A Quickie 04: Magda

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My little garage/apartment was finally reaping the benefits of my labours. A steady stream of girls were enjoying my company in a secluded little place.

It seemed that there was no shortage of girl-meat either as it dawned on me that not only men were horny. Some of the girls have been…well, let’s say bloodthirsty.

And so we come to one of my latest regulars.

Magdalene, or Magda, as we started to call her at the factory, was practically an Amazon woman.

She was tall with big breasts and usually came to work wearing just a plain white t-shirt and most-importantly, a pair of black skin-tight slacks.

We couldn’t tell whether the slacks were worn, rolled on, or simply painted on her legs. Sometimes during the induction training, when her chair was in the sun (usually on purpose), the light was just right that we could absolutely see her cunt, no details spared, through the pants.

There was always a free for all for the chairs during lessons. And that is how we got to have a conversation one afternoon.

“So. Chris, tell me. Do you think I don’t know what’s happening here?” she asked when we were alone in the office just after one of these training sessions.

“What, if anything, is happening?” I replied, curiosity on my face, but not wanting to reveal too much.

“Hell, even a blind man can see that there is a certain anxiety from you guys to sit close to me. I’m guessing here that I’m making you all hot and bothered. But it can’t be just that, right?”

Well Magda had many attributes, but shyness was certainly not one of them. So I decided to come out straight.

“Do you mind if you just sit where you are and let me take a photograph?” I asked her.

“Sure. Fire away.” She replied.

I took out our trusty Fuji Digital, tried to catch the most favorable light position Konya Escort and clicked away. I beckoned Magda to the PC and downloaded the photos.

She gasped as I clicked on the first one. There, outlined in all its’ glory was Magda’s sweet pussy, lips standing out in fine detail, with a lovely little raisin that was her clit.

“Now you see why we fight for a place beside you? The sight of your cunt is driving everyone crazy. And you know what? It’s driving me mad too! I have a mind to take you to my place and screw your brains out!”

She grinned sheepishly. “I thought it was something like that. Not wearing underwear was how I get my kicks…and this is even better. You really got a place for screwing?”

“I sure have. Many girls have taken the road to it.” I replied.

“Wow. Makes me curious. You want to go there? Like now?”

“I don’t want to pressure you, but I want to suck on your pussy so hard, I can practically taste it.” I told her.

“Christ, if you continue to talk like that I’ll cream my pants, and you don’t want that here do you.”

“No Magda, I want you to cream in my mouth first. Then I am going to shove my thick dick down your pussy.”

She shivered with delight, and got up from her chair, body stretching like a cat.

We made our way out, and two minutes later, my car was once again rolling in the garage. Jumping out of my little sportster, I took off her slacks without hesitation or foreplay, before pushing Magda on the hood of my car, and spreading her legs wide open.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “That is huge!”

The huge bit was her clitoris, already fully extended. It was jutting proudly out if its’ hood, a full inch in length. As I looked at it closely, I thought that it looked just like a little penis.

I lowered my face and simply sucked Konya Escort Bayan the little bugger in. Magda gasped at the contact. I pleasured her by forming an ‘O’ with my lips and sucked on her clit as if it were a dick.

She bucked, pulled painfully at my hair, and screamed loudly as she came. I was startled. Magda was such a screamer. And a gusher. A veritable stream of sweet sweet pussy juice had come pouring out, and I lapped all of it, sucking on her clit until she came again, writhing and wriggling on my car hood.

Finally she relaxed, spent with the force of her orgasm. I got up and took my pants off, revealing my thick dick to her.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned. “That will never fit inside me. It’s so thick, and I am so tight there.”

“Then you’ll enjoy it even more.” I said, as I rubbed my head up and down her opening, lubricating an already wet head.

I pushed in and she wailed as she felt my thickness stretch her out. I pushed in three inches inside before I felt her tightness envelop my dick-head in a vice. It was exquisite, and I can honestly say I have never felt my dick squeezed like that.

It took all of my willpower not to come immediately. I clenched my ass-cheeks to keep the feeling away. I wanted to enjoy this battle. A long, drawn-out fight for orgasm.

I pulled back an inch or so, and pushed again.

“Ahhh, you’re splitting me. It won’t fit, it won’t fit.” She kept repeating over and over again.

“Take it easy, it’ll fit no worries.” I told her, as I sawed in and out of her, opening her tunnel a little bit more each time.

“See?” I told her, as I pushed all the way in.

“Fits like a glove”

“Oh my,” she breathed “I can feel it up my stomach. Look at the bulge it’s making, the little darling. Pump me, come on.”

And I pumped her, Escort Konya delighting at the little gasps she made as I bottomed out. She may have had a big body, but her pussy was very shallow and tight. I guess this made for better sex, and one of the reasons why she had an enormous clit. I, for one, was enjoying it tremendously anyway.

We continued groaning and straining for a few minutes before I felt the familiar tingling in my balls.

“Oh God!” I panted, “I’m coming…it’s gonna be big!”

“Me too, come in me.” she moaned as she drew in big breaths.

“Oh, oh , oh……..ohhh” Magda screamed as I pumped my seed in her, seeing stars with the effort.

Suddenly she stiffened as she came violently, squirting all over my stomach. I looked in awe as she came for what seemed like three minutes. Her eyes rolled, her body shuddered with the intensity, hands rubbing at her massive clit.

A few moments later she slumped back on the bed, nearly unconscious with the effort.

“Wow,” she breathed, “I have never ever come like that in my life. Ever. I want you. Please say we can do this again.”

“Hey relax, we can do this as much as you want. During the day, that is.” I replied, as I slumped beside her.

Magda was unashamedly basking in the after-glow of sex, legs splayed shamelessly, masturbating again.

I admit I love a woman who is free with her body.

Her jerking took on a faster speed as she came again, squirting all over the carpet one more time. I dove onto her pussy, and sucked her clit to oblivion, making her come again.

She finally pushed me away, trembling.

“No more…no more. I can’t take it. Come on, let me taste my clit on your tongue.”

We French-kissed madly, entwining our bodies passionately.

“You know what? I’d love to taste a clit sometime. Men go crazy for it, so I suppose it must be good.”

“I’ll tell you what Magda. I’ll set you up with someone who doesn’t mind whether she’s making love to a boy or a girl. How about it?”

“I like you already,” She whispered, as she dropped off to sleep.

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