A Room With A View

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Anonymous Sex

I want to tell you a story. Yes, it’s an “erotic” tale because it involves sex. It also involves my son. But, it’s not a story about sex between my son and I. I don’t think sex has to be physical necessarily. I think there is a physical side of sex – intercourse, petting, oral sex – things like that. But I think there can be sex on a emotional level as well: a connection, of a erotic nature, between two people that can be just as satisfying as any physical act. I’ve had this connection with my son and I’m going to share it with you.

I lost my husband to cancer when my son Mark was very young. I never remarried because I was never able to find someone as special, as loving and as caring as my husband. I saw other men very infrequently until Mark was about 15 years old, when I felt he was of an age when he would be all right with the fact that his mother could and should have relationships with other men. And, when I started to date again, Mark never said a word about it and if anything, encouraged me to get out there and meet new people. His only concern, really, was that I date men that respected me and treated me well.

Mark went away to college briefly when he was 18 but returned home to go to a local university. While I would have gladly paid for him to live at school, Mark decided he wanted to live at home with me in our house. We didn’t live in a big place at the time: a 3 bedroom house with 2 floors and a loft/attic space that was always my son’s room. Having him back at home wasn’t a big deal since we had lived together for so long and I actually enjoyed having another person around.

I had been seeing a guy off and on for about a year and though we lived separately, he was always around. Mark and my boyfriend, Alan, got along quite well so it wasn’t a problem for anyone. Mark also had someone too: a young woman by the name of Pamela who I liked and who would often come over. I could never tell if she thought the living situation was awkward or not but in any case, she went along with it. Alan would occasionally stay the night either because he didn’t feel like going back to his house or we both wanted to be “intimate” together. On these occasions Mark would quietly slip out of our home and stay out really late with friends or sleep out Pamela’s place.

One night last winter, Alan took me out for a movie and dinner. Afterwards, he drove me home and I persuaded him to come inside. While I didn’t tell Mark that Alan would be staying, he knew that we were going out and therefore there was a chance Alan would come back with me. When we pulled up to our house and I didn’t see Mark’s car, I just assumed that he wasn’t there and wouldn’t be back for sometime. So, Alan and I went into the house, which seemed empty, and had a glass of wine on the couch while listening to some music. We started kissing, it got hotter and heavier and I moved things upstairs to my bedroom.

I guess we were so preoccupied with lust that I forgot to close my door all the way. By the time I noticed this fact, Alan was busy kissing my body and I was too consumed with passion, as it were, to shut the door. My lover stripped naked and as I lay on the bed, proceeding to slowly remove my clothes. He started with my skirt which had been unzipped earlier and pulled it off of me in one motion. Underneath I was wearing a pair of black panties covered with sheer pantyhose. Through the nylon material he touched my legs and thighs and gave me a quick, warm kiss on my pussy. Alan then straddled me and unbuttoned my blouse so that my stomach, bra and chest were exposed. He leaned over and delicately kissed my neck while caressing my hips. I loved the way he touched me and already, Alan had me going.

He then sat up again and undid my bra, which was held together with a clasp in the front. Cupping my breasts in his hands, he fondled them gently; running his thumbs over my nipples and giving my tits a soft squeeze. I looked down and saw that Alan was sporting a huge erection by this point so I reached around and pushed on his ass, suggesting that he should kneel closer to my face. Changing positions slightly so that Alan could continue to touch my tits, I turned on my side and began to give him little kisses on his dick. Then I propped myself up on an elbow and took his member in my mouth. Alan wasn’t a spectacularly well endowed man, but his size and girth were enough to be a mouthful. I sucked his cock with vigor until he moved his hand from my tits to my crotch. Alan was a superb lover with this tongue and mouth and I took full advantage of his talent. With me continuing to stroke his sex, he pull my pantyhose and underwear down off my ass and pushed them to my knees. I let go of his dick and Alan crawled to the foot of the bed, istanbul escort pulling the clothes from my legs. Then – this is my favorite – he took hold of my hips and lifted the lower half of my body off the bed so that my pussy was level with his face.

He started with a few juicy kisses and then softly licked along the folds of my snatch with his tongue. When he really got down to it, eating me out, I took my breasts in hand and squeezed them, stimulating my nipples to erection. I was in heaven: I closed my eyes briefly and let Alan pleasure me. When I opened my eyes, I stared absently at the ceiling then my eyes wandered lazily around the room: first the window, then the wall, then the door…

What I saw on the other side of the door made me jump. Alan stopped pleasuring me and asked what was wrong. He saw me looking over at the door and turned his head in that direction. “Ah, it was nothing. Go on!” I whispered. I closed my eyes for a couple seconds because what, or rather who, I saw wasn’t at the door anymore. However, when I opened them, I saw my son peering in at as.

I didn’t jump this time. The fact the Mark was spying on us just stunned me. Why would he do that? Well, I could see him taking a look and then moving on; but lingering there, the was different. I didn’t want to tip Alan off. I thought that would make the situation creepier so I let my lover continue. I was also hoping that my son would leave.

Alan lay my ass down, got up from the bed and went over to my dresser, opening the drawer where I kept the condoms. I looked over at the door: Alan must have at least glanced in that direction when he left the bed and I was worried he would see Mark. But when I looked, Mark was there. Alan came back toward the bed, ripping over a condom packet and smiling. My mind wasn’t really focused on sex at that particular moment and my lover had to slap my leg to get my attention.

“Is there something wrong, honey?” Alan asked. He was holding the base of his cock and unrolling the condom down his shaft.

“Oh, not at all.” I answered. “Come on baby! Give it to me!” I reached down and parted my pussy lips, inviting Alan to enter me. He crawled on the bed and positioned his dick at the entrance of my snatch. When he entered me, filling me up completely, it felt so good that I completely dismissed my son figuring he had finally left. Alan wrapped his arms around me, holding me close, slowly and gently fucking me. I closed my eyes and experienced the pleasure. I opened them just a crack after several minutes and looked at the door again. Mark was back.

I guess my son didn’t think that I noticed his presence because he was much more visible then before. In fact, he had taken his cock out and was pumping it in his fist. While I knew what he was doing was wrong, the sight of Mark getting off by watching me, well, turned me on. I kept my eyes closed as much as I could while still being able to see and I acted like Alan was really doing it for me. In reality, was getting me wet was my son. Alan, at that point, was only a secondary pleasure for me. He provided physical stimulation but Mark was the one turning me on.

My lover fucked me for a while and then he came close to cumming. Like always, Alan began to grunt and grip my skin tighter. At the same time, I saw Mark’s face grow tight and concentrated and he jerked on his cock faster. Apparently, he was close to cumming too. So, I decided to egg them both on. “That’s it baby. Come for me.” I said loudly. “Oh yea, I cumming too.” In fact, I was.

Alan was definitely shooting his load in the condom and my orgasm started to mount. Meanwhile, Mark had cupping his other hand around the tip of dick; I suppose, to catch the semen. The though of my son cumming took me over the edge. I started to let out a scream as my pussy gently contracted. I closed my eyes and let Alan cum until he was finished his cock was going limp. When I opened my eyes and looked at the door, Mark was gone.

That night, I had plenty of time to think about what happened. While I’ll admit my son turned me on, I realized that the situation was wrong. However, I came to the conclusion that as long as it was a one time occurrence, and it was never mentioned between my son and I, I would let it pass.

The next morning Alan left early for work and after waking up late, I headed downstairs for breakfast. Mark was sitting at the table and I considered turning around and gong back upstairs. But, my plan was to be cool, so I went into the kitchen. Mark bid me a good morning while I got a cup of coffee, and I sat down at the table. We talked a little bit and things seemed to be okay.

Mark avcılar escort had to leave to for school but before he left he said: “Mom, um, Pam’s going to come over tonight. She has a leak in her place and wanted to get away from the noise. So, you know, I thought she could stay over here.” I told my son I had no problem with it. “Well, Mom, um, we sort of wanted to be alone. You know? Do you think you could stay somewhere else tonight? Or, if you could just avoid us that would be okay too.” Then he said something odd. Well, the way he said it was odd: “If you could just avoid the living room. We’ll be in there. So, don’t disturb us. Okay? In the living room.” Before I could say anything, Mark left the house.

I knew I shouldn’t but I did: that night I camped out in my bedroom with the shades drawn, watching TV with the sound down low. Sure, my son’s warning could have been genuine but I felt he was giving me a subtle hint. He wanted me to be there that night. But why was I waiting for them? Why would I continue this taboo voyeur game between Mark and I? Well, I still can’t answer those questions fully. All I can say is that I was curious; curious to see what my sons intentions were.

At about nine I heard car doors slamming out in front of the house. I turned the TV off and crept to window, peering from behind the shade. I caught a glimpse of Pamela walking towards my home. Then I heard the front door opening so I rushed to my bedroom door, opening it slightly so I could hear what was going on.

“No, she’s not home. Don’t worry.” I heard Mark say. “She went over to Alan’s last night. Come on! Sit down on the couch and I’ll get you something to drink.” I shut my door and sat on the floor next me bed. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or what I was expected to do. But to be sure, I knew that I wanted to spy on my son and his girlfriend.

The stereo went on downstairs, playing soft jazz. For some reason, I don’t know why exactly, I thought this was a sign; a signal that Mark was sending me. I put on a pair of slippers, knowing they soften the noise from me walking on the wood floors. Opening my door slowly, I took easy, gentle steps towards the stairs. As I descended towards the first floor, I was able to discern Mark and Pam’s voice above the music.

“Shouldn’t we go upstairs?” Pamela asked.

“No. It’s okay. Really. Don’t worry.” Mark said. “Hmmm, you like that?”

Crouched on a step, I looked into the living room. The couch’s back was facing me but from my vantage point my son and his girlfriend from the shoulders up. Mark had his arm around Pamela and they were busy making out, giving each other sloppy, opened mouth kisses. I saw my son’s hands unbuttoning the young lady’s shirt starting from the collar and working his way down. He pushed the shirt off her shoulders and I had to strain to see her chest. Pam was wearing a simple white bra and while her breasts weren’t huge, they would be appealing to any man. She reached behind her and the bra straps went loose. Mark slipped his thumb under one of the straps and slipped it off her shoulder. Then, he pushed her back over the arm of the couch and leaned in to kiss her breasts. I could see clearly that her dark red nipples were erect and my son licked them with his tongue. Mark kissed her flesh for a bit then he sat up straight and he appeared to be fidgeting with his pants. When his girlfriend disappeared from my sight, leaning into his crotch I knew what was going on. Mark started to egg Pamela on a bit: “Oh yea. That’s feels so good baby. I love it when I’m with you.” But when he turned to me and looked me right in the eyes I knew who he was addressing.

I needed to get a better look. With Pamela occupied, I figured now would be the time to slip downstairs. Quietly, I went down the rest of the steps and flattened against the wall next to the living room. I craned my neck around the corner and looked in at the living room. Unfortunately, my perspective was worse because I love the height advantage. I didn’t know what to do: I wanted to be close but I didn’t want to go back to the stairs. There was another door into the living room from the kitchen and from there, I could get a better view of the action..

So I crept towards the kitchen and opened the door to the living room: the couch was perpendicular to door so from my perspective I could see my son’s back. I saw Mark look towards the stairs and when he didn’t see me, his head turned to search out where I was. When he looked towards the kitchen, he smiled a little bit. “Oh baby. Let’s get naked.” he told Pamela.

Mark stood up and quickly took of his shirt. Behind him Pamela and kicked her legs into the air and removed şirinevler escort her pants. She was completely naked and I caught of a glimpse of her dark pubic hair. Mark pushed his jeans down to the floor and used his feet to kick them off. He picked up his jeans, turned towards me, and lay his pants down on the arm of the couch. My son’s cock was stiff and standing upright.

“Aw honey, suck me cock a little more?” Mark asked his girlfriend. Pam sat on the edge of the couch and Mark stood in front of her, making a perfect profile for me to watch. Pamela took my son’s cock in her hand and put the tip in her mouth. With one forward motion, she took his entire length down her throat. I had never seen such a thing before. Mark held the back of her head and fucked her mouth with short, thrusts. It was the hottest thing I ever saw and I didn’t even realize that I had been touching myself. Through cotton panties, I could feel some dampness as I used my middle finger to rub my clit.

But the phone rang in the kitchen, right next to me and I jumped. I moved away from the door and towards a corner where two counter tops met. “Hold on! It may be my mom. I’ll be right back.” Mark said from the living room. The door swung open and Mark walked into the kitchen. He looked around, found me and smiled. “Hello?” Mark said into the phone. “Oh, hi Alan.” Mark was still looking at me but his cock was in his hand. “No, not tonight, no.” My son pumped his dick faster right in front of me. “Okay, I’ll tell her. Bye.” Mark put the phone back on the hook, looked into my eyes and went back into the other room.

The close encounter with my son left me thinking that this whole situation was really bad. The sexual game that we were playing was getting out of hand. As his mother, as the more mature party, I really should have put a stop to it. But in reality, I was right back at that door, peeping in at Mark and Pamela.

Pamela reclining on the sofa, her ass hanging off the edge of the seat with her feet in the air. Mark was on his knees, burring his face in her snatch and seeming to love every minute of it. I thought of Alan eating me out at first, and then his face was gradually replaced with my son’s. I wasn’t jealous of Pamela exactly but a small part of me wished I was in her position. Mark continued to give her pleasure until she began to moan. Pam tugged on his hair and he got up from between her legs and started to kiss her chest and neck. She reached for his cock, slid it along the length of her pussy until Mark found the entrance of her vagina. I could see the tip of his dick disappear into her snatch while Mark put a hand on each of Pamela’s knees, bracing both of them. Slowly, my son swung his hips until he was all the way inside his girlfriend. I watched the two fuck for a couple minutes and was very, very turned on. Pushing my sweat pants and underwear down to my thigh, I rubbed my hot, wet cunt and slipped a finger inside my pussy. Though I was really getting off, I had a strange urge: I wanted my son to see me turned on.

I crept back out of the kitchen and stood next to the stairs. I peeked into the living room, the couch’s back facing me, so that I could see Mark’s head, and Pam’s legs up in the air. I walked out into the doorway and waiting for Mark see his mother standing. He had closed his eyes but when he opened them, he was looking right at me. Slowly I pushed my pants and underwear down to my knees, exposing my bush to him. Not missing a beat, my son kept on fucking his girlfriend while saying: “Fuck yea. You look so good. So sexy. I love it.”. I started to touch myself again; parting my pussy lips and showing Mark my soft, pink flesh. His eyes were transfixed on my cunt while he pumped his girlfriend full of hot, hard dick. I knew he fucking her harder and harder because the sound of their skin slapping together was getting louder.

Pam began to cry out first. “Oh shit, I’m going to cum!” She screamed. Mark’s trance was broken and he looked down at her. “Cum baby! Cum!” Mark told her. He looked back up at me, his eyes focused, jaw tight and sweat forming on his brow. I could tell he was trying to keep it together for as long as possible. Me? As soon as I heard his girlfriend scream I began to cum. While fingering my pussy, I rubbed my clit with my thumb, letting the feeling take over. Pam and I practically climaxed together and are orgasms both subsided at the same time but Mark’s was just beginning. His head began to shake and I just saw his face release all the tension and let it flow out of his dick. “Cum in me Mark. Do it.” Pam said. I retreated behind the wall and looked around into the living room as my son came. His whole body was flushed and covered in sweat by the time he was done. He gave me one last look before leaning over and kissing his girlfriend. I took the time to grab my clothes and head back upstairs.

Like I said at the beginning of the story: This was a very intense sexual moment between my son and I. Although we never touched, there was an erotic connection that I had never experienced before but hope to relive again.

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