A Night at the Hostel

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Jake was in Munich, and he was horny as all hell. It was now week six of his post-graduation trek across Europe, and other than a few unsatisfying jerk off sessions in the shower, he’d had no sexual release of any kind the entire time. And that was not something he was used to. He’d broken up with his girlfriend just prior to leaving for the trip, a girl who’d spoiled him rotten in the sex department. Sure, she had her faults – which is why he’d broken up with her – but credit where credit was due. She’d fucked him or otherwise found a way to get him off nearly every day for the last year. This trip, by contrast, was anything but the hookup fest Jake had hoped it might be. At least so far.

Part of the problem was that hostels just weren’t very conducive to hooking up. Jake had met a few girls along the way, even managed to make out with a couple of them. But that was as far as it got. When your “place” is a bunk bed in a room full of dudes, the opportunities are scarce. Plus, Jake had been with various friends from home most of the time, and they just didn’t share the same priorities.

That was particularly true over the last three weeks, when he’d been traveling with his friends Peggy and Matt, who were practically a married couple. Jake had been good friends with Peggy since their freshman year of college. She was an awesome girl, one of those girls who understood guys and was totally comfortable around them, probably because she had three older brothers. She drank beer, loved sports, and had absolutely no filter on her mouth. She would say whatever was on her mind. Matt was Peggy’s longtime boyfriend, a guy Jake had gotten to know pretty well over the years, even though he didn’t go to the same college. Though he knew Peggy better, and for longer, he now considered Matt a friend in his own right. Jake had met up with the two of them in Barcelona and they’d eventually made their way to Amsterdam (via France and Belgium).

None of them had much money, so, for the most part, they stayed in hostels. Jake in particular had to be frugal, as he had to make his money last for another six weeks. On a few of the nights, though, Matt and Peggy had sprung for a hotel room and had been nice enough to let Jake crash on a couch or a pull-out bed. Jake, for his part, made sure to give them plenty of alone time on those nights, making a show of how he was going out for a drink and would be back in an hour. As he drank his beer and kept checking his watch to make sure he’d given them enough time to fuck, he tried to picture what Peggy looked like naked, what she looked like when she was having an orgasm. It was really the first time he’d given that much thought. Peggy was certainly an attractive girl, though somewhat plain. She had a freckled face and straight, dirty blonde hair that she usually wore pulled back in a simple pony tail. She was slender, athletic, with decent curves. But she’d always had a boyfriend. And she was so fun to hang out with. He’d just never really thought about her in that way. She was a friend and that’s all.

But now that he was playing third wheel, and wasn’t getting any of his own, it was hard not to think about her sexually, especially when he knew for a fact that she was having sex at that very moment. Jake wondered what kind of noises she made. He’d didn’t imagine that she was much of a gentle moaner. Maybe a screamer. Definitely a dirty talker.

That night in the hotel room, Jake woke up in the middle of the night and could have sworn he heard them fooling around. It was really dark, though, and he was pretty drunk, so he could’ve been imagining it.

But that was last week. Matt had left them in Amsterdam four days ago. He had to fly home to start a new job. Peggy had stayed. The two of them were headed to Prague, where Jake was going to meet up with another friend and Peggy was going to fly home. But for now, it was just the two of them, and they were trying to enjoy a night in Munich.

It had been a hot day and they’d stumbled onto a major parade. They had no idea what the occasion was, but house music was blasting and there were floats filled with scantily clad women, many of them topless. Half the people in the crowd were high and Jake had to turn down several offers from people trying to sell him ecstasy. .

It was now early evening, and Jake and Peggy were at an outdoor beer garden in the central park area. They were each working on their second liter of beer and sharing a plate of sausages. Soon the conversation turned to the topic on the forefront of Jake’s mind, his sexual frustration. Part of what Jake loved about Peggy was that he felt entirely comfortable having conversations like this with her. He knew she wouldn’t judge him.

“You know, it’s hard going from having sex every day to having it never,” he explained, “particularly when you’re doing nothing but look at hot European girls all day. This is killing me, Pegs. I don’t know if I can make it another six weeks.”

“That’s pretty pessimistic, Jake. I am kind of shocked you haven’t gotten any yet this trip, but I’ll be Escort Bayan even more shocked if you make it all the way through without getting lucky.”

“I appreciate your faith in me, but it’s just not that easy out here. The euro girls don’t seem to be all that into Americans, and the hostel girls may be up for a quick snog, as the Brits would say, but they’re not looking to shag a stranger.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Jake. You’re a good looking guy.” She smiled, “I’d shag you, if it wasn’t for Matt.”

Jake laughed at that, and appreciated the compliment. He’d come to the conclusion that Peggy was highly fuckable herself, though he didn’t think for a second anything would ever happen between them.

“Oh,” she continued, “while we’re on the subject of shagging, thanks for being so understanding with me and Matt. Let’s just say we appreciated the alone time.”

“Oh, no worries. I would have expected the same if the situation was reversed.”

“Oh, I know, and if you hadn’t offered, I would have just told you to go away so we could fuck, but I appreciate that I didn’t have to say anything.”

Jake could absolutely picture Peggy saying that to him. She wouldn’t even have been embarrassed about it. That was just Peggy.

“The worst part is,” Jake continued, steering the conversation back to his predicament, “staying in all these hostels, there isn’t even a decent opportunity to whack off. There’s no internet, except in public cafes, there’s nothing to beat off to, and no privacy to do it anyway.”

“You’re telling me you haven’t even jerked off in the last six weeks?”

“Once, maybe twice, in the shower. But it was totally rushed and unsatisfying.”

“That’s really sad. If you ever do get lucky, you’re going to shower the poor girl in cum.”

She really did have a dirty mouth. He loved that about her.

After dinner, they were pretty tipsy and tired from being in the sun all day. They decided to head back to the hostel. Unlike many of the hostels they’d stayed in, this one in Munich offered private rooms, albeit for a bit of premium. So rather than staying in a large common room, Jake and Peggy had sprung for a private two person room. It wasn’t a hotel room by any means, just a small room with a little white bunk bed and a desk in the corner, but it was better than what they were used to. The communal bathrooms were down the hall. Jake let Peggy choose which bed she wanted and she chose the bottom bunk, so he took the top. They decided to crash early. After brushing their teeth down the hall, they stripped down to their underwear, and crawled into bed.

The last image Jake saw before climbing up the ladder was Peggy in some cute little blue cotton panties and a white tank top, right before she crawled under the covers. It was a sight for sore eyes. She had amazing legs and a tight little ass.

By the time Jake got himself situated on the top bunk, he already had an erection. Ugh, he thought. It really didn’t take much in his current state. But maybe now was an okay time to beat off. Why not? As he started to stroke his cock, though, he heard the bed creak. He had barely moved. He tried a little more and cringed at each little squeak it made. Great, he was on the top bunk of the world’s most creaky bed. There was no way he was going to be able to finish himself off without making it obvious to Peggy what he was doing.

As if reading his mind, Peggy spoke up from down below, “you know, I was just thinking back to our conversation earlier. You should feel free to jerk off here, while you have the chance.” She paused, then continued, “obviously you don’t have to. I’m just saying, don’t miss the opportunity because I’m here. I don’t care. I’m not going to judge you. I know that guys need to jerk off.”

Jake was so thankful she’d said that. He would have had trouble sleeping otherwise. “Are you sure?” he asked, just to be certain.

“Of course. I can deal with some bed springs squeaking for a few minutes. Not a problem.”

Now that he’d been given the go-ahead, Jake wasted no time. He slid his boxers down, freeing his cock and began stroking it, slowly at first. Even that motion was enough to generate some steady squeaking from the bed.

After a couple of minutes, Peggy broke the silence. “What are you thinking about, if you don’t mind me asking?”

After a pause, Jake responded, “You sure you want the truth?”

“Of course. I mean you don’t have to tell me, but I can handle it, if that’s what you mean. As you know, I’m hard to shock.”

“Okay, then, the truth is I’m picturing your ass. It was the last thing I saw before I climbed up here and, don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s not like I have a lot of other material to work with here. I’m just staring at the ceiling.”

This time the awkward silence came from Peggy, a rarity. He wasn’t sure if she was offended or flattered, though he guessed the latter. While he waited for a response, he kept on stroking his cock. Eventually she spoke, “as sad as this sounds, that honestly makes Escort my day. When you’ve been with the same guy forever, you kind of forget what it feels like to be looked at like that. There’s no way the sight of me in these ugly blue panties would do anything for Matt at this point.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Pegs. You have an amazing ass. And amazing legs. I don’t think I realized how good they were until a couple of minutes ago.”

“You’re sweet. Enjoy your moment. I’ll stop bothering you.”

Jake continued to stroke himself, increasing his pace a little, but he wasn’t in any hurry to climax. After a few more minutes of silence (other than the bed creaking), Peggy spoke again, “you know, if you want look at me while you do that, I don’t mind. It’s probably better than the ceiling.”

Jake stopped his stroking. Was she serious? She had to be joking. But she didn’t sound like she was joking. She almost sounded a bit nervous. “Are you fucking with me?” he finally asked.

“No. I’m serious. I’m not gonna get naked or anything, but if you want to look at me in my panties and shirt, feel free.” He heard her move her covers.

Jake looked down over the edge of the bed onto the bunk below. Peggy was now on top of the covers. He stared at her panties and reached back for his cock.

“That doesn’t look very comfortable, Jake. You’re going to pull a muscle in your neck or something. Why don’t you come down here. You can sit at the opposite end of the bed.”

“But then you’ll see me.”

“Wouldn’t that be a fair exchange?”

“No, I mean you’ll see my cock. You’ll see me naked.”

“I grew up with three older brothers and have been with Matt for 4 years. You think I’ve never seen a cock before?”

“Well, yeah, but not mine…”

“Just get your ass down here and stop being a pussy.”

Alright. What the hell. It sure beat the hell out of craning his neck. Jake pulled his boxers back on temporarily and jumped down. Then he crawled on to the lower bunk, on the opposite end of the bed from Peggy, facing her. She was now sitting up with her back against the wall. Jake leaned his back against the ladder connecting the two bunks. Their feet pointed toward each other, but the mattress was long enough that they didn’t touch.

“Okay, go for it. Only ground rule, no touching me. Looking only.”

“Um…deal.” With that Jake reached for his boxers and slowly pulled them down, springing his still rock hard cock. He tossed the boxers on the floor. Upon seeing his cock for the first time, Peggy smiled, but not in a way that made Jake feel uncomfortable. Slowly, he began stroking himself again, focusing primarily on Peggy’s panties and legs.

After a minute, Peggy sat up on her knees, “I almost forget, it was the ass you wanted to see, right?” She turned around and stuck her ass out toward him, with her hands bracing herself on the wall. She really did have a fantastic ass, curvy but lean at the same time. The panties covered only a little of it.

Jake was really stroking it now and thoroughly enjoying this bizarre encounter. What a great friend she was.

“You know what, Jake. You look silly with just your shirt on. Take it off. If you do, I’ll reward you.” Jake had no idea what that meant, but he was more than happy to comply. His chest was his best feature. He’d worked hard on it. He took off his shirt and flung it on top of his boxers. Then he resumed stroking himself.

Peggy had seen him without a shirt before, at the beach, and probably other times as well, but not recently. She was sitting back down now, admiring the view. “Wow, Jake. Have you always looked that good? Damn. Okay you deserve this.” With that, she lifted her left hand and moved the right strap of her tank top off of her shoulder. With a nudge, it fell to the side and the flap of shirt covering her right breast fell down too, exposing her entire right breast, nipple and all.

Wow. What a sight. Her breast was bigger than he imagined it would be, round and plump, like a peach. The image of her half-exposed chest was spectacularly arousing. “Wow, Peggy,” he finally said, still stroking his cock steadily, “that’s an amazing view. Who knew you had such amazing tits.”

That brought another big smile to her face. She was clearly enjoying how much he was enjoying the sight of her. And she even looked a little flushed herself.

Jake was getting really close. Given how horny he was, he could have beaten off quickly without any external stimulation. But this situation was overwhelming. He couldn’t last much longer.

Peggy must have read that on his face because she asked, “where are you planning to come, Jake?” Jake hadn’t thought that far ahead. “Because I know you’re going to shoot a ton of it and I don’t want you soaking my bed. I’ve gotta sleep here.”

Jake looked around the room as he continued to stroke his cock, looking for somewhere acceptable to shoot his cum. Peggy, for her part, was just staring intently at Jake’s cock, as if imagining what it would look like when he finally came. Bayan Escort Jake was about to suggest that he shoot his cum in the corner of the room when Peggy spoke again. “You know, if you promise not to touch me, you can shoot it on me.”

Jake was so stunned by that statement that he was sure he didn’t hear it correctly. He just sat there staring, at a loss for words. Sensing his uncertainty, Peggy spoke again, “I’m serious. I don’t want to miss the best part of the show. I want to see it up close. Tell you what, I’m going to take off my shirt all the way and you just aim for my stomach.”

With that, she quickly removed her tank top entirely, exposing both of her spectacular breasts. She flung the shirt on the floor and then scooched forward, her head on the pillow and her legs spread (but panties still on). She motioned for Jake to come closer.

After a few moments of stunned disbelief, Jake finally let his brain accept what she was telling him. He got to his knees and moved forward, careful not to touch Peggy’s legs, until his knees were about eight inches from Peggy’s ass and his cock was extending out over her belly. When he was in position, she said “come on, Jake, let me have it” and cupped her tits with her hands.

That was it. That was all he could take. He felt the orgasm grip him and he screamed “oh fuck, Peggy.” A few seconds later, the first rope of cum came shooting out, landing squarely on Peggy’s tits. She squealed with delight. Then came a second, third, and even fourth round. Jake had never shot this much cum in his life. When he looked back down at Peggy, she had pools and droplets of it extending from her belly button all the way to her cheek.

“Holy shit, Jake!” she said, laughing, “that was fucking incredible. I have never seen someone shoot so much cum. And I’ve watched a lot of porn.”

He couldn’t help but laugh too. It was absurd. The whole situation was absurd. As the blood slowly rushed back into his brain, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. He quickly got to the floor and grabbed his shirt, giving it to Peggy to help her wipe off, which she did. She then got up, gave him a kiss on the cheek, then found some clothes and excused herself to go down the hall to the bathroom.

When she came back, Jake had put his boxers back on but was still sitting on her bed. He looked at her, trying to read her expression. “Are we still okay?” he asked. “No regrets?”

“None from my end. That was great. But it can be our secret.” she said, a smile on her face.

“Understood. And thanks.” Jake said, “I’ll never forget that.” With that, he hopped off the bed and began moving toward the ladder.

“Hold up. Why don’t you stay down on this bed with me. It’s cold and I could use the warmth. And now that you’ve had your release, I think I can trust you to be a gentlemen.”

Jake wasn’t so sure about that, but he was more than happy to oblige. Peggy stripped back down to her panties and crawled into the twin bed. Jake followed, curling up next to her in a spooning position, and within minutes was sound asleep.

Sometime later, Jake had no idea just how much later, he woke up. He was groggy and not quite sure what was happening, but he felt movement. The bed was shaking, not a lot, but noticeably. Jake lay there motionless, trying to clear his head. He felt Peggy’s elbow brush against his arm, and then again. And then it dawned on him what was happening; she was touching herself.

Slowly, quietly, he used his arm to lift the blankets, just a little, just enough to get a quick look underneath. It was enough. He could see her arm moving. And he could see that her panties were off. Her bare ass was just a few inches away from his boxers. Within seconds, Jake was rock hard again.

He reached down and fumbled with his boxers, quickly freeing his cock. When it sprung loose, it brushed against Peggy’s ass, just barely, but enough to alert her to what he was doing. “I see you’re awake” she whispered, playfully. “You can do what you want with that thing, but keep it away from me. No touching, okay?”

“Yeah, roger that.” Jake replied, wishing to himself that he wasn’t bound by that rule.

“I tried to sleep,” she said, “but I just couldn’t stop thinking about your little show. I wanted a release too.” Her voice was shaky. Jake could tell she was still fingering herself.

Jake couldn’t help it, “you know I could probably help you with that, Peggy.”

“Oh, I’m sure you could, Jake. But that’s not gonna happen. Feel free to help yourself, though. Just keep that beautiful cock at a distance.”

Well, if he couldn’t touch, he was at least going to look. Jake flipped the blankets down toward the foot of the bed, giving himself a full and unobstructed view of Peggy’s bare ass. Peggy barely reacted, she just turned her head a little, smiled, and then returned to touching herself.

For the next few minutes, they both just continued to touch themselves, steadily increasing their pace. Peggy had started moaning; she was so turned on. So was Jake. He just stared at her perfect ass, now glistening with sweat, so tantalizingly close to his cock. In a moment of weakness, he moved his hips forward, ever so slightly, and his cock came to rest between her ass cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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