A Love That Cannot Be

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I tell my wife, Lisa, that I have a headache and I walk back from the beach to the shore house. Your husband, Mike, stays back with our other friends, playing football and getting drunk on cases of beer. I know that you’re back at the house, taking a nap. I know that Lisa will be at the beach for awhile. I know that I want you.

As I walk the half mile to the house, I think back to the first time I ever saw you that day at college, when Mike introduced you to his friends. I knew then that I wanted you. I still want you today, ten years later.

As I enter the house, the sound of the ocean waves echoes in the distance. The open windows create a cooling cross draft. The house feels alive, almost feeding my anticipation.

I think back to our first night here this week. When all of our friends were drunk and sleeping. But not you. At eight months pregnant, not you. You’re a good mom, nurturing the growing life in your womb. And as they drank and passed out, we talked on the deck and reached into each other’s souls. Throwing caution to the wind, I told you of the feelings I’ve had for the last ten years. Unable to act on them. Jealous of the child you now bear for a man who doesn’t deserve you. Locked in my own loveless marriage of convenience. sarıyer escort We kissed that night. Slow. Deep. Electric. Knowing that somewhere, sometime we would take our feelings one step further.

Now, I walk down the hall to your bedroom. You’re standing by the dresser, Christine, wearing a terrycloth robe and nothing else. Your hair is damp from a recent shower. I approach you, cup your face gently with my hands and look into your deep brown eyes. I lower my lips to yours, feeling the same electricity from nights ago. As our mouths touch, our tongues entwine. You push we away and I stand at the edge of the bed. You ask if everyone’s still at the beach. I tell you they’ll be there for awhile. This is our moment. This is our time to act.

Crossing the space between us, you reach out and slide my bathing suit down, letting it drop to the floor. Reaching out, you take my cock in your hand and gently massage it. Within moments, I am hard, harder than I believe I’ve ever been. I sit on the edge of the bed and you kneel before me. Taking me into your sweet mouth, you begin to drench my shaft with your hot saliva. Your hand slides to my balls, cupping them and squeezing ever so slightly. esenyurt escort Working your tongue and mouth down my rod, you take one of my balls in your mouth, bathing it in your hot spit. I know that I am ready, and you know it, too.

Releasing my manhood, you stand before me and untie your robe. If opens and you allow it to fall to the floor. You stand before me naked in body and soul. Your long, light brown hair falls to your shoulders. Your round, large breasts with their dark nipples sit upon your swollen belly. There are no wrinkles, no stretch marks. Your skin is perfect. You are perfect. You are beautiful. And at least for this moment, you are mine and I yours.

You place one knee on the bed next to me, and position yourself to straddle my thick cock. As you raise your leg, I see your swollen pussy lips enrobed in dark brown hair. You are wet. You are ready. I slide my fingers into your wetness and work them around in a circular motion. You moan as I remove my wet fingers and reach back to finger your anus. Your pussy juices are enough lubrication. My finger slide into your hole and I vibrate it, drawing cooing sounds from your sweet lips.

I remove my finger and grab my rigid cock, holding it upright. avrupa yakası escort Slowly you lower your pussy onto my shaft. Halfway down, you bring your other knee to the bed and fully straddle me. I lie back to give you a better angle. Slowly you grind your hips, working my cock into you. You breath heavier and moan under your breath. I reach out to grab your massive pregnant breasts, kneading them and flicking at the nipples. You groan at the sensations and begin to buck your pelvis back and forth. I feel my cock going deeper into you until our pubic hair meets in a wet union. I find your clit with my fingers and start to rub it hard. You grab your breasts and pull one up to lick it. With your other hand, you reach back and begin to finger your own anus. With two hands, I spread your pussy lips and watch your open labia grind on my cock hair. We are dirty and beautiful. And I know that I love you.

Within minutes, we reach our crescendo. The release of ten years of unacknowledged love. I tense and shoot my hot stream deep within you. Your body shakes with each burst. We are in a place we have never been with our spouses or anyone else. You roll over onto your back next to me, trembling and sweating. I lean over and lick your hard nipple. Our eyes meet and we kiss, tender and loving.

We know that we must part before the others return. We know that this union was fleeting. But we know that we will have this special time to ourselves and only ourselves for the rest of our lives. And maybe, if circumstances permit, we might find ourselves here again as we should be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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