A Night with Amy Ch. 03

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I woke up at about half past 5 with an urge to go to the bathroom. I slowly and gently lifted Amy’s arm off me and placed it on the bed so that I didn’t wake her. I left the room and turned immediately right into the bathroom.

I relieved myself, and flushed before washing my hands, and taking a moment to think about last night and all the things that had happened.

I’d fantasized about Amy and her gorgeously perfect tits for years now, fantasizing about playing with them, suckling on them, and above all, fucking them and finishing between them. I would love to do that again some time.

But then again, another fantasy of mine had been to get sucked off by her, and blow my load in her waiting mouth. I got hard just thinking about cumming into her mouth.

I reached down and gave my penis a good squeeze, and ran my grip up its length and off the end. I shuddered at the combination of physical and mental stimulation.

“There, that should put me off for now,” I thought to myself. I left the bathroom, knocked the light off and closed the door.

I slowly opened my bedroom door, and crept into the room and back onto the bed, trying not to wake Amy.

I lay down next to her, and lay with my back to her.

She let out a little groan and her arm shot over the top of me, and pulled me into a one-armed hug, her bare breasts pressing into my back.

Her hand slid down my body and touched the head of my cock, gliding past it and gripping the shaft lightly. She gently started to jerk me off.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” I asked, turning so I could see her, my penis still in her hand, being slowly caressed.

“No,” she replied, grinning, “I woke up just a moment ago. It’s fine”

She rubbed my cock a bit more, from top to bottom and back again. She bit her lower lip, and said “Ready for some more? I sure am!”

I turned a bit more to see her other hand rubbing against her pussy lips, at roughly the same pace as she was stroking me.

I looked back at her, and said, “Why not?”, and leaned forward to kiss her. Our lips locked, and she stopped motion with her hands while the kiss lasted, long and sensuous.

When she eventually broke the kiss, she licked her lips and descended on my cock once more. She wrapped her lips around the head and circled it with her tongue.

I moaned at her, and she took more of me in her mouth, and started to bob her head, taking the first half in her mouth, and then withdrawing so just the head was inside her mouth, being assaulted by her busy tongue.

She sped up her movements, and I moaned again a bit louder, and then she stopped, with half my shaft in her mouth.

She slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth and let it drop freely back onto me, wet with her saliva.

“So,” she said “What shall we do this time? You got any fantasies you want fulfilling?” she grinned slyly, and looked up at me through her eyelashes and fringe.

“W…w…w…w…well,” I stammered, hardly believing she’d asked that. I wasn’t still dreaming was I? “I would like to…” I hesitated for a bit longer than I should have.

“Like to what?” she asked, smiling. “Come on, you can tell me!”

“I would almanbahis like to…fuck your tits and cum between them again,” I said, wondering if she’d be willing to do it again.

“Okay, sure,” she replied. “Anything else?”

“Uhm….yeah,” I hesitated again. Not all women like men cumming in their mouths. I was uneasy, “I want to cum in your mouth too, but I don’t know which I’d like to do more!”

Amy laughed, “Hun, we can do both!”

“Really?” my eyes lit up with excitement.

“Yeah,” she said, “But, I would like something in return. I want you to fuck me and get me to cum twice again!”

“I think that can be arranged,” I grinned.

I pulled her towards me and kissed her again, and started to slowly move down her body. I grabbed her waist and flipped her onto her back.

I reached her breasts, and slowly started kissing her left breast and towards the nipple. She sighed with pleasure, and just as I reached the nipple, I stopped, leaving her nipple begging for attention.

She gasped, shocked that I’d stopped, and fell backwards as I started to do the same thing with the other breast. I slowly ran my mouth from the top of it, slowly up the fleshy mound towards the nipple, but stopping just before the nipple and pulling away.

This time, I gave the nipple a little flick with my tongue, and she shuddered and moaned loudly.

I continued down, kissing the underside of her breasts and down her stomach to her clean shaven pussy. As I reached the slit, she gasped and drew air.

I gently ran my tongue down one side, then the other, and she bucked slightly in response, trying to get more of me into her.

I reached up with one hand, and inserted two fingers into her pussy, about half way.

She moaned a bit more, and I wiggled my fingers about as much as I could, tickling the inside of her dripping cunt.

She inhaled deeply. I think I heard her pant gently “Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod!”, as her hands cupped her breasts, and pushed them up towards her chin.

I pushed my fingers as far in as they could go, and I started to feel around for the small walnut-like lump along the walls of her pussy again.

She started to breathe a bit heavier now and a bit quicker too. She seemed to know what was coming.

I found it as my fingers brushed against it, and I started to rub it and tickle it. Her hips bucked as I started to run my fingers around it and stimulate the sensitive spot some more.

I moved to one side, so that I could more easily start to finger fuck her. I kept my fingers pressed against the lump, and I started to piston my fingers in and out, keeping pressure on the lump as Amy’s moans turned into screams.

She pulled a pillow on top of her face to try to muffle the screams so she didn’t wake the neighbours.

Suddenly, she shot forwards, and as my fingers left her pussy, a huge shot of cum leapt from her pussy in a jet, her screams muffled against the pillow, but were loud nonetheless.

She fell back on the bed, her legs shaking and spasming, and she lay there trembling, almost crying into the pillow as she came down from her orgasm.

I wasn’t quite done yet. I move back between her legs, and almanbahis giriş positioned my cock at the entrance to her glowing, hot, dripping pussy, and pushed it into her sensitive hole, all the way to the hilt.

All I heard from Amy was a loud “Uuuuuuungh!” into the pillow. I started to move in and out, and started to fuck her again while she was still sensitive from her last orgasm. The next one wouldn’t be far away, and my cock could taste her pussy one last time.

Amy started twitching, and repeating “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” as she felt her second orgasm approaching. “Oh shit, I’m cumming. I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!!!!!!”

She thrust her hips skyward as her orgasm hit her, smaller than the last one but just as powerful. I pulled out of her. Her pussy was clenching really tight around me. I was afraid I’d cum there and then if I left it in there!

As she came down from her orgasms, I climbed over her, and straddled her midriff, placing my cock between her tits. I found her quivering hands and placed them either side of her tits, and she automatically pushed them together.

Her eyes were red from pretty much crying at two orgasms, and her head was resting on one side, clearly exhausted.

I then felt the pressure on my cock increase slightly as she pressed her breasts towards her chest as well as together around my cock, making them a bit firmer, pushing out as well as around.

I started to thrust between her beautiful tits. The feeling was incredible! I shut my eyes and moaned as I felt my orgasm start to build.

When I opened my eyes a moment later, Amy had almost recovered from her orgasms, and was now looking right into my eyes! I started back into hers, a little naughty twinkle in there. She let out a slight moan with every thrust of my cock.

In the periphery of my vision, I saw her elbows raise up, and she pushed down on her breasts, increasing the pressure on my cock!

I was on the edge! I was ready to go! I started to thrust harder and faster, willing my orgasm to arrive as quickly as it could!

Amy tilted her head down, but kept her eyes locked onto me as I slammed into her breasts one more time, and let my orgasm overtake me.

A great big spurt leapt from my cock and landed in the middle of her forehead, a long trail left behind it, and a smaller pool on the end of her nose. Another spurt jumped from my cock and hit her on the right cheek, and the last spurt fell short, and a large glob of cum came to rest on her collarbone, the rest dribbling out between her breasts.

She released her breasts from around my withering cock, and looked up at me.

“That’s one down, one to go!” she said, not seeming to bother wiping the cum up like she had before.

She shuffled up, so that she sat upright against the headboard, cum starting to run down her face and land on her breasts.

She took my cock in her mouth, and started to suck on it, coaxing it back to life.

It didn’t take long, and I was soon hard again.

A bit of cum dripped from her nose and landed on my cock. She stopped a moment, checked to see if a bit had hit me, and then proceeded with her blowjob, capturing the escaped cum in almanbahis yeni giriş her mouth as she moved along my shaft.

She reached up with a hand and started to jerk me in time with her head movements, trying to make me cum faster.

With the other hand, she grabbed one of my hands, and placed it on her breast, and squeezed it.

I started to play with her breast as she sucked me, a blob of cum on her breast reaching my hand. I took my hand away, a bit of cum on it, and wiped it on the side of her breast.

Amy moaned against my cock, and started to suck harder, and increased the speed of her hand movements.

She was like a beast possessed. She was so ravenous! She wanted me to cum in her mouth and that’s exactly what was going to happen!

Amy slowed down her movements a moment, realeased my cock from her mouth and moved her hands up above her head to cling to the headboard.

I looked down, and saw a dribble of cum on her breast trickle town dangerously close to the nipple. It reached the areola, and Amy moaned a bit louder.

Then the cum fell and kissed her attention-starved nipple, and Amy shuddered, moaned, then wrapped her lips back around my cock and started to suck it even harder and faster than before!

Her hands tightened ont he headboard, and I reached down with one hand and started to massage her clit with it.

Amy stopped sucking me off to gasp against my cock when she realised what I’d done, and continued sucking me into heaven!

Fuck, I couldn’t hold off much longer!

Amy sensed I was near, and sped up her motions, reaching down with one hand, wrapped it around my cock and resumed jerking me off with it. I kept up my motions with my hand against her clit, and she moaned louder, getting closer to another orgasm.

I slipped a finger into her tight cunt, and that was enough. She screamed against my cock and buked her hips as her orgasm quaked through her body.

I felt her thrashing hips strike me in the ass and caused me to thrust forwards into her mouth. I was on the brink of cumming now!

“I’m gunna…” was as far as I got. Amy sucked as hard as she could, and pulled all but the head of my penis out of her mouth, and she let the cum spill into her mouth.

She must have had a difficult time keeping up swallowing it! A bit bubbled at the sides of her mouth and dribbled down her chin and onto her breasts.

She let my cock drop out of her mouth with a slight cough, and a spurt leapt from its tip and hit her in the left eye. and a last dribble landed on her tits.

She moaned, and I sat back on my calves. I was utterly spent! I wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t! I wanted to admire this beautiful spectacle that lay before me. A smoking hot girl I’d fantasized about doing these things to, was covered in my cum, just how I’d wanted all those years.

Amy cleaned herself up, scooping all of the mess into her mouth, kissed me, and we went back to sleep for a couple of hours in each other’s arms.


When we awoke, we lay and talked for a while, Amy gathered her clothes and we had breakfast.

Shortly afterwards, she left.

She did, however, leave me with something that I think I’ll be using quite frequently in the near future.

A small card, no bigger than a standard business card. Written on it was her name, phone number, and a little message: “Ready for round two! xxx”

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