A Prom Story Ch. 02

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Will was in a state of profound ecstasy. Becca’s beautiful bare body cuddled against him, her milky white leg lay draped across him, and her large, heavy breasts pressed against his chest. He could scarcely believe the remarkable turn his night had taken. He had attended Prom alone; accepting that the only girl he wanted as his date would be spending her night with someone else, and now here she was with him. Beautifully naked in the moonlight; his cum already deep within her.

“The rest of the night?” He queried Becca, choosing to address the more immediate portion of her statement.

“For you, I’ve got all night,” she responded. Will’s eyes drifted shut, and a genuine smile crept over his lips.

“I’ll take the rest of the night then,” he whispered to her, pulling her into another kiss. The feeling of her lips against his, and their tongues dancing together still made his head spin. “and longer, since you mentioned it.” Becca giggled, a sound of pure joy, and then returned his kiss with equal fervor. His hand once again found her smooth, soft ass and pulled her on top of him. Will felt his cock begin to stir, eagerly anticipating being inside Becca once again.

Without warning, she broke their kiss. “Before we go again, I really need to pee.”, She climbed off of Will and out of the back of his SUV. Will sat up, drinking in the site of her bare body illuminated only by the moonlight, the perfect, soft curve of her ass once again drew his gaze.

Becca looked around for a moment, before turning back to him. Even in the moonlight, Will could see the pink rising in her cheeks. “There’s no fucking way I’m wandering into those woods to pee. I don’t want to die tonight. So look away, if you don’t want to see, or go ahead and watch if you’re freaky like that.” Will scarcely had time to process her words before Becca squatted down just feet from the tailgate of his car. Her eyes fluttered closed and Becca took a deep breath before a trickle emerged from her beautiful pussy.

In spite of his shame, Will found himself drawn to the scene in front of him. He allowed himself to stare at the puddle forming around her bare feet, and straining to catch a glimpse between her legs, hoping to see the stream issuing from the slit he had so enjoyed.

As her stream slowed to a trickle, and finally stopped, Becca once again opened her eyes. Will felt himself flush as she raised her eyebrows at him.

“So you are a little freaky,” she began. Becca’s face blushed as red as Will’s, but a sly grin crept over her lips as she stood up and crossed the short distance between them.

“Sorry,” Will replied. “I didn’t even really think, I just kept staring at you.”

Becca shrugged, “Don’t be sorry.” Her voice was once again the soft, soothing tone that she had used when he told her it was his first time. “I don’t mind if we get a little kinky, and I literally said you could watch.” Will nodded, the knot in his chest seemed to loosen at her words. He already found her voice uniquely comforting, even now.

“Want a little taste?” Becca asked, her comforting voice was gone, replaced by a mischevious, seductive tone. “Come lick me clean.” Will’s heart felt as though it might burst from his chest, but he silently obeyed, climbing out of the car to kneel in front of Becca.

Becca angled her hips to allow him access, and Will tentatively approached her smooth cunt. He probed her slit gently with the tip of his tongue, before once again engulfing her with his mouth, and allowing his tongue to explore her folds. The first taste was strong and salty, but the taste of her piss was quickly replaced by the sweet, fragrant bursa escort bayan taste of her pussy. Will continued to lick, drawing further moans from Becca, who wove her fingers into his hair, and pulled Will more tightly against her.

“Mmm, your fucking tongue,” Becca’s breathy encouragement only made Will lick more eagerly.

“I’m cumming again,” Becca said suddenly. Will heard her orgasm wash over Becca yet again. He eagerly lapped at her clit, loving the throaty sounds she made as she came.

Will at last pulled his mouth away from Becca’s soaked pussy. He stood up, and pulled Becca into a passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around him, and returned his passion. The two stood silently for a moment.

“Back in the car?” he asked as they finally separated. Becca only nodded. The two climbed back into the makeshift bed; Becca quickly wrapped her body across Will’s. The two sat in silence for several moments.

“I think I’m in love with your tongue.” Becca finally broke their silence.

Will felt his spirits soar at her admission. He had never seen anything as sexy as making her cum. “Well I love sliding it into your pussy, so that should work out just fine.” Becca smiled the sly smile Will was already starting to love. “I love how smooth your pussy is.”

Becca laughed in response. “Glad you like it. It’s not usually like this. I usually don’t like paying for waxes, and I’m not the best about shaving. I’ve got some amount of bush going on down there most of the time. Hope you don’t mind…”

“I’m sure I’ll enjoy that too,” Will kissed the top of her head. He wasn’t sure if this qualified as normal pillow talk, but he was certainly enjoying himself.

“Yesterday was interesting though. I’d be down to pay for that kind of service.” Becca giggled as she spoke.

“What do you mean?” Will’s curiosity piqued, and his cock jumped slightly.

“Well…” Becca gently wrapped her fingers around Will’s erection as she began to speak. “I go in, strip down, spread my legs and all. The girl doing it was hot. Asian. Maybe mid to late thirties? Perky tits, nice ass…” Becca seemed to lose her train of thought, and her hand gently brushed against his balls. Will hung on her every word.

“She took her time,” Becca continued, still idly playing with Will. “She was really meticulous. She got so close I could feel her breath on my clit. Whenever she touched my pussy it was so gentle. I honestly didn’t even notice any of the pain. She just kept touching me, making sure I was perfectly smooth. I’m sure she could tell I was getting wet.”

Will fought the urge to explode once again as Becca began to gently pump his cock. “So when she’s done, she touches my labia again and says I’m perfectly smooth. Then she asks if I want the backdoor done too. I didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about, so I just sort of stared at her. She gives me this smile, and puts her finger on my asshole.”

Will felt his cock spasm in Becca’s hand with her last word. “Wait what?” While he was loving every second of Becca’s story, it felt less than professional.

“That’s exactly what I thought!” Becca exclaimed. “I was so shocked. I didn’t know anyone would do that, and I sure as fuck didn’t expect her to touch me there.”

Becca paused for a moment, “but holy fuck it felt good, Will.” Her breath became ragged as she relived the experience. “I didn’t know what to say, I just sat there, loving the feeling of her finger on my ass. I decided to go for it, I mean what the hell…” her voice trailed off once again.

“So she waxed my ass. Same thing as before, just slow and gentle when she touched nilüfer escort me. I felt her breath on my asshole, and kept hoping she would just go for it, start eating my ass. She didn’t, but when she was done, she slid just the tip of her finger into my ass. I almost fucking came,”

Once again, Will had to fight off an orgasm. “This sounds like a fucking porno…” he began.

“I know!” Becca shouted. “It was fucking ridiculous, but it worked. I’ve never even touched a girl before, but I was just laying there, hoping she’d spread my legs and eat me out.”

“Of course she didn’t,” Becca continued. “She told me I was good to go, and disappeared.”

“What did you do?” Will asked incredulously.

“I layed there for a second. I seriously considered masturbating right then and there, but I kept it together. I put my clothes on, drove home and masturbated in my bed like a normal person.”

Will lay in stunned silence for a moment, enjoying the feeling of Becca’s hand still gently playing with his cock.

“I made another appointment for a couple weeks from now,” Will’s curiosity returned to him once again, “but after tonight, I’ll probably cancel.”

Will’s surprise must have shown on his face, Becca released his cock as she continued in a more serious voice, “look, I know I said we could save the emotional stuff for tomorrow, but I want this to be more than hooking up. I care about you, and tonight has me thinking maybe this could be something really special.”

Will could hear the sincerity in Becca’s voice, and see the emotion in her eyes. “I’d like that,” Will felt a surge of happiness as the words left his lips. Becca immediately kissed him with more fervor than she had all night.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way,” Becca’s seductive voice returned to her, and she moved Will’s hand back to her ass, which he promptly squeezed, “The real reason I told you that story, is that I really, really want you to eat my ass,”

Will nodded immediately. “Can’t say no to that ass,” he replied. Becca giggled, and lay on her stomach. Will climbed on top of her, his face only inches from her ass. He took a moment to enjoy the ass he had been grabbing all night. He kneaded the soft, pale flesh of her ass, and placed small kisses and licks on either side.

After a moment, he spread the cheeks of her ass to reveal the dark pink, tightly-puckered bud of her asshole. Will stared for a moment, before pressing his tongue into her ass. Becca moaned as soon as he made contact, and Will began to gently lick at her asshole.

“Oh my fucking god, Will,” Becca moaned as his licking became more urgent. He could feel the impossibly tight ring of muscle spasm beneath his tongue and pressed the tip of his tongue into her, trying to slide his tongue as deeply into her ass as he could reach.

“Finger,” Becca managed to blurt out, and Will eagerly obliged. He removed his tongue and replaced it with his index finger, gently sliding inside of her tight asshole. Within seconds, the finger was buried fully within her. He could feel the tightness around the base of his finger, and the silky soft, warm inside of her ass. He began to pump in and out, softly at first, but quickly gaining in speed and intensity.

Becca moaned loudly as Will fingered her ass with increasing urgency. After several moments, a second finger slid into her, stretching her tightly puckered anus even further, and driving Becca to the edge of climax yet again. Will frantically fucked her impossibly tight ass with two fingers, drawing louder and louder moans from Becca. Finally, a breathy, high-pitched yelp escaped türbanlı escort her lips, and Will felt the tight ring of muscle squeeze his two fingers eagerly pumping inside of her ass. His fingers slowed, and Will gently pulled them out of Becca’s ass. Her tight asshole continued to expand and contract, and Will eagerly slid his tongue into her again.

“Oh my fucking god, Will.” Becca managed to say. He slowly and methodically allowed his tongue to probe her asshole as her orgasm faded.

“Come up here,” Becca said as she regained her breath. Will reluctantly pulled his tongue out of Becca’s ass and laid next to her. Becca rolled over to face him, and pulled Will into a deep kiss that lasted for several minutes. Once again, Will was lost in bliss, thinking of nothing but the incredible girl now laying on top of him, kissing him passionately.

Finally, the two broke apart. Becca smiled at him, and Will smiled back before even pausing to consider. “You’re fucking incredible,” she said to him.

Will laughed in disbelief, “not sure what I’m doing right, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it too.”

“You’re doing everything right. Best sex I’ve ever had. Easily.”

“Seriously?” Will found it hard to believe his first effort was anything beyond adequate.

“No question,” she replied with another sly smile, “you listen. You find all the right spots, and you’re enthusiastic with that talented tongue.”

Will felt a rush of smug satisfaction, and promptly grabbed Becca’s ass yet again. He was enjoying the feeling of kneading the soft flesh of her ass, with his cock pressing into her hip, when a thought came to him. “Seems like you really enjoy it when I play with your ass,” Will began tentatively.

“Mmm I really, really do.” Becca replied. Her tone was dreamy and absentminded.

“So… what would you say to me fucking you in the ass?” Will blurted out, hoping he was not pressing his luck too far.

Will could feel Becca giggle with her head resting on his chest. “Suppose I should have known you’d ask about that,” Becca replied. Will’s nervousness only compounded, hoping he had not gone too far.

“I’m totally down. Anal is probably pretty vanilla compared to you tasting my pee, honestly.” Will relaxed and enjoyed a laugh with the girl still laying on top of him. He was relieved she was not offended by the idea, and eager to feel the tightness of her ass around his cock.

“We need lube though. I don’t think this is going in my ass without it,” she grabbed Will’s cock as she spoke. He knew immediately she was right.

“It’s only 1:30, I’m sure there’s a sex shop open somewhere…” Will’s voice trailed off.

“If I had a change of clothes, I’d be down, honestly.” Once again, Will knew Becca’s response was reasonable. The thought of visiting a sex shop in their prom night best sounded absurd.

“Maybe tomorrow?” Will’s hope was restored as she spoke. “We’ll have more fun anyway. We can take our time. I’ve never been to a sex shop before, I’m sure it will be a fun experience together.”

“That sounds great,” Will replied. He knew she was right.

“Just text me when you’re awake. I’ve got nothing going on tomorrow, I’m all yours if you want. I’ll bring some pot, too.” Becca paused for a moment, and then dropped her voice to a whisper, “if you drive, I’ll suck your cock in the car.”

Will felt his erection once again spasm in Becca’s hand.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ for hanging out tomorrow, then?” Becca asked in that knowing, seductive tone that was beginning to drive Will wild.

“Bet your sweet ass that’s a ‘yes'”

“Was that just an expression, or is my ass really sweet?”

“I’d eat it for dessert any time,” Will retorted. He gave her ass a sharp slap as he spoke. Becca yelped in response.

“I’ll take you up on that offer…” Becca’s voice trailed off…

To be continued… again.

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