.

“Yes, give it to me,” said Kelly, her face contorted as she started to come around my cock. “I want to feel your come with his inside me.” Her hips thrust as she came, a loud moan erupting from her lips.

That was enough to send me over the edge, and I started spewing in her already messy cunt. “Oh yeah, here it comes. Two loads from two different guys again. You’re such a slutty grandma!!” I blew rope after rope of come into Kelly, til I could feel it slurping inside her, overflowing her, making my balls and her ass sticky.

Kelly closed her eyes and moaned softly as she felt my cock pulsing and shooting inside her. As she felt my orgasm subside, she opened them and looked up at me. “I am a slut, ain’t I??” She broke into a smile. “And I think I’m going to love it!!” She pulled my face to hers, kissing me deeply. I pulled away, staying inside her for a few more moments, savoring the satin feel of her come slick cunt. I pulled out slowly and sat up, and helped her into a sitting position. We kissed again.

“So Walter really liked the idea of you going out and getting laid,” I said, hoping to draw out more of what happened on her end.

Kelly smiled. “It turned out that me having sex with another man was a long time fantasy of his. He just never could figure out how to approach the subject with me til now. You losing Dee and being available was the way he finally got there.”

I thought a moment. “It’s funny how we have one person in the world who we are supposed to share our deepest thoughts and feelings with, but are so reluctant to do it, so I’m not entirely surprised. But let me ask you this: if he had suggested it, would you have done it, or just shut him down cold?? I know you’ve both kidded-at least I thought it was kidding-about such things. Walter would make comments about renting you out, and you’d say things about how he wasn’t the only guy who was interested, that kind of thing. I know a lot of marriages have those inside jokes, but sometimes it masks something deeper.”

Kelly looked at me, and I could see the wheels turning. “I don’t know. For a long time, we’ve both spoken of the need for faithfulness in marriage, against playing around, all that stuff. Despite the running jokes about such things, we’ve never strayed til now. Even this isn’t really straying, since I have his approval.”

“I think most people would stress fidelity, at least in public, though they might be more open to some sexual adventurousness in private. But it is hard to approach that when your spouse is saying all along that she would never do something like that.” I looked at Kelly. “But then, you’ve also mentioned having had what we called in my Catholic school days, impure thoughts, about certain guys over the years.”

Kelly smiled. “Yeah, that’s true. I don’t think I’d ever have gone for any of them, even with permission.”

“You think Walter was in the same boat?? I bet there have been some women he’s liked over the years.”

Kelly laughed. “Funny you should mention that. In the course of our talk yesterday, he mentioned how he liked Dee, and if we had ever done a swap, he’d have liked a shot at her.”

“Well, I can’t blame him there,” I said, laughing. “She did cut quite a figure.” She did too. My late wife was a 5’2″ blonde with melon sized tits that had almost no sag to them, even at 70, a tight little ass, and what I referred to as cheerleader legs. She’d acquired a bit of a belly in her later years, but not so much as to make her unappealing. “I will say this, though, she’d never have gone for it.”

“Not at all?”

“Oh, no. Casibom Giriş No way,” I said, turning serious a moment. “She was adamantly opposed to anything like that. She’d see a scene in a movie or on TV where someone was cheating, and get really worked up over it. She even used to get annoyed at me when you and I would hug a little too long. She thought for a long time we had crushes on each other.”

Kelly chuckled. “Yeah, well, she may have been on to something there,” she said, a sparkle coming into her blue eyes. “There were a lot of times I wanted to do more than just give you a hug, but didn’t dare, because I knew it would raise some eyebrows, and not in a good way.”

“As it was, we raised eyebrows a couple of times anyway. I heard about it one time when your Bible study group met here. I was out in the driveway when you came up, and we hugged. That wasn’t so bad by itself, but as we pulled away, we stood side by side, and you left your hand up on my shoulder for a couple of minutes while you greeted a couple of the other ladies. One of them asked Dee later, ‘what’s with those two??’. I thought it was quite affectionate, but the attention it got later wasn’t so good.”

Kelly blushed. “Yeah, I heard about that too. Dee never said anything to me, but one of the other ladies did. I didn’t mean to cause a problem, but it just felt so natural.”

“How long do you think Walter will let this go on??” I asked.

Kelly thought a moment. “Don’t know. He seems pretty turned on by the whole idea. I know he’s comfortable with you and me doing this. I can’t help wonder if he’ll want me to expand my horizons, so to speak.”

“Well, take it one thing at a time. Meanwhile, I’d like to keep seeing you when it’s convenient.”

Kelly smiled. “So, every day, then.” She touched my arm, giving it a squeeze. I kissed her, and we started to get our clothes back on.

“I see he got to you first thing this morning. You think he’ll be up for another round when you get home??”

“I kinda doubt it. He’s still not up to full strength, and he does have all his usual issues going on. But I bet he goes after me tomorrow morning.”

“Hmm, a Sunday morning daybreaker in his wife’s used pussy. Nothing like sitting in church with two guys’ loads inside you.”

Kelly laughed out load. “Boy, talk about nervous as a whore in church!!”

Kelly and I continued to see each other a couple of times most weeks. Most of the time, I’d be first, with Walter getting his fantasy fulfilled when his wife brought her filled pussy home to him. Occasionally, he’d be overheated enough to ball Kelly before she came over to see me; the idea that she’d be getting plowed by his wife’s best friend’s husband got him started enough that he had to have her before she went out. I didn’t mind; I like a good sloppy second fuck once in a while, too.

About two months into this arrangement, Kelly stopped by on a Saturday while she was out cruising yard sales. We were lying in bed after we had spent ourselves, when Kelly asked me if I was free after church the next day. I said I was. She invited me to lunch, and it would be the three of us. I accepted, as I had always done in the past.

I hadn’t seen much of Walter since Kelly and I started seeing each other. Nothing wrong, it was just that our timing didn’t seem to mesh. I wondered how awkward it was going to be sitting there with him at the table, aware that I was screwing his wife a couple of times every week-and that my sperm was in her as we sat there.

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. We talked easily, as we always had. He even thanked me for spending time with Kelly, as she had been getting increasingly tense from the lack of sex, and I had been taking the edge off-not to mention charging up his sex life. This made his life a little more relaxed, as well as hers, and he got to live out a fantasy.

We finished up at the restaurant, heading back to Kelly and Walter’s place for the remainder of the afternoon. Kelly broke out a bottle of Bailey’s, and poured us three glasses. We toasted to old friends, and new adventures. The conversation flowed, as did the Bailey’s. After three rounds, Kelly got up, saying she should get out of her church clothes. She excused herself, going back to their bedroom. When she came back out, she was decidedly not wearing church clothes.

Gone was the conservative mid-calf dress. She appeared in the living room in a dark red, sheer teddy that came down to the tops of her thighs. It was cut down to a deep V in the front, not that it mattered. Her tits with their poking nipples were clearly visible, though a lace pattern on the hem of her nightie hid part of her pussy. She went over to Walter, kissed him, then sat on my thighs. I could now see her pussy was opening up, her inner labia now starting to show in the midst of her thick, dark red bush.

Kelly looked into my eyes, then kissed me. “Tom, let’s show Walter how you fuck me and fill me with Casibom Yeni Giriş your come. She started to unbutton my shirt, taking the time to play with the hair on my chest as she undid each button. While she worked on me, I felt her tits through the sheer fabric. We kissed as we played with each other. Walter, sitting in the lounger next to the couch Kelly and I were on, watched intently.

Kelly got all my buttons undone, pushed my shirt off, then ran her hands through the hair on my chest. She stood up, and I pulled her to me. I lifted the hem of her teddy and put my face in her furry muff. She put her hands on my head, and I could feel her fingers pulling my hair as I stuck my tongue inside her. “Oh, God, yes, lick my pussy. Ohhh, that makes me so hot.” This was as much for Walter’s benefit as it was mine. I licked inside her, rolling my tongue over her clit as I slipped it in and out. Kelly was now grabbing at my hair as she got closer to orgasm.

“Oh, sweetie, you know how to make an old lady feel good!!” Kelly was beyond acting at this point, though I knew her commentary had to be having an effect on Walter. I swirled my tongue around her clit. “Yes, honey, yes, God, don’t stop that. Oh, honey, I’m coming. He’s making me come, Walter…aaahhhhhh…” I felt Kelly’s hips shake, then her pussy flooded my face. I held on, letting her ride it out.

Kelly came down from her high. “I have to sit,” she said, taking a seat on the couch next to me. “My turn now,” she said, motioning for me to stand. I did, and she went right for my zipper, pulling out my very stiff cock. “Mmm, nice,” she said, taking the head in her mouth, slurping noisily as Walter watched from the recliner. As she sucked my cock, she opened the button on my jeans, sliding them down. She released me for a moment so I could step out of them, then looked over at Walter.

“Walter, those pants look tight.” Indeed they did. Watching his wife have her sexual encounter with me was obviously having an effect on him. “Why don’t you get out of them.” Walter smiled and stood up. Kelly took me in her mouth again while Walter dropped his pants, his boxers bulging out as his cock now had some room. Kelly looked up at me and winked. She continued her noisy blow job, making comments about how I was leaking come in her mouth, and how she loved the taste. Finally she released me, lying back on the couch.

She looked over at Walter, who was now naked. I could see why Kelly missed sex with him. He didn’t have a huge cock, maybe 7″, but it was thick, and had a big mushroom head. She pulled me over her, my bobbing cock hovering over her dark bush, ready to plunge between the spread labia that were parting it. She stroked me a few times, looking at Walter. “Tom’s going to fuck me now, and he’s not going to stop til my pussy is filled with his hot, thick, white come.” Walter was turned on by this, his cock now pulsing in front of him. Kelly guided me to her, and I slid easily into her well juiced twat. She let out a moan as I reached her full depth.

“Oh, Tom, honey,” she said, looking into my eyes. “Your cock feels so good in me, so deep, so thick. I love how you stretch me.” She ground her hips into me. If she was trying to make me come fast, it had a good chance of working. We wrestled on the couch, Kelly grinding her hips up at me as I thrust down into her eager pussy. I felt her getting wet again, and pushed deep, making her cry out. Her pussy flooded over my cock as she came.

“Oh, that’s sweet!! Oh, you make me feel so good, so hot.” I looked over at Walter. His eyes were locked on us, his cock hard in front of him. He stroked it gently. For a guy who seemed to have some issues there, he was doing pretty well. I had an idea, and pulled out of Kelly, sitting on the couch at her feet.

“Climb on top of me,” I said to Kelly. She got up and straddled me, her open lips spreading her gorgeous bush. I guided her down, having her slide onto my cock, feeling the head spread her labia then plunge in. Kelly let out a sigh, looking at me. She kissed me, her tits pressing into my chest.

“I love how your cock feels when it first enters me,” said Kelly, smiling at me as we parted from our kiss. “Then so deep. I love how you fill me.”

“I love filling you with cock, Kelly. I think Walter wants to feed you some too.” Kelly looked over at him. She reached out her hand, and Walter stood, moving over to her. Kelly took his cock in her hand as she rode me, stroking it, working the head with her fingers as he stood there, then stroking again. After a couple of minutes, she licked her lips and took the head in her mouth. I thought Walter was going to faint right there in front of me. He looked a little light headed as Kelly took his shaft about halfway into her mouth, held there, then backed off til the head was just at her lips. I watched her tongue run around the swelling knob, then take it in again. Walter put his hand on his wife’s shoulder to steady himself.

“Getting a little weak in the knees, hon??” Kelly asked Walter.

“Your cocksucking always did make me dizzy,” said Walter, smiling down at his wife.

“And your cock in my mouth always made me hot,” said Kelly, now steadily pounding her pussy into my groin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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