A Movie With Lyndsay

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Mike sat in his room, bored on yet another Friday night during the summer. He was getting quite sick of it and wanted to have something to do but all of his friends seemed to be busy. That was until his phone rang.


“Hey Mike, it’s Lyndsay.”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Not much. I was wondering if you would wanna come to my house and hang out for a while tonight.”

“Yeah, that’d be cool.”

“Come by whenever.”

“Ok. I’ll see ya in like twenty.”

“Ok. Cya soon.”


Mike wondered what Lyndsay would want to do. They had been friends for a few years now, but nothing more than that as Mike’s friend Cal had been dating Lyndsay for most of that time. They had not hung out much without Cal around, but it had been a month since the two had broken up and Cal already was with another girl so he figured it wouldn’t be any type of problem. Mike showered quickly got dressed and drove over to Lyndsay’s house.

He got inside her house and she invited him to sit on the couch well she got some lemonade. He had always found her attractive. Tonight she was wearing nothing all that special, but Mike still somehow found it provocative. She had on a pair of tight fitting low rise jeans (Mike knew Lyndsay knew that he always loved to when a girl wore something like that) and a tank top. The top was not very low cut, but it still went down just enough so you could see a little bit of cleavage. Mike made a mental not to do his best not to look.

Lyndsay returned with the lemonade and handed Mike his glass before bending down to place her cup on the table. When she bent over, she gave Mike a nice view of her perfectly rounded ass and he could see just a little bit of it peaking out of her jeans. Mike instantly felt a little tingly in his crotch. He hadn’t had sex in almost six months and had considered masturbating before coming over just in case but had decided against it. Now he was wishing he had. He tried to shift slightly to hide his steadily growing erection, with the hope it would go away. Lyndsay finally sat down, it seemed like she had taken her time while bent over, and was right next to Mike.

“So how have you been?” Mike asked.

“Pretty good, I’ve been keeping busy to keep my mind off things.”

“That’s always good.”

“Yeah, but I don’t really wanna talk about things like that tonight.”

“Ok, if you ever do though you can talk to me.”

“Thanks. So you wanna watch a movie?”

“Sure, what do you got?”

“I got something good.”

With that Lyndsay turned on the tv and dvd player with a clicker and the movie was loading. Mike didn’t bother to ask as he would find out soon enough. As it turned out the movie was Taking Lives starring Angelina Jolie. Mike was satisfied as he liked to see Angelina Jolie and happened to like the movie. Lyndsay left the lights on and snuggled up next to Mike more for comfort than anything intimate.

As the movie progressed Lyndsay would occasionally get up to get one thing or another. Each time Mike watched her ass as she walked by. He couldn’t help himself, it looked too good to keep his eyes off of. After the first couple times her jeans rode down just a little bit more to reveal even more of her to him. He knew he saw a thong, and he couldn’t help it as his erection shot up to full size. He could only hope Lyndsay wouldn’t notice it upon her return. She came back, but stopped at the table to bend down and pick up her drink. This time revealing just a little bit more cleavage to Mike’s ever attentive eyes. When she finally sat down she said, “I bet you like this next scene.” Mike didn’t say anything, but he knew she was right when he realized what it was. It was a steamy sex scene that of course again involved Angelina Jolie.

By this point he was really uncomfortable as his erection seemed to be trying to break free from his pants. There was no hiding it now. When the scene ended Lyndsay paused the movie. She looked down and said, “Well I guess I was right”

“Sorry there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Well I guess there is something you could do about it.”


“I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. You can’t tell me that you don’t want to.”

“Well..ah…yeah I guess I do.”

“The bathroom is just down the hall, first door on your left. Don’t worry it locks and everything. I won’t think any different of you.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yeah, if you want I’ll play the scene again for you.”

“No, that’s ok. I may not be able to make it through watching it again.”

“Alright then, just try and keep all your cum in the toilet.”

Mike’s face already looked shocked, but after that it looked even more surprised, so Lyndsay spoke again.

“What does it shock you when I say cum?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Ok halkalı escort well go take care of yourself so we can both enjoy the rest of the movie.”

Mike got up and headed to the bathroom still debating if he should actually go through with this or not. By the time he entered the bathroom and locked the door he realized he had to do it, now he just had to make sure it didn’t seem to fast.

He pulled down his pants and positioned his cock so it should shoot straight into the toilet. He started slowly stroking and let his thoughts rush into his head. He tried to picture Angelina Jolie, but all he could was the image of Lyndsay walking with the top of her ass hanging out just enough to see her thong. He imagined bending her over the couch and ramming her pussy with all the force he could. He could feel himself thrusting in and out while one her felt her ass and the other worked on her breasts. His stroke speed increased to rapid and the picture of Lyndsay became even clearer in his mind. He could hear her moans. That was all he could take, he let out of soft moan as he spurted into the toilet. He had never gotten this much pleasure or come this hard without a girl actually being involved.

Everything slowly came back into focus and he returned to reality. He made sure everything was cleaned up, including his hands, and returned to the living where Lyndsay was waiting patiently on the couch. He sat down next to her slightly blushing. She started the conversation.

“You feel better.”

“Yeah definitely.”

“That’s good, Angelina make you come hard?”

“You could say that.”

“Good, still shocked when I talk about you coming?”

“Yeah, it’s a little weird to hear.”

“Well as long as you got things under control I won’t say it again tonight.”


With that she resumed the movie. Now fully relieved he was able to enjoy the rest of the movie. When it ended he looked at Lyndsay and noticed he could see her nipples were hard under her shirt.

“Looks like someone else is excited.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, your nipples look hard.”

Lyndsay looked down and rubbed her left nipple, “I guess they are.”

“Well the bathroom is down the hall you can go take care of it if you want.”

“That’s ok I think I’ll wait till you go home to do masturbate.”

“If that’s what you want.”

Lyndsay looked down, “My God, does the mention of me masturbating really turn you on that much?”

Mike realized she was referring to his suddenly reborn erection.

“I mean I just let you jack off a half hour ago.”

“Sorry, just the thought of you…well…”

“Well what?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“Do I?” Lyndsay said as she reached down her hand to briefly massage the crotch of her pants.

“Yes, you know that I mean the thought of you fingering yourself turns me on, there’s nothing I can do to stop that.”

“It’s ok. The thought of you doing it in my bathroom started to get me hot tonight.”


“Yeah, but it is getting kinda late so you should probably head home soon, you can take care of that here if you want to before you go.”

“Thanks, I think I should.”

“Wait I got a gift for you.”

By the time Mike turned back around to face Lyndsay she had bent down facing the opposite direction pretending to reach to pick something up off the ground. When she stood back up she motioned to Mike as if to say “go ahead” and that was all he needed. He returned the bathroom and positioned himself properly before starting up with rapid stroking. He pictured Lyndsay running her hand over her pussy and the thought of her fingering herself. Then when he was close to blowing he pictured Lyndsay bent over for him in the living room. It made his orgasm feel even better knowing she intentionally done it to help him get off.

A few minutes later he was on his way out the door and saying good bye to Lyndsay. “Do you wanna come back over tomorrow night Mike?”

“Yeah definitely, I like hanging out with you.”

“I’m sure you do, just do me one favor.”

“Sure what?”

“Don’t masturbate between now and then.”

“If that’s what you want, then ok. Good night.”


Mike drove home and headed straight for bed. He had to try and sort out what had just happened to him. He hadn’t actually done anything with Lyndsay, but he had masturbated with her knowing about it and she had even slightly assisted him in doing so. She even talked about him making her need to get off. It all seemed surreal to him, but he had to sleep.

The next morning he woke up and realized what had happened was not a dream, and that that night he was going back to taksim escort Lyndsay’s house. He only wondered what she had in mind. He texted her around noon asking what time he should be over and she said about five. She was gonna heat up some good leftovers that they could have for dinner. Now all Mike had left was to wait with nervous anticipation to find out what would happen.

Mike arrived promptly at five, just like any guy who thought he would at least in some way be getting off would. Lyndsay again answered the door when he arrived, but this time led him to the table where the leftover potatoes and chicken were already set. Tonight she was wearing a similar top from the night before (it may show just a little bit more cleavage) and a short skirt. Mike guessed that she would have another thong on under there. They sat down and enjoyed the food for a few minutes before Mike finally started the conversation.

“So how was your night after I left?”

“Not all that exciting, I fell asleep pretty quickly.”

“So you didn’t…”

“No I didn’t masturbate or finger myself, whichever you prefer to call it.”

“Why not?”

“Well really I was turned on, but not as much as you probably thought.”


“Yeah I just did most of that to help you get off quicker the second time. So be honest the first time you jacked off last night, where you thinking of Angelina Jolie or me?”


“I thought so.”

“I couldn’t help it. I mean every time you got up your pants seemed to be riding lower and lower.”

“Don’t worry about it, I understand.”

“Ok good.”


“That’s a nice skirt you’re wearing tonight.”

” Thanks, you’ll see why later tonight.”

“I can’t say I’m not curious.”

“Ok, now enjoy your meal, so we can get to watching a movie.”


The meal resumed with more silence until they were both finished and headed into the living after quickly clearing off the table.

“So what are we watching tonight?”

“Well tonight’s movie is a little different, but the one rule is you can’t touch my tits or pussy.”

“Aww, but I guess it’s gonna be good if you have to tell me not to do anything.”

Lyndsay started the movie and Mike was not surprised to see it was a porn movie. Candid Sex was its title. It was a somewhat softcore movie, but still plenty good enough to do the job. Through the first few sex scenes Lyndsay just watched so Mike did the same keeping his hands away from his cock, which he knew was standing at attention. Lyndsay turned to Mike and said, “Now I wore this skirt because it gives me easy access because the second and final rule is keep it in your pants, I don’t any cum on my couch.”

“That’s gonna be difficult for me.”

“I’m sure you can manage.”

With that Lyndsay returned to watching the movie. It was now a three-way scene. With one blonde girl being eaten out while the brunette rode the guy hard. Mike didn’t know how much longer he could hold out. Eventually his will broke and he forced his hand under his jeans to slowly stroke his cock. Lyndsay turned her attention from the movie to Mike. She could tell he would be done pretty quickly, so she stopped the movie.

“Hey! Why’d you do that? This ain’t easy to stop.”

“Don’t worry about it, I have another gift for you.”

“What is it?”

“I changed my mind you can pull down your pants, boxers stay on though, and you can cum in this.”

“You want me to cum in a baggy?”

“At least it will be cleaner than in your pants.”


Mike set himself up so he cock was covered by the baggy and still in his boxers, at the same time Lyndsay slid her hand down her skirt and started to slowly massage herself. She looked Mike right the eyes and soon their eyes were locked. Somehow this was more intense for Mike than the porn had been. Mike felt himself going over the edge as his eyes rolled up and he came just as hard as he had the day before. When he had finished Lyndsay smiled at him. She took him by the hand and led him to her room saying that it was now her turn.

She laid back on her bed with her legs spread slightly. Mike watched her hand moving up, down, back, and forth under her skirt. Lyndsay’s speed steadily increased as she got more and more into it. Mike was enjoying the show, but he had to ask, “Why don’t you just take that off?” Lyndsay’s response was simply, “Not yet.” She didn’t stop massaging her clit as she felt her orgasm starting to build to the melting point. Her moaning was getting louder and louder. Mike was only able to stand back and watch as Lyndsay bucked wildly on her bed. Her hips had been slowly thrusting up and down until finally they just stayed up as her orgasm rushed through her şişli escort body.

Mike couldn’t believe what he had just seen; it had to be the most incredible thing he had ever witnessed in his life. Lyndsay’s eyes slowly opened again as she returned from the pleasure of her orgasm, and she continued to gaze deep into Mike’s eyes. Mike realized he was becoming incredibly turned on again when he felt his cock stirring again. Lyndsay just smiled up at him still enjoying the bliss.

“So how was that?” she asked.


“I thought you might like that, and I guess you really liked that.”

“Yeah, I think I need another baggy.”

“No, I have something better for you this time.”

With that, Lyndsay pulled Mike down onto her bed and laid him on his back. She crawled on top of him and passionately kissed him. Their tongues dueled in her mouth. Lyndsay broke the kiss and slowly worked her way down Mike’s body. She moved down to his neck, then down his chest, and kissed his lower abdomen before saying, “I think you’ll really like this.” She flicked the head of his cock with her tongue gently just to watch Mike twitch a little bit. She licked down his cock all the way to his balls. Then moving her mouth back up, she used one hand to fondle his balls and the other to stroke him. She sucked down on him and Mike moaned with pleasure. Mike watched as her head bobbed up and down, and then she took him all the way into her mouth. Mike felt his cock hit the back of her throat and was amazed when she barely gagged at all. She continued to work up and down fucking him with her mouth. Mike felt that even though he had recently masturbated he was getting close very quickly. He tried to warn Lyndsay, but she just kept going up and down until the first shot of cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed it and milked him for all he was worth. The only thing that had felt even close to that before was when he had watched Lyndsay finger herself.

“You are amazing.”

“I know, just wait till tomorrow night.”

“Ok, I’ll be here anytime you want.”

“Good, seven pm tomorrow night. I’ll have another surprise for you.”

“I can’t wait.”

Mike again headed home unable to believe what had just happened to him. Lyndsay was so amazing he no longer cared that she had been with one of his friends before, she was too incredible to pass up. His only question was, what did she have in mind for tomorrow night? The next day flew by and before Mike knew it he was at Lyndsay’s door ready for another interesting night. He rang the doorbell. “Come in, I’m in my room.” Mike opened the door, closed it behind him, and then walked into her room. The lights were out, but he knew Lyndsay was on her bed. He turned on the lights, and found Lyndsay on lying on her back with only her skirt on. He was speechless. His only reaction was to take all of his clothes off. He wanted to do it slowly, but he could not help himself and he was completely naked within five seconds with his rock hard cock pointing at Lyndsay. She motioned for him to lie on the bed next to her.

Lyndsay had Mike lie on his back. “Tonight, I get what I want, and I want that hard cock deep inside my pussy.” She kept the skirt on as she positioned herself above his cock. She lowered herself down onto him. Mike felt her wet pussy start to slide down onto him. It was a great feeling, he had had sex before but this was the best a pussy had ever felt. She put her hands on his shoulders so that she could adjust herself better. Mike heard a slight “Pop” as Lyndsay took him all the way in. She slowly started to grind her hips back and forth while rocking up and down. Mike was in heaven, and Lyndsay was starting to moan slightly. Lyndsay continued grinding her hips into him, then she changed it up and started to move up and down.

Her moaning was getting louder and she was thrusting her hips faster and harder onto his cock. Mike had been so excited all day that he didn’t think he was going to have much stamina, but it felt too good so he had to try and hold out longer. Lyndsay’s movements started to slow down, it was like she knew Mike needed her to slow it down a little. Then she slid off of his cock and repositioned herself. “Give it to me baby,” she said turning around so her ass was facing Mike. She got down on her hands and knees, making sure that her ass was pointing up at Mike. Mike did not need to be told twice. He rammed his cock into her pussy. She moaned loudly when he did this. Mike drove himself into her as hard as he could. Lyndsay’s moans kept getting louder and it was driving Mike over the edge. He didn’t know if he should pull out her not; it was feeling too good for him to stop. Sensing his needs she said, “Come in me baby, I want to feel your hot cum deep in my pussy.” That was it for Mike and he shot deep into her. As the first shot of cum went into her, Lyndsay climaxed and was hit with her orgasm. She leaned forward even more as her orgasm was too powerful for her to keep fully up. Finally Mike felt that he was completely drained and pulled out of her. Lyndsay quickly shifted down so that she could clean their combined juices off of Mike.

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