A New Beginning

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Big Tits

It was almost a year since Arnold’s wife and son died in a freak car accident. He loved both very much, and the memories hurt to much for him to stay in Ireland any longer. Arnold was 35, still attractive looking, 6’3″, dark hair blue eyes, well built, 180 lbs, but the emptiness in his face showed, and he felt twice his age. So in a desperate attempt, Arnold packed up and left for the country where so many of his forefathers went in desperate times, America.

Arnold was well educated, had his degree in Software Engineering, so he had no problem getting into the States. Even though, he like almost everyone else in Ireland, had relations in the States, he wanted to forget his old life and try to start anew. He had plenty of money after his wife died, the insurance of both his wife and child, plus the money he made selling his house, left his financially secure.

Florida was the place he picked. The sun and sea were what he loved. He spent many a long evening looking across the Atlantic from the west coast of Ireland, feeling its freedom, dreaming, thinking of what he would do now. Arnold got to Florida, and spent a few nights in an hotel near the sea. He searched the adds for a job and an apartment. Within a week he had gotten himself a job at an all girls college, teaching computer science. He had a number of years work experience, knew several computer languages, and had several references which secured him the job.

It was an exclusive college, for ‘rich kids’. It was the sort of college that girls were sent to, to teach them ‘proper’ behavior and give them a broad background in the field they were most interested in. Arnold only thought colleges like this existed in England for the upper class. Class discrimination also existed in the States. There were very few male lecturers in the college, but they had a hard time getting someone of sufficient standard for the college, and Arnold’s background was everything they were looking for, they couldn’t refuse him.

He was introduced to his class Monday by the head Mistress.

“This is Mr. Arnold ladies. He is your new instructor for computer science.”

It was a class of 25 girls. They were about 18 to 20 years old. And everyone looked beautiful. It was apparent they were from rich backgrounds, and all well dressed. The college had no uniform as such, but ‘encouraged’ the girls to dress well, as ‘proper’ ladies.

“I’ll leave it to you Mr. Arnold then.” she told Arnold.

“Hi. I’m Arnold More, and as you may have noticed from my accent, I’m from Ireland. I’m going to teach you about computers, how they work and how we can make them do what every we want. The bulk of the material will be based around computer languages …. “

Arnold continued on. The nervousness was apparent in his voice, but after the hour was up, he had settled into it. Afterwards he realized how much he enjoyed it, and how much it helped him take his mind of his troubles for the first time.

He finished up early, and continued to look for a suitable apartment near the college. But he had no luck.

After a week in college, and getting to know most of the other lectures, a teacher named Heidi offered Arnold an apartment. Heidi was 5’8″, blonde, blue eyes and a beautiful body. 36C 24 36. She thought the girls stance.

“It’s fairly big, two bedrooms, with a large living room, bathroom and kitchen.” Heidi replied. “Are you interested?”

“Yes, great!” Arnold replied. “I’ve been looking for a place for weeks now. Anything will do.”

That weekend Arnold moved in.

“Hi Arnold.” Heidi greeted him. “This is Francess, she shares my room.”

“Hi Francess. Nice to meet you.” Arnold said.

“Hi.” was all Francess said, in a cold voice. Francess was Italian decent. Dark brown wavy hair, that went down just past her shoulders. She was also 5’8″, with dark brown eyes. She had a fabulous body, 37D 24 36. Arnold was a bit puzzled by the cold reception he got from Francess.

Heidi showed Arnold around. His room was small, but not too small, there was a double bed, and it was nicely decorated. But the main attraction for Arnold was the view of the sea. There were big glass sliding doors that led out to an open balcony of the 8th floor apartment. And the sea was only about 600 yards away. The sound and smell of the sea was beautiful.

“Interested?” Heidi asked Arnold.

“Yes, definitely!” Arnold replied.

“Francess was here first. It’s really her apartment I guess, but the rent is just that bit too much, and we decided to get someone else. Francess works at a near by electronics company. Excuse her attitude, but she isn’t that interested in men. We have had a few girls, but they left, or it was too expensive for them.”

Suddenly it clicked in Arnold head. Not having experienced any thing like this back home, it came as a bit of a shock, but it didn’t matter to him.

“Are you two … well are you both … ‘intimate’?” Arnold asked.

“Yes we are lesbians.” rus escort Heidi replied. “Is that a problem?”

“No no!” Arnold replied blushing, “I just didn’t realize. It really make no difference to me.”

“Good!”Heidi replied. “That’s the reason other women left. But if you want to bring other girls back her, or what ever your preference is, that’s OK with us.”

“Oh I don’t think there will be much of that.” Arnold said, as his past came gushing back in his mind.

After a few weeks Arnold settled into his new life. He began to enjoy himself as the smile came back to his face. The college offered him a new responsibility as he did his best to educate the girls, realizing he was part of forming their future. Heidi and Francess were also a new realization for him, and opened his eyes. At first he couldn’t figure out how Heidi could be teaching girls to act proper, when she led a lesbian life herself. But soon he found out she was as normal as anyone.

Heidi was always full of life. And every morning she came into the kitchen usually with a sort dressing grown, sometimes with only her panties and bra on. Heidi and Francess got used to Arnold, and soon didn’t think anything about walking around half naked in front of him. Arnold didn’t think anything much about it himself at first. Gradually he began to notice just how beautiful they were.

Heidi’s breasts were fairly big and firm. She had nice sized pink nipples, he could see them through some of her bras. Some were see through. Her breasts didn’t wobble or giggle about much when she walked. She had a beautiful round ass, which Arnold soon got to adore. Francess had a fabulous body also. Her darker skin was very attractive to him. Her larger breasts were fabulous, truly her best assets. She had very full round breasts, with dark brown nipples, surrounded by large aureole. Her breasts tended to wobble a bit more in her skimpy bras as she walked. She had a firm body, firm tight ass, she worked out often, and spent a lot of time at the local gym.

Soon the life returned to Arnold’s penis also. The hormones began to ebb and flow again. He looked forward to seeing them walk around the apartment in their underwear. The bulge in his pants also showed the women just how much he liked them. The two girls just teased him more. Arnold of course realized this but dare not ever make a move. Sometimes he got a glimpse of Heidi naked as she walked from her room to the bathroom.

The summer came, and the heat rose to the 100s. Arnold still went to college in his crisp shirt and tie and dark colored pants, just what was required. But it was too hot for any underwear. The girls themselves, dressed well, mostly in short skirts, and white blouses. It was always required for them to remain decent at all times.

At Arnold sat at his computer, in front of the girls during their two hour tutorial, he found himself looking at them, admiring their young firm bodies. Looking at their tanned long legs underneath their desks, Arnold stared at them, one girl in particular. She was in the front, and had a very short skirt. As she crossed and uncrossed her legs, trying to solve the problems Arnold had set for them, her skirt rode higher and higher. Arnold could only stare as her panties came into view each time she crossed her legs. Other girls in the class saw him stare.

Suddenly he was wakened from his trance as the girl whose legs he was staring at called him:

“Mr. More!” She called.

Arnold blinked and looked at her.

“Yes Jessica.” he replied.

“Can you help me a minute, please sir?” Jessica asked with a big smile.

Arnold rose from his seat immediately and waked towards Jessica, it was only as he started to walk did he feel his erection causing a very noticeable bulge in the front of his pants. Unfortunately, almost half the class noticed his bulge also. Arnold was blushing as he walked around the desk towards Jessica, unable to hide his erection. He could hear some giggles echoing around the room.

He stood by Jessica, with one hand on her terminal screen, the other on the back of her chair, looking at the screen, trying to brush off his ‘unfortunate’ situation. Jessica just stared at his bulge.

“Yes Jessica?” he asked.

Jessica snapped out of her little trance and explained her problem to Arnold. Every now and then she took small glances at his crotch while talking, looking at his still hard cock.

Arnold, even though he was concentrating on the problem, looked at Jessica now and then, and at her legs. Her long legs, and firm thighs, were clearly on show for him. Jessica had pulled back to give Arnold better access to the terminal. As he explained to Jessica the solution, he looked down, and couldn’t avoid her spread legs. Jessica realized this and spread her legs a little more. Her skirt was displaying almost her entire legs.

Arnold became more and more distracted, and stuttered his way through the explanation. istanbul bayan eskort His cock hadn’t felt this hard in a long time. Then he saw Jessica raise her right leg and rest her ankle on her left leg, like a man usually would, with legs spread. She stared in Arnold’s eyes, looking very interested in his explanation. She glanced at his bulge now and then. Her skirt was now bunched up around her waist, exposing all her legs and silk white lacy panties. Arnold couldn’t take his eyes off her. For the first time in years Arnold realized how horny he felt. Pictures went through his mind. Wondering how it would feel to touch her .. to bury his face between her soft thighs .. to taste her pussy ..

The bell went.

Everyone got up and left. Jessica rose, and Arnold watched her skirt fall back into place, covering her panties and the tops of her thighs. Arnold came back to reality, and felt Jessica press into him as she got up to leave. She brushed his cock with her hand as she passed.

“Bye Mr. More.” Jessica smiled.

“Err … yes, bye Jessica, we’ll continue this the next time.” He replied.

Jessica left giving him a wink and a smile.

Arnold was confused. He had mixed feelings and thoughts. He had flash backs of his wife and child, but the pain was less. He was also confused about the girls. He hadn’t felt that horny in such a long time. But he knew he would have to keep his hormones at bay at work. He would surly loose his job if he ever had any sexual relationship with any of the girls.

He walked the beach as he had done so many times since he got here, thinking, sorting his mind and mixed feelings. As he strolled the beach he saw all the beautiful bodies sprawled out in the sun. The heat sun, sea, sand, tits and pussy was getting too much for Arnold so he went home.

As he entered the apartment, he could hear Heidi and Francess in the bedroom. They didn’t hear him come in.

“Oh yes fuck me, stick it in deep Francess baby. You fuck so good … yes Ohhh fuck … YES!”

Francess and Heidi were at it again. It was like so many other times. He would hear them often through the thin walls at night. The buzzing of the vibrators, the moaning, screaming. They seemed to be at it all the time lately.

Arnold walked towards his room, and noticed they left their door half opened. He stopped and stared. Francess had a huge 10 inch strap on dildo, and was fucking Heidi. He could only see them from behind. Heidi was lying on her back, legs spread. While Francess was between her legs pumping away at Heidi. Her firm ass looked beautiful as it pumped up and down between Heidi’s wide spread legs. The sweat was rolling down her back, dripping down between the cheeks of her ass, down towards her pussy. What a beautiful sight Arnold thought.

“Bet you wish this was Arnold’s cock pounding into that tight pussy of yours, don’t you bitch!” Francess said as she fucked Heidi.

Arnold nearly dropped when he heard this. He opened his pants and pulled out his already stiff cock. It was a long time since he felt it like this. It felt so good as he ran his fingers up and down the length of his 8 inch cock. As he stroked his cock, looking at the two women fucking, Francess slowed down, and stopped. She flopped back on the king size bed, and Heidi sat up. She instantly saw Arnold. Arnold froze, with this fist clenching his rock hard cock. She only smiled and said nothing. Francess was flat out, eyes closed. Heidi was so beautiful.

Heidi then laid back and picked up the nearby vibrator. She spread her legs and switched it on. She inserted it into her pussy. Every now and then she’d take it to her lips, sucking her own cum off it. She stared at Arnold as she did it. Arnold resumed his masturbation. Even lying back on the bed, her tits stood proudly up. There was only a slight sag to the side. Her nipples, although not long like Francess’, were much thicker when erect. Her labia were red and swollen, and as she slipped the vibrator in and out, her pussy lips clung to the side of the vibrator, kissing it. Arnold could only stare at her bare pussy, how he wished it was his cock and not the vibrator that was sliding in and out of her sweet pussy. He wasn’t able to see Francess’ pussy, the strap on dildo was covering it. But he guessed it was also shaved because he couldn’t see any hair at all. After a few minutes Heidi started bucking off the bed, moaning, and Cuming. She clenched her eyes shut.

When she came back down, and opened her eyes, Arnold was gone. Arnold was in his room, lying back on the bed naked, cock in hand. Pulling furiously on his big fat cock. It felt so good as he pumped his fist up and down his cock. Soon he felt the cum boiling deep in his balls. The pre-cum was already running down the sides of his cock, he rubbed it into the big bulbous purple head of his shiny cock.

“Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuck!” he roared.

His whole body tensed up, he raised his hips off the bed, suddenly his cum burst ukraynalı escort up his cock, spewing it a few feet into the air. He came for a long time sending spunk flying every where, most of it landed in a large pool on his chest and stomach.

Then just as he was stopping coming, the door burst open and Heidi stood there naked.

“Are you all right Arnold….. oh sorry!” Heidi said. “I thought something was wrong when I heard you roar, but it looks like everything is fine.”

Heidi stared at arnold’s cock. It was still rock hard, still twitching in arnold’s cum covered hand. Arnold jumped off the bed, startled.

“Oh….I’m fine…I was just …. well I guess you see. Sorry I didn’t mean to shout ….” Arnold said.

“It’s OK Arnold, I understand.” Heidi cut in. “I guess we make a bit of noise much the same now and then too.”

Heidi stared at Arnold’s now still stiff cock. Cum was dripping down his chest and stomach, off his hand and cock also, it was every where. She stared at his shiny cock knob for a minute as it glistened with cum. Arnold stared at her for a minute also. trying to take in all of her beautiful naked body. His eyes were switching from her big firm tits, that stood so proudly out from her chest, to her glistening wet, bare pussy lips. Her nipples were a beautiful sight. He felt his cock remain as hard as ever, as he studied her.

“Well … I’ll leave you to clean up, bye!” Heidi finally said as she disappeared out the door, with a wide smile.

Arnold flopped back on the bed, exhausted, cock still hard.

“Oh boy, did I need that.” he said to himself. Arnold felt a bit guilty of what he did. Both from masturbating, and from spying on Heidi and Francess making love, for which he apologized the next morning to Heidi. To get his mind of things, that weekend he bought himself a car, and spent the weekend driving around in his convertible, sight seeing. He drove up the coast on Sunday, and found a secluded stretch of beach. He parked the car and went for a swim.

Arnold loved to swim naked, especial in hot weather like this. He striped and ran in to the water, loving the feeling of the water caressing his body. The water felt so relaxing, and he floated on his back letting his cares and worries drift away.

Monday morning he felt fresh, and better than he did in a long time. The girls also seemed to look more beautiful than ever. Jessica looked as sexy as ever, as did they all. Today was a normal lecture class, no PCs. Arnold was at the board explaining more principles and concepts to them. Finally he gave them a problem to think about. Arnold walked down through the class, checking on them, helping them through the problem.

Jessica like most of the other girls, thought Arnold was good looking, and after his performance the week before with Jessica, they were out to impress Arnold with their bodies. Some of them were dressed more provocatively than usual. Jessica for one, was dressed in a short loose mini skirt. She had a halter top on, and it was obvious she was wearing no bra. Her smallish breasts, and hard nipples were clearly outlined by the top for Arnold to see.

Vivian was wearing colored leggings and a tight tee shirt. Vivian was tall with long legs, and very large breasts. Vivian measured 38DD 26 37, about 5′ 10″. A very attractive blonde.

” Mr. More!” Vivian called.

“Yes Vivian.” Arnold replied.

Arnold approached Vivian, admiring her body, taking in those huge globes bursting through her shirt. As Vivian asked the question, Arnold’s cock stiffened as he admired her body. She turned to face Arnold as he explained. Her long legs were spread as she sat, and the leggings were riding up the crack of her pussy, clearly outlining her already swollen labia. Arnold stared at her body, fumbling and stuttering as he answered. Vivian’s nipples began to swell and harden, as they became more and more apparent.

Arnold managed to break free and went to the board. He called the classes attention as he wanted to explain Vivian’s point to everyone. He wrote, and then faced the class, his cock was still rock hard, and remained hard as he looked at the girls, both Vivian and Jessica were exchanging glances at each other giggling, as were most of the others. They set Arnold up, and he knew it, but didn’t care. If they wanted to see his cock, then so what. He didn’t care now, but started to relax and enjoy the attention. His pants were a bit tighter than usual, and he still wore no underwear, so his hard cock was clearly outlined by his pants for them all to see.

He could see the girls staring at his hard cock and swollen cock knob. They seemed to gasp and admire his cock, as he did their beautiful bodies. By the end of the class a small wet patch appeared at the top of his knob where the pre-cum was oozing out his flared piss hole. Finally the class ended, and Arnold waited behind before leaving, waiting for his erection to subside, but it didn’t drop much.

When he left the class Heidi was talking to Vivian and Jessica down the corridor and Arnold was walking their way.

“Mr. More!” Heidi called. “This sort of attire is not allowed in school. Are you aware of that?”

“Er .. no, no I wasn’t Miss Redwood.” Arnold replied looking bewildered.

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