A Night to Remember

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The headlights of Kristina’s car cast strange shadows on the walls of the library as she shut the engine off. Once again, she would spend another evening at the computers; another evening of combating the emptiness she felt inside.

“Only a few more weeks,” Kristina muttered to herself. “A few more weeks, and I’ll have my own computer and won’t have to keep coming back to the library.” Kristina could reluctantly admit to herself that she was a lonely girl, and if it were not for the occasional venture onto the Internet, she would not have much of a social life at all.

Kristina sighed, as she gathered her papers and locked the car door. Walking up the library steps, she wondered how long would it be before she would know the bliss of another’s touch; a touch beyond the awkward guy groping and fumbling in the backseat of yet another, disappointing date. Kristina yearned for the touch of true desire from a lover with passion for her, and no one else. She had become disappointed to the point of bitterness, believing that God had denied her the pleasures that seemed to come so easily to others.

The stale scent of countless books and periodicals greeted Kristina as she walked past the librarian, who merely smiled and nodded to her, in a now routine and familiar manner. Kristina was a regular to the few computers her library had. One could always count on her to be sitting at the keyboard on Friday nights, catching up on her e-mail and chatting with folks, whom she was sure led far more exciting lives than hers. Most nights she would be alone. Other nights perhaps two or three girls her age, in their early twenties, would be sharing on various chat rooms or message boards.

Tonight was unusually crowded, as all computers were occupied, save one. Taking the last remaining seat, Kristina paid little attention to the lovely young woman with long chestnut brown hair seated at the computer next to hers, other than to notice she was quite beautiful. The girl’s perfume teased Kristina’s senses, and for the briefest of moments, she felt a flush of excitement waft over her. She smiled at the girl, and a warm and genuine smile was returned.

Kristina was mildly confused at her own feelings, but figured they were the result of being too tired, or due to the cravings anyone might have for the attentions of another, no mater who they might be. Craving the attentions of a friend and confidant with whom she could share the most the intimate passions and joys, had been an ongoing desire for Kristina for quite some time. However, she had become so use to the frustration of this unfulfilled desire. Kristina did not yet recognize the potential treasure sitting next to her.

As the evening wore on, Kristina typed up several friendly letters. Then, briefly chatted with some friends in far-off places. Occasionally being interrupted by the girl next to her, laughing and enjoying what was obviously a delightful chat room session. The girl with the long and shimmering chestnut brown hair was playful and self-assured. Kristina quickly decided that she liked this girl, realizing she could not help glancing over at her, at every opportunity. Since the girl was obviously very beautiful, with just the right amount of make-up, black slacks, and a dark-burgundy satin blouse, unbuttoned enough to show some modest cleavage and a hint of black-lace bra, Kristina wondered why she was in the library, and not out on a date.

Suddenly, Kristina felt a touch on her shoulder. It was the girl with a mischievous grin, made more alluring by a small mole just above her lip. “Hey, you want to see something funny?” the girl asked, as she winked at Kristina.

Kristina leaned over towards the girl’s computer and noticed she was in an adult chat room. “I’ve been chatting with a girl called ‘sexykitten4U,’ and we just started cybering,” the girl informed Kristina, as she flung her hair over her shoulder, exposing her neck and cleavage.

“She has no idea that I’m a girl too! Ironic, isn’t it?” the girl asked.

“She says I’ve been teasing her in ways no man has ever teased her before!” she continued with a giggle. “No kidding, right? I mean, who else would know how to really please a woman, but another woman?” she said in a whisper. “I just don’t have the heart to tell her.”

The girl’s soft touch on Kristina’s shoulder became more of a caress, as the two laughed together. “By the way, my name is Yvonne,” the girl stated in a warm and friendly way.

“I’m Kristina,” came the enthusiastic reply.

Yvonne had a zest for life, and usually made friends easily. She knew what she wanted and was not ashamed to show the world. She craved pleasure the way others crave candy. Yvonne knew that life was short. She felt that if ecstasy could only come from another woman’s touch, regardless of what some people thought, then so be it.

Yvonne’s deep-brown eyes carefully scanned her new friend’s strawberry blonde hair, which curled naturally and cascaded in rippled waves to the middle of her back. In seconds, canlı bahis şirketleri she studied Kristina’s captivating green eyes, thin tangerine-colored lips, and her welcoming smile. Though Kristina was wearing a pullover sweatshirt, Yvonne could tell that she was well endowed and had an attractive figure.

Returning their attention to Yvonne’s computer, the two girls spent the rest of the evening playing with the unknowing cyber friend. They enjoyed each other’s company as if they had been friends for years. They laughed and giggled from the unintentional deception, and occasionally blushed from the sharing of intimate erotic thoughts as they came to mind.

Closing time came all too soon. Yvonne and Kristina gathered up their belongings and headed for the door. With Kristina walking in front of her, Yvonne smiled as she took notice of Kristina’s nicely rounded ass in her tight-fitting, faded jeans. At the bottom of the steps, Yvonne looked at her watch, and asked in a hopeful tone, “You know Hun, the night’s still young. Feel like going out for a quick drink or two?”

Kristina knew she had no plans for the next day and readily agreed. After arriving at the small bar & grill just down the street, the two girls sat down at a small booth in a dimly lit corner. While sipping her second glass of White Zinfandel, Kristina was puzzled at the thoughts she was having. Yvonne had made her feel like no man had ever made her feel before. Kristina sensed that whatever her feelings were, the attraction between them felt like a storybook romance.

Yvonne knew this feeling very well and almost instinctively; she laid her hand on Kristina’s thigh. Yvonne smiled as she saw Kristina’s eyes close. Kristina returned her caress by placing her hand over Yvonne’s and sighed contentedly.

“It’s been so long since I’ve felt anything like that,” Kristina whispered. Yvonne nodded in agreement, as their two hands explored each other’s fingertips.

Once again, while Yvonne and Kristina talked and shared and laughed, the time seemed to slip by way too fast. However, in only a few short hours, they were able to get to know each other quite well.

“Who would have guessed it would be another girl who could make me feel this way,” Kristina declared with gladness as closing time neared.

Not wanting to be the last ones to leave, the two girls strolled to their cars, which were curiously parked side by side. They regretfully but enthusiastically embraced by the glow of the streetlight, and agreed to meet at the library the following Friday. Though she would not tell her any details, Yvonne advised Kristina to bring an overnight bag. Thrilled at the idea, Kristina drove home with child-like anticipation.

That night, Kristina lay in her bed and pondered the feelings she had encountered. “It’s so different,” she thought to herself. Kristina questioned whether her feelings were real or not. However, she knew the wetness she felt between her legs was real, as she slowly teased herself with erotic thoughts of Yvonne’s touch. Kristina brought herself to a delightfully pleasant orgasm much faster than anytime she could remember. Then, lifting her finger to her mouth, she was entranced by the flavor of her own juices. “Would another girl be as sweet?” she thought. Kristina was more eager than ever to explore the mysteries she had missed for so many years.

Thoughts of Yvonne clouded Kristina’s mind all the following week. Each night she let herself fall deeper and deeper into a state of passionate anticipation. Craving for her new friend’s sensual touch. Kristina often dreamt about what it would be like to run her tongue around another girl’s nipples. What it was like to have another girl, knowing all the intimate secrets that a woman knows, satisfy her completely. She dreamt what it was like, not to have to teach, coach, or guide her partner, as she had done with a number of guys she dated. Instead, Kristina envisioned being able to relax and enjoy a romantic and luxuriously erotic experience, which would stimulate her mind, her body, and her spirit.

On Friday, Kristina could barely contain her desires. During the coffee breaks at the office where she worked, she would slip away to the ladies room to keep herself wet and wanting for what was sure to be a night to remember. Kristina wondered if her co-workers noticed that she had pleasured herself when she would return to her desk a bit flushed while straightening her crinkled-cotton broomstick skirt and looking pleasantly fatigued.

Using all her willpower to keep from breaking the speed limit, Kristina drove to the library as soon as she got off work. She pulled into a parking space and noticed Yvonne standing by the curb. Kristina was amazed at how lovely she looked. Yvonne’s heels clicked softly on the pavement as she walked towards her. As she climbed in on the passenger side, Yvonne’s tiny erect nipples strained against the silky ice-blue fabric of her V-neck, wrap-around dress.

“No computer tonight Kristina!” canlı kaçak iddaa Yvonne said with a smile. “Tonight is for us alone.”

Yvonne was trying as hard as she could not to stare at Kristina’s pale breasts, made visible by the plunging neckline on her embroidered peasant blouse. The sexy view was enhanced by a large single pearl suspended from a silver chain, which dangled tantalizingly in between Kristina’s narrow cleavage. Not knowing where they were going, but trusting Yvonne completely, Kristina drove off, enthusiastically heading out of town after being provided with some easy-to-follow directions. Within a short period of time, Yvonne pointed to an old, but well-kept, colonial style house. In the fading light, Kristina saw the small wooden sign saying “bed and breakfast,” which betrayed its purpose.

“I’ve stayed here before and the rooms are fabulous!” Yvonne said as she touched Kristina’s thigh.

Her touch sent tiny shivers of ecstasy through them both, and Kristina knew there was no going back. She could never deny her true feelings again. Kristina wanted this girl and wanted her badly. The moment she parked the car, Kristina embraced Yvonne and kissed her long and deep before they got out. There was no shock or resistance in Yvonne. As their tongues merged together, each could feel their own rush of passion and vaginal secretions beginning to flow through their bodies.

Kristina wanted the kiss to last forever, but Yvonne soon whisper, “Come with me and I’ll show you wonderful things.”

The girls walked inside and greeted the clerk cheerfully. Yvonne stated that she had made a reservation for two. While the clerk was finding their room key, Yvonne would tease Kristina by running her fingers along the top of her gathered-waist skirt, and trace a path to her belly button. This started Kristina giggling. The confused clerk wondered what was the matter, as the girls laughed and giggled whenever he turned his back.

Yvonne quickly signed the register slip and took the key from the clerk. The two smiled at the clerk and trotted upstairs. Kristina stared intently at the key as it slowly turned in the lock to their room. As if in slow motion, Yvonne opened the door. To Kristina, it was a symbolic opening as well. She felt as though it represented an opening of her passions and desires, an opening of a new beginning in her life.

Kristina walked in the room while Yvonne brought in the bags. Kristina could not help but remember childhood dreams as she looked at the antique canopied bed covered by a thick hand-made quilt. The fragrance of the room bore the faintest smells of lilacs. “Yes!” Kristina thought, “This is meant to be!”

Closing the door brought Kristina out of her trance, as she spun around to see Yvonne’s mischievous grin. The two would-be lovers came towards each other and embraced as no two had embraced before. The years of Kristina’s pent-up passions were released in a single moment of trust and understanding. Continuing to embrace, Yvonne’s eyes welled-up with tears of joy. She reflected on the time spent yearning for a companion and lover to take the place of Pamela, who had left months earlier to pursue a career in broadcasting on the west coast. Now she felt whole again.

Kristina threw her head back and moaned sincerely as she felt Yvonne’s tongue teasing her neck. There was no resistance left in either of them and their caresses flowed freely, believing that all love can be genuine. Kristina and Yvonne held each other, swaying in a silent dance, as if time stood still. It was a deep and profound comfort just to be together, but the thoughts of their most intimate desires to come, made their hearts race with excitement.

Yvonne led Kristina to the bed and motioned for her to sit. “Wait here sweetheart. I’ve got something special in mind,” Yvonne said.

After pulling out a small player and putting in a CD of classical violin music by Antonio Vivaldi, Yvonne pulled a chilled bottle of champagne from her suitcase. Yvonne opened the bottle and poured some into two decorated champagne flutes she had also brought with her. Handing a glass to Kristina, she accepted the gift gracefully, and lay back on the bed; her head propped up on the pillows. Kristina smiled at Yvonne seductively. Yvonne then disappeared into the large bathroom with a small white box under her arm.

Meanwhile, Kristina sipped the champagne with eyes closed, letting the freedom of the evening take her mind to thoughts she had yet to explore. She dreamt about what she would do for her lover. Dreamt of how she would show her gratitude for saving her from a passionless romance with the first man to come along.

Soon Kristina could feel Yvonne’s warm and naked body sliding up to hers. Kristina felt the soft fingers of her new lover teasing their way across her blouse, tracing the delicate embroidery. Then Kristina gasped in ecstasy as she felt rounded fingernails lightly pinching her nipples through her blouse. She was becoming very wet and knew canlı kaçak bahis the moment of truth was upon her.

Kristina opened her eyes and smiled at Yvonne, quickly assessing how beautiful she looked laying next to her. Kristina was transfixed at the sight of her new lover’s naked and wanting body. Yvonne’s firm breasts and erect nipples begged for Kristina’s tongue.

Without hesitation, Kristina rose and stood next to the bed, then slowly removed her clothes and placed them on the antique rocking chair. Kristina stood motionless, silently letting Yvonne gaze upon her nakedness and letting the passion build from the stimulating visual treat. With Yvonne’s tender coaxing, Kristina slowly moved forward.

“You make my heart race,” Yvonne said, as she sat on the edge of the bed and gently caressed Kristina’s thighs.

Kristina was so filled with anticipation, she could not respond with anything more than a soft moan. Tilting her head back and closing her eyes once again, she fully focused on the moment, allowing the pleasurable sensations to stimulate her soul.

With her lips lightly kissing her abdomen and inhaling the intoxicating scent of pussy secretions mixed with sweet perfume, Yvonne pulled Kristina close. Not knowing what to do, but surrendering completely, Kristina straddled Yvonne’s legs, her thighs pressing tighter in a barely perceptible rhythm. Looking up at Kristina’s full and rounded breasts, decorated with flat pink areolas and topped with increasingly erect nipples, Yvonne’s hands slowly moved up Kristina’s waist. So filled with passion, she wanted to go wild on Kristina, but Yvonne instinctively knew she needed to take it slow. Yvonne smiled as she briefly recalled the gentle tenderness shown her, the first time she had a night of naked passion with another female when she was in college. Remembering how Tricia was slow and patient with her, Yvonne was determined to emulate her first wonderful experience.

Yvonne’s warm hands gently guided Kristina onto to bed. With Kristina comfortably positioned on her back, Yvonne climbed between Kristina’s legs to the sound of her soft coos. As she guided her tongue across the soft flesh of her lover’s abdomen, Yvonne could feel Kristina’s nails scratching at her back. She could feel Kristina’s hips pushing up into her breasts, as her moans became louder.

Moving slowly, Yvonne’s tongue found a nipple and sucked tenderly on the erect bud, as she glided her hand down to Kristina’s wetness. Yvonne was already very close to orgasm knowing that Kristina was fully enjoying her passionate touch. She licked hungrily at Kristina’s nipples, first one, then the other, as she slowly massaged Kristina’s clit. Kristina’s hips were bucking into Yvonne’s stomach, and she could feel the wet hairs of Kristina’s curly mound on each thrust. Kristina’s hips thrust faster and faster as Yvonne’s fingers and tongue worked their magic upon her most sensitive regions. A loud long moan signaled the climax to Kristina’s pleasure, as her hips pressed hard against Yvonne.

The orgasm was powerful, and yet Yvonne did not stop. Her fingers continued to tease her lover’s flower, turning the flowing juices into a creamy froth of lust. She did not stop until she felt several more thrusts of Kristina’s hips, and had her own powerful orgasm. Exhausted, the two lay together, embraced in the afterglow. Renewing their strength for what was to be a night of unending passions.

“Oh my God that was wonderful!” Kristina said, as she hugged Yvonne tightly.

They poured themselves several more glasses of champagne, and sat facing each other. Each entranced by the love of the other, neither wanting the moment to end. The touches were less sexual, rather expressing the love of reassurance and the thrill of exploration. They talked of life and past lusts, of friends and lovers to be, each sip of champagne bringing them a longing to continue. Each caress directed their thoughts further towards the passions of the other.

The bottle of champagne finished, Yvonne rose with a grin saying, “Come with me,” and took Kristina by the hand.

Yvonne led her to the large bathroom, and a stronger scent of Lilacs greeted her, while they bathed in the glow of many candles. The mirrors on the walls gave the illusion of hundreds of candles, yet there was only enough to perfume the room and cast a romantic glow upon their naked forms. The large Jacuzzi made the warm water swirl and lap against the sides of the tub, suggesting similar sounds of contentment and lust.

“Time for some fun!” Yvonne chuckled as she closed the bathroom door.

Taking Kristina by the hand once more, Yvonne helped her into the enticing warm water. “Oh the bliss,” Kristina thought. She quickly embraced the ecstasy of the heat as it massaged every pore, driving away inhibitions and mundane thoughts, and leaving only serenity and a craving for her lover’s touch. Kristina felt Yvonne slide behind her and begin to slowly rub her shoulders. Yvonne’s kisses roamed the back of her neck; her fingers toyed down her arms, reaching around suddenly to take each soft and supple breast and massage them gently. Yvonne was enveloping her with tender touches, leaving no area unexplored, her caresses driving Kristina wild with passion.

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