A Night on the Town

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We had been dating and become serious lovers for some time now. I had just received a very handsome bonus at work…and wanted to celebrate with the one I love and lust for. We had planned this for some time now, but even pooling our money, could not afford it in such a luxurious state. Thanks to the bonus we could now completely enjoy out night on the town.

It was a cool and crisp Saturday. Learning that you only had to work for half a day, you called me and said you were going to do some shopping and to get your hair and nails done for tonight.

“Great,” I told myself. I would have the rest of the day to relax by myself. I watched some sports…puttered in the garage…mowed the lawn.

I guess you got home around six…’cause I had fallen asleep on the couch…in front of the TV. The sound of the shower door startled me. I looked up at the clock and realized that the limo would be here in about an hour. I needed to hit the shower myself.

As I neared the bedroom door, you slammed it and said, “Use the other bathroom, I need to finish!”

After my shower I headed back to the bedroom with a towel wrapped around me. As I entered the room I was pleasantly shocked to see your breathtaking appearance. You had on a long black gown that was completely backless…showing anyone who looked that your full and ample breasts were standing up unharnessed. The straps pulled up from a fairly low-scooped neck…broadcasting your great cleavage…and tied behind your neck. Your shoulder length dark hair shone brightly…even in the dull light of the bedroom.

The polish on your toenails…peeking through the straps of your heeled sandals matched the polish on your fingernails…and lipstick too. How do women do that? I found myself aroused at your appearance. You always look good…but tonight you were gleaming, radiant and absolutely beautiful!

You spied me in the mirror and turned away…coyly saying throatily, Rize Escort “Now don’t you go getting frisky…it’s time to get dressed, the limo will be here soon.”

I almost hated myself for renting the limo…but it was the crowning glory of our night of celebration. Besides, by the end of the night, the half hour drive back from town, with a few drinks in us, could be detrimental to either of our careers—if we ever got stopped.

You wheeled around and left the room.

I finished the fore-in-hand knot of my tie just as the limo pulled up. You already had the front door open by the time the driver came up to it. At that moment I came out of the bedroom, and we all left.

When we arrived at Bentley’s the driver pulled up under the portico and came around to open your door. Simultaneously, I walked around to help you out of the car. You held my hands tight within your grasp on the long drive over as we had stared into each other’s eye with anticipation, lust and anxiety. Now you swing your entire body to the door, and with the most elegant of fashion allow your legs to show. As you begin to rise, the slit in your skirt, which you had concealed from me earlier, now exposes almost all of your silky-smooth, slender and shapely legs.

As I view this sight to behold, my heart races… “Deborah, honey…that slit goes so high everyone will be able to see your panties!”

“Panties?” you shoot back at me, “Who’s wearing panties?” And you stepped away towards Bentley’s door.

Well shut my mouth and stoop the drool. Why would she do this to me…I now have a full erection and she expects me to walk into one of the classiest restaurants in the city….Damn! Deborah waited for me at the door, as the doorman has already opened it. I manage to quell my excitement and shift myself around under my jacket…there, that’s better! We enter Bentley’s hand in hand…and you let your leg brush against Rize Escort Bayan mine.

Since we are not regulars here, we wind up at a very dark, yet cozy table in the corner of the room. Clearly, we are the youngest, and probably least affluent couple in the room…but certainly the handsomest! Every man’s eye is on your legs and cleavage as you glide past them. You can see the old biddies nudging their husbands to stop their ogling. You always did enjoy making a man’s eye and pouch bulge.

We ordered a bottle of expensive red wine and then made our selections from the menu. We toast each other…my bonus…and our love. Immediately, you pull my closest hand into you lap. Sitting down, the slit in your skirt allows it to fall almost completely open. Of course, with the tablecloth hanging as it does…all anyone else can see is your ankles.

My hand falls upon the lush silkiness of you upper thighs. As soon as my hand settles you begin to do a little inviting wiggle. Immediately, you slide one hand from the grasp of my hand and locate it on my again bulging erection. It must have been obvious what we were doing…because people were constantly looking over at us…and the women were scowling at us.

My hand has slid up to your crotch and I can feel its heat emerging. You uncross your ankles and spread your legs enough for me to insert a finger. Then two. With my thumb gently massaging your clitoris, my fingers easily slide into and out of your wetness. The sensual aroma of your aroused sexual condition wafts up to my nostrils…further intensifying my desires. Your hand has found my zipper and deftly released my throbbing member from my pants. You softly wrap you hand around it and begin long up and down strokes on it.

People around us are now beginning to whisper to each other and nod towards us.

“The hell with them…jealous old bastards,” I whisper to you.

My hand is Escort Rize moving swiftly and precisely now as your hips are rising and falling with each thrust. Your hand is rapidly moving up and down my shaft, my head pulsating in anticipation. You moan softly and arch your back slightly as you try to control your throes of orgasm.

I lean toward you and whisper, “Deborah, I’m going to cum in your hand and on my suit.”

” I’ve got a plan,” you shot back.

Just as I feel I can’t hold out any more, you slide your napkin off the table, as a cover up. You take your glass in hand and disappear below the tablecloth. I feel your hot mouth take my full length into it and suck hard. Just two strokes later, my eyes roll back and I shoot a gigantic wad into your hot, eager and wanton mouth. You drain me out and resurface in the chair. Almost every eye in the room is upon as you lift your glass of wine to your mouth. Barely able for even me to see, you have drained my seed from your mouth into your wine…and it now floats like a creamy shooter on top of your wine.

You lift you glass and toast me. I lift my glass and toast you back. You put the glass to your lips and swallow down the contents of the glass, and tip your head back so my remaining seed goes down with it. When you have again lowered your eyes to mine, I am tenderly licking your love juices from my own fingers.

By the time we have finished the meal, I have managed to dry the rest of my dripping cock with my napkin, and reinsert my penis into my pants…ever so carefully making sure I don’t catch it in the zipper.

After the check has been paid, and the waiters tipped, I get up and ease your chair from the table for you to rise. You painstaking make sure that your dress slit is open just enough to catch everyone’s attention, but not enough for than to see anything more than your beautiful legs. Once standing, I bow my head to you, and you, in turn, curtsey to me…we leave Bently’s hand-in-hand. As we exit, the doorman acknowledges, “Please do come again!”

And you respond, “At least twice more tonight!”

He looks at you in complete bewilderment, and we laugh all the way back to the limo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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