A Long Drive

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Danielle got in the car, kissing her kids but not kissing her husband goodbye, Kenny noticed. She was wearing snug black jeans and a beige jacket over a thin white-and-black patterned blouse. Her hair was back in a casual ponytail and she was wearing eye makeup, which is something she was now in the habit of doing because Kenny liked it. She got in the car and they were silent as he backed out. Then she waved to her kids as he drove down the street. He went around the corner, pulled over and parked. As one, they turned to each other.

“Oh my gawd.” Danielle managed to spit out before his mouth was on hers. Her long tongue slid into his mouth as he ran his hand into her coat and around her side, feeling her flesh through her thin shirt. He sucked on her tongue, running his hand up to her breast over her shirt and squeezing it lustfully. Their breathing grew heavy and their kissing became sloppy, lips smacking loudly. He savored the sensation of her tongue dancing in his mouth. And tasting her saliva. He sucked on her tongue, squeezing her breast again. She chuckled in his mouth and then broke the kiss.

“I cannot believe I get to go away with you! With my husband’s blessing!” She laughed happily. Kenny kissed her nose and cheek. He started kissing at her neck, over and over again, sucking the flesh. Tasting her.

“I love you…” he gasped between kisses.

“Mmmm…” Danielle purred, running her lips along his cheek until they were kissing again. He squeezed her tit harder as her tongue rubbed against his. Their lips smacked loudly. Eventually, she was able to break the kiss, panting. “Okay, we will never get there if we do not start driving soon.” She said with a chuckle.

His arousal was straining in his jeans as he put the car into drive. The two colleagues were off to their business conference and they were carpooling the three hours.

Or so Danielle’s husband believed.

In reality, they were going to Las Vegas. And the conference would be conducted mostly in bed. And there wouldn’t be much in the way of business happening. But at least the three-hour carpool part was accurate. That’s how long it would take to get to the airport.


Although they enjoyed talking to each other and holding hands, their excitement to be together, physically, was overwhelming. The two had been having an affair for nearly two years at this point. He was single. She was in a loveless marriage that she wanted to hang onto until the kids went off to school. In about five years the second one would hopefully be off to college. And then she would leave her husband. He had no doubt she would go through with it. Kenny and Danielle have been perfect together for two years, and had built a strong friendship over the seven or eight years leading up to it. They worked closely together and the attraction had always been there. But bahis siteleri these last two years have been the best of either of their lives.

Every so often Kenny raised Danielle’s hand to his lips and kissed it. But as the drive continued, those kisses happened more and more frequently. She gave him a beautiful smile.

“I can’t wait to have you inside me.” She said mischievously. “Nine-hour flight though, Oye…”

“Hey, we can always take the next exit, look for a dirt road, and have a quickie.” He suggested, not expecting it to go anywhere.

“Sure.” She replied.


“Yes.” She said, smiling. “But if you can’t find a dirt road within five minutes, we should give up.”

“Deal.” He said, heart racing.

Four long minutes later, they got off the highway. His cock swelled in his jeans more with each passing second, he wanted this woman badly. They drove down the road looking for a quiet side street – anything. The five-minute deadline passed, but Danielle didn’t object so he didn’t deviate. By the seventh minute though, it looked like there would be no dirt road.

“I’ll look for a place to turn around.” He said, disappointed.

“Oh well.” She replied, remaining upbeat. “We will have all week together.”

A minute later, he turned into a factory parking lot and as he was about to turn around, he realized that the parking lot was empty.

“Hey…” Kenny said with a grin. “This parking lot is empty…”

Danielle chuckled. The snow bank that surrounded the lot was nearly as high as the car. The only way they could be seen was if either a car pulls into the parking lot, or someone is in the building and happens to look out the window. Maybe someone was in the building and their car was parked out back. But at this point he didn’t care.

“Okay…” She said nervously, a big smile on her face.

“Yeah?” He verified, pulling into a parking spot facing the road that was hidden by the snow bank. There had been one last snowfall a couple of days earlier and even though the weather had warmed, this particular pile was taking a while to melt. It provided some cover, though it was broad daylight.

“Okay!” Danielle’s smile broadened as she gathered courage. Her beige jacket was unzipped and so she took it off, throwing it in the back seat. She put her hands on the button of her black jeans and hesitated, looking to see if she should continue. But then he put the car into park and turned it off…so she undid the button and slid down her zipper. She paused when Kenny spoke.

“Do you want to do it here or get in the back?”

“Here.” She replied. “We’re gonna be quick.” He nodded and she raised her ass off the seat and slid her jeans and panties down her legs. ‘Swish!’

He watched as her thighs became exposed, and between them – her treasure. The black curls of pubic hair were canlı bahis siteleri neatly trimmed and he could see her labia pressed together. She slid her jeans and panties to her ankles and knocked her shoes off along with them. Her little feet were in black socks. Danielle pulled the lever and slid her chair back as far as it would go, and then pulled another lever and tilted the chair back as Kenny got a knee in between her legs. He got his other knee in there, taking off his coat and tossing it on the driver’s seat. He undid his belt, button and zipper and shoved his jeans and underwear down to his knees, unleashing his erect penis.

Kenny looked down between Danielle’s thighs. In broad daylight he could see the quivering petals of her vagina. He watched her pretty fingers wrap around his shaft and quickly place him against her slit. She rubbed his head downwards, finding the entrance to her treasure. She was very wet, and her entrance was the hottest point. Her entrance gripped his very tip. Kenny pushed forward and felt his lover open up and suck him inside.

“Ohhh…” Danielle sighed, eyebrows raised. He kept pushing and her snug entrance slid further down his shaft until it was wrapped around the base. He ground against her, savoring the sensation. Every inch was inside this woman and the heat was incredible. She opened her dark, beautiful eyes and looked up at him. “I miss having you in me. It’s been too long…” She flashed her teeth in a smile before his mouth was on hers, kissing her hungrily.

His heart skipped a beat. Just kissing her was enough to make him cum – that’s how badly he wanted her. Kenny sucked on her upper lip, and then her lower one, tasting her saliva. And then her long tongue darted into his mouth and his heart skipped a beat as he sucked on it. Meanwhile, he started easing in and out of her slowly, not pulling back very far. He savored her tongue rubbing against his as he kept himself inside her as much as possible. She purred softly into his mouth.

He sucked on her long tongue and she held it still for a moment before it squirmed free. He couldn’t help but start fucking her faster, feeling her snug treasure pull at him. He was so engorged that his shaft was hypersensitive, vividly feeling the elastic of her entrance glide up and down. Their kissing echoed loudly in the car. He was thrusting in and out of her hot tunnel using short, quick strokes, his groin glancing off her labia.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Danielle moaned into his mouth, tongue pushing deeper. Her legs were bent at the knees, feet still in black socks as they waved back and forth above him. He lengthened his strokes, loving how her womanhood pulled at his penis every inch of the way. Deep inside her body the heat was like an inferno. Each time he thrust, he instinctively wanted inside that heat.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! canlı bahis Mmmph! Mmmph!” Her muffled cries were music to him. She twirled her tongue around his. Kenny drank her saliva as he plunged his rigid member into her welcoming body again and again. Pouring all of his love and lust into it, he started fucking her harder. His balls were starting to tingle.

As if sensing this, she broke the kiss, gasping. Her dark eyes looked up at him and for the next few thrusts they maintained eye contact, panting loudly. Her tongue emerged and moistened her lips.

“Cum inside me.” Danielle panted in her sexy voice. Her words made his phallus twitch. He didn’t need to be told twice. He kissed her mouth again, pressing hard against her lips and forcing his tongue back inside. He fucked her quickly again, pulling most of himself out of her before thrusting straight back in. His groin slapped relentlessly against her slit.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” She whined, her voice getting higher in pitch. He felt her tongue snake deep, brushing across his throat. The car was rocking noticeably as Kenny pounded his cock into his lover again and again. His balls were churning, but he held on, letting the intensity build. His arousal had never felt this sensitive. Sliding into her vagina was the most incredible feeling. It was always this way with her. His heart soared with love. He sucked on Danielle’s nimble tongue, focusing on how her entrance was sliding up and down his rigid cock. He thought about how Danielle’s thighs looked in her tight jeans – and how he was now thrusting in between them.

That did it.

Kenny sheathed his entire penis inside Danielle’s vagina again, but this time he didn’t pull out. He ground against her, holding on for another two seconds. He had to release. His organ spasmed violently and his potent cum squirted out the end. He moaned, sucking hard on her tongue as more hot semen blasted out the end.

“Mmmmm…” Danielle purred, eyes closed as she felt his manhood pulsate inside her, filling her cervix with his seed. Her heart fluttered with love and she dug her heels into his lower back. She didn’t think she could ever find happiness again, and then two years ago this very man showed her she could.

Kenny shuddered from the pleasure, feeling his fluid pour out of him like a fountain. And into her. Their lips smacked loudly as his orgasm died down. He sucked on her upper lip, pulling more of her saliva into his mouth as he squeezed his cock muscles. One last glob of thick cum dripped out of him and into her. In all, they hadn’t even been parked for ten minutes.

“That should tide us over.” Danielle breathed, and then chuckled. He kissed her mouth, slipping his flaccid member out of her.

“I don’t know. Another eleven hours?” He tucked himself back into his underwear and did up his pants.

“Oh my gawd you’re probably right!” Danielle laughed, shifting her leg down so he could get back to his side of the car. Then she slipped her sock-covered feet back into her panties. “But it should make the next few hours easier.”

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