A Morning Gift

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The morning light was pouring through the window. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her lithe body like a cat in the sun before rolling over to see him lying beside her. He was sleeping soundly. His exquisite naked body, sinewy and tan. He always looked exceptionally fuckable when he slept. Strong arms flayed, long legs, outstretched, with taut, toned muscles.

His nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply. His chest rising and falling so effortlessly. She leaned nearer to listen to him breathe and watched closely as his eyes shifted rapidly under lengthy dark eyelashes. Was he dreaming of her? She could only hope that he was.

She wanted to pleasure him. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted to make love to him completely on this beautiful sun filled morning. The craving of his naked flesh on her naked flesh was nearly overwhelming. She decided she would wake him the best possible way she knew.

Her fingers gracefully wrapped around his sizable girth. The exquisite touch of soft, silky skin encased the steely hardness of his morning erection. His blood engorged cock was surging, pulsing beneath her sturdy grasp. She squeezed it firmly as her eyes glanced upward to catch a glimpse of his handsome sleeping face. A breath escaped from between enticing lips as he rapidly sucked air into robust, healthy lungs. His broad chest rising and falling as he slowly awoke to her subtle caresses. Eyelids fluttering, licking his lips Zonguldak Escort with anticipation of her next move. Gentle moans of approval.

She wanted to make his morning worthwhile. She wanted to show him just how much she appreciated him. Something told her he would know by the time she was finished. Hopefully this would be the beginning of a wonderful day. That familiar sexy smile traced across his lips. The lips she loved to kiss.

The dance had begun.

He shifted slightly and she shook her head and firmly pushed him back. She had made it very clear that it was her turn to be in charge. She loved to play the submissive but this morning, he belonged to her. She was determined to make damn sure he knew it and knew it well.

Her message was received and welcomed by him as he immediately lay back on the pillow and locked his fingers behind his head. The satisfied smile on her face was all he needed to tell him he was doing exactly what she wanted.

Her warm lips glided softly from the base to the tip of his cock as her wet tongue darted between them to taste his brine. He shuddered as she repeated the seductive motion again and again. His moans became deeper, more aggressive as she gracefully slipped her delectable mouth over the purple crown and gently sucked at the sweet, slippery drops of precum dripping from his eager erection.

She looked up at him and smiled softly Zonguldak Escort Bayan as she swirled saliva around the base of his head and gently tickled the cleft with the tip of her tongue. Her eyes danced with delight as she continued to pleasure her man. The man she so loved and adored.

It was a struggle to keep his hands behind his head but he managed to do exactly as she commanded. Oh how he wanted to fuck her! He wanted to pound her tight pussy so hard with his cock but his love for her was stronger than his urge to take control. He remained in his place as she hungrily plunged the length of his cock deep into her throat. His thigh muscles tensed, his abdomen tightened as he clinched his fists firmly behind his head.

Heaven was having her soft lips wrapped around his eager cock. She placed her delicate hand around his throbbing balls. Her thumb and index finger, gently tugged on the skin between his nuts. She knew exactly what he liked. There was a damn good reason he was in love with this goddess of women that knelt between his legs, worshiping his cock. He had no fucking idea how he got so lucky to be chosen by her but he would gladly reward her tenfold for bestowing on him the best blowjob known to any man, at any time.

She used great care and diligence to lick, suck, massage and worship every centimeter of his grateful cock as if he were a Greek god returning from battle. Escort Zonguldak She looked up at him with hypnotic, breathtaking eyes. He loved her more at this moment than he ever thought could be possible.

The incredible urge to cum was beginning to override everything else in his brain. He tried to keep the sperm from boiling up from his balls but every time he would look into her beautiful eyes and vision of her soft pink lips sliding up and down his grateful cock, it weakened his resistance.

She sensed his impending orgasm and placed her hand on his pulsing groin. She could see the familiar signs on his face. The way he closed his eyes, the tightening of his jaw and jutting of his strong chin. He never looked more handsome than when he was about to cum. His nuts tightened, his groin tensed and his thigh muscles flexed as hot creamy semen spurted into her waiting eager mouth. She gently massaged his balls and stroked the base of his cock as he spilled every ounce of his cum into her warm soft throat.

She readily swallowed every drop, except for the tiny bit she purposely allowed to dribble from her lips so she could lick it from his gratified penis. His body shuddered as her tongue traced the length of his pulsing cock.

She held onto him as his girth softened in her tender grasp. His heart was pounding, his mind was racing and if ever a man felt like a king, he certainly did at this very moment.

She slowly licked her luscious lips and gave him a wide smile as she softly whispered. “Good morning, my love.”

He beckoned her into his arms and as he pulled her near, he kissed her passionately. Stroking her soft hair, he whispered. “It is, my queen. It’s a very good morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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