A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Truth

This is the first in a series of three chapters.
A Million Dollar Deal Ch 1: Truth
A Million Dollar Deal Ch 2: Dare
A Million Dollar Deal Ch 3: The Cake

She felt the sun in her face minutes before she actually woke up. When she slowly drifted out of sleep she would see the sunshine as an orange hue on the inside of her eyelids, and then she slowly turned her face away from the sunshine and opened her eyes. She yawned, and stretched out like a cat between the sheets. She often did that, and not only in the morning.

This was one of the reasons she used to be called nicknames like Kitty, Kitten, or just Cat. Another one was her name. She was Katie. And that was not short for Katherine or something like that. She was baptised as Katie Elisabeth Sorenson. Katie didn’t mind being called Cat. She had loved cats since she was a little toddler. Last year some wise-ass boys still in high-school had twisted that around to call her Pussy. She had blushed and turned away. But her best friend Claire had just smiled, walked straight up to them, and kneed the closest one of them in the groin. No-one called her Pussy after that. Claire was that kind of girl, and a really good one to have as a friend.

And it was a beautiful day. It should be. This was Katie’s day. It was nine o’clock in the morning on the 12th of August. The day of her 20th birthday.

She rummaged through her drawers, selecting a nondescript bra and a plain pair of cotton panties. The kind she usually wore. She had this x-large t-shirt she used as a nightie. A Garfield head grinned out from her belly and the caption “I hate Mondays” was draped over the soft curves of her chest. It was her dad’s actually, but even for him, a fairly average built man, it had been too big. So she had promptly adopted it as her favourite leisure and sleep wear. She stretched, and yawned until it felt like her jaws would pop loose before sleepily stumbling out into the hall and headed for the bathroom.

As soon as she stepped out of her room, her big brother walked by. He grinned at her in his always so carefree way.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” he said as he walked past her door. He stopped, and took something from his pocket. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This is for you. Happy Birthday, Katie.”

It was a toothbrush. But it was an orange and black-striped toothbrush with the cartoon head of Garfield on the end of it.

“Awww, it’s cute. Thanks.”

“Well, you’re not a kid anymore, so I thought I’d give you one last little-girl present. You’ll get enough big-girl presents this weekend, when granny and the others comes down for the party. Well, see ya!” he said, as he darted down the hall and down the stairs.

She heard him exit, slam the door to his car and drive off.

The bathroom was only five short steps away, but it seemed like an eternity for the young girl. She needed that morning shower like nothing else, she always did. She closed the door, pulled off Garfield and quickly slid off and stepped out of her panties. Usually, she would then hit the showers and immersed herself in falling water. It always took a few seconds for the water in the pipes to get warm, but Katie didn’t care. She loved when the initial jolt of cold water hit her face and body. It never failed to wake her up. The chill, slowly turning to warmth always caused her nipples to grow really hard and become extra sensitive. She used to play with her nipples sometimes. She loved the way it tingled when she pinched and pulled them lightly. But lately she directed her attention to the virginal mounds of her young pussy. She used to sit on her knees, legs spread far apart. One hand burrowed between her legs rubbing the outside of her crotch and one hand slowly massaging a breast, while the warm shower rain fell, caressing her whole body.

This time though, she stepped out of her clothes and looked down at her naked body. A thought had hit her when she undressed. A thought that stuck. There she was, 20 years into her life, and still a virgin. Even though she had had boyfriends and more casual attempts at dates for years now, she had not done anything more intimate with a guy than some tongue-kissing. It was not that she felt that she needed sex. That would happen sooner or later anyway. It was just that she wasn’t the kind of girl that would spread her legs on a first date, or even in a first month. And for some reason, no boyfriend had stayed longer than a week or two. She had pondered this on and off. Was it her? Was she too prude?

Claire had told her that it was because she was so hot she scared guys off. Katie had told Claire that she was full of shit. She knew she wasn’t bad looking, but she was no supermodel. Claire’s explanation didn’t seem to make any sense at all.

Up until that morning however, she had had no idea just how stunning she really was.

Katie was a light-skinned girl, a treat acquired from her almost milky pale mom Helena, a former German exchange student that her Casibom dad, James ‘Jimmy’ Sorenson had met in college. Helena had a classic sophisticated beauty with blonde, almost white hair, skin to match it, a warm smile and a kind word never far away. They had married on graduation day, and immediately began raising a family.

And although Katie spent a lot of time out in the sun, her complexion stayed almost as creamy as her mother’s, but with a hint of a smooth golden tan. At 5.4 feet she was just about average in height. Being an outdoor kid, she had always kept herself in good shape with various sport activities through the years. In fact, she was in great shape. Her body was that of an athletic young woman. There were not just thin limbs and childlike softness to her like on most girls her age. No, there were the distinct shapes of muscles under her skin. She had all the characteristics of a fitness model, but not taken anywhere near where it goes from sexy to bodybuilding grotesque. There wasn’t much fat on Katie’s body, but enough to smooth out the skin and give her the right kind of curves in exactly the right places. Her breasts were firm mounds a little bit more than a handful each with pink areolas and nipples.

Her hair was a wavy blonde flow down to the height of her elbow, with an almost golden yellow hue. This was the one part of her body that she had always been very proud of and flaunted in public. She usually wore it tied up in the neck, cascading down her back and with a few strands deliberately hanging down framing her face in a carefully arranged careless way. A face that could be described as just delicious. Katie however had never seen that. Freckles everywhere as a child and a severe acne situation in her early teens had set it’s marks on her self esteem. She could see of course that she was perfectly normal and not ugly in any way. But the effect that her charismatic blue eyes, her cute small nose and her ever so slightly pouting lips had on men, and many women, was like that of a candlelight. Something that was so pleasant to watch, that pepole forgot what they were doing in the first place.

She took a step back to see more of herself, and then another step, and a few more.

As she stood there, for the first time that she could remember, she tried to see herself as she looked from another persons perspective. And for the first time she began to understand what her feisty best friend used to say she was so jealous about. It began to dawn on her that she had been totally honest with her when she once said that Katie had “an incredible body.”

“I’m incredible.” she said to herself. It felt good to finally say it. “Sexy. Yeah, I’m a sexy girl. No, I’m a woman. A sexy, attractive woman.” She giggled a bit. “…and the world is mine.” she added. She had never felt so confident, so grown up, so…turned on. She quickly jumped into the shower, turned the shower up to maximum, and masturbated more intensively than ever before. After about ten minutes of rubbing her clit and massaging her pussy lips, her eyes shot open. This was different than ever before. Normally she would rub herself for a while and stop when she got bored. Now she felt a warm glow spread like hot water from her pussy and down to her knees, through her spine, all inside her belly and up to her breasts. A sensation was building inside of her so rapidly that she couldn’t had stopped it even if she wanted to. She lost all control and fell on the side, never ceasing the frantic rubbing.

And then it hit her. Her body shook, she threw her head back and started trashing around like crazy. She let out a long, loud moan as her back arched and she came full throttle, humping her pussy against her own open palm. “Uuh…god…oh..GOD!” she exclaimed as the final wave hit her. She lay here for a minute, panting, eyes closed, mouth gaping, as the water poured down on her. She had heard about this. Claire had been sleeping with boys for over a year now, and claimed she always had an orgasm when she had sex or played with herself. But her description of how that felt was nothing like what Katie just had experienced. There were no words for it. She had exploded, from the pussy and out, and it had been the most incredible thing ever.

She was a beautiful, sexy virgin. It was her birthday, and less than an hour after she woke up, she had had her first ever orgasm.

When she finally emerged from the bathroom, she walked leisurely, wrapped in a towel, through the hall and into her room, where she dropped her towel and started rummaging through her closet and drawers. Now, where the hell had she put it? Ah, there it was. She took up two small items from her bottom drawer and laid them out on the bed.

Two years ago, when Katie had turned 18, Claire and two more of her friends, Rebecca and Juliette from her soccer team, had taken her shopping in an adult store filled with everything from bondage gear to sexy lingerie. The four girls darted giggling from one clothes rack to the other, trying to find “something slutty” Casibom Giriş to buy Katie as a birthday present. After awhile more of giggling, pointing and gawking at the most outrageous things they could find, they hit gold. It was a shiny, low-cut pink lace bra with matching minimal panties. It was one of few items in the store that looked like it was actually made to be worn. And still, it had an incredible erotic aura around it, in a Lolita fantasy kind of way. Or like Claire thoughtfully had put it;

“It just screams ‘Fuck me now!’, doesn’t it?”

Of course they bought it on the spot, and of course Katie never wore it. Besides, the bra had been a bit too big for her.

Since then her bust had grown a bit more, and the size of her current wardrobe was more in par with the thin, luxurious underwear. She slid on the silky panties and put on the bra with some effort. She had to take it off and adjust the strap behind her back a few times until it fit, but when it fit, it really did wonders. Katie firm, somewhat pointy breasts didn’t care all that much about gravity in the first place. And stuffed into this pink frame the effect was simply amazing. Tucked in, they looked more rounded and mature at the same time as they were slightly pushed up and together, creating two generous globes that would look spectacular in a deep cleavage. She was also a bit surprised of how comfortable the skimpy lingerie felt. The back of the panties was just a thin strip of cloth that nudged in between her buttocks, and the front barely covered her bikini line. But they felt really nice, even when she tried sitting, walking around or even bending over and touching her toes. Despite the obvious purpose of the outfit, this was clothes that could be worn all day.

So she decided to. She felt good about herself, and wanted to feel sexy. She couldn’t do much about the rest of the outfit she had to wear though. It was the same as always. Black shirt with a golden emblem, knee-length straight black skirt and conservative, nondescript shoes. It was called the Excel uniform. And it had nothing to do with spreadsheets. It had to do with spreading sheets though.

Katie had had the luck of landing a job at the Excelsior. Her chores at the exclusive uptown hotel was of the lowest rank, making beds, cleaning, filling the supply of soap and mini shampoo bottles in the rooms, that sort of thing. It was a shitty job, with shitty pay, certainly not enough to make ends meet and move away from home. For anyone wanting to work in the hotel and tourism business however, a job – any job – at the Excelsior was the holy grail. So she put up with the trite tasks and the odd hours. The workmates were nice people, it would shine on her future CV, and it sure beat flipping burgers.

She put her hair up in the usual ponytail, went through her minimalistic make-up routine and, on a whim, put on some lip gloss. Then she headed downstairs, jumped into a pair of sandalettes and went outside. It was time for work, and she had the afternoon pass. The fact that it was her birthday was not something that chanced the schedule. Not that she had asked for any special treatment. She was a big girl now, and this was what big girl’s did. She would have time to party, both with her family and later with her friends, this weekend.

An hour of commuting later, she stepped into the staff’s entrance of the posh hotel. She had gotten to know most of the faces of people bustling about by now, and several of them knew her by name. So a few “Hiya, Katie”, and even one or two “Cat” or “Kitten” met her as the zig-zagged her way through the ever present chaos that seems to reign any upscale restaurant’s kitchen. She was going to check in with Waldo, and get her first assignment for the day.

That’s how it always worked. Waldo was the foreman, just a few years short of retirement. Waldo was also a bit of a sleaze ball, and had actually made a few lewd passes at Katie the first week at work, until she became confident enough with some of the other women working there to get to know that Waldo did that to all women he ever met. All she had to do was to kindly tell him to go screw himself, and he’d stop. So she did. He had laughed, held up his hands, and given her a wide smile.

“Hey, take it easy, girl. A poor old chap has got to try, right? I’m just yanking your chain a bit.”

From that day, Waldo had kept his tongue on a leash. In fact, Katie had become rather fond of the man.

“Hi, Waldo! Are you ok?”

“Jesus, Kitten! What have you done with yourself?” Waldo exclaimed as she walked into his office.

“What, is something wrong?”

“Wrong? Nothing is wrong. You look so goddamn right it almost hurts. You beam like I’ve never seen you beam before Have you eaten something nuclear? You’re gonna need a bodyguard to fend off the riots of horny males you are gonna cause.”

“And who should protect me from big bad you?” she said jokingly.

“I thought we agreed to give that a rest, Katie. You know I never meant it like that. Ok, Casibom Yeni Giriş I’m just as much a dumb male as anyone else, so of course I find you attractive. But you’re young enough to be my grand-daughter, for crying out loud. No, I’m sharing a few hours a day with this piece of walking sunshine. That’s enough for me.”

“Walking sunshine?! Have you been smoking something, or is that some lame attempt to get into my pants?”

“No, it’s not! Believe me, I’m not going to do anything that I’m not supposed to do, I promise. “

She hesitated. “So…if you were 20 years younger…”

“Honestly? You sure you want to know?”

“Yeah! What would you do if you were young again?”

“Then I’d smurf you like there was no tomorrow.” Waldo said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Katie’s mouth fell open. He just looked at her. “Hey, you asked!”

Suddenly, Katie couldn’t help herself. She burst out into laughter. She couldn’t me mad at this wicked, wonderful man.

“‘Smurf’?!? Ok, ok, ok. I give up. But I still can’t figure out what made you so dumbstruck just then.”

“What did you expect? That nobody takes notice of you, when you prance around looking as stunning an any Playboy spread?”

“Oh, get real! How could I ever look that sexy? Fully dressed, in THIS?”

“Katie, you could dress in garbage for all I care. Tarred and feathered you’d still be the prettiest girl on the planet. Come on now, the hallways of the filthy rich are waiting. Here’s your list.”

She had the top floor that day. That was always a treat, because that’s where the wealthiest of the guests stayed. Fewer, bigger and more luxurious rooms. That was where the famous and the beautiful often lived. But not today. There was a biotech convention in town, and all the filthy rich executives were booked on the top floor. But it was still the best rooms you could get, and for a hotel maid it often meant a generous tip or two on the bedside tables. After the first ten, uneventful rooms of suits and ties and one with the obvious traces of ‘high-class international escort’-activity, she pulled up the doors to the presidential suite, the finest the Excelsior had to offer.

There were people in there. Four men and a woman, sitting in the lounge part of the big room. Katie quickly mumbled an apology and backed out of the door again. But one of the men spoke up.

“Oh, don’t let us disturb you. We’re just killing time here, waiting for some friends. Don’t let us stop you from doing your job.”

“No, it’s ok. I can come back later. It’s no trouble.” Katie replied. It was trouble actually, The schedule was as always pretty tight. If she couldn’t do this room now, she’d have to skip a break to do it later.

“Oh, come on. I know how it works. We’re messing up the plans here. Please come in, I’m sure they don’t pay you enough to be bullied around by the likes of us anyway, right?”

Katie gratefully stepped inside.

“You got that right.” she said. “And thanks. I’ll be quick. You won’t even notice me.”

“Oh, I find that hard to believe.” he mused as he looked her over. She rolled her eyes at him.

“Sir, if you don’t mind…”

He laughed, apologized sincerely for his rudeness, and returned to his friends by the sofas. Katie went about her business, pretending as if they weren’t there. That was pretty easy, as they just sat in the big sofa and the armchairs and spoke quietly. When she strolled over to their corner to check the rather generous mini bar for lack of peanuts, she could hear them talking.

“I say we do it.” a dark haired, well groomed man said.

“Yeah, me too,” said the woman, a tall, slender girl in Katie’s age. The men all seemed to be closer to thirty. “But then again, I really don’t have much say in this, do I? It’s your fun.”

“…and Dennis money, this time.” said another one of the men. Blond, handsome, but almost a foot shorter than the others. “Your call, buddy.”

The one called Dennis, the same man that had greeted Katie in the door, took a short break, mulling something over in his head. Then he finally seemed to make up his mind.

“Yeah, why not? She’ll definitely do. Hey, excuse me. Uh, miss?”

“Yes, sir?” Katie said, by reflex.

“Would you like to earn fifty dollars doing absolutely nothing?”

“…excuse me?”

“I said, would you like to earn…”

“Ok, ok. I heard you. What… what do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. It’s like in that movie…Four Rooms? Come and sit down for a while for a little chat, and I’ll give you a fifty dollar tip. I promise you, that’s all there is to it. We have something we’d want to discuss with someone like you, and we’re willing to pay you for the trouble.”

“Ok, what is this. Prank The Maid-day?”

“No no no. Ok, look. Here,” he said and took out his wallet, from which he yanked five ten dollar bills and put them in the girl’s hand. “take it! It’s yours. There. Bye bye!”

Too surprised to know how to really react, Katie turned to leave.

“..or maybe a hundred dollars would be more interesting?” Dennis continued, and Katie’s step froze. “That’s right, your value just went up. One hundred dollars for just sitting here and answering a few questions.”

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