A New Start Ch. 03

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Over the next two weeks, Michael spent every day over at Alisha and Jake’s. He would spend a little time at home doing this and that, then get a phone call inviting him over. Sometimes he would have dinner with them, sometimes it was just drinks. It always ended with him fucking Alisha. She took him in her mouth, in her pussy and even up her ass. Every time she would squeal and claw at him as he rode her hard and deep, making her cum around him and filling her with his cum.

After each session, Jake would wrap his lips around Michael’s cock and suck him dry. There were a couple of times where he got his mouth on Jake’s cock but that was as far as it ever went. Michael was a bit disappointed in the relationship. He loved fucking Alisha, but he couldn’t hide his growing attraction to Jake. He didn’t understand the older man, he loved sucking on Michael’s cock and getting his cock sucked but he didn’t seem interested in anything else.

At night when he was home in bed, Michael got to the point where he started pushing two fingers up his ass and working them in and out as he stroked his cock. He realized his ass was hungry and imagined having Jake’s cock up there rooting around. The nights Michael worked his ass and imagined Jake fucking him, he came so hard he could barely breathe. He knew he had to get a cock up his ass and if it wasn’t going to be Jake’s then it had to be someone elses.

The next time he went over to Jake and Alisha’s, Michael pulled Jake aside and asked him why he never tried to fuck Michael. Jake had kissed him and told him that as much as he liked sucking cock, he had no interest in fucking a guy’s ass or having a guy up his. “Plus, Alisha would kill me if I pushed my cock up some guy.” He said with a laugh as Alisha finished dinner.

Michael forced a laugh and tried to hide his disappointment. He looked at Jake, “but you have no problem with her fucking other guys.”

Jake took a drink of his beer and shrugged. “I knew when I married Alisha that she can’t be faithful to one man. She lost her virginity at the age of 18 at a swinger’s party her parents held. She got fucked by so many different men that night that it spoiled her for just one man. When I asked her to marry me she refused at first. She told me she loved me but she knew she could never be faithful to me.” He looked over at Alisha, she was wearing nothing but an apron as she set the table. Then he looked back at Michael. “She has no problem with me screwing other gals as long as it is in front of her and I told her as long as I can watch, she can fuck any guy she wants. It’s a crazy relationship but it works.”

Michael shook his head and took a drink of his beer as he watched Alisha finish up dinner. “I don’t think I could have the kind of relationship you guys have.” He said looking back at Jake. “I was raised when your with someone, that’s the person your with, no one else.” Alisha looked up and winked at him as she sashayed back into the kitchen.

Jake nodded and smiled. “Yeah, like I said, it’s a crazy relationship.” He nudged Michael on the arm. “I don’t see you complaining about sticking your cock in Alisha.”

Michael blushed and looked at the floor. “Yeah well, she’s one hell of a good fuck.” Michael hadn’t built up the courage to tell Alisha and Jack that she was his first fuck. Thinking about how he had filled her with his cum the first time made him blush harder. Luckily Jake wasn’t looking at him, he was watching Alisha as she wiggled her butt back and forth as she went from the dining room to the kitchen and back.

Michael took a drink of his beer and looked at Alisha, watching her in just the apron was driving his body crazy and the way she was wiggling around was making him think of what she was like in bed. He felt his cock harden and sighed inwardly. He knew he needed to find his own relationship instead of fulfilling fantasies with Jake and Alisha.

Alisha sashayed back into the room and slipped the apron off so she stood there naked watching the boys. “Dinner’s ready.” She said licking her lips.

Jake slapped Michael on the shoulder and grinned as he looked at his wife. Michael just shook his head and headed for the table knowing exactly what was going to happen after they ate.

Michael was exhausted, he had just spent the last two hours drilling into all three of Alisha’s holes and he was sure it would be a while before he could get it up again. He collapsed on his bed and looked up at the dark ceiling. He enjoyed fucking Alisha but he wanted more. He wanted someone to come home to at the end of the day. He knew that while Jake shared Alisha with other men, it was him she went to bed with every night. Michael pulled the blanket up over him and sighed, he wanted to meet someone nice, whether it was a woman or a man, he didn’t care. He knew there were a couple bars in town, but did he really want to go that route? Most people that went to bars were looking for one night stands. That would be nice, but he was looking büyükesat escort for more. At the same time though, he was only 19, did he really want to settle down with just one person?

He thought of Amber and how he had almost married her. He shivered at how close he had come to being stuck with her forever. It took him a while to realize it, but realize it he did. He never loved Amber, not enough to marry her anyway. Even though losing his parents and brothers still killed him inside he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it wasn’t a blessing in disguise. Amber had been fun to be with and show around on his arm, but that was all, she was window dressing that was as far as it went.

Michael sighed and rolled over onto his side, he felt his ass start to twitch and groaned. How could he possibly be horny after the fuck fest Alisha had given him? He had cum in all three of her holes tonight and she had begged him for more. He knew he had to explore the other side of him that seemed to be emerging, even if it was just once, just long enough to decide if that was the way he wanted to go. With turbulent thoughts running through his head, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Michael walked into the bar and looked around. He found out from a couple locals that as long as he didn’t try to buy alcohol, he could be in the bar. He only had a couple hours before they kicked people under 21 out. They made it adults only after midnight and it was only a little after 8.

He walked down the steps and let his eyes adjust to the semidarkness. There were couples dancing slow on the dance floor. There were a few people playing pool and video games and a few sitting at the bar watching the game on the big screen that was located behind the bar. As he made his way to the bar, he tried to fit in. It seemed like everywhere he looked there were couples, no one seemed to be there on their own.

Michael sighed and sat down at the bar. The bartender a tall, muscular guy with tons of tattoos was cleaning glasses and gave Michael a soft smile. “So what’ll ya have sexy?” He asked letting his eyes move over Michael.

Michael blushed and the bartender laughed and put the glass he was wiping on the bar. He pulled out a fresh glass and filled it with coke from the tap and pushed it towards Michael. “First time in a gay bar?” He asked softly leaning on the counter.

Michael lowered his eyes and picked up the glass taking a sip. “It that obvious?”

The bartender brushed his fingers against Michaels and Michael gasped as electricity shot through him. He lifted his eyes and the bartender smiled. “So which are you? Gay, straight or bi?”

Michael blushed again, “honestly I’m not sure.” He admitted keeping his eyes on the bar.

The bartender picked up another glass and started wiping it down. “So you’re curious?”

Michael lifted his eyes and nodded. He had to admit he was attracted to the bartender, but then he saw the ring on his finger and sighed. It seemed like everyone in this town had someone but him. He paid for the coke and stood. “This was a mistake.”

The bartender reached out and grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “You haven’t given it a chance. At least finish your drink.”

Michael moved back to the bar and sat down. He picked up his drink and sipped it. “What’s the point? I’m not going to find what I’m looking for.”

The bartender finished cleaning the glass and smiled softly. “You never know what the night will bring. Just give it a chance.” Someone else walked up to the bar and the bartender moved on to serve him. Michael just sat there staring at the wall while he sipped his coke.

Michael listened to the music and sipped his coke. He barely noticed his surroundings so he was surprised when someone sat on the stool next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Michael jumped and looked at the guy sitting next to him. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” He said with a smile.

Michael looked at the man and felt his heart start to beat against his chest. He couldn’t have been more then 25, with shoulder length black hair and the greenest eyes Michael had ever seen. He was dressed in a pair of jeans that seemed painted on a t-shirt that said “To hell with War,” that molded to his chest. Michael swallowed and smiled shyly. “I…It’s okay.” He stammered.

The man ordered a beer then looked at Michael again. “You looked kinda lost sitting here by yourself.”

Michael blushed and looked down. “Well, that is…” he stammered.

“It’s his first time in a gay bar.” The bartender said wiping down a glass again as he moved up to Michael.

Michael blushed harder and wanted to be anywhere but where he was. When the man beside him reached out and took his hand and held it, Michael lifted his eyes in surprise. The man just smiled and held Michael’s hand against his leg. “So, you got a name?” He asked with a sultry motion to his voice.

Michael cebeci escort swallowed hard and tried to remember how to breathe. “M…Michael.” He finally got out.

The man reached out and ran his finger lightly over Michael’s face. Michael sucked in his breath as he stared at him. “Michael, that’s a nice name. My name’s Nick. You wanna dance?”

Michael’s throat closed up as he looked at Nick so he just nodded. Nick smiled again and pulled Michael to his feet and led him to the dance floor. They were playing a slow song and Nick pulled him into his arms. Michael rested his hands on Nick’s shoulders and sighed softly as they moved to the music.

Nick wrapped his arms around Michael and pulled him tight against him. Michael could feel his cock pressing against him and forgot to breathe as Nick nipped at Michael’s neck. He felt Nick’s breath against his ear and shivered as the older man whispered in his ear. “You are the hottest thing in here. Right now I want to rip your clothes off and sink into you.” He nipped at Michael’s ear and Michael moaned.

Michael wrapped his arms around Nick’s neck and pressed against him as they danced. His cock was rock hard and throbbing in his jeans as he moved to the music. Nick nipped at his neck with his teeth then lifted his head and captured Michael’s lips with his. The kiss was gentle at first then harder as Nick nudged Michael’s lips open and his tongue swooped inside.

Michael whimpered and pressed against him as he kissed Nick back hungrily. When Nick grabbed his ass and pulled him tight against him Michael was sure he was going to cream his jeans. When Nick pulled back, his eyes were full of heat and Michael sighed. “Wanna get out of here?” Nick asked huskily.

Michael swallowed as he tried to calm his beating heart. He nodded and Nick smiled. He took Michael’s hand in his and led him towards the door. Once they were outside, Michael took a deep breath of the cool night air and felt his body start to relax a little. Nick led him over to a Harley and Michael shivered. Nick climbed on the bike and kicked it to life then looked at Michael. Michael climbed on behind him and wrapped his arms around Nick hanging on tight. “Your place or mine?” Nick asked over the roar of the engine.

Michael nipped at his neck and Nick shivered. “I don’t care; I just wanna be alone with you.”

Nick turned the bike around and headed for the street. “My place is at the edge of town. Maybe your place is closer, where do you live?”

Michael gave him the address and Nick nodded and pulled into traffic. “Definitely closer.”

Michael clung to him as they rode towards his place. Michael was nervous because he knew what Nick wanted, but at the same time he was excited. He was finally going to get a cock up his ass and his ass twitched in anticipation.

The ride to his house was quick and Michael was breathing hard by the time Nick pulled into the driveway and killed the engine. Michael climbed off the bike and with shaky legs walked up to the door. He dug out his keys and unlocked the door as Nick wrapped his arms around him from behind and nuzzled his neck.

Michael shivered as he led the way into the house and closed the door behind them. Nick looked around then pulled Michael into his arms and kissed him softly. “You sure you wanna do this? It’s not too late to change your mind.” He nipped at Michael’s bottom lip.

Michael shivered and shook his head. “I wanna do this.” He stammered staring into Nick’s eyes.

Nick looked at him in the semi darkness of the room. “You ever have been with a man before?”

Michael blushed and shook his head. Nick smiled. “I figured as much.” He stepped away from Michael and smiled. “Lead on…”

Michael smiled and led the way to the bedroom. He turned on the light then stepped back as Nick stepped into the room. He looked around then looked at Michael. He reached up and grabbed the hem of Michael’s shirt and pulled it up over his head. Once it was off, he threw it on the floor then lowered his head and nipped at Michael’s nipples while he ran his hands over Michael’s stomach.

Michael moaned and tangled his fingers in Nick’s hair as he held him against him. When Nick’s fingers went to the buttons of his jeans he sucked in his breath. Nick pushed his jeans down then knelt in front of him and pulled of Michael’s shoes. He pulled the jeans and shorts down until Michael could step out of them then he lifted his head. He looked at Michael with heated eyes as he reached out and grabbed Michael’s cock.

Michael let his breath out in a hurried rush and moaned as Nick stroked him a couple times. “God, you have a hot body baby.” Nick murmured running his lips over the head of Michael’s cock.

Michael stared down at him and ran his hands through Nick’s hair. “So do you.” He sighed.

Nick smiled and licked at the tip of Michael’s cock. Michael whimpered and bucked forward with his hips. kolej escort “Mmmmmm, nice and hard, just the way I like it.” Nick moaned opening his mouth and taking Michael’s cock into it.

Michael tipped his head back and whimpered as he pushed forward with his hips. Nick wrapped his hand around the base of Michael’s cock and held him tight as he sucked at the head. He ran his tongue over it then sucked hard on it. Michael cried out and bucked again. This time Nick let him go and his cock slithered further into his mouth. Nick bobbed his head up and down over him, sucking hard and wrapping Michael’s cock with his tongue.

Michael whimpered and started fucking his face, slow at first then faster and harder. Nick sucked harder at his cock and was rewarded with a bit of precum slithering from Michael’s cock. “Oh fuck, that feels so good.” Michael purred as Nick went to town on him.

Nick sucked him harder, letting Michael’s cock slither in and out of his throat and whipping him with his tongue. Michael went crazy and forcefully fucked his face as he started panting. Nick moaned around his cock as he kept working his head back and forth. He sucked hard at Michael’s cock and Michael started crying out and slamming his cock hard in and out of Nick’s mouth. “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum.” Michael cried giving Nick plenty of warning as he felt his balls start to burn.

Michael was sure Nick would pull off of him, so he was surprised when Nick started bobbing his head faster and sucking harder at Michael’s cock. Michael tried to hold back, but the way Nick was going at him, he couldn’t stop it. “Oh fuck, I’m cummmmmiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg…” He cried as he started shooting into Nick’s mouth.

Nick moaned as his mouth was suddenly full of cock and cum. He swallowed the cum then dug around Michael’s piss hole looking for more. When he was sure he had it all, he pulled his mouth off and looked up at Michael with a smile. “Yummy.” He said standing up and pulling Michael into his arms. He captured Michael’s lips and kissed him seductively, teasing him with his lips and tongue.

Michael whimpered and wrapped his arms around Nick pulling him against him as he kissed him back. When Nick’s tongue pressed against his lips, he opened his mouth and moaned harder as Nick’s tongue caressed his. Michael could taste himself on Nick’s tongue and whimpered. Nick kissed him hard as he molded their bodies together. Michael grabbed Nick’s ass and pulled him tight against him.

Nick ground against him as he kissed Michael. When they broke apart both men were breathing heavy and Nick’s eyes were filled with heat. He stroked Michael’s cheek and smiled. “Wanna return the favor?” He asked huskily.

“Oh yeah…” Michael replied reaching for the bottom of Nick’s t-shirt. He lifted it and Nick lifted his arms so Michael could pull it over his head. Michael ran his hands over Nick’s chest and lowered his head and wrapped his tongue around Nick’s nipple as he worked at his jeans.

“Mmmmm, oh yeah.” Nick moaned as Michael pulled his jeans open and kissed his nipple. Michael kissed Nick’s stomach as he moved to his knees in front of him and pushed his jeans and shorts down. He reached down and pulled of Nick’s boots then slid his jeans down until Nick could step out of them. Nick rested his hand on Michael’s shoulder as he stepped out of his jeans.

Michael looked up at him with heat filled eyes, as he reached up and wrapped his hand around Nick’s cock. Nick ran his fingers through Michael’s hair and bucked forward with his hips. “Take it in your mouth baby.” He purred.

Michael smiled and leaned forward; he kissed the head of Nick’s cock then opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the head, sucking softly at it. Nick moaned and tangled his fingers in Michael’s hair. Nick moved his head down over him taking more of Nick’s cock into his mouth. Nick watched him and moaned as he felt Michael’s tongue move over him. “Oh yeah, that feels so good baby.” He cried slowly fucking Michael’s face.

Michael worked his head back and forth over him, sucking hard and wrapping his tongue around Nick’s hard cock. Nick started breathing heavy and fucked Michael’s face faster. He kept pressing against the entrance to Michael’s throat so Michael relaxed his throat muscles and swallowed. As Nick felt Michael’s throat surround him he cried out and bucked harder with his hips as he tangled his fingers in Michael’s hair and pulled him hard against him. “Oh fuck, so good. I’m gonna cum.” He cried fucking Michael’s face furiously.

Michael sucked harder at his cock wanting to taste Nick’s cum on his tongue. When the first shot hit his throat, he swallowed then pulled back so he could taste it. Nick cried out as he shot into Michael’s mouth and Michael just drank up his cum then dug around looking for more. Nick whimpered and pulled out of his mouth. He reached down and grabbed at Michael, so he stood up and went into Nick’s arms. Nick wrapped his arms around him and kissed him hard as his tongue slithered into his mouth and he tasted himself on Michael’s tongue.

Nick pulled back and looked into Michael’s heat filled eyes. “You want my cock baby?” He asked rubbing against him.

Michael felt his ass twitch and bit at Nick’s bottom lip. “Oh yeah, I want you up my ass so bad.” He whimpered.

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