A Night Out

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He sat quietly in his hotel suite, sipping a chilled glass of pinot gris and staring at the door. She was late, he thought, but he was confident she would come. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he heard her soft knock at the door.

He let her in, smiling as saw how she was dressed. Her long black raincoat was buttoned to the top. He could see the dark stocking and black pumps below the hem and just knew that underneath she was dressed exactly as he had directed. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun and her lips were painted bright red.

He stood close to her, himself wearing only a silk robe. His fingers moved down the buttons of her coat, opening it and slipping it from her shoulders. As it fell to the floor, he smiled, for she was wearing only a sheer black bra, black garter belt and stockings, and nothing else. As he had requested she wore no panties.

Through the thin bra he could see her nipples were hard. His eyes moved down her body, lingering at the neatly trimmed triangle of hair above her slit. He leaned close and brushed her cheek with his lips, then took her hand and led her further into the suite.

When they were by the sofa, he reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out a blindfold. He brought it over her eyes, cinching it tightly behind her head. She stood motionless, allowing him to take control.

He moved slowly around her, letting his eyes feast on the beauty of her. He reached into the ice bucket, extracting an ice cube, and then moved close to her again. He brought the frozen cube against her flesh, tracing it over the top of each breast, seeing Escort Bayan her shiver at the initial touch. He moved his hand in ever decreasing circles over one breast, watching the wetness appear on the sheer material as he pressed it to her taut nipple.

As the ice melted against the heat of her body, tiny trickles of water slid down her belly toward the triangle of silky hair. His hand followed the trail downward, until he pressed the melting ice into the heat of her hot centre. He felt her muscles clench as he held it there until it was completely melted.

He got another cube, repeating the process over the other breast and again sliding it downward to slip it into her hot slit. As it melted, he reached with his free hand to deftly unclasp the bra. His fingers slid up under the strap, and the flimsy garment slipped from her baring her full breasts.

His fingertips left her slit, sliding up to one breast, rolling the hard tip and then exerting pressure as he pinched his fingers together. He heard a soft moan come from her lips as she felt a twinge of pain in her extended nipple.

He moved behind her, pressing his body against her, his rigid shaft pushing against the crevice of her bottom, only a thin bit of silky material between them. He rubbed sensuously against her as now both hands were on her breasts, squeezing and pinching the sensitive flesh. Once again he pulled away from her, watching her, seeing how still she remained as she anticipated his next movement. He picked up a single long stemmed rose from the end table. He watched her nostrils flare as he brought it close Escort to her face letting her smell the subtle fragrance of it. He drew the silky petals over her skin, down over her chin, across the tops of her breasts and around each nipple. Just before he placed it back on the table, he let the thorny stem scratch the soft flesh of one breast, making her shiver.

Without warning his hand raised and he brought it down hard across the round curve of her bottom. He heard her gasp and saw the redness appear on her creamy skin.

He moved close to her, his lips beside her ear and whispered “Get down on all fours!” A smile came to his lips as he saw how quickly she complied, positioning herself on hands and knees on the floor. He stood behind her, eyes on the beautiful roundness of her bottom. With one foot, he pushed her legs wide, her cunt and ass exposed and open.

He picked up the length of rough rope that he had left coiled on the end of the sofa. He uncoiled it and took it in hand, kneeling beside her and looping it around her dangling breasts, crisscrossing it and bringing it up behind her back. He tied it tight, seeing the flesh of her breasts redden as he did.

He slipped off his robe then, kneeling between her legs, his thick cock rock hard. His hand rose again, slapping down across her buttocks as without warning he thrust himself deep into her hot wet cunt, his hand gripping the rope, pulling it back as his cock sank deep.

He fucked her then, hard and deep, the rough rope that bound her breasts, chafing her soft flesh with each hard thrust. He varied his rhythm, sometimes Bayan Escort fast, then slowing, savoring the feel of her muscles clenching his flesh. Soft low whimpers came from her lips as his cock pounded into her like a piston.

The sounds and scents of sex filled the air. She pushed back against his thrusts, soft cries of pleasure mixed with whimpers of pain coming from her as he used her for his gratification. His skin was flushed and his breathing quick as he felt his body nearing the point of no return. He felt her body shake beneath him and heard her cry out as her orgasm enveloped her. His cock seemed to swell inside her and his body tensed as he knew he was about to cum.

He pulled out then, pushing her down onto her back. Cock in hand; he straddled her, watching his jizz spurt onto her body. Thick hot creamy cum splashed onto her big breasts, her face and into her hair. He stroked himself, milking the jizz from his loins, until, as the last of his semen oozed from his cock; he pushed it into her mouth. Greedily she suckled it, her tongue flicking like a kitten lapping up milk.

He reached down, pulling the blindfold from her, their eyes locking together as their bodies calmed from the heated passions. He reached back and loosened her hair from the bun, letting it fall around her face as she continued to suck his softening shaft. She let his cock slip from her lips as his fingers found the knot and loosened the bindings from her breasts. He slid down and lay beside her, his lips finding the chafed flesh of her breasts and showering it with soft kisses.

They lay there for a time, no words spoken. She stirred in his arms, rising from the floor. He watched as she put on her raincoat, picked up her bra and stuffed it into a pocket. She turned and smiled at him, and then she was gone, out his door to return to her mundane suburban life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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