A New Career

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Ryan was working two part time jobs, wondering if he was ever going to find a full-time position and thinking that his choice of political science as a major was a huge mistake. When he was invited to interview for a research position with a lobbying firm that represented clients on women’s issues he was excited, but careful not to get his hopes up too high.

Ryan reported to the firm a few minutes early and the receptionist, a very attractive blonde named Carla, invited him to have a seat. She contacted someone to let them know that Ryan was there. When she was finished, she wheeled her chair from behind her desk, revealing that she was wearing a short dress, crossed her legs and faced Ryan. They were running a few minutes late and hoped that wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience for Ryan. He assured her it wasn’t. Over the next twenty minutes Carla engaged Ryan with questions about where he went to school and what he liked to do with seemingly few interruptions from incoming calls.

Ryan didn’t consider himself to be a ladies’ man, but had had a few relationships that ended in bed during his senior year in high school and college, lately though he was enduring a dry spell. Ryan’s appreciated the attention he was receiving but was having a hard time keeping his eyes off those legs. All this combined to create a bulge in Ryan’s pants that caused considerable embarrassment when Violet appeared, introduced herself and invited Ryan to the conference room for the interview. Ryan wasn’t sure, but he thought Carla noticed as she wished him well.

Violet was an attractive redhead with a killer body, Ryan guessed her to be in her mid-thirties, but he wasn’t very good at guessing people’s age, especially women. Two other women were waiting in the conference room. The first was Alice a brunette, seemingly about Ryan’s age, whose glasses and conservative attire made her appear kind of scholarly, sexy scholarly was Ryan’s thought. The final woman was Ginny, she was definitely the oldest of the three, but Ryan struggled to put a number to her age. Her gray, no sliver hair, would place her close to sixty, but her smooth skin and somewhat athletic figure, suggested a somewhat younger age. For quite possibly the first time in his life a thought about having sex with a much older woman flashed through his mind as they shook hands.

Ryan quickly regained his composure and took a seat. Thankfully his erection had relaxed enough that he didn’t think it was noticed. The interview began, Violet was the department supervisor, Alice would be a more immediate overseer, someone who would assign Ryan specific work and hold him accountable and Ginny was a vice president, whom he may occasionally be assigned to work on a special assignment with. The interview lasted about ninety minutes and focused mostly on his ability to work in an office where he was the only male and things like that. One question that seemed to come up several times in different ways was how he would feel about doing work that wasn’t related to his specific job description. The interview ended with Violet explaining that the next step would be for him to come in and spend a part of a day with Alice to get a better understanding of the work he would perform, she asked Ryan if he was still interested enough in the position to do that if he were invited. Ryan assured her that he was and they shook hands and told him he would hear from them soon.

On the way out, Carla smiled and say something about things must have gone well for the interview to last as long as it did and that she hoped she would be seeing him again soon. Ryan surprised by this attention said something that the hoped didn’t sound too stupid about hoping so as well.

Ryan had barely walked into the house and said hello to his mother when the phone rang. It was Carla calling to ask if he was available at 2:00 the next afternoon to come in and shadow Alice for a couple of hours. Ryan was scheduled to work at a coffee shop, but could call in sick or something, so he said that would work for him. Carla added that he should consider the fact that they decided to invite him back so quickly to be a good sign and to keep his afternoon free as he might be invited to join the group for a drink after work.

Ryan reported at 1:45 the next afternoon, Carla was on the phone, but gave Ryan a smile and a wave. She was wearing a white blouse that was unbuttoned enough to show enough cleavage of medium sized breasts that Ryan felt a stirring in his pants and looked away hoping to avoid a repeat of the embarrassment he experienced the day before. Only a brief moment passed before Ryan heard his name called, he turned to see Alice, today wearing a dress that revealed a little more clearly her shapely figure.

Alice showed Ryan around introducing him to about 12 other women whom Ryan might be working with. Ryan guessed the ages to be mid-twenties kurtköy escort to mid-fifties, but was taken aback a bit by the fact that all of them were at least somewhat attractive and dressed in ways that made them at least mildly sexy. A couple of them made slightly flirty remarks. Alice showed Ryan a few things about the job, but mostly just asked about his personal life. Ryan didn’t want to appear too nosey, so he only asked her a few questions, but did find out that Alice was 32, a little older that he had originally guessed, that she was never married, but had an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Since the girl’s father had a more stable life she lived with him, but Alice saw her often.

Around four o’clock, Violet appeared and called the entire department together and reviewed some of the progress of the day, including Ryan’s visit, then declared their work for the day complete and announced that anyone interested in drinks should meet at a bar around the corner from the office, Alice then announced that she was inviting Ryan to join in. Ryan was just a little uneasy about all this but accepted the invite.

Almost everyone from the department stopped in the bar, several of the women had a quick drink and left. The remaining group moved to a small table. It was Ryan, Violet, Alice, Carla, Roz, a light skinned African American woman seemingly in her early twenties, Margret, a short, but very full-figured woman Ryan figured to be about forty-five. Violet explained that she and Ginny would meet the next morning to decide whether or not to extend an offer but based on everything she had heard up to this point, she felt fairly confident that an offer would be forthcoming. Violet finished her drink and she and Roz who was riding with Violet excused themselves. The four who were left ordered another round of drinks.

There was some discussion about dinner that evening and when Alice and Carla visited the ladies room, Margret invited Ryan to her apartment for dinner. The bourbon Ryan was drinking gave him the courage to accept. When the others returned they talked for a few minutes and then Margret excused the two of them. Alice and Carla imitated middle school girls giggling about what was going to happen. Margret, grabbed Ryan by the arm and told the other two they were just jealous and then made the strange comment that she would leave some for them.

Margret’s apartment was within walking distance in a very upscale complex. It was obvious that Margret was well compensated to be able to afford to live there. Margret asked if Ryan would mind waiting for dinner. Ryan said that would be fine and Margret excused herself to the bedroom to get out of her work clothes. She returned wearing a terrycloth robe, poured two glasses of bourbon, handed one to Ryan and curled up on the couch getting as close to Ryan who was seated on a chair beside the couch. The robe became loose enough to reveal that Margret wasn’t wearing a bra and her ample breasts sagged a bit, but still had a measure of firmness to them as well. Margret’s questions about his relationships, past and present, indicated that this evening wasn’t about dinner.

Ryan was uncomfortable at first, but then his horniness kicked in and he decided to go for it. He looked deep into her eyes and told her he found her to be incredibly attractive and if that made her uncomfortable it might be best for him to leave. Margret simply stood up, slowly opened her robe, allowing it to fall off her shoulders and unto the floor. She was wearing a pink string bikini panty that just barely covered her pussy. She walked over to Ryan and sat on his lap and kissed him gently as she unbuttoned his shirt. Massaging his chest, she looked up and uttered a single word, “stay.”

With great care Margret maneuvered Ryan’s shirt off and then unbuckled his belt. She then in a seemingly single motion, moved to a sitting position in the couch pulling Ryan to a standing position in front of her. Margret slowly and carefully work Ryan out of his shoes, pants, stockings and finally his briefs to reveal a very hard cock. Ryan presented a very nice physic, slim and athletic, even though he had never been much of an athlete. Ryan knew from gym class that he did have one attribute that made him the envy of most men. Margret was duly impressed as well.

Margret clearly had a plan and suspecting that her much younger partner would not be able to last very long, pushed Ryan’s cock into his stomach and began licking his balls. She then began licking the underside of his cock. Ryan felt a load welling up in his balls and felt like he was about to explode when Margret stopped and released his cock. Next, she reached around to his butt and leaned forward to take his hard cock into her mouth and started pumping his cock with her mouth. It took Ryan only a few moments till he felt ready to explode, he decided bayan kurtköy escort that he should warn her, and said that he was going to cum. Margret didn’t seem to care, and Ryan blasted a large shot of cum into her mouth. Margret struggled to take his load without breaking stride as Ryan shot stream after stream into Margret’s mouth. Finally, with cum leaking out of the side of her mouth, Margret reached for a coffee cup that was on the table and smiling at Ryan, slowly drained her mouth into the cup.

Margret wiped her mouth and commented on the size of Ryan’s load. Then lifted her bottom off the couch and removed her panty. She leaned back with her legs spread wide open revealing a hairy pussy and told Ryan it was his turn. Ryan got on his knees and began to explore Margret’s damp pussy with his fingers. He then pulled her labia apart and began licking her pussy going back and forth from her clitoris to her hole, but eventually maintaining focus on her clit and entering her hole with his fingers. Ryan pushed hard against her clit with his tongue and Margret began to moan and then reached around the back of Ryan’s head pulling it as deep into her privates. Ryan was grateful for a girlfriend from college who liked to explain in great detail what women liked for their men to do with their tongue and Margret seemed to be in complete agreement with his former partner.

After about a minute or two Margret’s body began to become increasingly tense until she began calling out, then shouting out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and her body began convulsing almost violently. Margret was moving her pelvis up and down making it hard for Ryan to keep his tongue engaged with her clitoris, but he managed to do well enough to finish off what seemed like a very long orgasm.

When Margret began to relax Ryan slowed his tongue and fingers waiting to see if Margret wanted him to try for another orgasm or hopefully was ready to fuck. When Margret was fully relaxed she pushed Ryan’s face from her vagina and without a word led him to her bedroom. There she laid back and pulled Ryan on top of her, they kissed, and Ryan positioned himself between her legs. After a few moments of this, Margret reached down and guided Ryan’s once again hard cock inside her pussy. Ryan slowly pushed it all the way inside her and just held it there for a moment, then slowly began pumping his manhood inside Margret’s moist pussy. Ryan had never experienced an older woman’s vagina before and found it unlike his previous experiences with younger women it wasn’t dripping with wetness. Ryan increased the speed of his hips and Margret seemed to encourage him on.

Margret began to moan softly and after a few more moments, she reached behind Ryan and grabbed his butt, pulling him deeper and deeper inside of herself. This excited Ryan and he soon started feeling another load well up his cock. Ryan sensed that Margret’s body was tensing up underneath him signifying she was close to cumming again herself and he wanted to hold off long enough to satisfy her. He tried thinking about his high school days on the baseball team, but it was no use he was ready to explode, but just before he did, Margret body seemed explode and she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him hard against her breasts. Ryan then felt his cock shoot a load inside her and her body continued to pulsate beneath him. Margret’s body continued to spasm even after Ryan’s cock was drained, but he kept pumping away until she relaxed, then collapsed beside her.

The two of them laid against each other for a few minutes and then Margret suggested they have dinner and then come back to the bedroom for dessert. After a trip to the bathroom, Margret produced a robe for Ryan and then they headed to the kitchen. Ryan poured drinks and Margret started cooking dinner. The conversation seemed odd to Ryan as Margret discussed the sex they just had and seemed to almost be critiquing Ryan’s lovemaking. She seemed a bit surprised, but very pleased that a man as young as Ryan was as skilled as he was, then made a really weird comment that his skills would be greatly appreciated in the office. When Ryan asked her what she meant by that, Margret just said that the girls all appreciated a good researcher.

After dinner they headed back to the bedroom and disrobed. Margret sat on the edge of the bed and had Ryan stand in front of her. She went right to work on his cock, sucking and licking it till is was once again good and hard. Then she got on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed and lifted her butt in the air as an invitation to fuck her doggy style. Ryan didn’t need a second invitation and pushed his cock deep inside Margret’s pussy from behind. As before Ryan just held it there for a moment and then began pumping her slowly. As he started building speed, Margret was pushing her ass hard against Ryan, the two in escort bayanlar almost perfect rhythm.

Margret encouraged Ryan by almost shouting, “yes, yes! harder, harder.” As she did Ryan pumped her faster and harder, feeling and hearing his balls slap under her pussy. Ryan thought to himself that he had never fucked a woman this hard before, but she seemed to be enjoying it and even seemingly wanted more. Margret reached back and started massaging her clitoris and soon the combination of her fingers and Ryan’s large cock pounding her pussy produced another powerful orgasm for her. She collapsed on the bed and Ryan laid down beside her. After a few moments to catch her breath, she reached over and started stroking Ryan’s still very hard cock. At first this seemed a disappointing way to finish things off, but Ryan laid back and tried to enjoy.

Margret, however, wasn’t finished. After a short break, she climbed on top of Ryan and inserted his cock inside of her and took control of the action. This was more like what Ryan had in mind and at first, he just laid back and enjoyed Margret’s combination of riding and grinding his cock. Ryan remembered another lesson from his past lover and reaching forward and began massaging Margret’s clit with his thumb. This went on for several minutes until Margret needed a break. Holding Ryan’s cock inside of her, she laid down, resting her head on Ryan’s chest, occasionally pulling and pushing her hips forward and back keeping Ryan’s very stiff attention.

When Margret had rested for a minute or two, she slid up Ryan’s body, stopping for a few seconds with just the tip of Ryan’s cock still engaged in her pussy before allowing it to pop free. She kissed Ryan and then began working her way down kissing Ryan’s neck, chest and stomach areas before placing her face between Ryan’s legs. Margret started licking his balls while stroking his cock, then licked the underside of cock. She then tightened her grip and increased the speed of her stroking while licking his ball. Margret seemed to be working her tongue under his sack which was surprising pleasurable, so much so that Ryan felt a load welling up.

It seemed like Margret felt it too and actually slowed her hand but continued using her tongue to great effect. This prolonged the pleasure for a moment and then Ryan shot a wad of cum surprising high in the air considering this was his third ejaculation of the evening. It landed in Margret’s hair and she pushed Ryan’s cock forward so the rest of his load went on his stomach.

Margret looked at Ryan and laughed that she thought she probably needed to shower and wash her hair. Ryan said he thought that would be a good idea and asked if could he go after her. Margret said, “better yet, why don’t you join me.”

Margret’s bathroom had a rather large walk-in shower with two shower heads and also a two-person whirlpool tub. She explained that had had enough for one evening, but that maybe next time they could unitize the tub. In the shower they did wash each other’s backs, but not much else happened as they both felt the proceeding activities were extremely satisfactory. Margret commented that she would talk to Violet first thing in the morning, encouraging her to hire him. Ryan wondered about what she was going to tell Violet but decided not to push the issue. They finished their shower and Ryan dressed and they kissed as Ryan left.

Ryan thought a lot about what some of Margret’s comments meant as he walked to his car and then drove home. He got ready for bed and laid down with the questions still on his mind, but the physical drain of the evening soon allowed him to drift off.

He slept later the next morning then usual and hurried off to work at the coffee shop, arriving a few minutes late. His boss gave him hell for not calling and telling him that he was on his way. Ryan thought about just quitting right there; but decided it would be best not to do that. Besides he really needed a coffee and as long as he was still employed there the coffee was free.

It was around 8:30 when his phone rang, but Ryan was too busy to take the call. A couple of minutes later his phone buzzed letting him know there was a voice message. A quick glance revealed the call was from Violet. Finally, around 9:30, things slowed enough that Ryan was able to ask his manager if he could take a short break. Fortunately, his manager was over being pissed and allowed it.

Ryan, nervously retrieved the voice mail and listened:

“Ryan, this is Violet from the Garrison Company and we’re happy to offer you the research consultant position, your starting salary would be $85,400 a year. I spoke in great detail with Margret this morning and she was very impressed with your talents and suggested that we move quickly to get you on board. So, I was wondering if you would be available to join me at my home for dinner this evening and we can work out the details of your responsibilities. If that is agreeable, please call me and I will give you my address. I’m really hoping to hear from you soon as all the girls in the office want the opportunity to do research with you.”

Ryan quickly dialed the number!

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