A New Home Ch. 02

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It’s hard to imagine that it was only ten months ago when my life changed. Less then a year ago my life was bland. I had a good job and a great house but it wasn’t a home. I was all alone and at the time I thought that was the way I wanted it. But then my parents died in an accident and I had to head home to deal with things. That was the catalyst that put everything into motion.

My little sister Anna was hit pretty hard by everything the loss of our parents and I was the only family she had left so after all the legal situations were handled back home I offered to let her come and stay with me for a few weeks. While she was staying with me I finally learned her deep dark secret; she had been madly in love with me for years and had been saving herself for me. It took a few days to settle in my brain but eventually I realized that fate had pushed us to this and all I could do was take her in into my home and return her love.

That was ten months ago. A few things had changed since then….

“Honey, wake up. Wake up Robert dearest. I made you breakfast in bed.”

I opened up one eye to see her standing next to our bed, holding a tray of food.

“You didn’t have to do that Anna.”

“But I wanted to. I wanted to start off our first official day as husband and wife the right way.”

That’s right! We had gotten married the night before. It took a few months of poking around but I had finally found someone who was capable of forging legal documents. Six months ago, after paying a large fee, she became Anna Smith, my fiancée. Last night, after a small ceremony with a few friends, she became Anna Lasko again, only this time she was able to put a Mrs. in front of her name.

“Alright, but sit down next me. If you really want to start the day off right then you need to eat too. We’ll share.”

I was pleased to see she wasn’t going to put up any protest against my suggestion. She was a submissive girl and didn’t like to feel like I going to too much trouble over her. Lately though she had calmed down a lot. We both knew why.

Anna didn’t like leaving the house very much and every moment she spent inside she was completely naked. I’m not really surprised by that fact though. I went away to college the year before she went to high school and things weren’t easy for her while I was gone. She was fairly short with a small build, small breasts, and her thick glasses and her shy, quite nature gave her a geeky bookish aura. With the small town we were originally from that could lead to only one outcome: isolation. She tried kadıköy escort desperately to make friends with the girls in her class and to get a boyfriend but in those five years she completely failed at both. Add to that the fact that our parents had found her diary and read about her taboo longings for me. I can’t even imagine how hard and lonely life was for her. With all of those circumstances added together, I’m not at all surprised that she wanted to spend everyday as my submissive sex kitten.

I loved watching her crawl into bed next to me. She would always have on the biggest smile I’d ever see her wear when she’d come crawling up to me. It was clear her favorite part of the day was when she got to snuggle up to me. I’m sure she could tell it was my favorite part of the day as well.

Once she was finally snuggled up next to me I kissed her good morning as I did everyday and kissed her stomach as I had been doing everyday for the last few months. And just like everyday before, the site and feel of her loving little body and her extended belly lying next to me made me instantly hard.

“So, have you thought of any names yet Anna?”

Anna was quite for a minute, as if she was debating if she actually wanted to say anything.

“Yes. Yes I have.”

“Really? I’m glad to hear that. I’ve been asking you that question everyday for three months and everyday you said no.” Anna was quite after I said this to her. “Well, what have you thought of?”

“I’ve been thinking really long about this and…” She said, confidently at first but trailing off at the end.

“Go on, tell me.”

“If it’s a girl I’d like to name her Julia.”

I smiled at hearing this.

“I think Grandmother would be pleased to have our child named after her. But what if it’s a boy?”

I had been taking Anna to get prenatal exams ever since we first realized she was pregnant. A while back one of the sonograms revealed the gender of our child. While I opted to see the results, Anna refused to look saying “She’d find out when it was time.” Because of this fact I knew it was far more important to decide on a name for a boy.

Again Anna paused, looking quite nervous. I could tell it took her a lot of courage to finally speak.

“If it’s a boy… I want to name it after you.”

As soon as the words came out of her mouth Anna’s face turned pale and her smile faded. I could see a look of shame and fear in her eyes that she only showed in extreme circumstances.


She üsküdar escort blinked a few times in disbelief before the look of terror finally faded.

“Alright? You don’t mind?”

“Of course I don’t mind. I love you and I’d be honored to have the product of our love named after me.”

There was a long silence again as Anna started to run her fingers along my shaft.

“So, which is it going to be?” She asked me.

“What do you mean?”

It was clear neither of us wanted breakfast anymore. Anna was too busy running her tongue up and down my cock now to care about food.

“The baby, now that we’ve decided on a name for it if it’s a girl or boy I want to know which one it is.”

“You’re in your third trimester already, you can’t wait any longer to find out?”

Anna, unlike most women, loved the taste of my cum and the feel of my cock in her mouth from the first time she tried it. I knew that wasn’t what she wanted today though. This was the first official day of our honeymoon at home and she was using her mouth to lube me up.

“Robert honey, I can’t even wait until after breakfast for you to fuck me. I want to know and I want it so bad. I need both of them right now or I might explode!”

She was serious. Usually she liked to give me head first thing in the morning and have me shoot me cum all over her face or, now that she was noticeably pregnant, her breasts and stomach. Today, on the other hand, I was barely licked at all before she was on top of me and forcing my cock into her puffy pussy.

“Are you sure you want to know?” I said, teasing her.

“Yes, I want it… I want to know.” She said, having trouble separating her longings for physical love and her longing to know.

This was my little sister’s honeymoon and now she wanted to know the most important thing about our child since she first got pregnant. I knew I could make this perfect and I knew exactly how to do it.

Anna craved any ounce of attention I could give her and in ten months I could not find a sexual act she would turn down. Still, I had discovered her favorite and I was going to use it.

Anna had told me many times that she didn’t like being on top during sex so I decided to alleviate her discomfort. Even pregnant, Anna’s small frame made her easy to pick up and carry so that’s exactly what I did. When I picked her up I placed my hands on her back and butt so that when she wrapped her legs around me I could carry her without having to pull tuzla escort out. Depending on how I held her, either her neck or her swollen breasts would be at my face level. Taking the chance to be romantic, I nibbled on her neck as I stumbled towards to door that lead out of our room.

I slammed the door shut when I made it to it and pressed Anna up against the door. Anna knew we reserved this game for special occasions and I could tell by the look on her face that she was ready.

Every time I thirsted into her, her tiny body would squirm upwards and a little bit of her cum would leak out of her and run down my shaft. We would then be more slippery and it would then be harder for her to stay up high on the door. Just in case she was able to keep herself up, I knew her weakness. Even before they had puffed up with milk Anna loved to have her breasts played with. Now that they were so swollen and puffy, even a little bit of attention to her nipples would get her to whimper with delight.

Every time her body slid down she would inevitably reach the door knob. With only a split second of that icy cold door knob touching her tight little butt she’d be thrusting back onto me, ready to start again. The whole procedure could be repeated dozens of times a minute.

Within one minute she started to pant. By two minutes the panting became moaning. By the third minute she had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming. By the fourth minute her nipples started to leak and she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Then…

She couldn’t hold in the screams of lust and pleasure any longer and even I couldn’t stop myself from moaning. I knew her climax would be huge because no other act would get her pussy to contract this tightly. It almost felt like it was going to squeeze my cock straight off me. As her grip reached it’s tightest I could no longer hold it in. A mighty river of cum shot out of my cock deep into her womb and as soon as my cum touched her insides I could feel an even larger amount of her cum leaking out her.

As our bodies slowly returned to normal we both feel to ground, her still in my arms. We lay panting on the floor for many moments as our cum slowly drip out of her.

“Oh god Robert, that felt so good. I can’t even move!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll lay here for a minute and then I’ll go get our breakfast from the end table near our bed. I know I wore you out and you and Robert Junior need your energy.”

I don’t know how I expected her to respond to hearing we were going to have a son but I knew this would be the best time to tell her.

It was hard to make out what she was saying since she was exhausted and both crying and talking at the same time now, but eventually I pieced together what she was saying.

“When I was little and dreamed about us, I always dreamed it would be you, me, and a little boy! Now the last part of my dream is coming true.”

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