A New Life Pt. 01

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Life had not been good to her. Raised by abusive parents, she got out as soon as she could. She figured that the best course was through education, so growing up, she threw herself into her studies. Not only was learning her ticket out, it was also a diversion from the misery of home life. Her years of dedication earned her a scholarship from a college far away from home. She left and never returned. Cursed with beauty, she was a target for boys and men.

Life threw her another curve when one of those boys knocked her up. He even left school to avoid responsibility. It was during her senior year in college, and still, she managed to graduate with honors only days after delivering a beautiful baby girl. She secured a decent job, and with great difficulty, made a life for her and her daughter, Lauren.

As a young adult, she became even more beautiful and continued to be sought after by men. However, after her college experience, and the little free time she had, she dated very little because more often than not, they were only trying to see how far they could get with her.

That is, until George came along. He was charming, he was polite, and most importantly, he was respectful. Lauren had just become a teenager, and even she took to him. They were married a year later. He was a good husband and an even better stepfather; too good a stepfather. She mistook much of his attention to her daughter as untoward, even though there was nothing there. She let it consume her to the point that his denials fell on deaf ears. They divorced three years later.

Mother and daughter moved on, their relationship strained, which only fed mother’s belief of her former husband. This continued for several years, until life once again dealt her a losing hand. The big “C.” First it was ovarian cancer, which she eventually beat. A year later, breast cancer struck, and she beat that also. The third strike was the return of the ovarian cancer.

Now, she was reduced to an urn of ashes on a table in the reception room of a funeral home.

As she stared at the plain metal container, Lauren didn’t even know how she really felt. Certainly, there was a level of sadness. She wouldn’t have wished the three years of her mother’s suffering on anyone, even her worst enemy. But Lauren had yet to forgive her mother for ending the only real happiness she had ever known, that being the three innocent years with her stepfather.

None of it really mattered now. Lauren’s dilemma was what to do with her life? At twenty-one now, she’d had to drop out of college after only two years to take care of her mother. With the woman gone, she had no one, no family; a few friends, but none she could really rely on.

She was strictly on her own. Between her mother’s small savings and life insurance, there was something to finish college and start a new life. The question was where? She hated the northeast and New York City, where they lived; too many people and too cold in the winter. Either the south or west held appeal, maybe even the southwest.

A few of her mom’s friends and coworkers dropped by briefly to pay their respects; very few. But when Lauren was touched on the shoulder, bringing her back from the reminiscing she had been doing, she was greeted by the one person she never expected to see again.

Lauren stood and wrapped her arms around George, her former stepfather. “Oh, my god! What are you doing here? It’s so good to see you!”

“It’s good to see you, too,” he said, returning the hug. “Believe it or not, I was in town on for a national education seminar and someone left a newspaper in the cab. I flipped through it while riding and was shocked to see your mother’s death notice.”

“She’d been battling cancer the last three years.”

He nodded. “I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks. She fought it as best she could,” Lauren said with a shrug. “But unfortunately, it was a losing battle.”

“How are you doing?” George asked, patting her arm. “This was probably just as hard on you.”

“Yes, it was.” With a heavy sigh, Lauren added, “Things were never the same after the divorce. I never did really forgive her. But I guess we put all that behind us when the first cancer came along.”

“I still don’t know why she thought there was something going on between us.”

“George, you were the only father figure I ever had in my life,” Lauren reminded. “As you know, she was knocked up in college and she never got over the fact that he left her. I think it scarred her for life. She didn’t want to be dependent on any man and neither did she want me to be. I think when she saw that I had become so close to you, she invented the notion in her mind that your attention to me was about something that wasn’t there.”

“Believe it or not, I really did love her—at least for a time. Until she made it too difficult to love her.”

“I know you did. And I hope I never did anything to turn you away.”

“Not at all,” George assured her. “You were the daughter canlı bahis I never had.”

“I’m glad. I really miss you.”

“How much longer are you going to be here? Can I take you to dinner?”

Lauren checked her watch. “Visitation is supposed to last another hour, but I think anyone who was going to come already has. I’m famished. I’d love to have dinner with you. Let’s get out of here.” On their way out, she told the funeral director that she didn’t expect anyone else and that she’d come by tomorrow to collect the urn.

She led him to her favorite little Italian restaurant a few blocks away, which was also near their apartment. Once seated and food ordered, George asked, “So, what are you going to do now?”

With a grimace, Lauren said, “I really don’t know. I have no family that I know of. My mother had nothing to do with her parents. I don’t even know where they live, if they’re even still alive. I’m not sure I want to stay here. The city is too big. I’m thinking about a warmer climate. But enough about me. I’ll be okay. What about you? You didn’t stay in touch, so I don’t know anything about your life after us.”

“Heard about some opportunities in California, so I moved out west. I met a woman, Nancy. We eventually got married. She has two sons and a daughter all around your age.”

“So, you have another family now?” Lauren asked sadly.

Detecting the tone of her question, he said, “Yeah, sorry. But I had to move on, too.”

“No need to be sorry. You’re entitled to have your own life. Are they good to you? I know you’re good to them.”

“I hope I am. I think I am. Yes, they’re a good family. The kids are fun.” George had an idea. “Hey, why don’t you come live with us. We’re in a small town in the desert. You said you were looking for a warmer climate. We have a big house. Plenty of room for one more.”

Lauren was taken aback by the offer. “Wow! I didn’t see that coming.” She considered it for a quick second. “That’s awfully nice of you, but wouldn’t it be pretty awkward? I mean, your former stepdaughter coming to live with your new stepfamily? I wouldn’t think your wife would be too amenable to it. That’s nice of you to offer, but I don’t think it would work.”

“I really don’t think Nancy would have a problem with it,” George said. “Let me call her and talk to her about it.”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Lauren said. “I just don’t think I could be comfortable there.”

“Well, think about it.” George pulled a pen out of his suit coat and wrote on a napkin. “This is my cell number and our address. If you change your mind, let me know.”

Their conversation carried them through dinner. Leaving the restaurant, Lauren asked, “Our apartment is just a few blocks from here. Would you walk me?”

“Of course. Nice night for a walk.”

Lauren took George’s hand, which he found odd at first. Then he realized that, in her own way, she was grieving and maybe just needed to feel close to someone since she had no one.

“Are you going to miss her?” he asked.

“Yes. Despite her idiosyncracies, she was a good mother.”

“I think you should try to look past those and just remember the good times.”

“I will. This reminds me so much of when you and mom were together,” Lauren reminisced warmly. “God, I wish you had still been here all this time.”

“Yes, I wish I had been here for you so you wouldn’t have had to go through it alone.”

“I’m so glad you came tonight.” Lauren leaned her head against his shoulder as they walked. She felt so comfortable with him.

Strangely, or not, George was feeling a certain closeness to her he couldn’t remember feeling toward his current step children.

They lapsed into silence until Lauren stopped before a walk-up. “Here we are. Come on up.”

He followed her without question. On the third floor, she inserted a key in a lock. It wasn’t where they had lived when George was part of their lives. But it looked lived in and comfortable.

“Can I get you something?”

“No, I’m good.”

“Have a seat and get comfortable. I’ve got to get out of these stuffy clothes. I’ll be right back.” Instead of going into her own bedroom, she entered her mother’s, knowing exactly what she was looking for. She changed quickly, causing George to do a double take when he saw Lauren wearing the sexy nightgown and short robe her mother had worn on their wedding night. Of the myriad of thoughts that flooded his mind, the two uppermost were why was she wearing this, and she filled it way better than her mother ever had.

Lauren sat beside George, very close, drawing her legs up and resting her knees on his thighs.

“Okay, what are you doing?” he asked in a tone that said he knew she was up to something.

“The truth is,” she admitted, “I really did have a thing for you back then. I think my mother could see that. I was a minor and I wouldn’t have done anything to get you in trouble by acting on it. But now. I’m 21 and seeing bahis siteleri you again has brought it all back. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man and I need it. I need you. I want you.”

“I’m married.”

“It’s just us here. No one will know. I’ll never tell. Hell, we may never see each other again.”

“I’m sorry, Lauren. I just can’t do it.”

With a sigh, Lauren asked, “Would you at least hold me? I haven’t had any parental affection for a long time.”

Letting his breath out heavily, George concededly said, “Sure.” He put his arm around her.

Lauren wrapped both her arms around him and hugged. She rested her head against his chest.

George felt sorry for her. He couldn’t imagine how difficult it had been for her these last few years. But what she wanted, he just didn’t feel right about giving her.

With her head facing down, Lauren was staring at George’s crotch. She couldn’t determine if it was the way he was sitting or if he had a lump in his pants. Casually, she dragged her palm across the lump.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I thought I saw interest and was just verifying it.”

“Of course, I’m interested. You’re way more beautiful than your mother was, and you certainly fill out that negligee better than she ever did.”

“See, I think you saying you can’t do this is because you think it’s the proper thing to say. But you really want to.”

All the while, her hand was still in his lap. She could feel him pulsing.

“And I bet if I kept this up, you wouldn’t resist.” He made no attempt to stop her as she wrapped her fingers around his erection as much as the material of his pants would allow.

“Well, there’s another difference between you and your mother,” George pointed out. “You’re a temptress.”

“She always told me to go after what I wanted.”

Now she rubbed his cock with determination. His deep breath suggested he was engaged.

“Please stop,” George said with no conviction.

“Uh-huh.” But she didn’t. Instead, she unzipped his pants. He didn’t attempt to stop her.

George merely whimpered.

Lauren stood. “Just give in.”

Nor did George resist as she pulled him to his feet and led him to her mother’s bedroom. She sat on the bed with her legs crossed, feet on the floor. The robe split showing off her shapely legs up to her crotch. A generous amount of her breasts was exposed also. He merely stood there looking at her. He put his hands on his hips turning slightly from side to side, obviously nervous.

“Just relax and enjoy,” Lauren said softly. She stood, unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, rubbing her palms seductively across his chest. She then removed her robe and his eyes went wide at the sight of her breasts bulging out of the top. Cupping his neck, she moved in to kiss him tenderly. She was relieved when he kissed back. She kept it soft and loving. When she drew back, his hands grabbed the side of her breasts softly. They kissed again and she sighed a sigh of longing.

Lauren sat back down on the bed, undid George’s pants and pulled them down. He stepped back to remove them completely. She rubbed and played with his erection through his underwear. Slowly, she peeled the elastic down over his cock. It sprang forward, and she was there to accept it into her mouth. After a couple of times running her lips up and down, she pulled back and repositioned herself getting onto hands and knees on the bed. She then returned to slowly sucking him.

“Mmmm,” she throated as he slid in and out.

Similar sounds escaped his throat as he rested his hands on her shoulders.

After a couple of minutes, Lauren moved further onto the bed and patted with both hands a place in front of her. George pushed his boxers down and off, and then sat on the bed while she removed the negligee leaving her only in a bikini-type bottom that barely covered her ass cheeks.

Squirming closer to him and sitting on the side of her legs, she stuck her tits out. His mouth was drawn to her nipples as she wrapped her fingers around his cock. He kneaded one breast as he sucked the nipple of the other.

She emitted another, “Mmmm.” It was so good not only to be with a man again, but particularly this man. She’d always had a thing for him. Eagerly, she pressed her lips to his. This time it was passionate, real face-sucking. While kissing, she moved around between his spread legs. Playfully, she slid down and sucked his nipples, which caused him to shiver, before licking the full length of his cock against his abdomen. She nibbled on his balls, taking one each into her mouth and getting them nice and spitty. Then she went into a serious blowjob.

All George could do was lay back and moan. He’d never had such terrific attention given to his cock, not by her mother, nor his wife, who really wasn’t much into oral.

Finally, Lauren moved away from him on hands and knees, her ass pointed at him. She wiggled it, which bahis şirketleri George took as a signal to remove her panties. When she remained on all four, he moved in behind her and slid his cock into her soaking wet pussy. It seemed to vacuum him in. She was tighter than the other women he’d had, and she felt marvelous.

After a few minutes, she dropped to her stomach, lying flat, He straddled her legs, making her seem even tighter and really plowed her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she cried. “Give it to me!”

It was so good, Lauren came immediately. Her nerves tingled, muscles spasmed. It was a perfect orgasm. Euphoria swept over her. She’d never been fucked so well, certainly not by any of the boys she’d had sex with. It took a man.

“Wow! That was quick,” George noted, pulling out.

“Told you,” she said in between gasping for breath, “it’s been a while.” She rolled onto her back. “And I’m ready for more.”

So, George slid in missionary-style. Once more, he fucked her hard, her tits flopping back and forth. He bent over to kiss her. It was brief, and he held both of her breasts to keep them still.

A few minutes later, she rolled him onto his back and mounted him cowgirl. He merely laid there and enjoyed her fucking him; another pleasure that was infrequent for him. “Damn, you’re good!” he couldn’t help saying.

“Not so bad yourself.” She alternated bouncing on his cock and rotating around on it.

“Where did you learn to be so good?”

“Does it really matter?”

“I guess not.”

“My early education came from sneaking and watching you and mom.”

“We weren’t this good.”

“Still, I learned, and learned how to be better.” For the hell of it, she rotated around to reverse cowgirl, bracing herself on his ankles. She came again, really grinding his cock inside her. It was even better this time.

Not wanting him to think he was done, Lauren extricated herself, turned around and sat between his legs to taste his lips again. That became an appetizer to enjoying his cock in her mouth once more. When he was moaning his enjoyment, she again laid on her back and pulled him on top of her. He bent and sucked her nipples as he fucked her. She loved it.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah,” she mumbled, cupping his head lovingly.

Finally, he yelled, “I’m gonna come!”

“Come inside me,” Lauren urged, wanting to feel thrill of it.

“No way.” George pulled out and jerked himself to spray her abdomen with a huge load of white creamy liquid.

Though she’d had two glorious orgasms, Lauren was disappointed because she felt that coming inside her would have spurred a third climax. But she realized she had to be happy with what she’d gotten.

* * *

When Lauren awoke, she discovered that she was alone. She wasn’t really surprised that George had snuck out. She only wondered when he had departed. The magnificent and unexpected sex they’d had allowed her to release so many pent-up emotions and relaxed her to such a degree that Lauren slept better than she had in weeks that night. It didn’t really matter that he’d gone. As she had mentioned last night, they’d probably never see each other again, anyway.

Over the next three weeks, Lauren was focused on going through her mother’s things and deciding what she was going to do. At the end of that time, with the apartment mostly emptied, she used the money she had acquired from selling off things to buy a reliable used car. A close friend had relatives in San Diego, California, who said they’d be happy to help her situate herself there, and suggested she consider that city to relocate to. She did some rudimentary research on the southern California city, it sounded good, so she set off on a trek west. Whether she would make it that far remained to be seen. But it was a direction to head in.

One positive aspect of her travels was seeing parts of the country she had never been to: the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas and the deserts of New Mexico and red rock of Sedona, Arizona. The last was so beautiful she nearly decided to remain. But she decided to press on. She could always return.

It was a wonderful trip that gave her considerable time to think. That is, until she got lost; somewhere in the desert of Arizona, Nevada or California. She didn’t know where. Road signs and poor cell service only confused her more. Her only recourse was to follow the sun since she knew she was headed west. She drove through several small towns with names she’d never even heard of. The road seemed endless, and she tormented herself with wondering if it went anywhere.

The problem was, she couldn’t even turn back because she didn’t know where she was. Becoming frantic, she stopped for gas. She asked for directions, but the clerk was not very helpful and pointed to a rack of road maps. Lauren did at least learn she was in California. Then she discovered that the name of the town she was in.

It actually sounded familiar. But she didn’t know why. And then, when she reached into her purse for her wallet to pay for the gas, she came across the napkin on which George had written his address and phone number. It was here in this small town.

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