A Romantic Night In

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I invited you over to watch a movie. This was nothing new as we watched movies at each others apartments all the time, so you expected nothing. You got there right on time, as always. But the look on your face when you walked in was priceless. On the coffee table, I had set a tablecloth with a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. I had two candles set up as well. You wanted to know the occasion but there wasn’t one. You would see what was special about tonight later. I poured the champagne while you lit the candles and then I flipped the lights. We cuddled on the floor and watched the movie like there was nothing special, just an ordinary night in. A little ways into the movie I grabbed your hand and scooted in a little closer to you. You wrapped your arm around me. Everything was going exactly to plan.

About midway through the movie I looked at you, and you looked at me. I kissed you ever so softly. We kissed like that, just soft, little kisses, for a while. It was so romantic. I finally turned back to the movie, but I could feel you still looking at me, probably wondering what the hell I was doing, as this was very out of character for me. I was usually more urgent with my kissing, like I was putting out a fire. A little bit later, I moved my hand and put it on your leg. I heard your breathing skip a little and couldn’t help but grin. I started rubbing your leg, ever so lightly, just barely grazing my fingers over your thigh. I could tell I was getting to you a little…you kept taking deep breathes like you were trying to maintain your composure. When the movie finally ended I knew there was no going back on my plan. I looked at you and we kissed again, this time with more urgency, more intensity. I stopped you though, and stood up. You just looked at me. I took you by the hand and pulled you to your feet and led you to my room, where we shut Kütahya Escort and locked the door.

I couldn’t decide if you had any idea what I was planning yet. As soon as the door closed though I kissed you with a passion and urgency I had never showed you before. We stumbled our way to the bed and you were on top. We made out for a while just like that, just showing each other how much we cared. But this was not the plan of tonight. I turned you over so I was top, and then pulled you up so I was sitting in your lap. You were confused, I could tell, but your eyes were tracing a line from my eyes to my chest and back again and I was about to ease your curiosity. I pulled my shirt up over my head and for the first time you saw me, with only a lacy bra between my skin and your eyes. As soon as I went to grab my shirt your eyes got a little wide. I leaned in and kissed you again and this time your hands started wondering and it was wonderful. After a few minutes the bra came off too and you finally got to see me. I could tell from the look in your eyes you were trying to take me in all at once. Then it was like a fire was lit because you flipped me over, got on top, held my arms over my head and we kissed like never before. You attacked my neck and nibbled my ears and moved down to my chest.

My plan so far was going well, but I wasn’t done just yet. I grabbed your hand and moved it to my chest so you were holding my boob and held your hand there. You started grabbing and twisting and pulling on my nip and it felt so good. But this wasn’t your final stop. I took your hand again and started moving it a little lower, down until our hands were at the seam of my shorts. You stopped everything at that second and just gave me a look. Your eyes asked me the question, “Are you sure?” I just nodded and moved your hand over my shorts and you touched my crotch over my clothes. Our hands Kütahya Escort Bayan laid there together for a few seconds then I started moving my hand a little and you followed suit, giving me a pleasure I had never imagined before. After a few I moved your hand back to the seam of shorts, and this time you didn’t have to ask, you knew. Your hand went down and you touched my sex for the first time. At that first touch I took in a huge breath in. You didn’t miss a beat though because your lips landed on mine at that exact second. We kissed while you explored me for the first time and I was moaning into your mouth. My breathing started getting really labored and you knew I was close. You found my clit and rubbed it ever so gently and I was arching my back and pushing myself harder against you.

You started asking me what I wanted and I told you I wanted you in me. You moved your hand down and put a finger in me. My eyes flew open at the new feeling. You started telling me how tight I was and I was just moaning and breathing so hard. Then you squeezed a second finger in and started moving in and out. I told you I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long between breaths. You pulled out and attacked my clit hard and rough. I actually yelled out loud as my orgasm swept over me. I grabbed the back of your head and pulled your lips against mine and you just kept at my clit, not letting up. I finally had to pull your hand away I couldn’t handle it anymore. You then sucked my cum off your fingers and put a finger in my mouth and I sucked my own cum off your hand. You kissed me again and we just laid there and cuddled for a while.

After we laid there, I turned and looked at you and just smiled. I kissed you ever so lightly, just little pecks. Those pecks shortly turned into a make out session that made my heart race. But it was not my turn for pleasure this time; this round Escort Kütahya was all about you. I whipped around so I was on top. I took your arms and held them over your head and, as part of the plan, I had a black silk scarf ready to tie your arms to the headboard. Your eyes got so wide. I leaned back and told you to try to get away. You squirmed a little and couldn’t get loose, which satisfied me. I then worshiped your body from your lips, all over your face, nibbled your ears, your neck, gave you a little hickey, and moved down to your chest. I took your breast into my mouth and you took a deep breath in. At that, I took the other in my hand and twisted and pulled and you started moaning. At this point I quit and kissed you again. You tried to lean into the kiss, to get more contact with me, but I wasn’t allowing that. I could tell you were getting so turned on.

It was at this point that there was no turning back. I worked my hands down slowly to your crotch and rubbed you. Your eyes were already huge and I planned on making them open even wider. I was ever so slow, letting you just ride the pleasure I was giving you. I started putting fingers into you and you started telling me what you wanted, begging me to go faster. I started moving my fingers faster, pumping in and out of you. But then I stopped, twisted my fingers up and rubbed your g-spot. Your face was indescribable. To top it off, I took my other hand and started rubbing your clit hard and fast and you came on me like you never had before. You finally had to beg me stop because you couldn’t handle it anymore. I pulled out and crawled up and kissed you and untied you. We just lay there, lost in the moment and in each others arms. I think we could have laid there forever.

When we finally pulled ourselves away from each other and went back to the living room, we found the strawberries and champagne still out on the table and decided to have a little snack. We fed each other and crossed arms with the glasses and just acted all cute and romantic. It was probably the most magical night we had spent together so far in our relationship, but I was confident in future evenings that were just as incredible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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