A Quick One

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Big Dicks

He’s the mid 40s muscle stud daddy who picked me up in the hotel bar. I’m the horny stud muffin, 20 years younger. We’d chatted and joked at the bar, half watching a hockey game on a big screen TV on the wall. We were getting along. I liked his style, his confident, masculine presence, and the way he put me at ease. It was clear he was interested in me, me in my jeans and tight t-shirt under a black sports coat.

When we were a couple of drinks into it I excused myself to hit the head. He came along. We stood side by side at the urinal and after about 3 seconds of pissing, checked each other out. When I felt him look over I stepped back a little and dropped my hand so he could see better if he wanted. I looked at him and he was watching, with a grin on his face. I looked down at his prick, dark and thick, pulsing a fast stream of piss. When he’d squeezed off the last couple of shots he stroked his cock for me, giving me a good look.

He stepped back and zipped up, “lets get out of here,” he said.

We didn’t say anything in the elevator, just checked each other out. I could tell he was happy to be taking a young, good-looking guy to his room. I felt like it was an adventure. I wasn’t all that experienced with guys, but I was a born horn dog and up for just about anything.

He’s leaning back on the couch, shirt off. I’m kneeling next to him running my hands over his bare chest and tweaking his nips as we make out. His chest is dark with hair and heavily muscled. His belly is hard and hairy right down to the waist of his trousers. I’m going in for feels of his crotch and am impressed by that big dick of his, half hard under the fabric.

God you are a stud! I said, meaning it as I came up for air from one of those long hot kisses that were making me weak in the knees and hard in my pants. I am so glad I let you talk me into coming up here, I said. I really like hot older men. You are such a man, I said, and I feel like I’m just a kid.

Just a horny kid, I murmured as I went in for another kiss, feeling his hot, hard, hairy chest. He thrust his tongue deep into my mouth and I sucked on it, loving it.

We broke. And you are the hottest little boy toy, he said. So smooth and nice. He’d lifted my t-shirt and was running his hands over my chest and belly. His hot, firm touch felt terrific. I could just eat you up, he said.

I leaned back, tore off my t-shirt and leaned forward to press my tit to his mouth. He sucked on to it instantly, sending chills down my spine. I put my hands on the back of his head and pulled him to me. Oh yeah, suck on my nips, lick me, bite me if you want, make me horny you stud, do me good!

He was into tit play or dirty talk, or both because he did me righteous on both nips for a couple of minutes. His avid enthusiasm turned me on as much as anything,

I’d been kneeling next to him, but now I was straddling his leg and it felt good to rus escort have his thick, muscular thigh between my legs.

I want to show you something, I said, leaning back and unbuttoning my jeans. I didn’t have any underwear on so my cock popped right out. Look how hard I am for you, I said. Look how turned on you’ve got me! A big drop of precum glistened on my cock head. I put my finger to it, then smeared it on my lips. I went in for another kiss and he sucked and nibbled all over my hungry mouth.

That is a nice dick, he said, pausing and looking down. What are you, seven and a half or something? I grinned. I like having a big dick and I like to have it appreciated.

Yeah, I said. Wanna see? I got off the couch, stood up and quickly kicked off my shoes, socks and blue jeans. It felt great to stand naked in front of him. I teased him with little poses.

Well, he said, standing, its time you saw what you’ve done to me.

He was out of his clothes quickly and I got a good look at that hot cock of his. It was as thick of mine, probably an inch and a half longer, and it was darker than mine, much darker, heavily veined, dangerous looking.

I was down on my knees in a second, grabbing his big shaft, lifting it and burying my face in his crotch down there under his balls. I could feel his big hairy sack on my cheek as I pressed my face into his hairy crotch, drinking in his scent. I licked up one side of the underside of his cock, then down the other. Mmmm, I moaned, I love your cock! Jesus, you’re such a stud! Look at you! I looked up at him, all muscular and hairy. He was looking down at me with a sexy gleam in his eye and a grin on his face.

All right, my boy, he said, it’s time to suck Daddy’s dick. Oh yeah, I breathed and went down on him. Big, shiny, smooth, and hard, I sucked and licked that beautiful cock like a man possessed. It was such a turn on that I couldn’t stop. Until, finally, I had to.

I looked up at him, grinning. I wiped the spit from my face with the back of my hand. Do you like that? I asked. Do you like the way I suck your prick? I kept pumping it slowly with my hand while I caught my breath.

Oh, yeah I do! He said. You are one hot little cocksucker. Do you think you’re ready to try to take it down your throat? How hungry for my cock are you really?

I just nodded. I took his cock in my mouth and opened as wide as I could, looking up at him. I put my hands on his hips and pulled. His cock slid into the back of my throat, then stopped. I made noises for him to go ahead and he put his hands on my head and pressed slowly into me. His cock slid in an inch or so, then my gag reflex kicked in and I backed off choking, my eyes streaming with tears. I took a breath, then went down on him again. He pushed and he went in deeper. I half gagged, and backed off. The next time I went down on him it slid yenimahalle escort all the way in and my lips and face pressed into his hairy belly. My throat was chock full of his thick tool. I was experiencing huge rushes of sexual pleasure and if I’d touched my prick, I would have exploded. But I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Before I came, I wanted him to fuck my throat. I wanted him to enjoy having a hot, young guy worship his big prick. He did. He started up a slow, steady tempo, holding on to my head and talking dirty to me, telling me how hot my mouth was, how good my throat felt wrapped around his big cock. How much he liked feeding his cock to fresh young meat. I could feel him getting harder and harder. I thought he would blow any second and I was eager for it.

But he pulled away at what I think was the last second and we both were panting and sweating and grinning at each other.

My turn, he said, and pushed back me onto the couch. He got between my legs and for 15 minutes gave me the most exquisite, edgy, blow job. I was moaning and begging for more. He gave me more.

He pushed my knees back and exposed by ass. He began riming me and tongue fucking my ass and I thought I was going to explode!

Oh my god, that’s so hot! I exclaimed. Your tongue is driving me crazy. I love it. I grunted and moaned as he lost himself in rimming me and tongue fucking me. My dick was huge, laying on my belly, drooling precum everywhere.

He pressed a bent knuckle into my ass hole, stretching it at the same time he pressured the whole sensitive area between my balls and my asshole. It was fabulous, I was squirming and moaning in pleasure.

You like that huh, he said. You like having your ass worked. Do you think you might like more?

Oh yeah, stud, I said. I’ll do whatever you want. Do you want my ass? You want to bury that big cock up in my belly? Huh stud? You want me to be your little bitch this afternoon, take your big cock into my hot little ass? I was loving opening up to him this way, taunting him at the same time that I unburdened myself, admitting to the hot river of lust that was running deep inside me. You want to use me, I said, taking my dick into my hand and stroking it, you want to use my little boy ass? You think you’re man enough to take my ass? Are you perverted enough to fuck me? I’m young enough to be your son.

I could see I’d hit a nerve. His eyes were hooded, his mouth was slack. Sweat was running through the hair on his chest. He was breathing hard.

I’m young enough to be your son, I said, again, but it’s ok. You can do me. You can fuck me. You can do anything you want with me. You’re a stud. You’re a hot, hairy stud and you can do anything you want with me. I’ll do anything you want.

He’d been twisting his knuckle back and forth in my ass and I was burning back there, eager for whatever.

All right, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get he said.

He positioned himself between my legs and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I could feel his prick swinging between my open thighs. He positioned himself with one hand and I could feel the hot, blunt head of his cock at the portal to my ass. It felt fantastic.

I looked up at him through a haze of lust. Oh you’re a stud, I said, you’re such a stud, a man stud, a muscle stud. I was running my hands over his hairy chest, feeling his bulging pecs and squeezing his the big biceps of his smooth, muscular arms.

Come on stud, I said, chanting from some deep place, stud me, stud me, slide that big prick into me, I was looking him right in the eyes. He was off somewhere else. He pressed into me slowly. It hurt, but I didn’t care. When he popped into me it was a searing pain and I screamed, but not in agony, in total lust and commitment to this frenzied act of unbridled sexual passion. I clutched at his arms to stop him from moving and he held still. The only movement was my cock bobbing on my belly, drooling, as my heart pounded in my chest and my pulse raced in my ears.

I looked up at him and nodded that it was all right to press in. He did, for just a half-inch or so, and then pulled out. He leaned down and ravaged my mouth again with his tongue. I wrapped my arms around his big back and pressed up against him feeling his sweaty hairy chest on mine.

He pushed himself up, hands on either side of me once more and pressed his cock into me again. This time it went right in as I gasped. Oh stud, I said in a voice that sounded panicked with excitement, that feels so good! Slide that big hot man cock into me. Yeah, slide it it, Yeah, all the way.

When it was all the way in he paused for a moment and I had a chance to look up at the handsome, hairy muscle stud who was fucking me. God he was a stud! A man, fully grown. Then suddenly I got this rush thinking how much he liked it. I could see that he was with me, but off in the land of ecstasy at the same time. It made me feel powerful and good.

Come on stud, I whispered, give it to me. Fuck me good now. Long and slow. Give it to me. He did, for the next 15 minutes he fucked in and out of my ass, altering his pace, changing his position, and fucking me thoroughly and well. I could barely touch my cock it was so hard and I was right on the edge of coming the whole time.

Now I needed to get off, so I began to work on him verbally again. I wanted him to cum so that I could, too. Come on stud, I said, fuck your little boy, fuck his little ass with your big daddy dick. You’re a perv. You fuck boys asses. I love your fucking stud dick. I’m you’re little boy, your little bitch. Fuck me. I reached up and took his nipples between my fingers, twisting and pulling. That did it.

He began to bellow and buck as he came. All I had to do was stroke my dick once, then twice, then three times and I was coming, screaming and coming, shooting huge jets of cum onto my belly as he squirted his load deep in my ass. Neither of us could stop, we just orgasmed and squirted and pulsed until, spent, we collapsed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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