A Night at the Beach

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I’m new to writing, any positive criticisms are welcomed. I hope you enjoy reading.

Our Night at the beach.

We have had a fantastic and fun night and day. We walked around town, checking out shops and art galleries. Then we had a beautiful, romantic dinner by candlelight.

We decide as it’s a clear warm night we may walk back part of the way to our motel.

Strolling along, chatting, joking, laughing we are arm in arm, enjoying the stars and the full moon. We find ourselves at the beach, walking along the edge of the water we run and dance, escaping the incoming waves for fun.

The beach is secluded, not a soul except for you, my darling and I. “Do you want to swim?” I enquire.

“No we can’t, we don’t have swimmers.” is your reply.

“Ppffftt swimmers. I’m going in nude.” I say as I start to take off my shirt. “Come on babe, it will be fun”.

I can see you are considering, I continue to strip down taking off my pants and boxer shorts. You giggle seeing my willy flapping around and my white bum in the moonlight.

“Come on, hurry.” I say.

I help unzip your dress and take it down your back, Malatya Escort unclipping your bra as I do so. You quickly step out of your underwear and holding my hand we run together to the water.

It is warm and inviting, the waves lapping at our bodies, the moonlight dancing on the surface all around us. It feels so nice; I pull you against me kissing you gently, your soft lips taste of salt.

We embrace for what seems an eternity, kissing deeply, our tongues engaged in a game licking, probing, tasting each other’s mouth. I lift your body to me; your legs wrapping around my hips as we sway in the rolling waves, this is so good.

I am kissing your neck, working my way to your

breasts; your body is shining, wet, and breathtaking. I reach down and position my already rigid cock at your entrance; you slide yourself down onto me.

“Ohhhhh” we groan in unison.

I love to be inside you, it feels so good. Slowly we move with the waves, our bodies as one; perfect unity. We remain like this for a while. Enjoying the feelings, we are kissing tenderly. We are the only two people in the whole universe, at that one perfect Malatya Escort Bayan moment.

I begin to walk back to the water edge, still holding you against me, my hardness still inside you. I lift you off of me and lay myself down at the edge of the ocean, leading you by hand to straddle me.

Our bodies are together; you laying on me, your breasts pressed to my chest, your hand guides yourself to once again impale your pussy on my hard cock. Together at the water’s edge we make gentle, tender love. The water is lapping at our bodies.

You control the depth and speed of my penetration as your hips arc and push against me; my arms are around you, our faces at each other’s neck.

You can hear me whispering in your ear “oh god, Marian, this is so good. You feel amazing; I love being inside you”.

“Keep going baby, yeah like that, mmmm, oooohhhh, oh god, you’re so gooooddddd.” You are bringing yourself to climax, I can tell by the increase in your breath and the feeling of your pussy, squeezing, massaging, and milking my cock.

“mmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm mmmmm.’ you moan in my ear; you are in a state of pure ecstasy, Escort Malatya your body racked with an electric feeling, your pussy is in heaven. “ooooohhh hhhhhhhh god David.”

You groan as you ride your first orgasm, feel the euphoria wash over your body, just as the waves are licking our bodies in this sweet embrace.

I lift you a little and as you peak another orgasm, I start to pump into you quickly, multiplying the intense feelings you are experiencing,

“Ohh ohh ohh ooooohhhhhh baby.” escapes your sweet mouth, kissing me aggressively you orgasm again, this time stronger and longer; you can maintain this feeling, I keep pumping into your now very tight pussy, I am nearing my own climax.

As you peak on this powerful orgasm I unleash a torrent of cum inside you. Your pussy is clamping me so tight, it’s almost painful. I can hardly move inside you as my cock, pumps and pumps and pumps in an enduring orgasmic climax.

Our bodies soften as we come down from our high; we just lay there, in a warm glow, feeling the water lap against us, just being joyful and thankful to have found each other; we watch the moonshine dancing on the surface of the ocean.

We lay there for many minutes before getting up, redressing and continuing our stroll along the beach; our beach, our moon, our ocean, our world, on the way to our room for the night. A night that promises so much more passionate lovemaking is still to come.

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