A Simply Sublime Time

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It was a simply sublime afternoon. Sublime, intriguing, stimulating, satisfying and absolutely mind blowingly fucking exciting.

They had met in the bar of the hotel. A brief kiss on the cheek and a glass each of dry white wine before lunch. They ate sparingly, pasta and salads, but befitting the reason for them meeting, they drank nearly two bottles of a full bodied Rioja. Ignoring the glances of the other diners they wandered out of the dining room and over to the lifts smiling and nodding to each other. In the empty lift they kissed fully for the first time for nearly six weeks. Holding hands they walked down the deserted tenth and top floor of the London West End hotel to the room they had booked earlier. Once in the room they didn’t wait to undress. They had sex partially clothed, firstly against the wall just inside the door then, as the pent up passion took them over, on the floor of the large well appointed room.

Partly sated, they then did undress their eyes not leaving the delightful sights being revealed as the other’s clothes came off. Both naked, they snuggled up together under the crisp white duvet and lay in each other’s arms whispering and touching each other in increasing stimulating places until again they had full sex.

They did that twice more during that simply sublime afternoon, before they left the bed, showered, got dressed and went home to their respective husbands.


They were, as they termed it the first time they had sex, ‘occasional lesbians.’ Neither was particularly active or promiscuous and certainly they didn’t ‘go looking for it.’ They had both ‘dallied’ with other girls when younger and Kim had had one or two flings since marrying in her early twenties just over ten years ago. Now, they just saw each other roughly every six weeks or two months and tried to fuck each other’s brains out. Between those usually ‘simply sublime’ meetings they were, as near as makes no difference, model wives.

They had met on a training course of all things. They were both in advertising and were attending the course at a conference centre just outside Cambridge. It was boring, hellishly so and it was a five day course, with four nights away from home. Four nights with the other, male delegates hitting on them in the way men seem to do once they are ‘away on business.’ It’s almost as if once they are ‘off the leash’ and away on expenses all the usual rules no longer apply and often even the most faithful of husbands finds the need to try to get laid, well at least to come on strong to any available females. And on that course Kim and Jane were the available females, they were the only two as well.

The coming on to them started the Sunday evening after registration and dinner in a private dining room for the eighteen male delegates and Jane and Kim. It persisted in the bar and during the next day and evening when they again ate in the private room. Being in advertising they were used to it, so it wasn’t an undue problem, it was just tiresome, as men often are without their partners around. The Tuesday night they agreed to go out to dinner in nearby Cambridge with two of the tutors and six or seven fellow delegates. That was even more of an opportunity for them to be got at, particularly as the cabs to get then back were being arranged. The manoeuvring to get them next a guy and to split them up, was laughable, pathetic really. And when they got back to the centre, they did laugh about it as again there was lots of shuffling and place changing to get next to them in the bar.

The Wednesday night they managed to get away by themselves and had a really pleasant meal ‘a deux’ in a pub not far from the centre. They got on so well that they repeated it on the Thursday night, but after dinner they didn’t go to the bar. Instead they went to Kim’s room. Ostensibly to drink a bottle of red wine they had bought at the pub, in reality it was to have sex. And they did, and that was the start of this ‘sublime’ relationship, which had continued for just over a year.


Kim was thirty three. She was an honours graduate from Cambridge with a first class degree in English and History. She had a fantastic mind, a highly creative and dynamic thinking style, an alert and analytical brain, great legs, and a fabulous arse.

She was slim with dark hair, which was cut fairly close to her head with a large lock that hung down across her forehead. Her face was angular with very prominent cheekbone and huge, green eyes. Her nose and mouth were both probably too large for her to be considered anything more than impressive looking, certainly not beautiful. The combination of her piercing eyes and her large mouth and lips gave her a perpetual ‘come on’ look.

Jane was quite different. She was older, bigger and less experienced than her younger friend. Her hair was long and unruly. It was a rich chestnut in colour, which like her full breasts were totally natural. Her figure was best described as voluptuous and her face was pretty with blue eyes, a slightly snub nose and full lips. Most men who saw her considered her ’eminently fuckable’ and her mouth as being eminently suckable, of them Anadolu Yakası Escort that is. She was just approaching forty when she and Kim had met. She put the approach of that milestone birthday down as a key reason why she had gone for something new with Kim; well not exactly new, but her earlier experiences at Bristol uni had been fumblingly naive gropes and kisses that didn’t extend to oral sex.

Kim had been more active in the saphic world. She’d had several female lovers at Cambridge including the professor of Economic History and the wife of one of her lecturers. She had also had a torrid three weeks with a girl she met at her gym and had several short flings with women of varying ages in the years between leaving Cambridge and that fatefully wonderful training course, incongruously being back in Cambridge.

Both of them, however, were as good as faithful to their husbands and had been throughout their respective marriages. It was really just with each other that they were unfaithful, although when laying in bed post sex, they agreed that going with another woman wasn’t really being unfaithful, not like going with a man would be they told each other and themselves.


It was a few weeks after that ‘simply sublime’ afternoon when the package arrived at Kim’s house much more quickly than she had imagined.. With shaking hands she undid the thankfully well wrapped package. It was just as it had been described on the net. She hid it in her study.

A week later at a different West End hotel she and Jane had yet another simply sublime time. On this occasion they had both managed to come up with a good excuse to their husbands for spending the night away from home; both did that from time to time on business, so it wasn’t too far fetched. Again they had drinks in the bar, but this time dinner before the ‘walk of shame’ to the bedroom. The urgency was not quite as strong this time so they undressed, lay on the bed and then made love. It was lovely, sublime really.

They talked after sex and decided they wanted more wine.

“Fuck it, we should have ordered it earlier,” Kim said standing naked by the open mini bar, which only contained soft drinks and spirits.

“Well it’ll have to be room service,” Jane said sitting up in bed the duvet slipping away from her full breasts.

“You ok with that?” Kim asked leaning against the cabinet containing the fridge, her pert breasts not sagging one bit.

“How do you mean?” Jane asked.

Kim walked over to the bed, bent forward and kissed Jane full on the lips.

“Well to get room service a waiter has to come to the room and he will see us two, how do you feel about that?”

“Oh yes, hmmm, hadn’t thought of that. How do you feel about it?”

“Well……..” Kim said pausing “One of us could go into the bathroom and the other pretend she’s alone.”

“Yes that’s true.”

“But two glasses and it is really ducking the issue isn’t it?”

“What issue?” Jane asked innocently.

“Er our ‘occasional lesbianism’ issue.”

“Is it an issue?”

“Not really, let’s call it a situation shall we?”

“Ok, but why do you not want to duck it?”

“Well most of the time I don’t have a problem, but when we are together I have moments when I want the world to know we are lovers,” the thinner, younger woman said, looking deep into Jane’s eyes and cupping her female lover’s full breast. “Do you know what I mean?”

Looking up at Kim who was standing beside the bed where she was laying, Jane put her arm out and ran her hand lightly up the inside of her lover’s thigh. “Yes darling, I know exactly what you mean and how you feel.” Her hand stopped as it reached the dampness of her friend’s untrimmed pubic hairs. “Let’s call room service.”

In some ways, being in a hotel room with another woman in the early evening with one in bed, apparently naked, and the other dressed in just the fluffy white dressing gown provided by the hotel was a seminal moment; it was, they giggled, as they heard the knock on the door a little like as if they were ‘coming out.’

“We should have asked him to join us,” Kim laughed as she poured the wine from the bottle the young, good looking, probably Polish waiter had opened, very slowly they had noticed.

Jane, the more introvert of the two had been embarrassed laying in the bed, the duvet pulled up to her chin covering her naked body as Kim had dealt with the waiter who brought the two bottles of wine. Kim had revelled in it. She found the young guy’s initial embarrassment, but later clear curiosity, amusing and stimulating, she could be a terrible flirt.

“What do you reckon he thought?” Jane asked as Kim sat on the edge of the bed and handed her a glass of wine.

“About us?”

“Yes, do you think that he thought we are er, um occasional lesbians?” Jane giggled as she watched her lover’s hand take hold of the duvet.

“I guess he probably did,” Kim replied slowly lifting and pulling the duvet away from Jane so she, gradually revealed her glorious nudity. “And I bet he thought, what a luscious piece of ass that is laying in that bed, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan probably stark bullock naked and about to be fucked by the one with the short hair,” Kim said thickly as her gaze ran over Jane’s nicely rounded body.

Jane held her friend’s gaze and enjoyed it roaming over her breasts, tummy, pubes and thighs. She replied as she slid her hand inside Kim’s robe, pushing the lapels slightly apart.

“And I bet he wondered what was under this,” she said as she used both hands to pull the robe open so that Kim’s pert tits were on show. “Mmmmm,” she went on looking at Kim’s hardened nipples. “We are excited aren’t we?”

Their mouths met, they kissed deeply, their tongues plundered the other’s mouth and throat and they sucked on each other’s lips. Kim’s robe came open it being held in place by the tie round the waist and the duvet was pushed away from Jane. Kim laid on the bed with Jane, they fell into each other’s arms and they ground their bodies together, Jane’s fuller breasts completely engulfing Kim’s smaller tits. They managed to squirm their pubic mounds together, Kim pushed Jane onto her back and rolled on top of her. Their bodies were touching from mouths to toes. Kim wiggled so she was slightly between Jane’s legs which the older women willingly opened wide. Kim slid inside the opened legs her mound pressing tightly against Jane’s.

“Nice?” She asked, as she slowly pumped her body up and down.

“Mmmmmm, lovely,” Jane replied running her hands up and down Kim’s narrow back finding her twin orbs of huge erotic delight, her great ass. She squeezed them. Jane grunted. She squeezed harder. Jane moved faster and thrust more firmly.

“Ok?” She asked.

“Yes, it’s gorgeous,” Jane responded.

Kim had managed to position herself in exactly the most appropriate place for both of them to receive the maximum stimulation from their clits being close together and both being stimulated at the same time. It’s a position that all lesses seek, but most find only rarely.

“Want me to fuck you, do you Jane?”

“Yes Kim. Yes I do, of course I do.”

“Then wait right there baby,” Kim croaked exciting herself at what she was about to do. She got off the bed and went to her wag’s bag, which was in the short corridor which ran from the door of the room past the bathroom out of sight from the bed. Jane had no idea what was going on, but vaguely wondered whether her friend was perhaps getting some baby oil, which they had occasionally used to massage each other or, perhaps a vibrator. They had talked about how sex between two women was fantastic, but always lacked that final pleasure which Kim neatly described as “A hard thing right up your cunt.”

Kim walked back across the room, the robe pulled round her. She climbed onto the bed. She knelt beside Jane.

“Undo the robe Jane,” she whispered looking down longingly at her naked friend.

Puzzled but becoming more and more excited, Jane reached and found the tie at the waist of the robe. It was tied in a bow. She pulled on it and the tie came undone. Nothing happened to the robe at first, but then as she pulled on it and Kim shrugged her body, it gradually parted.

“Oh my God,” Jane sighed, partly with surprise, partly with embarrassment and partly with excitement. She had never seen a strap on dildo before.


Until Kim had opened the package a week or so ago, she had not seen one either, well in the flesh she thought smiling. She had immediately undressed. She was eager to try on the black latex, she guessed it was, sexual instrument.

The thought of it had aroused her from the moment she had had the idea to now with it in her hands. It was big, a good seven and half inches long and thrillingly sturdy with an enlarged head. It looked remarkably like the real McCoy, a big, black cock; the sort of thing most women at one time or the other dream about.

Naked, she set about fitting the dildo to her, it wasn’t that easy and she had to refer to the enclosed instructions a couple of times. There were three straps. One for each leg and the other to go round the waist. She eventually worked out that you had to step into the leg straps, as you would a pair of panties, position the dildo then do up the waist band with the velkro fastening at the back. The cock itself was fixed to a curved plastic plate, which needed to be positioned at the base of the pubic triangle. It would then run from there down and round between her legs.

‘Careful positioning of the clitoral and vaginal wedge is essential for the wearer to gain maximum sensation’ the instructions had said.

She understood that when she had strapped it on, held it in her hand then pushed quite hard. The surge that rushed through her from the pressure on her clit and lips was wonderful.

She went into her bedroom with the dildo in place. She looked at herself in the floor to ceiling mirrors on the wardrobe doors. Her heart pounded as she saw herself. The pale skin of her stomach, thighs, chest and breasts accentuated the blackness of the dildo. Her narrow waist, flat stomach, slim body, Escort Anadolu Yakası pert tits and rounded bum emphasised the sheer size of the cock. As she looked at herself in the mirror from a variety of angles, she was touching and stroking it, which felt incredible. It was all so fucking sexy, but she couldn’t really understand why.

Obviously, as she stroked and caressed it, so she imagined wearing it with Jane, the reason she had bought it. And as she did that so her excitement mounted. She stared at herself in the mirror seeing her hips pumping and thrusting the cock in and out of the surrogate cunt she was creating with her hand. She was now blatantly fucking that. It was incredible and she could only speculate at just how tremendous it would be when she used it on Jane and then, she smiled, when Jane used it on her.

She copied what men had done to her so many times. Pushing, surging and thrusting it hard and slow, soft and fast, deep and shallow into the only place she had available, but which she was imagining was her occasional lesbian’s lover’s cunt.

The implement worked, it did what it said in the tin. As she fucked her hand, or in her mind Jane, so the clever design of the ‘clitoral and vaginal wedge’ in effect fucked her.

She came quickly, very quickly, but with her new found toy, once was not enough, nowhere near. Not only did she fuck her hand again, but she also took the big swinging dick into her mouth and licked and sucked it as she fingered herself to a third orgasm.


“Touch it Jane,” Kim whispered a little worried that it may have frightened her friend who she was aware was not as sexually adventurous as she. She needn’t have worried for, although she was correct in thinking that it slightly frightened Jane, she couldn’t be aware just how much the show she had put on with the dressing gown had excited her.

Jane smiled at Kim.

“You have been busy,” she said reaching out and running her fingertips up and down its impressive length, shivering slightly at the thought of the thick dildo stretching her lips.

“Pleased?” Kim asked, reaching out and running her fingernails softly across her friends gorgeous nipples that she had noticed had hardened immediately she had seen the dildo.

“Mmmmm, I think so yes,” Jane sighed taking the cock in her hand and immediately comparing it to her husband’s. It was both longer and certainly thicker.

She looked up at Kim who shrugged the robe off and knelt beside Jane naked apart from the strap on. The same thought hit Jane as had come into Kim’s mind when she had ‘modelled’ the strapon the day it had arrived, how stark was the comparison between the black plastic and the pale skin.

Kim was feeling wildly excited now. The idea of actually fucking Jane had been in her mind for ages and now it was nigh.

“Does it look good?” Kim asked.

In some ways it was a strange question. Girls ask each other what clothes are like and whether they look good. Not strapon dildos. But to both of them it seemed a perfectly legitimate and reasonable questions. They both understood the strange nuances of one of them wearing equipment that gave them the capabilities of a man, whilst they were in the throes of being occasional lesbians.

“Yes, Kim,” Jane whispered, it does look good.

“And are you ok with it?”

“Yes, yes I am,” Jane gulped.

“Maybe it is what we need,” Kim went on “Remember we talked about what was missing last time?

“Yes I do,” Jane replied feeling more confident now “A hard thingy up our pussies.”

“So this time baby,” Kim said leaning forward so that the surrogate cock was touching Jane’s face “We have that hard thingy don’t we?”

It seemed the most normal thing for Jane to do. She took the plastic cock in her hands and kissed the end of it.

This really got to Kim who was now feeling as she imagined a man would. She was, she realised, imagining that she was a man; alright she’d had a bit top drink, but this was getting crazy.

“Yes darling,” she groaned leaning even further forward and running her hand through Jane’s unruly, chestnut coloured hair. “Kiss my cock Jane, suck my cock.”

It was as if the reality of them being two women who wanted to make love to each other, left them or, at least became massively confused. Kim became a man, but one who was smooth and soft and gentle. A man with nice tits and a warm, wet pussy, but also one with a giant cock that was undoubtedly going to fuck Jane. Jane was a woman. A woman who wanted to be loved by her bisexual friend, yet was wanting that friend to shove the dildo right inside her. Kim was also a woman. A woman who wanted her breasts to be fondled and her pussy to be sucked by her female lover, yet at the same time wanted to experience shoving a cock into her lover’s cunt and fucking her hard and long. They both became men, yet both were women, they both adored the cock, but wanted to feel the smooth softness of their lover’s breasts. In short they both ceased knowing what was male and what was female, what was ying and what was yang. Genders disappeared. It was as if the sex you were, was irrelevant. They weren’t bisexual, lesbian or heterosexual, but simply sexual. They didn’t want lesbian or straight sex, simply sex. Where on their bodies and how they were stimulated didn’t matter, just the sexual stimulation and sensations were important. Tits, cocks, balls, bums, clits and cunts all became the same thing, objects of sexual.

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